Show Me The Face

Don’t expect a lot of sense from this. What’s new ? I and probably you are being faced with a mad kaleidoscope or a mad mirror at present. Or maybe you’re not. IDK.

When you examine them they can be extraordinarily complex which seem to involve a multitude of people.

Show Me The Face.



Occasionally at present I poke my head out from under the covers and peer at the media and think ‘It’s another world’ and quickly dive back down again.

I feel as if I’m in the Eye of the Storm and I prefer the Eye of the Storm to all the mayhem and chaos.

About the Face. I’ve set a personal goal to get through this Virus stuff without having to wear a mask. So far, so good.



And Facing It. Whatever ‘It’ is.



And the Crown chakra, Corona, the Game of Thrones etc.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey at Buckingham Palace.



And Whom Are Us. Why are we the stars of the silver screen ?

Yesterday I went In Sainsbury’s and took this pic of a book cover. Dick Turpin and the Dandy Highwayman. This may speak to others and you will have to take my word for this but both the book cover and Fleetwood Mac video ‘Everywhere’ are about Jen’s daughter and her boyfriend. And why is Jen’s daughter’s boyfriend doppelganger turning up ‘Everywhere’ for Jen and myself ? And the Mask again.

The video and song come from 1987 but it is them.




And from 1991. Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities.



Skating Down The Aisle in The Mall.

On Target.



Waiting For A Train. Looks like this is for real. It’s Out There :-).




And Googling Male female fractal.

Pin on Mj. Furry Friends or something.



Here’s a link to the Gif if you want to see the gif.

Cat Gif.

Etc Etc.

And lots of other weird stuff which is too complex to put here. I’m being guarded as well at the moment as I’ve had a few unpleasant psychic experiences recently.

And the Big Picture. My view is that the 3D reality of guilt and fear etc operates within defined frequencies or wave lengths 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ and that as’ I Am A Sinner’ loses its grip, then the wavelength and reality change which is what we’re seeing.

‘The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.’ : Cicero.


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  1. You may remember this from a few years ago.
    At 34 seconds into the video…’it’s the same face’.

    Doctors say the US is in ‘free fall’. Reliving the fall from grace.
    Falling again.

    1. Elena

      Dylan Storm Roof is a rabbit hole all of his own.

      I’ve had three doppelgangers show themselves in last few days. All very strange.

    1. #AllAccountabilityMatters

      “White people need to hold white people accountable.” Start there.

      1. You don’t get it….

        Guess the color of the majority of people who are in our prison system….

        Blacks who start holding their brothers “accountable” will be saving their black brothers from a lifetime behind bars and in poverty.

        That’s what I think Mr. Crews is trying to say…..

        Like in the Bible:

        We must be our brother’s keeper!

        That’s LOVE

  2. Frank,

    Hi, I posted this back there and again here, and then I remembered what you said about how bitchute posts go in your spam and you’re sleeping now I’m sure……

    But um, it’s so refreshing to hear a Man speak truth, like an actor, yes, his name is “Terry Crews.”

    So watch out for triple posts, haha!

    “Black people need to hold other black people accountable.”

    And then, Terry Crews says?

    Um….you can’t hear him because he gets shouted down by CNN host Don “Lemon.”

    An openly “not-a-man.”

    And to any real women out there?

    A “lemon.”

    CNN continues to make me want to regurgitate every time I log on…

    1. You know, I’ve given “gay men” who were my associates and my superiors a pass ever since I began in the media industry, what, um, I don’t know…. eons ago….

      And what good did it do me?

      I proved my loyalty to gay men that I worked for… and they proved to be um….

      unworthy of me, because they repayed my loyalty and years of hard work with a STAB in the BACK.

      Not men.

      They answer to… “women.”


      So to me? From now on, and I have YEARS of experience working with gay men…..

      You suck.

      You are officially in my game book “not-men.”

      You don’t earn the TITLE of being “Gay Men” with me.

      You are so undeserving of the IDEA of “manhood”….

      That you are?

      NOT MEN.


      1. Terry Crews: “Hahaha, the thing is, black people need to hold other black people accountable……”

        Dead silence.

        A-men, sir!

        1. This is Don Lemon’s opening after quoting Mr. Crews’ BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING “tweet”:

          “Are all white people bad?
          “Are all black people good?

          “Knowing this reality, I stand on my decision to unite with good people, no matter the race, creed or ideology.

          “Given the number of threats against this decision–

          “I also decide to die on this hill.”

          Don (Hm, like in mafia “don”?) LEMON’s response?

          “Man you stepped in it.”



