The Mind Fuck within a Mind Fuck within a Mind Fuck surrounded by another Mind Fuck it looks like at times.



Rage Rage against the dying of the light. Rage, Rage against the Light.

And the latest summer fashion accessory for the ladies. Always a buck to be made.



And the Gel of Good Hope.



This weekend is the summer Solstice today and a Solar eclipse tomorrow.

The Stonehenge circle was surrounded by security earlier this morning.

The sacred space.



And Astrology. I’m of the opinion that astrology maybe only relevant in this reality. It maybe just another sign of Separation. And you can probably add numerology but it seems to play out here definitely in my opinion. This could be the end of the whole shooting match. We’re going to find out.

For many years the Age of Aquarius has been following me around. I remember when I was about 10, my father took my brothers to see the stage production of Hair in London which was notorious because the show had naked bodies. I was too young to go and I felt very jealous of them I remember. And they bought the Hair album home with them which included the ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ song and played it non stop for a couple of months.

And a few days ago, I wanted to find out what my Rising Sign was. I know my Sun sign is Leo and Moon sign is Scorpio but never knew my Rising sign.

I found a website and put in relevant details. They wanted me to put in a name and it said you can use any name. I had just been on the Merovee site and used Merovee and this showed up.



And from Jenny and my visit to Mineral Wells, Tx last October.

Pour Out Your Heart.



And a few hours ago this T Shirt jumped out at me.

It’s going to be Legendary.




The Fifth Dimension and Let The Sunshine In. Or don’t.


100 thoughts on “Doorning

  1. Do you not think it strange that all the sacred spaces are on lockdown just as the solstice coincides with an eclipse.

    It is like they are trying to stop something from spreading like the ring of fire corona virus. The Love Bug…. they know what is coming and want to destroy it hence the enforcement of masks keep your distance no touching no hugging no physical contact whatsoever.

    1. Continuing on from my previous comet the tearing down and setting on fire of the 33 Freemasonic founding fathers is hugely symbolic as not only is tomorrow Father’s Day but is also the ring of fire and today is the rising of the sun.

      Albert Pikes monument was erected in 1901 911 and stood for 119 years until it was torn down on the 19/6. The police stood and watched and did nothing. There have been many attempts over the years to tear it down and the last time Obama stepped in to defend it. 🤔

      It would appear to me to be scripted…. the tearing down and burning of their old world/gods in order to create their new world/gods.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if we see the White House burning shortly and Obama set up as a new civil war President. Then we would have two presidents like we have two popes or two bums Obumma and T rump.

      One black and one President Snow White

    2. TTN

      I’m hoping it will all end in a giant measles party.

      About Stonehenge. With a suspicious mind, the idea of security around Stonehenge gets the alarm bells ringing. Why and was anyone in there ?

      But with another eye. I like the idea of a totally empty Stonehenge with the Sun on their own type thing without King Arthur and the merry band of druids blowing their klaxons. Nothing against druids I must add. All the druids I’ve met over the years. have been good fun.

      1. I heard an interpretation of SH as being a site where despicable sacrifices are made to some off world alien thing.
        Don’t go SH?

        1. The circle game

          Archaeologists have discovered a major new prehistoric monument just a short distance away from Stonehenge. Some 20 or more massive prehistoric shafts – more than 10 metres wide and five metres deep – form a vast circle more than two kilometres in diameter around the Durrington Walls henge.

          Coring of the shafts suggest the features are neolithic and excavated more than 4,500 years ago, around the time Durrington Walls was built. It is thought the shafts served as a boundary to a sacred area or precinct associated with the henge.

          The discovery comes just after the Summer Solstice, which took place online this year as the famous annual gathering was cancelled due to coronavirus.

          1. TTN

            Thanks. The MOL described it as a Hole New Stonehenge.

            And Berwick Bassett – BB = 22.

            Shooting star or asteroid or sperm or something.

      2. The circle game

        And speaking of the moment the suspect was arrested, a police source told the Sunday Mirror: ‘A man pulled a knife and started attacking people at random in Reading, near the Corona Crown Court.

