What is Reality ?

‘The more we look at it, the less real it seems.’



Tomorrow is Independence Day in the USA. I would imagine its slightly different than normal. And it’s a Lunar Eclipse as well this weekend.

However neither Independence Day nor the Lunar Eclipse are the most important event for the next few days. The most important event is Elena’s birthday on 6/7 or 7/6. Whatever. It’s a bit early but not sure when the next article will be.

And this song by Elena Tonra seems to fit the times – Start Again.

Happy Birthday !



And following on from Furry Friends.



It’s a Catastrophe.



And Yusuf’s Cafe Sessions. Aka Cat Stevens.

Waiting for a Train.



‘Please Respect Social Distance Between Your Self’s If You Are Using Our Cafe.

Than You.’

From a cafe in Redhill.



And the Man in the Mirror. A Selfie I took in the Mall to say hello to Jen.




We seem to live in rarified air on Merovee. When you’ve worked it out.


Who Me ?


104 thoughts on “Catastrophe

  1. “Ghislaine Maxwell” has “Giza line” and “Maxwell” as in JC Maxwell encoded into it. JC was the dude credited with *discovering* the link b/t the electric, magnetic and optical worlds. He saw the waves. JC are the initials of Jesus Christ and Ghislaine was supposedly born on Jesus’ supposed birthday, Dec 25.

    Yesterday a virus was pumped into the net- ground zero Orion Township in MI. A bunch of angry gun totting vril from Independence town angry about space invasion or some such.

    Giza, line, Orion, Independence, Take-lia, Tucked Away, new HAM shire (new HAM line), Jesus Christ, electromagnetic second wave (second coming) and so forth

    1. Anon

      Ghislaine’s Maxwell father was an interesting figure. A rich businessman connected with politics and Mossad. And he dipped into the pension fund but things got too hot and like Epstein he mysteriously disappeared over the side of a shop. Or so the story goes.

      Yet again the Mirror though

      ‘After his death, huge discrepancies in his companies’ finances were revealed, including his fraudulent misappropriation of the Mirror Group pension fund.’

      1. Frank, the NTR responsible for the waving of the Nile is Hapi- an androgynous character with a false beard. Ghislaine was Epstein’s beard and can’t tell if she’s a she or a he in most renderings. She may end up in same cell as Epstein which will make her mo’ sad that happy.


      2. Here in Oz a few years ago one big and famous business man Alan Bond got into that sort of trouble too.

    2. That vril with the gun claiming space in Orion wore a t (cross) shirt with the word “pingree” on it. Pingree ping tree. Digital spreads. Pingree is also the name of a man who made shoes (a shoe-ter or Shu-ter) and farmed during the Great Depression. It’s also the name of another man who fabricated theories on the origins of solar, lunar and stellar calendars and time-keeping.

      Ghislaine also encodes “Nile” and “lien” and “ley lines” and currently there is a huge fight in Egypt and Ethiopia —home of A Far Depression— about A Dam. Egypt is sick with the mythology of its divine right to solely control the Nile waters…Brits gave them that bad infection. Ethiopia is pushing back.

      During this eclipse (Elena-clips) 🥰 we may see the Nile wave and the HI gene. The last eclipse did start in the VAL-ley after all.

      Oddly the public battle between the two E’s (Egypt and Ethiopia) doesn’t oft mention all the other countries where the river runs through it. I hope these water wars don’t become red, white and blue.

      1. E-Gypt says it needs the water to farm or it will starve to death.

        If the Nile waves in the next few days it will be Sirius. The red white and blues seem to be trying to ensconce an angel in Kush (writing in the runes) and Empire always tries to bloody the waters.

        Anyway, expect Ivanka, Melania, Kushner and anDTJ Christ and Barren to rev up appearances.

        Turf metawars.

        Surf and turf.

        If they do suck up all the water, just think of all the stuff they’re gonna expose (unearth). You have no eye dea what lays beneath all them cataracts. 2020 is the year of ISight.

        1. Did you get that, Trinity?
          J’s are new inserts. They were always I’s before.
          DJT is anTI-d Christ.

        2. Anon

          The Wounded Knee Massacre.
          Bury my heart at Wounded Knee.
          He’s entering the sacred Black Hills today.
          He doesn’t have permission.

