Waiting For A Star To Fall


It’s a lovely day.



If you want a sign. Comet NEOWISE has been in the skies over the last few days. There’s a mass of amazing pics on Google.

Comet NEOWISE over the Lighthouse on the river Mersey.




And Foxy’s Den crop circle.




In the News media, apart from all the chaos, what jumped out at me was Kanye West saying he was running for President. ‘Black Jesus’ as President of the US could be fun. I’m not sure how serious it is. He’s missed the ballot in six states already.



And Kim Kardashian as First Lady. Hmmm :-).



And ‘The Town’.

When I go to do my shopping in Redhill, each visit is becoming more and more like a visit into a mind maze from ‘Inception’ probably because it is a mind maze from Inception. IMO. Actually I could expand that to All Life.

Here are some examples of shop names. I could easily double the number of pics.

The Sun pub.






The Sex shop.



Christ Central cafe.



And Big Batts in the Belfry Mall.




New Look.



I’m still positive that we’re going somewhere good with this. How it is going to play out and how far the Universe is going with this I’m not sure.

And Deep Impact.

Over the last few years, it has become evident that the Birthday seems to be a period of high energy.

I have my birthday coming up on 1st August. And ‘You want a sign’. I got a bit of a shock with a Netflix notification that said Deep Impact is coming on 1st August. Maybe something or nothing. Time will tell.



Comets are welcome.


106 thoughts on “Waiting For A Star To Fall

  1. Wow!

    The Triskele, triple spiral, symbol of the Triple Goddess.
    And the pyramid looks to have a keyhole. 🔑

          1. Don’t know if it’s relevant but the mention of the fox always makes me think of The Little Prince.

            “People have forgotten this truth,” the fox said.
            “But, you mustn’t forget it. You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose.”

            1. Anon <3

              "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart."

              Our fur kins are just perfect the way they are. It is we humans who need to learn from them and be better.

              1. They’ve been hurt, Elena.
                Farmed, maimed, abused, slaughtered en masse, children ripped away from them.
                I believe in the “real” world and in the spirit/soul world that pain is real.
                I believe it needs healing.

    1. They’re starting to use the biohazard symbol that is based on the Triskele as the symbol for the cvoax.

    1. The Road Less Traveled.

      ‘Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
      And sorry I could not travel both
      And be one traveler, long I stood
      And looked down one as far as I could
      To where it bent in the undergrowth;

      Then took the other, just as fair,
      And having perhaps the better claim,
      Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
      Though as for that the passing there
      Had worn them really about the same,

      And both that morning equally lay
      In leaves, no step had trodden black.
      Oh, I kept the first for another day!
      Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
      I doubted if I should ever come back.

      I shall be telling this with a sigh
      Somewhere ages and ages hence:
      Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
      I took the one less traveled by,
      And that has made all the difference.

    2. Have you read about that guy’s sexual escapades and how he does “exorcisms” on people who attend his “retreats”? Have you seen the way his egoless overthetop fawners fall at and kiss his feet, write love songs to him and stroke his huge d…I mean ego? There’s one video where you can hear the screams of someone undergoing torture in the background while he pontificates in circles about “letting go” and “it’s all mind stuff.” Scary shit.

      Imo there is no evolution as long as there is still a need for gurus, celebrities, presidents, mysterious military councils, popes. Just more of the same mental illness.

      I tried to like Mooji but he is all mind and who while lecturing to others to get rid of mind and ego. His “intellectualism” is exhausting.

      1. Anon

        I hadn’t come across him before I chanced upon this video.

        I liked what he said about the Witness. If you’ve had an out of body detached experience when you are looking at ‘You’ acting out in the body you get the gist of it.

  2. Frank,

    Um, let me just say…..

    That the YUGE synchs I’ve gotten about my “birthday” and “my name”…. sorta like your coming August 1 DEEP IMPACT….

    have not um…. led me to the truth?… or come true….

    Now, I’m not going to be a jerk like my family has been to me and say “Nothing is going to happen on August 1.”

    But I will say that I’ve NOT-iced that I think I’m being played.

    A lot.

    These synchs that play to my “self” importance?

    Are all from Ego.



    I need to let them go!

    They don’t MEAN anything…

    I’m still a pathetic lost soul looking for love.

    And ?

    In this life……

    It never ends……

    The Search.

        1. Should I repost “Carrie”‘s murderous high school rampage. or this?

          I prefer THIS.


    1. Trinity

      There’s no escaping I think.

      It’s You. Who Me ? Nooooo.

      As an example with the Truman Show. When I leave the house I can virtually guarantee I will see a dog walker, a jogger and a cyclist in very quick time.

      We are meant to see it.

  3. I think it’s not just me trying to get ready to leave…..

    I think It’s ALL of US….

    And it’s a battle…. because it’s hard to leave

    It’s hard to leave YOURSELF behind…..

    You get me?