          The elites can’t get away from references to… yeah!


          They LIVE in shit
          They EAT shit.
          They “love” bringing good people down to THEIR LEVEL.

          WHICH IS SHIT

            1. Mr. Crews is right:

              “Are all white people bad?


              “Are all black people good?


              “Knowing this reality, I stand on my decision to unite with good people, no matter the race, creed or ideology.”

              He’s a teacher!

              He reminds me of…

              one of the best.

          1. He died on this hill too, Trin.
            *Ascending* by playing a *black* man in love with *black men* dressed up as *white women.*
            Where was his accountability then?
            Where was your *passion* about *black accountability* then?

              1. The minute some “hero” decides to stand up and SPEAK TRUTH…..

                The “character assassination” BEGINS!

                The search through the “teacher’s” past, dirty of course as ALL our “pasts” are?

                It’s MOB tactics….. which have taken over our entire SOCIETY.

                Hey, I should know.

                How would anybody know I “took it up the ass”….

                Hahaha, I mean……

                How would anybody know that?

                Unless the man himself was a DOG to begin with, on a mission, and I got TAKEN?

                ALL Gossipers and Slanderers and Rapists and well, they say…. MURDERERS and PEDOPHILES and CHILD TRAFFICKERS.


                the Mob

                Italians sucking up to their Zionist Jewish MASTERS

                1. So Terry Crews “died” on his hill?


                  WE are so sick of your “threats” and the “hand signs” yeah like that finger (i.e. shot) to the head you MADE HIM do?

                  I think you are wrong…..

                  I think WOKE people like Mr. Crews are not vulnerable to YOU MOB Hollywood um, what, “Illuminati” assassins….


                  I’m SURE you will make it SEEM that he GETS IT now that he spoke the “TRUTH.”

                  SO yeah…..

                  He could be just another…. bumpa da dum

                  “Crisis Actor”

                  WE can only trust in God at this point and encourage each other, but it’s all in God’s hands now.

                  1. I can’t “swallow” back any revelation I’ve posted on here because it’s stuff I posted from Holy Scripture that somehow was sent to me…..

                    Doesn’t mean it’s “right”

                    Just a “coincidence” if I thought it had to do with “me”…..

                    I HAVE NO IDEA!

                    I’m just “sharing” my Journey.

                    No judgement.

                    I’m just as lost as everybody else on here …. who can admit to it.


                    1. If and when I get CLEAR…

                      You all will be the first to know.


                    2. I’m pretty “sick” in spirit right now…..

                      And Satan has me remembering stuff, that I finally see through the deceptions in my life story.

                      So as Satan would have it, see that my “best friends” in college conspired against me….. then (passive) and after (aggressive), when the RUMOR was out I was a homewrecker…. Yeah, well I married a Puerto Rican and then divorced him, so…. now she’s an “alligator”!

                      It’s hard to believe but now I see it’s so true….

                      My friends….

                      Smiling at me, luring me into a naked hottub with planes flying overhead; oh c’mon let’s cheat into the ski line!

                      I mean, are you kidding me?


                      Anne Marie….. blech…. I hate you, always did, and NOW you KNOW it.



                    3. But really, Jean, Anne Marie (!), Sarah, Lynn, and Annie.
                      (Jan? You don’t count…. You’re a wannabe and a SNAKE)

                      I FORGIVE YOU

                      It’s hard, I agree, these issues of “marriage” and possible divorce!

                      I’m divorced, and I might be “contagious”!

                      I get it.

                      You all, my closest friends from college, I believe YOU have all lied to me, face front….

                      You’re ALL Liar WIVES.

                      So we can say good-bye……


                    4. I can say that because I see now, you were never my “friends” to begin with.

                    5. I don’t mean to be mean, but I think you are all FAKES.

                      Have your “happy marriages” to the grave.

                    6. To my “Friends”

                      Let me add this, it’s from the last post I added the link….. it’s not me:

                      “If everyone has not been completely changed by Jesus’ leading us through the trials and tribulations necessary to build our character, purity, and perseverance, If we have not learned to LOVE our enemies, to do GOOD to those who hate us, to FORGIVE everyone who has ever wronged us, as Jesus says we must, then heaven and the New Earth would be just like this earth – filled with selfish, self-centered, deceitful, wretched people.

                      But as we go through all of our troubles, Jesus will never leave our side. He promises:

                      “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

                      So that said, Sarah, Jean, Anne Marie, Lynn, Annie…… Jaaan ( 🙂 )…

                      I love you, and um…. I forgive you.

                      But one’s only true “friends” are Friends in Christ.

