Within You, Without You

Man and his symbols.

The most recent 2020 crop circle.

Carl Jung :

‘We know that the mask of the unconscious is not rigid. It reflects the face we turn towards it’.





Yesterday I took a trip into Reigate Priory Park and a familiar theme.

The Crystal Palace Glasshouse circle.



The Priory.

My Father’s house has many rooms.



In front of the Priory is an area known as the Sunken Garden.






There is also a Pyramid in Reigate.



And the Windmill Church.




And Underground And Overground tunnels.




Twin Flames.



And a Spiral Staircase.



Etc, etc.

I see the symbols as a reflection of the subconscious and I would suggest not just my subconscious either.
Hidden In Plain Sight but meant to be seen and discovered. Which is where it can get problematic on the reality front because I believe they are intended to be seen and discovered by me. Are the physical manifestations real ? And other questions such as if I am meant to see them and they are a reflection of the subconscious Self who built them and what comes first the subconscious or conscious ? Maybe it comes at the same time.

The Self is truly on an Incredible Journey at present and where it goes, no one knows.

And The Birthday Party.

On 1st August, its my Birthday and I’m having a small Birthday Party.

I’m having a birthday lunch at the Bell Inn in Godstone on the Eastbourne Road with my daughter and my brother and his wife but if you want to join in spirit, please do.



It’s About Time.


20 thoughts on “Within You, Without You

  1. Frank, I’m late but beautiful link between the flower in the star and the crop circle. Did you see today’s?

    Kanye called his MIL, Kris Jung Un. That’s Christ Jung leyline code perhaps. He also hinted his wife slept with Meek Mill. MIL and Mill. MMM. Crown. Gateway. Perhaps they’ll begin tampering again in SSudan. Seems they want to install their angel.

    Anyhoo, Happy birthday Eve. I’ll be with you all in spirit.

    1. “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

      I used to think they meant that as a blessing. After seeing some in action, I started to think it was meant as a curse.

  2. May EARth sing its true song and may all the world hear and heal. Right here right now.

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