    1. People

      Why do I have to be the bad person for you all?

      WHY do I have to TAKE the blame and the Hate.

      WHY do I have to take on the label of DOG.

      WHY do I have to be your hated thing…….

      I’m not doing it ANYMORE!

      FUCK YOU ALL!!!!

      Fuck you all.

      I don’t want to kill myself, because then I will be failing God.

      I’ve been told I CAN prove God’s love for me.

      And if I go homeless…..

      Let me do it with God.

          1. “From my youngest days, I always felt certain affinities with the idea of being a preacher.”
            -Maurice White

      1. And I don’t even want to really go into the stuff with my son….

        It’s so evil … I just want my son to know that everything I do, and everything I ever did, is for him as my LIFE. Yes, I made a YUGE mistake… but I told that dog he had to go, because he was a pot head, and I couldn’t have a pot head near my son. I’m sorry. He wasn’t the worst guy ever…. He was an alright guy. But I had to draw the line, as a single mother.


        1. To Bill

          I’m sorry, we had a dangerous rendezvous.

          I was older, and I was more “experienced” being a divorced woman….

          I was also a vulnerable woman, looking for a man to partner with me not only to help me with the house but to be a father figure to my son.

          I apologize to you for any hurt I may have caused you personally.

          I forgive you for all the gossip I have had to endure in these ensuing years.

          You did a good job with my chimney.

          I wish you the best.

          With the love of Christ,

          1. The Earth is flat. NASA is all lies.


            And the Earth is still….. a beautiful paradise!

            How else would the birds continue to chirp as they do every morning?

            I do not give up hope or faith in my GOD.

            If Maurice White was an agent of occult “evil”….


            I forgive him!

                  1. I believe it will all be OK in the End… for all of us.

                    Just …. love.
                    Don’t hate.


                    1. And finally?

                      To my BFF’s from college….

                      Forgive me my attack on you Sarah, Annie & Tom, Anne Marie, Lynn, Jean….. Jan.

                      I can forgive you as well, because I honestly think you are…..

                      not free.

                      Meaning you’re locked up in the system. All of your fathers are/were powerful men. My dad? Not.

                      I have the suspicion? Or realization….

                      That men, like YOUR FATHERS, do not achieve their positions without being “in da club.”

                      Many Roman Catholics like me were clueless to the secret fraternity of “Freemasons.”

                      Welp, I’m thinking the Roman Catholic version is the “Knights of Malta.”

                      Or WHATEVER.

                      You were born onto the TEAM.

                      I will pray for you, indeed, and so I truly forgive you and ask that you forgive me for my attacks.

                      I forgive you for not believing in me.

                      For not standing by me.

                      For not telling THEM that I am NOT a “homewrecker.”

                      For not telling them that I am not a vulture.

            1. Roob

              Walls of the World comes to mind.

              Showing how weird this can be.

              I was thinking with all these links ‘It’s One of Those Days’ and then the man in your vid says basically the same.

              One of Those Days in England.

                  1. The king with his Melania-ted (male AI) Queen. 🤣😂😅😁😆🤣

                    What a fucking clown.


                    Raising the synthetic false Christ.

                    From the line of cAIn (shout out to TTN)

                    1. I’ve been thinking of Trump’s signature red cap over the crown chakra and how it coincides with the CV hoax (btw his CV is a hoax and a hex but let’s resumé). The red cap is basically a red skull cap to match those little red shoes. One demon to cut you off at your feet (root) another to cut you off at your head (crown).



                      Murder most fowl.

                1. https://twitter.com/AnchorSewer/status/1102732043845275649


                  This is how you seed a lie. Move over, Einstein. Someone else owns your copyright. Time to invent a new ”genius.”



                  1. “Time travel” as in scrub the record, insert forgeries and sub alters. Let the childish fantasists fill in the rest.

                    It pays to control the patent office, the museum archives, the libraries (of CONgress), the postal services. Time travel my ass.

                  2. “Time travel.”


                    Why is Tesla needed when all those ”secret discoveries” are in the rest of the world’s stories and art?

                    Oh yeah: because o(w)ner ship.

                    New world owners.

          1. Last night, Cade and I finished remote viewing ‘The World At War’ 26 part documentary series. A bloke was speaking in the last episode about how his generation, who fought in WW2, related to the generations before and after them after they returned from fighting. There was real a disconnect and a difficulty in adapting back to Civvy Street. I got to thinking about the Fourth Turning’s generational theory and how that fighting ‘G.I.’ hero archetype begat and nurtured the ‘Boomer’ prophet archetype that followed.

            Anyway, Cade provided me with a link to think about…


            So, rats have been popular on here today, but I also just read about a ‘jaw dropping’ crash in the global fertility rate…


            And that got me thinking about Winnie’s ‘war dropping’…

            ‘Jaw, jaw and war, war Jaw, jaw is better than war, war.’ 1954, Washington. (Finest Hour 122, 15.)