        Another witness named Dan told the Sunday Mirror that the group of people who were attacked were ‘just in a circle chatting.’

        He said how he thought the people were playing, ‘duck duck goose’, a children’s game which sees participants sit in a circle while someone taps them on the head.

        ‘He [the attacker] was tapping them on the head. Then I thought someone had been sick. But it was blood spraying out,’ he said.

        I woke up with a deep cut on my head the other day no idea how I got it bloody painful though.

          1. The Editor: Well, now. There’s an interesting point. Is a slave a slave if he doesn’t know he’s enslaved? The Doctor: Yes.

            The Editor: Oh. I was hoping for a philosophical debate. Is that all I’m going to get? The Doctor: Yes.

            The Editor: You’re no fun. The Doctor: Let me out of these manacles. You’ll find out how much fun I am. —from “The Long Game”


      3. Frank you mean King Arthur and his circular round table at the ring of stones.

        And the alarm bells are ringing for me as I came across a murder scene.. it was the killing of the Sky God Father at 2.20 at EL DON Place.

        Is the Donald about to fall as in Zeus.. Olympuss Has Fallen

        One of the girls lived on that same street up until last year.

        Detective Andy Bell is investigating.

        I feel like John SIM ms in Life on Mars maybe I will wake up next in 1973.

              1. It’s designed to fail so we can ridicule independent living and run back to big poppa. It’s a stereotype for a reason.

  2. Trinity CONTINUES…..

    (“TTN” I disavow as a so-called “friend” of mine…… Do not address “me” again.)

    This is ME

    This is ME reclaiming my INNOCENCE



      1. Yeah….

        Take a deep breath, Kneel……

        The WAVE

        I can’t stop it, and thanks for showing EVERYONE who well….

        will get wiped away.


        1. You are on the precipice!

          It’s not ME, “Sweet Caroline”!

          It’s YOU!

          DO YOU GETI IT?

            1. The only thing I will say is?

              I “loved” Jake too, just like my son…..

              We wanted to just be friends….

              That’s all.

              1. Unfortunately, “Jake”…..

                YOU DON’T GET ME.

                I’m sorry about that, because I WILL take you down….

                You don’t MASTURBATE outside my window….


                1. Jake,

                  I don’t know what you are doing or where you are?

                  I’m sorry for you, I really am.

                  Is it so HARD for us all to just… COMMUNICATE?

                  You people…..

                  You need help.

                  I’m just a regular person! SO is my son!

                  So I mean, what is the PROBLEM here?

                  1. I think the “problem” is…..

                    You don’t UNDERSTAND the language of love, or simply “like”…

                    You are so “insecure” and such “bullies” that you see attempts at “communication” or “like” or God forbid, “love”….

                    as WEAKNESS.

                    Pathetic. Loser. and therefore to be attacked……




                    What would Jesus do?

                    In my place, here in Pawling, NY…..

                    What would Jesus do…..

                    I’ll sleep on that tonight.

                    I want to know.

                    1. Cuz otherwise I just want to kill you, you scum, you bullies, you inbreds, you, brrrr…….. mob, people who plant dead mice in my car….um, WORSE. I spent over a thousand dollars on a new transmission. GOD only knows what they did to my car…. most likely like THEY DO….

                      I GOT TAKEN!….

                      I will pray on it, and keep asking for guidance……

                      What would Jesus do?

                      Because I’m DONE being “TAKEN”

                    2. I’m signing off, and what I’m trying to SAY is um…..

                      There’s no “right” or “wrong” anymore…

                      Wear your mask or don’t…..

                      It doesn’t MATTER anymore.

                      Just SURVIVE.

                      Until Jesus, the Christ, COMES to save us.

                      No matter what happens, or what occurs…..

                      Just stay alive.


                      Jesus IS our Savior!

                      He's the Man, no doubt…..

                      For ALL OF US

                    3. I’m in a “quandry”

                      I honestly don’t know which way to move to keep me and my son safe.