                      I believe you guys have yes, conspired against me!


                      I am your “Friend” till the End….

                      Which I do believe is coming, and I recommend without sounding self-righteous, that you repent. Either to a priest, to God, or to me! By which I mean, confess to me your betrayal, pray with me for our mutual redemption, and become my True Friend in Christ.


                    7. To my Friends….

                      Sarah…. Lynn…. Annie…. JEAN

                      I know you love me.

                      IT’s just that you … have given Anne Marie a pass…..

                      When all she has done since the moment I met her at Lewis Hall….

                      has been to try to slander me (She posted that pick of me with a beer ONLINE just fur “chuckles”…. while I was still employed ….) and ruin my reputation.

                      I remember a period when you all looked at me with this kinda shook attitude and assured me that “Anne Marie” is nuts.




                      She’s just ANOTHER fuckin’ psychopath bent on destroyig me. She is now MARRIED to these SCUM….. “ANDERSON” clan LOSERS….

                      She showed up here with her new HUSBAND and tried to get me to install a bathroom on my house …. right around the time the plan was….

                      to have my septic flood my house with SHIT (see the movie “Parasite)

                      I don’t blame you but I am sad you don’t see these two demons for who they are.

                      I love you FOREVER, Sarah, LYNN!, Annie <3 , and yes, Tom…. and…


                      My BFFs.


      1. Political correctness is having to hold the hands of *white people* and having to worry about their fragility while exposing all the LIES of *history*. You just ain’t used to pushback, Clique.

      2. Yeah race is a construct. How you like it now? Consider this a *teaching moment.*

  3. Frank, sorry to hear about the ”psychic attack” you experienced.
    They are no fun, are they?
    Just keep telling yourself, it’s not real, it’s not real, none of it is real.

    Interesting, ain’t it, how even the unreal mindstuff drives one to de fence.

  4. Frank,

    I also am sorry for your “psychic” experiences because I know what you are talking about……

    You seem to be in denial that there is a “god” of this world that is determined to DRAG YOU DOWN. Send you thoughts and “psychic” stuff to MESS with your PEACE of MIND.

    Oh it’s just your “ego”?

    Um no….. No no no.

    It’s Lucifer

    The god of this reality we live in ….

    The Matrix

    Frank, sorry to hear about the ”psychic attack” you experienced.
    They are no fun, are they?
    Just keep telling yourself, it’s not real, it’s not real, none of it is real……

    Anonymous I’m thinking was being “sarcastic” here……..

    What is the WAY OUT?

    Trusting in GOD, Our Creator, and His only SON, whom he sent to save us.

    I’m SERIOUS!

    I’ll post this below for you, Frank.

    I found it helpful because it also says that none of “Us” are “going to hell.”

    So MAYBE I can start being a little less UPSET about THINGS!!!


    1. Trinity

      These were more personal than to do with God in general. People picking up on energies I think

      I’ve had occasional stuff like this. People giving you evil looks in the street and weird things over the years.

      It’s a compliment in a way I suppose. At some level though I believe it is the Self Police.

      But good news. When looking at my YT channel feed yesterday I saw the Bangles Eternal Flame showing. I thought I would listen to that as I hadn’t heard it for some time. Lots of things happening with YT at moment.

      In the comments.

      ‘Congratulation. You have reached the highest level of quarantine !!’.

      Top of the World.

      1. Frank, hahahaha, yes!

        Yup. “#Me too.”

        In highest quarantine…. at the “top” of the world…..

        I’ve pictured it as being an eagle at the highest altitude, circling under the crystal Dome. and its heavenly lights, the fixed constellations….

        I guess that’s all we can do at this point: just stay “up there,” keep flying in circles….until the Dome comes crashing down ….

        and we fly free.


            That particular crop circle has tones of the “OCP” logo from the Robocop movie series. OCP standing for Omni Consumer Products. I guess OCP was meant to be a more modern equivalent of the ACME company from Roadrunner cartoons.

            ^Road Runner Show TV Theme Original Opening^

            FYI, that building is Dallas City Hall. Hollywoodized of course, but the base of the building is Dallas City Hall.

            Robocop has a face. Several, in fact.

            ^OST RoboCop – Track 08 – Across the Board^

            1. Cade

              Stranger Things and Texas Weird and Robots.

              When Jen and me were in UT many of the students looked and walked like robots. It was very bizarre. Difficult to tell from this pic but it was like something out a robot movie.


              And your comment prompted me to look through my Dallas pics. I’m not sure if the Pyramid building in the distance showed up in your pics but in my pic it has gone.