            ‘Winston Churchill’s official biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert, speaking of this quote, noted that Churchill actually said, ‘Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war.’ Four years later, during a visit to Australia, Harold Macmillan said the words usually—and wrongly—attributed to Churchill: “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war.” Credit: Harold Macmillan.’


            Back to Calhoun…

            ‘In his most famous experiment in the series, “Universe 25”, population peaked at 2,200 mice and thereafter exhibited a variety of abnormal, often destructive behaviors. By the 600th day, the population was on its way to extinction.’

            I wonder if humans need war periodically in order to reduce the population in order for it to expand and flourish. Until the next time it gets too big. The end of WW2 was the end of the last Winter/Crisis season. That was ‘total war’ and I’m wondering what kind of war the current Winter/Crisis season will produce for its climax.

            1. Roob

              Don’t know if you watched it. Shine On Harvey Moon showed the problems soldiers had returning to Civvy St after WW2. Excellent series.

              IMO I don’t think war is ever the answer. ‘The War is in the Mind’ type of thing but you sense there is a very clear goal with this.

              1. Oh yeah, that was a great series 😀

                The thing is that ‘war’ doesn’t strictly relate to military conflict because ‘war’ is also used as a verb…


                War on this, war on that, war on the other. This century so far has been littered with calls to ‘war’ or something or another. Maybe it’s all a humungous, total, global war of ideas, in which we are all combatants…

                1. Roob

                  Great minds sync alike. Been having same thought about war of ideas. And war on ideas and idealism. And maybe war of ideals.

                    1. Nick Cannon is ”nick the Canon”
                      Nick history.
                      A product of Nick ol’ deon.

                      He isn’t a spokesperson for anyone but his massas. It was a paid performance/capitulation piece.

                      Like Nik Tesla.

                      Nick, Steal. Steal the Canon.

                      Steel cannon bombs.

                      Dud ”explosive” comets.



  4. “[It’s] a way of gouging out something that has kind of been censored by a complacent notion of a moral reading.
    “The thing we objected to was not so much Goya’s meaning – we’re actually trying to gouge them from this moralistic framework and maybe release its libidinal economy to show that these works are much more radically unhinged and unstable and they don’t deserve to be accumulated to some sort of post-Christian redemption.”


    In terms of the reformational violence of Isis, I think the last thing we’re scared of is a bunch of bourgeois art lovers coming and complaining about our slightly antagonistic, tantrumic attacks on fucking Goya,” he said.“


    1. Anon

      I’ve mentioned my unpleasant school ‘memories’ a few times.

      One of the things that I remember was that in the rituals masks and hooded robes were worn so you couldn’t see the faces.

      Also away from the rituals, I can’t remember the faces of teachers and medics who were involved.

      Not sure if it fits with Masks in general but probably does.

      1. I think that is correct.
        It’s teaching children especially not to be able to ”read” the most important, life-saving messages.
        The face is ”the wall.”
        They’re scrubbing the writing off it.

        And they do eat people.

        Starting with disposable *blacks*.
        No lives matter if black lives don’t matter.

        Fuck off who funds and has infested the *black* voice. The point it’s making remains.

      2. Also teaching them not to trust their bodies and voices.
        And to not be able to identify their torturers.
        Creating blank stares and blank slates.
        Trump, Biden, Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, Khazar Mafia — ALL


      3. Sorry you had to experience that, Frank.
        No one should have to especially without consent.

        1. Anon

          I’ve wondered how this effects consciousness. Stranger Things goes into this.

          Icke said that rituals are deliberately enacted on meridian points which then effect the ‘greater’ consciousness to keep us within a consciousness frequency range.

          Who knows. Can’t even say for sure they happened but I was in communication with someone from the same area who had similar memories but at a different location and in different years.

          And lots of weird shit was going on in the areas at the time.

          ‘Tell me about your weird childhood’ !

          1. Had a bit of time to think them through.

            The other thing which I think is significant is that if my memories are correct there was a military and medical input is the best way I can describe it. Some sort of Deep State.

  5. Overpopulation is a myth to justify theft and wars. It’s related to scarcity thinking. You think the world has finite space, finite sources so you hoard and woar in case someone gets what you “need”. The guard den of need.

    But I didn’t come for that. I came for this. Fire fire gentry fire.

    I walked in my greatcoat
    Down through the days of the leaves
    No before after, yes after before
    We were shining our light into the days of blooming wonder
    In the eternal presence, in the presence of the flame

    Didn’t I come to bring you a sense of wonder
    Didn’t I come to lift your fiery vision bright
    Didn’t I come to bring you a sense of wonder in the flame

    This man is pure genius, his music pure love.

  6. Also think overpopulation myth either caused or resulted from the myth of “survival of the fittest.”

  7. Building fences
    Vandal ism.

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