The Magic Swirling Ship

The magic swirling ship.

Wired is the new Normal. And Wider.


It’s a Magic Flying Carpet Ride.

Click Corona. My crown chakra is still going bonkers.


And a new road name has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I never saw the name before a few days ago and I’ve walked up and down the road many times.

Batts Hill 🦇.



And the Redhill Windmill is in Batts Hill.



It would seem to be ‘All About You’ and ‘All Around You’. At least for me 🤔.

The Universe Is Inside You. Who Me ?



There’s a Starman waiting in the sky. I am reliably informed the flower is a Holly Hock.



I would suggest that even though it was evident that 3D reality was not real as we understood reality for more than a few years, it seems to be coming even less real with each day that passes.

As an example, amongst a mass of other examples, I have recently been having sensations of being here and somewhere else at the same time. I even know where the other places are. Not sure about ‘When’ though.



On Track.


71 thoughts on “The Magic Swirling Ship

      1. I prefer to egg it on. 🐣
        And if you’re looking for a sign…If you don’t see it, ask for it. 😂

      2. Linkin Park is linked to Lincoln Park where MKUltra experiments were done on children and others. Trump was either trolling or jockeying for top position via whitemail or both.

        Lisa Preley who lost her keyhole also lost her twins after disgusting images of children were found on her ex’s d-Vices. That particular ex is named LOCKwood. One of their twins is FALL (Finley Aaron Love Lockwood).

            1. Finley Aaron Love Lockwood
              Follow key novel corona DIA


              DIA = digital identity alliance

              Now just what are the odds of that?!

              Presley = press ley (pressure on leylines)

              Presley = press play

              The script chugs along

          1. “Novel Corona Fall ID Key ow”

            ID 2020 coming in the Fall after novel corona scamdemic unless through the keyhole of lurve

                  1. I remember. Now it’s “droplets from the mouth.”

                    When I read cough I see “hack”

  1. Wedsday will pi day 22th july 2020, douple pi code 22722. And comet neowise neariest to the earth. Sky sign?
    29-30 july tisha abav day. Two temples distroyed and unlucky day for jews.

    1. And 100th birthday of Rosalind Franklin.

      A new 50p coin has been released.–e1595256100449.jpg

      And the Magic Swirling Ship

      ‘To mark the release, the Royal Mint has gifted Franklin’s sister, Jenifer Glynn, with a silver proof edition of the coin in celebration of what would have been the chemist’s 100th birthday on 25 July’.

      Photograph 51.

      Its a MF.

    2. Kayne is Kayne is Cain.
      His meltdown happened on heels of Nick Cannon’s meltdown.
      Cannon is Canon and Canaan.

      It’s a meta war over canons; 2020 has gone HAM.

        1. Seems there are gene markers called HAM and DAM. I think “Adam’s rib” refers to rib-onucleic” acid. Maybe Ham, father of all those guys, and aDam are also genetic codes. Maybe the Bible is a story of cloning. Clones. cl ONEs

          1. Y-e is in Y-oming

            “Because Y“



            He references his child North West.
            Portland is where the staged riots are happening. It’s in the pacific NorthWest. It’s liberal cover hides the stench of human trafficking. A new *protest* camp has been set up there, modeled after Seattle’s CHOP zone. Portland’s is called CLAT or Chinook Land Autonomous Zone (apparently in a nod to the indigenous Chinook who lived on the land until archlie Whitman came. 😝)

            Adrenochrome is called the “white rabbit” because of the way it’s chem symbol looks. It’s also symbolized by a Y. It’s molecular formula is C9H9NO3. If 9’s are i’s and 3’s are c’s, that is CIHINOC or, scrambled, CHIINOC. So close to Chinook.

            Kanye doesn’t want NorthWest to wear
            white bunny ears.


      1. “A chimera is essentially a single organism that’s made up of cells from two or more “individuals”—that is, it contains two sets of DNA, with the code to make two separate organisms. One way that chimeras can happen naturally in humans is that a fetus can absorb its twin.“

        The so-called cv virus is a chimera. Liddle bitta dis liddle beta dat

      1. Roob

        Tom Hanks again. Knew it looked like something else.

        The Universe keeps on banging about Time and Aliens. Arrival movie is a good example.

        But fits in with more weird stuff.

        The rock guitar. A case with Fender written on the side showed today outside my apartment.

            1. Also Buzz Aldrin is the doppelganger of my landlord.

              Part movie, part illusion, part dream, part hallucination, part VR, part mirror and anything else you can think of.

  2. The key.
    The ‘Exposure’ Triangle (pyramid) and the light.
    Controlling the intensity, the amount of time, and the amplification of the light being captured.

    And the pinwheel galaxy. The magic swirling ship.

    1. Elena

      I was re-reading something yesterday which went along the lines of that as you get closer to ‘Home’ if you like your vision will change. Projection makes perception. Perception is the result not the cause and a reflection of a state of mind.

        1. Have you heard of the “plasma event” Dream? I suspect it’s incoming info from above the dome, where they say the waters are. Research “EMPCOE”.

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