                      Yeah, heh heh

                      I’m in a Catch-22.

                      They want it to look like I’m sticking around just because I’m trying to get the #1!


                      When I know this Satanic situation is such that that man would FOLLOW me and STALK me WHEREVER I went…. at which point I would have left behind the only SAFE place for me to be an anchor for my son….

                      Do you get it…..

                      I’m Fxxked

                      But hey…. I’m not giving up.


                    4. But if I’m right, that the #1 has been in an incestuous relationship with his cousin, that ended up in the birth of a son…..

                      Well, I’m sorry Big Guy! But um, you have to stay in it.

                      It does take two to tango.

                      It’s a sad tango to you by now but you’ve been given so much by your “in-laws” just to keep you with HER. They GAVE you your fame and fortune, as the Sheriff.

                      To make you stay with HER.

                      And to make you stay your son’s “Dad.”

                      Accept it.

                      I know I’ve said it’s a sin, but it’s a sin for all of us, there’s no clear line of who’s wrong or who’s right.

                      I’m divorced, and of the belief or formerly of, that um, no one should be able to KEEP someone…..

                      But, there you have it.

                      I’m um, in the minority.



                      God bless you and yours, and I hope you wish me and mine the same.


            2. Trinity

              My advice FWIW is keep putting one foot in front of the other. Crazy times but I believe going somewhere good.

              1. Thanks Frank!

                Very “Good” advice, indeed, my Friend.

                Not that I would know…..


                1. I didn’t mean that sarcastically…….

                  Thank you, Frank.

                  You “MADE MY DAY”


                  And did you know?

                  "Every Day Is Day One"

    1. Anon

      Interesting ideas in there. Again, it’s about reality and who are we which I believe is at the crux of this.

  3. Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and other Dads being Dads.

    Happy Father’s Day MV Dads.

    Happy 🌞day, world.

    Sunday love song to you.

  4. Haha, Frank!

    Yeah, I almost forgot……

    Today’s “Father’s Day”!!!

    And was just thinking on how great my dad was…..

    Thank you dad!

    Wherever you are, thank you for EVERYTHING.

    You were a “good dad.”

    I love you

    1. And I just think of how “THEY” have brainwashed “Jake” to think…. his Dad is “evil.”

      That his Dad is bad, that he doesn’t HAVE a “good “dad”?

      How could that be?

      Jake, your dad LOVES you.

      Wake UP!

      And stop listening to the HATERS and TARES within your own FAMILY.

          1. Bottom line:

            God brought me and my son to this house in Pawling, NY…..

            WE don’t need YOUR APPROVAL to STAY here……

            And AGAIN……

            You don’t TRESPASS on or even NEAR my PROPERTY.


            Because if you don’t get the MESSAGE….

            If you’re TOO “mentally disabled” to understand that we are NOT your ENEMY….

            Then YOU become my Enemy.

            If you can’t recognize a friend when you see one in me……

            Then I CAN’T HELP YOU….

            You stalk my son?


            I’m WATCHING YOU……

            You hurt my son? Or…. my son just gets hurt, by “accident”…..

              1. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere soon…….

                This about a brat that NO ONE had the COJONES to DISCIPLINE.

                Is Jake a BRAT …

                Who had no parents to discipline him……

                I wanted to post Haha but it’s no laughing matter.

                  1. No, I get it right here…….

                    I’m a mother who will never abandon her son.

                    If you you can’t “protect” him? You maybe somehow secretly want to see him go down?

                    Well fuck you……

                    You’re a SCHMUCK


                    No smiles, no hearts, no nothing….

                    1. But let’s look at the BIG PICTURE.

                      “America” is the last “Frontier”

                      The last nation that ,by our Blessed Constitution ensures our RIGHT to BEAR ARMS…..

                      Against ENEMIES without…..

                      And ENEMIES within.

                      If I need a bazooka to guard my HOME from intruders, rapists, “masturbators,” what have you…..

                      It’s in my Bill of Rights, m-fxckers.