          1. Elena, maybe he’ll do an about Face.
            Or kNile and repent before God, Man and Wombman.

            Takelia the *black* lady in Orion has the surge name “Hill.”

        3. Anon

          The Water Flow of energy.

          I’ve had my own small water problems. About two months ago my sink got blocked with a clog.

          I did lots of plunging and had a look in the U Bend but that didn’t clear it. And put a snake into a pipe. Got onto landlord and took a long time for the plumber to turn up. About a week ago it was done and water was flowing and washing machine worked.

          I find it annoying when all you want is your washing machine to work that it’s connected with the bigger picture in some indefinable way. And you have to wait for the right time.

          And Upper and Lower Egypt and De Nile seems to speak of something.

          1. Perfect segway.
            Hapi, the bearded andro-gene, is oft depicted as a pair of genii tying together Upper and Lower E-gypt. The hi genii …

          2. I’m glad you got your flow going again. Water is everything.

            Your laundry story (automatic wash) reminds me of the story of the Aswan Dam.

            The otto-mans inverted the natural hydrology of the Nile delta (inverted change/inverted triangles) into controlled irrigation, siphoning off water ahead of the floods and destroying soil sediments for the cult-ivation of cotton. The Brits loooved this as it fed their textile industry which helped fund their elephantine projects such as rails and canals. Nile Valley land was privatized and industrialized. Indigenous people were enslaved and/or forced to farm. Remaining small land holders were forced to rely on the chemical fertilizers of the auto-men in desperate attempts to stimulate increasingly barren land (khemical inversion). When they couldn’t pay back the debts, they were forced to work as serfs. When they staged revolts the Brits moved in, occupied the territories in person and accelerated their water wars —unable to give up their addictions.

            It’s quite easy to connect the micro with the macro in tangible definable ways. Or maybe you have to have real life fam at the receiving end of the short change to do so.

            Someone posted a vid that concluded with something suggestive of *karma’s a bitch* and that people who suffer may have had it coming because, well, ma’at. Little do *they* know.

            1. The Nile, is current-sea. Just like every river. It’s a life-line. And in this place we’re in, everything is good/bad, black/white. To control a river is to control the flow. And the justification is to “provide for everyone”, which is a stupid concept because the river wild ain’t got no problems. It flows. It goes. And it never stops.
              All language (languish) about rivers is about money. Dam the river. Dam the flow of money and create a place of hostility that is about to burst.
              River “banks”
              and about concepts that generate a ‘thing’…
              There is something called an “ox bow” that sometimes happens in the ‘meander’
              The water winds around and what happens on one side, is REFLECTED on the other side.
              Take a fidget spinner. Spin it. And turn it to the other side. It is profound. Because what is spinning, is spinning the other way, the whole time! All it takes is a turning. We only see the “face” of the clock. The C-lock.
              Anony, here on merovee, we are on the other side of the clock, or something. IDK.
              I hope you and the critters are good ☺️
              BTW, there’s two new cats that live next door, Joey and Twixie. An orange and a tortoise shell. Twixie is something else. Good lord. I walked up and there was a baby possum, playing POSSUM while Twixie so proudly showed me 🙄 and I was happy to see that the baby possum was “playing possum”! It escaped death by cat, and I was happy to not see carnage. And Twixie is excellent. She’s a cat being a cat.

    3. Dec 25th is the birthday of Apollo and many more besides.
      However, There is a Full Buck Moon on July 4th and a partial Lunar Eclipse on July 4th/5th in certain places in the world.

      All this just 2 days after Ghislaine Maxwell was supposedly arrested on July 2nd for assisting (?) Epstein in abusing underage girls.

      Jeffrey Epstein arrested 7/7/2019
      Ghislaine Maxwell arrested (?) 2/7/2020
      Day gap = 19×19 days!!!
      19 is made up of 10 and 9 denoting the perfection of Divine order connected with judgement.
      It is the gematria of Eve and Job.

      19x 19 days and they gave us Covid 19 of course!
      The US Election is on 3/11 and 3/11 is exactly to the day 999 weeks after 11/9/2001 (9/11).

