Across The U ‘n I Verse

Across the U ‘n I Verse.



And the Ring of Fire will be here this weekend.



And a wasted journey for scientists in my opinion. If you watch enough Zombie movies, you will know that you never discover where the virus comes from. Click One




It could be a scorcher.


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  1. Frank it is the lunar eclipse that completes the Trinity on the 4th July that will be significant.

    At least for me personally…Independence Day I expect there will be fireworks.

    One thing I learned when I was a DJ back in Ireland was never underestimate the power of music. It destroys the alien parasitic entities.

    The Call of the Wild.

    Fat boy Slim has been syncing with me of late I came across his VW van in Bright on.

    Apparently he and Mrs Ball have apartments there beside each other with hidden connecting doors despite being divorced.

    1. TTN

      I’m seeing 2020 as one giant energy slingshot it seems as one event feeds off and feeds into the energy of the next.

      Fatboy Slim is someone who has always been there in the background. He went to Reigate Grammer just down the road from here. I was friends with a few ex pupils from Reigate Grammer school who went to school with him.

      His name is actually Quentin and I think he was looked down on by the cool kids as a bit of a nerd. And then suddenly Quentin became Norman and then Fatboy Slim and a star. He was even at 2012 Olympics with the Octopus. Not bad for a Quentin.

      Music has always been powerful but for me at least it’s really rocking the Casbah at present.

      1. I’ve been listening to Fatboy Slim’s weekly Lockdown Mixtape on YT This is the latest one, for last week (11)…

      1. Remember that person who used to post Tomorrowland stuff? Maybe Viktor once or twice.
        Trump, Disney, Edison, socalled Tesla, all involved.
        I think Nikolas Tesla is a major fantasy creature – conjured up to appeal to Hopetopians. He didn’t ever exist. If at least they could paste his head on his shoulders correctly, they might have been more convincing.

    1. I hope you are not expecting a straight forward answer. 🙃

      You should know me by now.

      Well in one way it is the centre of ancient Ireland where the druids would crown the high kings and queens on the stone of destiny.

      In other myths it is a portal or a gateway to another world where the people/supernatural beings of Irish prehistory departed through.

      One persistent story is that an Egyptian princess fled to Tara and set up a new kingdom. She brought the Stone of Destiny with her and it was said to be Jacob’s Stone/Ladder from Bethel. She was accompanied by the prophet Jeremiah who was looking for a place to stash the Ark of the Covenant.

      So you have two artefacts associated with the site.

      Of course the Scottish and the English have been fighting over the stone ever since at least the fake one we gave them. 😉

      We just pretend to be stupid. Although we do put on a very good act. 🤓

      Or you could call it the soul of Ireland or for me it just means simply a doorway to the past following our ancestral dna back through the OA K tree which represents the 33 vertabrae, the nervous system and the spine to Sanctuary and Home.

      1. at the risk of going over old ground the Romans also had their Terra & the Hebrews, their Torah. in more recent times we are told of an “unending war on Terra” – apparently good for business if your business is conflict. and who isn’t conflicted in some way or another i s’pose? .It’s weird that it’s near a place called Skryne. 🙂

        on a slight tangent the name Patrick (as in St.) relates to Roman Patrician (padre / padraig etc) papa / paper etc.

        great vid btw ttn

        maybe it might be possible to pass an age in a passage grave as an encrypted personage 🙂

        1. Thanks DK if i told you what happened to me last 12th July in regards to Patrick even by Merovee standards no one would believe me.

          Yes however you are spot on to point out that he is the epitome of the Father archetype the one who can’t seem to win no matter what he does. The more love he shows the more he gets the icy cold shoulder so finally he gives up and leaves them to it.

          There appears to be a miss communication problem between the Father/Daughter Brother/Sister Husband/Wife. And to be fair between the brothers as well.

          Now he is being erased from history by the Media Matrix as if he never existed. I am so tired of the conflict over the land/over the children. I have been literally fighting my entire life it’s bloody exhausting.

          Back in 69 at Woodstock which is a mirror of Northern Ireland the Love and Peace movement got infiltrated and shut down by the establishment and it died shortly after. Maybe we need to revive it again. ✌️

          1. TTN i dunno. try me – many years ago i read Patrick’s writings & Muirchu’s Life. i still have the book to this day & it’s one of my most treasured. (weird I know). i’ve had a few profound & strange experiences over the years. One very memorable one on 23rd or 24th of 2012 so not much would surprise me at this point. was just reading your linked article. Very interesting regarding the Dog Star. Eclipses are undoubtedly powerful events – i remember watching the solar eclipse of June 21 2001- the very first Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century – where i was working at the time the whole company (a medical supply company) took time out to view it – what happened later that year in many ways set the tone (certainly for the first decade of the 21st Century so we’ll see what this one brings. Frank’s probably right – it’s likely to be a scorcher this year & it could b Sirius!

            of course i understand if you don’t wish to say anymore
            okay – back to the Rites of Mu 🙂

            1. Interesting you have that book. I believe St Patrick to be based on a much older story or maybe he just keeps reincarnating in different forms over the ages.