                      Fighting for “AMERICA” is fighting for FREEDOM.

                      Fighting for God.

                      Fighting for True BROTHERHOOD.

                      President Trump defends the 2nd Amendment.

                      That’s HOW I KNOW……

                      He’s “OK.”

                      You’re NOT taking this COUNTRY away from US!

                    2. “You are not taking this country from us”


                      Put your stupid COVID masks AWAY….

                      You can’t take away our WEAPONS.

                      We SEE YOU and we KNOW you are LIARS

                      And welp…..

                      Sorry, “Anna”!

                      I luv you!….

                      To death


                    3. “America” is “God’s” Country

                      “Big Sky”

                      And EVERY AMERICAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND IT, who has been bestowed upon him/her by our Constitution ….

                      THEIR INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

                      BE YOU BLACK or WHITE or in-BETWEEN…..

                      WE’re ALL AMERICANS.

                      It’s YOUR 2nd Amendment RIght…..

                      TO DEFEND YOURSELVES.


                    4. SO, AS “AMERICANS”…..

                      Don’t fight each other!

                      FIGHT THE POWER

                      Peaceful Resistance

                      Don’t Let THEM take you……

                      Don’t give them an EXCUSE to ARREST you….

                      Don’t GIVE IN

                      Be ONE

                    5. I saw Tawana in there! OMG……

                      I think “Tawana” was a LIAR…..

                      I think “Tawana” was a um…..a TRANSGENDER.

                      I think that whole deal was just another Soros PSYOP!

                      To DIVIDE Americans.

                      I’m not “pro-Black”

                      MOST of you “people” are sell-outs to the yup….

                      “POWERS THAT BE.”…

                      You’re no HEROES at all….


                      GROW UP

                      Let’s ALL grow up.

                      Wake up to the LIES from the “government.”

                      Wake up to the only TRUTH there is!

                      You have a SUN HALO watching over you…..

                      Watching to SEE if YOU are a Child of GOD…..

                      Or NOT!


                    6. It’s ALL distraction!

                      And if you watch this vid from a Canadian…. he tells you, it’s now IMPOSSIBLE under Justin Trudeau to have a “weapon” in Canada…

                      THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT

                      Defending our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms.


                      I’m a former Democrat, I’ve never even TOUCHED a gun…..

                      And NOW?

                      After this PLANDEMIC COVID 19 baloney?

                      I’m seriously thinking of going out and getting MY gun.


                    7. I’m WOKEN

                      I’m an “American”

                      The LAST NATION on Earth that has the “RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.”


                      I’M GONNA BEAR MY ARMS…..

                      WHILE I STILL HAVE A RIGHT TOO…

      1. “You’ve got to FIGHT the POWERS THAT BE.”


        The “Powers That BE” are?

        Beyond “RACE”….

        They cop to being “white”……

        Um, nope

        “Serpent Seed” is not “white” or “black” or any other COLOR of the spectrum of HUMANITY….

        They seek to DESTROY “humanity”

        They’re descendants of the SNAKE, i.e. Satan, and that’s why it’s in The BOOK OF REVELATION!

        “They call themselves but THEY ARE NOT!

        The Powers That BE, it’s A FACT:

        Control our BANKS
        Control our Economy
        Control our MINDS

            1. Hmm, interesting!

              I only realized this NOW…

              about that “Late Night” meshuggah…. Me and “Stephen”….

              What does it mean?

              Probably, NOTHING.


              I’ve got some ideas for myself to NOT kill myself …

              it would be BETTER to just move forward, one step at a time….


              “Love and Hate”

              They’re all the SAME

              I love you, Jon Stewart…..

              Always did…..

              Always will…..

              1. You know what else?

                I’m sick of yeah, waiting for the “Prince” who will never come.

                It’s brainwashing.

                I’m ready.

                To stand.

                And ready to stand and join hands with a real man who, like me….

                Wants to save “America”

                WHOEVER you are….!

                I’ll know!

                The ONE with cojones….