      1. Epstein Pal
        Found by police
        Ghisa line tucked away in a cell after found tucked away in new HAM shire
        Buck moon
        Buck ing HAM

      1. Frank (I almost called you Trump), I seem to be entangled with ol Donny boys in horrifying ways. If so, imma work it.

            1. Anon

              My Donnie links are more personal. I’ve always found it a strange name for some reason.

              And Donnie Darko with Frank the Rabbit.

  2. Here in Australia the Victorian Government is racing to put a strategy in place to curtail an increase in Covid 19 cases.
    A couple of days ago they listed 10 postcodes of 36 suburbs that were going to be shut down. Well clearly that is 6×6 suburbs but the 10 postcodes of 4-digits gives a possibility of almost endless calculations.
    However, today, July 4th, they added another 2 postcodes which included 9 accommodation tower blocks. 9, 3+3+3.
    The two postcodes added are 3031 and 3051 which add to 6082.
    It is well known that the elite Satanists love to use mirrored numbers to hide their plans from the sheeple but let the insiders know.
    6082+2806 = 8888 where 8 stands for THEIR New Beginning and here they have it in quadruplicate!
    Getting back to the first 10 postcodes we see that for the above to work it needed two postcodes which when added came to 16 as in 7+9. There is nothing there which when added comes to either 8, 16 or 24. It will not work for any pairs of the 10 postcodes.
    So that is why they chose to add 2 more postcodes a couple of days later where the 8888 can be produced..

    1. Ghizaline *discovered* in “The Granite State” as Trump visited the granite faces in Keystone and said he will only take a knee before God.

      Pyramid code.

      Spacey played in House of Cards (HOC).
      Ham hocks are pigs’ knees.
      Trump is a casino man with the name of a card.
      It’s all hoc US pork US.

        1. Naturally melania (MAL AI EN gene) was wearing a dress with black and white hieroglyphs (Donny scribbles) on it designed by McQueen.

          Alexander McQueen to be precisish.

          Alexander —> Alexandria (as in Egypt)

          Epstein had his Ghis laine
          Donny has his Ma laine (his Mom apparently comes from the tribe of *Christ*)

          Frauds frauds frauds playing cards

              1. Hi Dreamy!

                Good insight.
                And no Q follower seems to have yet mentioned the tunnels in the stone at the mount.

                Someone found an elephant and the face of a woman resembling Gisa-line in the scribbles on the dress.

                Hapi, the neter of the Nile, had her/his epicenter in a city called Elephantine. Naturally, the hieroglyph of Elephantine contains an elephant.

                The Blue and White Niles meet in a city called Khartoum which some say comes from the Arabic word for elephant (tusk). Others say it comes from the Nubian word meaning “the house of Atum,” god of Creation. Still others refer to “the dream-interpreting genies in Genesis 41:8” called Khartoumei.

      1. Four faces on Mount Rushmore
        Four faces of Giza Pyramid. (Well, actually there are “hidden faces”.)

        Hidden faces—> masked

  3. “Amber waves of grain”

    “ granite (n.)
    1640s, from French granit(e) (17c.) or directly from Italian granito “granite,” originally “grained,” past-participle adjective from granire “granulate, make grainy,” from grano “grain,” from Latin granum “grain” (from PIE root *gre-no- “grain”). In reference to the appearance of the rock. Used figuratively for “hardness” (of the heart, head, etc.) from 1839. New Hampshire, U.S., has been the Granite State at least since 1825.”

    The Library of Libraries (melanin) and the Hall of Records (Hor of babylon Don). The HOR looks like Christ’s tomb.

    Melania playing Queen Isis (?), Donny as potus Hor US. The second coming of *Christ*.

    1. Cade

      About the kids. Where are their parents and why aren’t they wearing masks ?

      The steps into the black void came up yesterday and I thought of the pic. Mulling it over at moment.

        Perhaps the void may not be as black as advertised.

        Obscure –
        Obfuscation –

        By contrast, too much light also creates darkness.

        Clarity? Welp, we’ve 4 other senses to augment that 5th one, Too much reliance on a single stream diminishes the aggregation abilities we possess. Which, the aggregate of our five senses coupled with any perceptions of time could likely be considered “the sixth sense”, May even have more than six senses when you start aggregating 2 or more sensory inputs together.

        EX: Smell + Sight = Smight? Sight + Smell = Siell?
        The chronology of sensory data is likely to be important.

