Furry Friends

I’m told ‘We’re Going To See Real Change’. Or We’re Going To Sea 🤔. We’ll see.



And that it’s a Small World.



You racist you.



And a little light relief.

Are you an animal lover ?

Furry Friends are based in Reigate. Jen and I have had a bit of fun with this over the last few weeks.

A few days ago, I sent this pic in an email to her. And after I had sent it I went to put my shopping away and a Furry Friend stared back.

The moral of the story is ‘If you stare into the Furry Friend, the Furry Friend will stare back.’

And another Toilet Roll ‘joke’.




I much prefer the world of Magic to the world of the mundane.

The secret of the Redhill Mall has revealed itself. Probably only a mind of a child would see it.

Or I’m going mad. But being mad is more fun.

Can you spot it ?



It’s Big Batts.


44 thoughts on “Furry Friends

    1. A neighbor lost her cat, Gatto. But he was found!
      Thank goodness. I was about to hug her when she was upset but she backed away. Coronavirus!
      I’m just glad Gatto turned up. He’s “indoor only”.
      Gatto is Spanish for cat, but she says it like ‘God-o’.
      I thought, “oh no, another missing deity” (Zeus, God-o). But god’s always here ☺️

              1. How does it work?
                Last night we were tasting beer at Heaven & Ale. I said you can taste cinnamon on this particular beer and this dog kept jumping on M.

                Everybody knows this is now here.

                1. MJ

                  🐕 😊

                  Absolutely no idea ! It’s In No Sense.

                  If you stare at the Furry Friend, the Furry Friend will stare back at you.

                  1. Today my colleague interrupted a meeting to tell me about a matted dog she’d seen wandering around for hours. When I left to go home, the dog was walking toward me on the sidewalk. I tried for hours to get it in my car, luring it with fog newtons and water and then ribs….but poor beautiful thing was just too frightened. It stared at me like a wise old man but fear got the better of it. A postman tried too but no go. I hope that puppy stays safe and finds a wonderful home.

                    1. It will, anony.
                      Here’s a nice thing to know. At pet smart one day, I was talking to a lady that works there. I told her that I get sad about the older cats there. She said “why? they always get adopted! We can’t hardly keep cats here!”
                      And I loved hearing that.

                    2. Thanks, MJ. It was a beautiful dog, just severely alone. I’m going to keep checking animal control to see if they got him.

                      The animals are in control. Can you please ask M what he meant long ago when he said the code was “the animals did it”?

                    3. I think you’re right about the Universal Language, MJ!! It IS Godspeak!
                      My cousin has the gift. She is truly an animal whisperer – Squirrels, racoons, and oh, deer. Somehow these insanely magical creatures instinctively know they’re welcome into her peaceful domain…and, well, I’m sure the food is good too. Anyway, the photo she took yesterday is speaking. Let Them All in.


  1. The secret of Them All.

    Through the eyes of a child.

    Every door is a portal. Just trying to make sense of In No Sense.



    When me and Jen were at UT in Austin, Tx the Texas Congress building suddenly materialised in front of our eyes.



          1. The plexiglass evokes test tubes and life under a dome. The plexi glass ceiling. The condome.

  2. Frank,

    I’m sorry to say it……

    but it’s time to TURN IT ALL OFF.

    And if we did?

    Your Merovee would be a casualty, because all this site DOES is “comment” on the “news.”

    And the state of the “news” for me, especially in the U.S. with CNN, is so um, DIABOLICAL…. and basically USELESS….. commenting on “fake news” is ….

    seriously EVIL SHIT…..


    All the commenters on here DO is pick up random “news”

    There’s no TRUTH on here at ALL.

    I’ve tried sharing some…..

    But it’s not welcome, so I’m leaving.

    Just so you know WHY.

    No hate, and sure, I’ll probably be back before I know it.


    Much love, tho

    I’ve been on here a long time….. too long?


    1. Trinity

      I turned the main News off about a month ago. Doesn’t feel relevant any more in 2020. Like another galaxy.

      In the timing.

    1. This is lovely. Absolutely no post at the moment.

      All I’ve had in last month is one automated letter from the council confirming payments. The last instalment of a Christmas present and about three fliers from local businesses.

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