              Thought it maybe trick of the light at the time but I’m not sure now. It’s Gone ! Had something similar with Congress building in Austin. One minute it wasn’t there and the next minute it was there.


              Found your pic now.


    1. Roob

      Interesting idea. When I was at Crystal warehouse, a few of the customers were into Crystal singing bowls and such like with audio energy.

      ‘Supporting the idea that the ring of pits at Durrington might have functioned as sound resonators is work carried out in 1999 by chartered engineer Rodney Hale in the Stonehenge landscape. At two round barrows (Amesbury 43 & 47) he used an induction coil interacting with the earth’s magnetic field to measure the presence of low frequency activity. Resulting signals were amplified and recorded. Each tumulus was found to produce oscillatory readings showing the constant presence of ultra-low frequency (ULF) sub-audible sound vibrations in the range of 18 Hz in the first tumuli and 11 Hz in the second.* The amplitude of the sound could be increased by stamping on the ground, although Hale suspects that this could be quite easily affected by other factors including wind blowing across the surface of the tumulus.’

    Frank, I have no idea what “a psychic attack” is, although admittedly I’ve heard it mentioned quite a bit in the “spiritual awakening community”. I’ve just always assumed certain people are putting a new spin on the old concept of “spiritual warfare”, a concept I do know something about.

    For what it’s worth, in my growing up in a religious environment, the dogma was that “if Satan is attacking you, it’s probably because you are doing something right”. However, in growing older, I’ve kinda learned that “attacks” of any kind can potentially come from anywhere, anyone, any time, any number of reasons. Doesn’t matter if Lucifer is kicking my ass, or if God is kicking my ass, or if Kundalini is kicking my ass, or some unknown entity is kicking my ass. I only know that I’m getting my ass kicked and it really doesn’t matter who is doing the kicking. Nor when. Today’s allies are tomorrow’s enemies.

    Lots to be learned from “bad” experiences. Potentially anyway.

    ^Skinny Puppy – VX Gas Attack^

    1. Cade

      Mind to Mind contact. Rather than saying it your face.

      I’ve had it at various times in the past. Sometimes it has been positive. Different from intuition or what I call the Little Voice.

    1. Check out the photographer. Moves in for a shot. Check out his co-worker. Decides kissing kingass is better than trying to help. Civil lies nation.

      Frank, got a note from the mobile carrier that they turned on 5G. No one bothered to ask. Some suspect it’ll be used for psychic attacks.

      Jen, maybe PC’s breath is 5G

    2. Jenny

      And Stranger Things.

      The man who faints is a doppelganger of a man who walks around Redhill who walks like a robot. And the two workers look like Observers from Fringe. Maybe November and March.

  6. #AllAccountabilityMatters

    1. How’d that trolling trip to Tulsa work out for you, Donnie?


  7. #AllAcountabilityMatters

  8. As for the “Lady Jizz-laine’s” arrest?

    haha, yeah

    LOL, the DAY after I post Katy’s “Bon Appetit” video on how they plan on “eating” me:

      1. Dead giveaway?

        She wears the collar. They all wear the collar, and that’s how you KNOW.

        She’s a Zionist Jew SLAVE.


        Just the truth…….


              1. Welp

                Maybe “they” hate me so much because somehow someway….

                by the power of Christ in me….

                I’m the MFP!

                The Mother Fucking Police.

                And I’m comin’ to getcha!

                See, it’s on my license plate


                  1. “Peaceful resistance”

                    What Gandhi, a successful protester of oppression, taught.

                    How do we protest peacefully?

                    Don’t wear the mask

                    If it’s required by a business you are entering….

                    Do it OPENLY half-assed…..

                    I mean, have it but don’t wear it unless asked to….

                    This is a matter of HEALTH.

                    All I know is, after a little while of it covering my nose, it’s just impulse that I have to pull it down, to BREATHE.

                    1. Ha, I know….

                      Kinda half-assed “peaceful resistance” advice.

                      You have to “go all they way” like Gandhi did to make a difference.

                      But huh, we are in a FIX.

                      This is different.

                      This is when it’s time to pray constantly, stay close to God, and ask…

                      help us, LORD, to TRUST

                      In YOU.

                    2. The fact that this arrest of this child-trafficking “KING”-pin is just, um…. unOWNED….

                      like no one’s taking ownership?

                      It’s destined to failure…….

                      President Trump, if he was for real…. would make sure this “woman” is held safe until trial.

                      If she DIES or goes away……

                      Then I will know…..

                      All this “Q”?

                      Is for SHIT.