        ^Foetus – Catastrophe Crunch^

    1. Anon

      ‘Facing It’, whatever It is comes to my mind.

      Normally I put this up on July 4th but forget yesterday. Seems to fit.

      1. Jenny

        Great video ! Thanks. The Moon can be difficult to catch.

        Not sure if it is relevant but taken after end of July 4th.

        1. Perhaps someone (MJ, Cade?) can let me know that’s actually Venus peeking through the clouds. Not completely sure. And it was taken just after the fireworks [finally] ended.

      2. Hi Jenny,
        I think that was Jupiter.
        It’s moving between Saturn and the moon.
        You might enjoy a sky viewing app that ID’s bodies in the sky.
        For ex:
        Sky guide
        Night sky
        Sky view

          anyone else interested…
          In addition to your suggestions, Stellarium is a really good piece of software you can download and run on your computer.

          I guess they also have an online version too.

          The Sky Live is a good website for hunting down objects relative to where you are and when.

          If you’re feeling really adventurous, there’s a really cool Astrology desktop application that you can run on your computer.

          Maybe someone will find some of that useful.

          ^Yello – Oh Yeah (HD) Remix^

          In addition, there was recently a Luna/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, six planets will be in retrograde this month, I think that NEOWISE comet is still visible depending on where you are.

          I admit that most of the cosmological and astrological stuff is still unknown and quite mysterious to me personally, and especially when you start meshing the stuff then put the whole mess in motion.. But some of it is starting to make a shade more sense. Those tools I listed can help.

          ^Shu-De – Durgen Chugaa^

  4. Last night was a catastrophe for my cats. The bombs bursting in air scared the shit out of the them. Dog though couldn’t be bothered.
    My youngest cat ran back and forth like a bat out of hell looking for a place to hide. She got lost. Hasn’t been seen since.

    1. Anon

      Hope she wanders back. I was talking about this with Jen. She’s had same sort of problems with the noise scaring the dogs.

      When I was young a rocket firework made a bang bang phizz noise. Now there’s enough explosive in them to knock down a building.

      1. Frank and Jenny,
        She is found!
        Turns out she was hiding in the garage.
        Last we saw was her running into the bush.
        The neighbors in that direction lit bombs in their driveway and she must have thought it was Armageddon.

          1. Stayed up all night calling for her.
            I opened the garage so many times too as sometimes she accidentally get locked in there but nope, she was in deep hiding.

      1. Sorry that’s not the interesting bit on the site.
        You have to search for the “Source Spiral Technology” page.
        I have so much shit on my phone I can no longer copy paste.
        Probably a good thing.

            1. I dislike pansies because they’re generally purple and very weak. You look at them or sneeze in their presence and they shrivel up and die. But they were brought home and they were alive so they they deserve a second chance. If nothing else as food for the soil.

  5. People in red white blue “freedom” shirts with freedom flags celebrating their freedom yesterday while wearing masks, obeying orders to stand on marks and separate.

    Phi phī fauxdom

      I love reading all comets but I have to say, yours are particularly potent with some wisdom magic and you do give comfort. Thank you for being.

  6. Today I buried a mole.
    Probably as big as my thumb.
    Next to the rehabbing pansies.

    A cat Astro phe!
    Seems one of my cats hunted it down.
    The bizarrest thing is I stayed up all night learning new software. Of all the instructional videos available to learn, I randomly chose this:

    Then this morning, a mole on the stairs in the yard….

    1. *******Warning; organic process post below. ******

      How does this work, we ask?

      More wtf things.

      I went to the recycle bin to find a box and fished out the only one. Didn’t pay any attention to it except to determine if it was a good size for a coffin. Then cut a corner off of a piece of fabric I love and have had for 12 years. Didn’t pay attention to which corner, just tried to ensure a good size.

      But conscious review revealed these details. Holy shit.

      1. The eye!
        “Mole” is a term for a spy.
        The all seeing spy.
        208244 …honestly didn’t even register numbers when I cut.
        20104 4
        For 4 10 20

        1. Moles dig tunnels and are basically blind.
          Blind spy.

          In a creature that tiny, such perfection in the fingernails, teeth, nose. God is a painter with ever scale of brushstroke.

          Blissings, little mole! ❤️ May your next journey be full of joy and fun!

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