              He is all over Glastonbury where he shares a stage with King Arthur. Apparently he founded a community there on the way to Ireland from France. And as luck would have it i came across a snake today on my travels, first one I have ever seen in England it was tiny though. 🐍

              1. i think he did exist in the 5th c. his writings certainly come over as authentic. had a bit of a barny with the church authorities on the British mainland at one point. It is said that his original name was Maewyn Succat or in Latin, Magonus Succetus & the tradition certainly goes back a very long way – weirdly Succetus = god of war apparently – there’s also a connection to ancient Egyptian Croc god but i won’t go there – Patrick was supposedly sold into slavery at a young age – he was a swine herder before escaping back to the British mainland – which is in itself interesting as the earliest verified reference to King Arthur is in a tale that concerns a swine herder called Culhwch

                “Across the sea will come Adze-head, crazed in the head,
                his cloak with hole for the head, his stick bent in the head.
                He will chant impieties from a table in the front of his house;
                all his people will answer: “so be it, so be it.”

                is a great verse but may not be entirely genuine 🙂

                1. Yes when i lived in Scotland they have a myth that he was kidnapped from there. Same with King Arthur you have Arthur’s seat a hill in Edinburgh.

                  I am not doubting he existed just that over time earlier myths have been added. I watched the new film released recently on his life.

                  I used to live in a village near Slemish in the Braid Valley where he used to tend his sheep. Pilgrims still go there today.

                  I know all about the crazed in the head bit. 🤪


    1. Ken

      Thanks. I think there was a form of Time glitch going on with both. I experienced 9/11 on a Monday and it was a bit of a shock to me when I was told the official date was a Tuesday as well as 25/5/2020 changing from a Sunday to a Monday a few days before.

    2. On a calculator key pad the 8 – 4 – 6 form a triangle or a pyramid with the 8 at the top.
      Between the 4 – 6 and 8 are 2 and 2 digits.
      The number 8 signifies the Satanists’ New Beginning.
      8+4+6 = 6+6+6
      The remainder of the digits adds to 27 or 9+9+9.
      Flip 9+9+9 and you get 6+6+6 again.
      18+27 = 45, the total of all the digits and 4+5 = 9
      1+8 = 9
      2+7 = 9.
      18 is 40% of 45
      27 is 60% of 45

      8x4x6 = 8x(8+8+8)

      1. Ken your previous post is interesting about the timing albeit in a something of a macabre kind of way but why does the no.8 signify “new beginnings” satanic or otherwise? Who says it does? And what does that even mean in any meaningful sense?

        1. DK,

          It just does. 7 days in a week and the 8th is the beginning of a new week. 8 saved in the Ark for a new beginning.
          Jesus = 888 in Greek gematria. All His titles in the New Testament Greek gematria are divisible by both 8 and 37. He is our new beginning.
          Beijing Olympic Games opened on 8/8/2008 at 8pm but the Chinese see the number 8 as a sign of prosperity.
          So the Elite Satanists stole the idea from the Bible and frequently use the number 8 to signify THEIR New Beginning.
          88 memorial lights for the twin towers.
          88 keys on a piano.
          8 notes in an octave but the 8th is the same as the first.
          88 memorial light beacons for the supposed 88 Australians killed in the Bali Bombing 1 yr 1 mth and 1 day after 9/11.
          Then there was the London Olympics opening ceremony in 2012.
          119 animals
          911 backwards
          Glastonbury Tor to the London Olympic Stadium = 119 miles or 192km.
          192 kilometres = 8 x (8+8+8).
          There are simply myriads of other examples.

          1. Trump is now 888 months old and 21.6 with sun eclipse wil be 1321 days from presidential election day. 1321 happens to be 216 th prime number.
            And 216 is 6x6x6

            1. Dream,

              Yes, 888 months old on 14/6 or 74 years old or 37+37 yrs old.
              7 days later is 21/6 with the eclipse and Prince William’s 38th birthday.
              74+47 = 121
              38+83 = 121
              7+4 = 11
              3+8 = 11
              121 = 11×11
              In the Bible the number 11 stands for Antichrist.
              At some stage they are going to ‘birth’ Antichrist.
              And Obama’s supposed birthday is 4/8 which is the 216th day of the year.
              On the 4th of July Obama will be 707 months old.
              On the 4th August he will be 59 and 59+95 = 154 = 77+77.

            1. just to add – it’s probably not relevant but interesting nonetheless :

              108th digit of Fibonacci Sequence = 23 digits & totals up to 90
              216th digit of Fibonacci Sequence = 45 digits & totals up to 216
              432nd digit of Fibonacci Sequence = 90 digits & totals up to 396

        2. DK,

          More on the number 8 at the London Olympics in 2012.

          The London Olympic torch is littered with the number 8. ie it weighs 800grams, is 800mm long and has 8,000 perforations and was carried by 8,000 torchbearers around Great Britain eventually into a stadium holding 80,000 spectators.

          Also of note this year 2020 was going to be the Tokyo Olympics but it was cancelled due to the CV19 scamdemic. How many years after 2012 was 2020? Yes, 8 years.

          The Beijing Olympics opened on 8/8/2008 at 8 pm.
          The rescheduled Tokyo Olympics are planned to close on 8/8/2021.
          Year gap = 13 years to link the two 8/8 dates.

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