God’s Door

It’s a ‘Weird Or Wotan’ mirror. Tell me about it.

‘From A Humorous Point Of View’ .

Sometimes difficult to see the joke though !



And one hell of a ride.



God’s Door.




In Japanese, Kobe means God Door.

Looking East.



And the Key-to Kamojinja shrine in Kyoto. This is bit of a ‘Welcome to the Program’ type video but worth the trip I think.



Two drifters off to see the world.



Hold Hands.


36 thoughts on “God’s Door

    1. Wanted to add, in the video she uses the word ‘inhibitants’ instead of inhabitants. Maybe her tongue just got stuck, but it changes the meaning in a interesting way. 😊

        1. around the time of this post about him loving his walls, i saw he blocked me on one of the platforms. lol. loser. all i said is he should focus on himself.

  1. I wrote about lamps recently as an anagram of plasm(a) and the biblical quote ”give us your oil (plasma) they said, our lamps have gone out.” T. Hanks got new passports to grease and tra-Volta’s wife got hanxed. AlI AI apparently requires plasma to run. It’s pumping pleas for plasma into the digisphere. Plasma comes from Greek word meaning mold, counterfeit, forgery.

    regarding your DNA Photograph 51.
    Kanye says Kim tried to 51 50 him.
    w not one but TWO doctors. So he’s doctored doctored.
    As in he’s ”doctored” – a fake, a forgery.
    Doctor rings like doc door.


    Re your melan collie BOR der dog.
    CH is the data code for Switzerland.
    Alice (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is in CH.
    This is CH-Alice.
    “A large eye on collie doctored experiench.”

    When docs play god with docs can good things app in?

    Boy I hope 2021 settles down.

      1. Anon

        Someone passed me in the street earlier wearing a T Shirt which read ‘Nearly Awake’.

        And went into the bank wearing a mask. Felt a bit like a bank robber !

    1. Anon

      Photo 51 and Rosalind Franklin and DNA, and Kanye West’s 51/50 tweet came up about the same time. I read 51/50 as Lilo with Roman numerals. Also as SIS.

      And 2021 and 5051.

      In Sainsburys. The equivalent term for 51/50 over here is Sectioned. Reminds me of Trump’s Fence.

      And Madness of King George and War of Independence come to mind.


      And Black Dog.


      1. Roob

        Lego Zombie Halloween Human Apocalypse.

        ‘The weak points of humans are medical insurance, human rights and the search for the meaning of life.’

  2. Here in Australia Covid 19 has played havoc with everything including AFL matches with many matches having no fans in the seats.
    Now the News that the AFL are going to play 33 games in 20 days for rounds 9, 10, 11 and 12.
    When I heard that I was alerted to the 33 as that is the number of degrees in Freemasonry.
    The 20 days starts on 29/7 and finishes on 17/8.

    29/7 just happens to be exactly 33×33 months since the US Stock Market crash on 29/10/1929.
    Then, from 29/10/1929 to 17/8/2020 is 33,165 days or 33,000 and 33+33+33+33+33 days.
    Simply astonishing!
    Rounds 9, 10, 11 and 12 equate to 3+3+3+33.
    Furthermore, if you add all the day dates from 29 through 17 you get 243 which adds to 9.
    And 243 = 9x(9+9+9) or (9×9)+(9×9)+(9×9).
    You can convert that all to 3’s if you like.

  3. Victoria and Melbourne in particular seems to have been selected for special attention for some time now. My guess is that they are using Victoria as a selected location to eventually control (destroy?) the whole of Australia.

    I was listening to a brief report on the national ABC News in the car a few minutes ago (3.15pm) which said that the 6 weeks shutdown of small businesses in Victoria described as being non-essential “will be the death knell” of many of them.

    In Melbourne a curfew will be in place from 8pm this evening. Curfews will be in operation from 8pm to 5am every evening. 9 hrs = 540 mins = 18x30mins or (6+6+6)x(6+6+6+6+6) mins every night. Yes, 8 lots of 6’s altogether.


    So 540 mins in a day are under curfew and 900 mins in a day are not under curfew.
    540 = 18×30 mins
    900 = 18×50 mins.
    Both divisible by 6+6+6.

    So the state of Victoria is under both a state of disaster and a state of emergency.
    Or, gematria-wise, “State of emergency disaster” = 888 (Primes)
    24 letters = 8+8+8 letters.

      1. Frank,

        Well the official number of deaths for Australia from Covid-19 is 221 as at Aug 3rd, yesterday.
        There have been 18,318 cases total.
        Here in WA it is only 9 so to call it a pandemic here is a sick joke!
        However, having seen many reports particularly from the USA I have to say that just about all figures everywhere cannot be trusted.
        Many of the TV News headlines about a couple of deaths here and there nearly always say the persons were 80 or 90 years old so they no doubt had underlying illnesses of some sort or another.

        Victoria is said to have 136 deaths to date. That too is not a pandemic but the lockdown rules there are now totalitarian. 1984 is here now in Victoria.

        What about seasonal flu deaths and cases? Where can we see those figures for Australia?

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