                1. We got to “Fight the Powers That Be”

                  Just be sure you know “WHO” THEY ARE!….

                  BEFORE you fight.

                  1. To END this thread (thank you, Frank)….

                    I just need to make it CLEAR:

                    My Constitutional Right to PRIVACY has been VIOLATED.


                    First, by my former EMPLOYER, once they “overheard” perhaps my “private” conversations that I thought 9/11 was a “little too perfect.” A plane hits each of the Twin Towers, and they each FALL into their own FOOTPRINT? I mean, C’mon!

                    I said it OUT LOUD: “It’s like a MOVIE!”

                    Then became perturbed when I realized my phone calls at work were being monitored as well as my emails….

                    THEN and NOW, it’s become a NIGHTMARE: with my home phone and everything I DO in my own home being WATCHED.

                    My RIGHT to PRIVACY IS BEING VIOLATED every day, every minute, every hour! RIGHT NOW!

                    I can’t TALK to my son, unfortunately, they weezled their way in between a mother and her son, and unwittingly he now works for “Them!” I don’t blame him, this is END TIMES, after all…. We can’t talk or communicate at all because they are LISTENING to EVERY WORD…..

                    ALL institutions and “professions,” like MEDICINE….

                    have been INFILTRATED.

                    We’re DONE.
                    There’s “NO WAY OUT.”

                    There’s ….

                    only Jesus.

                    Praise BE to the Father!


                    Just stay alive, no matter what occurs…..

                    I WILL find you!”

                    I guess this is what “Trust in the Lord” is all about…..

                    It’s the END of ALL THINGS…

                    But don’t Give UP!

                    It’s not OVER yet…..

                    1. It’s disheartening, however, for those of us that believe that the 9/11 Official Story was a lie from our own government…. and to see, the “fly-by” by I can’t remember, was it like “Air Force One”?

                      President Obama, himself….

                      Liar in Chief…..

                      It’s disheartening that the TRUTH has NOT come out….

                      I just thought it would’ve by now…..

                      And then, I see the LIE of NASA!

                      And see that we do indeed live on a FLAT PLANE, not a global “planet.”

                      And even this Truth…..

                      Has not COME OUT.

                      In the Book of Revelation, it says all done in the dark will be revealed….


                      WHY ARE WE STILL LIVING IN A WORLD, AND NOW, a so-called “GLOBE,” of LIES?

                      This whole deal, is CRAZY.

                    2. CNN is Propaganda full-on, they MAKE the “fake news”

                      BOYCOTT CNN!!! Ugh gughgugughgh!

                      This CNN “Anchor” made me sick:

                      To call this display of hero women defending our Constitutional rights, “downright ugly”…..

                      Check the anchor: Is that a “woman”? More likely a secret Illuminati, yup, lile all the “news” TRANNY


                      Don’t forget Anderson Cooper with the child’s drawing of an OWL at the “Sandy Hook” You know, SH! for short?…. “massacre” lol!

                      It’s beyond the beyond, their lies will not WIN over the MINDS of honest “Americans”

                      They CANNOT WIN…..

                      NO MATTER WHAT

                    3. Isn’t it “ironic”?

                      Only women now are “man enough” to stand up like “men” and call these LIARS out?

                      Do ya think, that’s WHY, women like me, have been trashed and slandered?

                      Satan’s GOT all the “men.”

                      He DOESN”T have us real women.


                      The RISE of the “Goddess”

                      Mary Magdalen

                      WOMEN who are for



                    4. “Sarah Conner”?

                      The Savior of Humanity?

                      Women who want to save the “future” for their own children?

                      The greatest enemies of Satan and his “End Game” ARE women.

                      Now I just glimpsed the beginning of this vid, and what if?

                      What if every single “woman” in these HOLLYWOOD scenes are really men playing women, as in the tradition of old…..


                      They wouldn’t be “PLAYING” this STORY of “WOMEN WARRIORS” if it wasn’t REALITY, now would they….

                      YOU GET ME?

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