What Makes The World Go Round

The latest crop circle.



It’s an intriguing image. I see a Windmill and also two hour glasses joining in the centre. Also reminds me of the Templar Cross. And helicopter blades.




It’s what makes the world go round.

And when someone ‘gets’ you. And throwing Love Bombs. Ka Boom.



Humerus ?




‘Love Baby Love. That’s the secret.’


22 thoughts on “What Makes The World Go Round

  1. Love bomb!!!
    Is that what went off in the street behind my house this morning at 4:45? And about every hour or so since.
    Humerus? I’m not laughing.

        1. Frank

          This is the herd immunity – the heard immunity. It’s when folks say we’ve heard enough love bombs! Enough words, enough ‘I love you so much’. Where is the proof? And if there is proof then shut up and kiss me.

          Numero uno on the day I was born. <3

        2. The death of the (founding) freemason father

          A crowd of protesters gathered around a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday night and lit a fire on its head before pulling it to the ground.


          Would that be a ring of fire around his crown chakra corona.

          It was also tagged 1619. that’s a 69er and a 9/11.

          And 33 degree Freemason Albert Pike finally falls in Washington

          Right on cue tomorrow is Fathers Day

          The freemasons deified Washington as Zeus so Olympus Has Fallen
          White House Down.

      1. I have a Halloween story about trepanning in Underdog Anthology IX, called ‘Fountainhead’…


        Leggy’s decided to keep the anthologies at the Lockdown price of 99p/99c for Kindle. They’ve done well at the new price point, although he’s now lifted the Lockdown price on the novels…

        *Agreed, Clicky… /ponders… I wonder if Shiny has a publisher for the book he’s writing…*

            1. Taking back control of the currency ⚡️


              To bring back the economy, Fournier needed to act. “We were talking about grants for business, microloans, trying to team up with a bunch of different banks,” he tells The Hustle. “The big concern was, ‘How do we directly help families and individuals?’”

              And then it hit him: “Why not start our own currency?”

              The plan came together fast. Fournier decided that Tenino would set aside $10k to give out to low-income residents hurt by the pandemic. But instead of using federal dollars, he’d print the money on thin sheets of wood designed exclusively for use in Tenino. His mint? A 130-year-old newspaper printer from a local museum.

              Fournier’s central idea is pulled straight from Tenino’s own history. During the Great Depression, the city printed sets of wooden dollars using that exact same 1890 newspaper printer. Within a year, the wooden currency had helped bring the economy back from the dead.

              Back from the dead eh 🤔

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