The Walls Of The World

‘Cause I think I’m gonna write it on the walls of the world
So everyone will know today the love I hold for you
I will write it on the walls of the world
So that the sun won’t fade away the words I say to you
I love you’







It’s a Puzzler.

69 Station Rd.



What Does It Mean ? No idea.



And there’s always a buck to be made.

In Them All.

Through the Twin Towers.

Maskey vending machine.




Because You Matter.

From Christ Central.





It Talks.


58 thoughts on “The Walls Of The World

  1. From MJ :

    “July is an ongoing balancing act between Cancer and Capricorn energies, and we need to pace ourselves intentionally. The Sun continues to journey through Cancer after an intense Capricorn Lunar Eclipse that stirred up deeper emotions within us individually and collectively. This week is a time to come back to yourself and honor your full energy field, especially as we navigate a chaotic year.

    Mercury will station direct on July 12, which will help release the pent up emotional cycles and spinning that may have felt trapped within you.

    I also share a bit more about the global energies I’m seeing shift on the planet, including how the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are working together at this time through the 8 High Council “gentlemen” who are working behind the scenes to recalibrate energies on the planet.

    Much more to discuss in this week’s show.”

          1. Frank

            I had no idea you were gonna write about the walls of the world, when I came across the article in the google news page, early this morning. 🙂

    1. I hold out hope for a council rescue by mysterious advanced beings. I see many council members *coding* online. But their language reveals they all come from the same demographic so makes me wonder what fresh eyes they can have and if one size truly fits all.

    2. It’s not about politics and business and government and corporations but the 8 council members resetting things for 7billion people wear military uniforms? Umkay.

      I’ve encountered a plethora of *intelligence” people online working in the name of “God” who speak exactly like this and ID themselves – if even subtlely- as council members. It’s clear they’ve had access to toys and tools and records most haven’t via various middle eastern and other wars. They mix talk about advanced tech and access to “remote viewing” tools in with the usual esoteric/sacred geometry/ etc language. Tbh they’re frightening. And when you listen to the “voice” behind the mask, it’s clear they’re all products of the same experiences.

      I’ll pass.

      1. Meh, I’ll bite, I had no problem with her voice. Firstly, there’s the crop circle from the previous post.’Show Me The Face’, aight…

        Then there’s the Egyptian Eightfold…

        And the Gnostic Eighth Sphere…

        Plus Ogdoad has some interesting anagrams…

        Ad Good
        Add Goo
        Dad Goo
        Dado Go
        Goad Do
        Ado Dog
        Ado God
        Ago Odd
        A Odd Go
        A Dog Do
        A God Do
        Ad Do Go

        Of course, the Chinese love the number 8…

        I dunno, gentle mankind? Gentle man when ‘childish things are put away’, as Elena might say?

        1. I like Dad goo.

          Just hope the council criers can lay off the military uniFORM rhetoric. It’s childish.

  2. Got a new entrant in the field hospital.
    A little door mouse.
    It’s rehabilitating in a shu box that came with healies.
    Again just the first/only box I could find for the purpose. If it survives the night, I’ll take it to the hospital for afurkins tomorrow.
    Love you, little door mouse!

    Frank, isn’t it interesting that we’re boring through the BOR (book of revelations) while masked?

  3. About 10:50 in the video…

    “We at war
    We at war with terrorism, racism
    But most of all we at war with ourselves”

    terrorism is ISIS, or male/female, east/west
    racism is black/white, or north/south

    1. MJ

      He is ‘mad’. 🙂
      The message of Don Quixote that individuals can be right while society as a whole is wrong, was considered radical for it’s day.

    2. From Twitter:

      “ The song that Kanye used at Joel Osteen’s church service was the same one used in the episode of American Horror Story when the antichrist rises to power.”

      Kanye is GAN ye. Generative Adversarial Network. He’s line of Kayne. False light.

          1. I’m not against anyone running.
            The institution is not real.
            Doesn’t matter one way or another.

            No institution matters.

  4. What fema camp are you all picking?
    Hope they put us in the same one together.
    We can shu the sh** irl.

  5. Today I take the a fur kin to a wild life nature center. It’s literally called *howl* and when they rang me back the phone registered an incoming call from *fowler*. (Spelled slightly differently of course but dpronounced just like that.)