                      Time, maybe…..

                      for true “patriots” and that’s such bullshit….

                      time for true “Citizens”….of the United Staes of America….

                      To rebel….

                      to defend our rights as defined by the Constitution….form “states” or counties of true “Americans”…..



                    3. President Trump,

                      You’ve got an ELITE behind bars…..

                      Now PROVE to us, the American people…..

                      YOU MEAN BUSINESS.

                    4. Jizz-laine Maxwell should be held under the HIGHEST MAXIMUM SECURITY……..

                      if she’s not, than what better way to um, let her get away…..

                      but to send her to (which is a lie, I really don’t believe she is anywhere near New York City…) some low-life prison.

                      What a joke.

                      The elites are LAUGHING at us, and I’m starting to think that includes our hero of unseen child-trafficking busts (oh yeah?) President Trump.

                      It’s time “Q” be um, EXPOSED.

                      Prove it, prove your patriotism…..


                      I don’t know….. I’m a Christian and I support the 2nd amendment, sure….

                      But I will never get a gun, because those that live by the gun die by the gun…….

                      And I don’t know but I won’t have anything BETTER to do than to HARASS “Q” to ……


                    5. WE don’t see some REAL prosecutions of child-trafficking murderers….

                      and c’mon, these criminals are CANNIBALS! They are TORTURING and EATING children!!!

                      The American People, welp……

                      we won’t be VOTING for Creepy Joe Biden!!!!

                      WE’ll be saying, FUCK YOU!


                    6. And not to just the “Democrats”!

                      To ALL OF YOU.

                      FUCK YOU ALL, if you let this Corona HOAX destroy America.

                      It’s a HOAX, people……

                      There ain’t nobody DYING……


                    7. Let’s get real.

                      It will NEVER happen.

                      This is a war between the GOYIM: ie. us “cattle,” sheep, US…..

                      Yup, the “American people”…..the bottom….

                      against the top of the pyramid.

                      The rulers who glorify themselves as the EYE at the top of the pyramid on your dollar bill.

                      THIS IS IT


                      or die.


                      It’s a fight to the DEATH.

                    8. Since you are a yup…. a loser.

                      Go ahead and pretend you’re the Big guy and um, yeah, satisfy yourself with your cousin who is always there for you.

                      You do that.

                      To hell….


                      Why am I mad about it?

                      Um, I don’t know. 24/7 gangstalking death threats to me and my son?

                      Hmm, yeah…..

                      Maybe that.

                      FUCK YOU

                      You are a loser.

                      Sorry! Just the truth, Ruth!

                    9. Mary Magdalen at some point in her life becomes “possessed” by demons….

                      i.e. she goes MAD

                      The first episode of The Chosen opens with her not being able to sleep as a little girl….. she is “scared.” Of what, asks her father?

                      “I don’t know.”

                      The “Spirit” of FEAR comes after us all, starting at an early age…. in its lifelong campaign to drive you mad.


                      But not just “mad.” To drive you away from Christ.


                      Because the ONLY ONE who has the Power to drive out Satan and his “demons”?

                      Is the Christ.

                    10. Umm, is that “Dallas,” the “director,’ doing the PYRAMID in plain view at the end?

                      Sorry, the other vid I posted has him pop up after, doing the double 666’s!

                      The guy is seriously creepy! He is the son of the writer of the “Left Behind” series……

                      So um….

                      All I can say is?

                      God works in mysterious ways.

                    11. Please forgive me, of course I don’t think Dallas is “creepy”.

                      It’s the hand signs is all.

                      Dallas has directed a fine series of films about Jesus so ….

                      I guess he’s trying to make money to make more!

                      And it’s not his fault I get turned off…..

                      He is a super gifted Son of God, that much is clear.

                      But we must also always watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing….

                      I DON”T KNOW ANYTHING….

                      and I love

                      “The Chosen” series……

                      Just sayin’


  9. “July is an ongoing balancing act between Cancer and Capricorn energies, and we need to pace ourselves intentionally. The Sun continues to journey through Cancer after an intense Capricorn Lunar Eclipse that stirred up deeper emotions within us individually and collectively. This week is a time to come back to yourself and honor your full energy field, especially as we navigate a chaotic year.

    Mercury will station direct on July 12, which will help release the pent up emotional cycles and spinning that may have felt trapped within you.

    I also share a bit more about the global energies I’m seeing shift on the planet, including how the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are working together at this time through the 8 High Council “gentlemen” who are working behind the scenes to recalibrate energies on the planet.

    Much more to discuss in this week’s show.”

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