    Recently I’ve been thinking the world is fucked. People in lockstep, uni form, standing on marks, willingly suffocating themselves, living in fear of “droplets from the mouth”. Droplets from the mouth. Just look at that wording. Fucked.

    It’s only the little visitors and my own afurkins keeping me upbeat. There must be another way. Humans are nuts.

    1. Masktchi

      ‘Masktchi uses her large mask to hide from others, as she is too shy to show her true face. She has difficulty making friends. Her favorite things to do are to talk to Gozarutchi, listen to music, and watch TV. Her secret is that she wants to be a spy, and has a fond crush on Gozarutchi.’

    1. Roob

      C’est bon. Dick.

      ‘English speakers borrowed bonhomie from the French, where the word was created from bonhomme, which means “good-natured man” and is itself a composite of two other French words: bon, meaning “good,” and homme, meaning “man.”

  6. Now I don’t want to engage in “hate speech”

    But, we really need to check where the hell are we going …..

    I’m fine with “respecting” transgenders, and gays, to have the same rights of liberty I have.

    I am NOT FINE with GLORIFYING monsters.

    Like I said with my diatribe against “gay men,” these um “trans women”?

    Have NO RIGHT to the name of being a “woman”!


    Transgenders CANNOT.

    They do not deserve in ANY WAY our glorification and “respect.”

    They are abominations in the Creator’s eyes.

    He does not like “Gender Fluidity”


    1. And let me say, men have no IDEA the strength and the suffering required for a woman to BEAR a CHILD.

      Men are ALL pussies, we women know it, am I right, sisters?


      Men have….

      NO IDEA…

      of the PAIN and the FEAR of childbirth.

      ANY woman knows she could DIE bearing a child……

      Men ugh!

      You’ve become so pathetic…..

      Where have our men gone?



      1. The funny thing is, this shot of openly transgender Valentina Sampaio um…..why should I get upset?

        Why should it turn my stomach?


        Yeah, no good woman would ever POSE half-naked like that in the first place on a magazine cover, lol…..

        But it’s what it does to the men.

        Or the handful of them still out there ….

        You know….

        There’s plenty of fish out there in the sea, why are you going after mine?



        No, there aren’t,….and yes, while I admit to “fishing”?

        I came up dry….

        And I do not “admit” to “going after” YOURS.


        1. But the main reason looking at that picture of super-ass-endowed a la Kim Kardashian (tranny) Valentina Sampaio turns my stomach?

          “She” is a “He”


          A sodomite prostitute.

          No “good mother” EVER came from a transgendered MAN.

          1. And that’s WHY ALL our children are so AT RISK these days ….with no real women to look after them….vulnerable to yes, MEN, who are lost in sex addiction and perversion that is the source of children being trafficked, raped, and in some cases, EATEN.

            It’s BEYOND sick.

            It’s End Times.

            You HAVE TO BELIEVE…..

            the TRUMPETS are BLOWING…..

            For a REASON

            1. Yesterday it was thundering and lightning and I stepped out to see a rainbow, always a heart-lifting sight….. Beautiful. Inexplicable even….

              And I thought, listening to rolling rumbles of thunder…..that I’ve always loved and never feared…

              That they echo and “roll” ….

              because they are reverberating under a dome.

              And I LOVE listening to it.

              The rainbow and the thunder and the lightning to me says……

              Hold fast…..

              I AM coming

  7. The propaganda heats up.
    All those *discoveries* credit to a single man despite being on the walls and in the art and myths of people throughout time.
    One single unknown man. They can’t even photoshop his head on correctly in the few precious photos they *found.*
    Ownership by proxy in real time. Seeding the future with lies.
    Because the old ones were not enough.

    1. Conveniently no one knew Tesla and there aren’t records of him because he was so brilliant and his work so singular he was buried by jealous colleagues. Just like the mass shooters who always die before anyone can investigate. Truth is they never existed. Tesla never existed. This Tesla personality cult will merge with the cult of trump/assange/trumps uncle/Barron. Spinning tales Disney style. Disney 2020. This ones for the children of our children. So when the so-called reset happens, Trump goes down as “Christ” and his bloodline as the “line of Christ” with magical mystical powers.

      Transparent fuckery.

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