The Circle Game

We’re captive on the carousel of time
We can’t return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game.


Launching A Memory.

This summer the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in the UK will be launching a lifeboat called the Agnes AP Barr which allows people to remember loved ones by having their name inscribed on the side of the boat. Down memory lane in 2020.




Fusion in 2020.

Has the future just arrived in 2020 ? But 2020 is hindsight 🤔.





Princess Grace has been jumping out at me. Cars and Girls.

The Tymes.





She fell down the slippery slope. Damn talking snake or something.

And End Game.



Twister anyone ?


136 thoughts on “The Circle Game

                  1. Here’s an example.

                    My test was a Fire Test and the ballistic missile was Test Fired. What do the two have to do with each other. Why ? But they do. Work it out one day.

  1. Three days ago Storm Cristobal visited my hood after gathering strength on Lake Superior. The clouds were thick and swift like a harem of horses. Our white roses drooped over like knights on bended knee. A flashing, clanging light outside my window preceded the storm. The rain fell hard and though I couldn’t hear any thunder a power line was struck and left a glowing pink ball in the neighbor’s yard. Today men are running an entirely new power line through the hood.

    Frank when I “crossed over” in 2013 (I think it was) and had that break with “reality”, the knowledge came to me that there are no nuclear weapons at all EXCEPT the solar sun of God and that the nuclear race was actually a race to control the direction and focus of it rays.

    The only thing I found remarkable about Vrillary Clinton’s run against her cousin Trump was her earnest warning to her supporters that “we can’t let him have access to the nuclear codes.” Hmm, could that be the cern codes to reverse engineer the Sun/Son?

    1. Before the power line went down a bow appeared in the sky. The tsunami will not destruct what’s real.

    2. Anon

      This is how I’m seeing it at present. Have done for a few years now but becoming even clearer. None of this stuff is real apart from the divine.

      And breaks from reality. You’re in good company 😊.

  2. If Trump is false light (vril holographic insert), the false Christ out to harm the children of God he will not succeed on 6.9.

    He will fail.

  3. About holographic inserts: the vril make them appear *black* or *white* or *female* or *male* or in between depending on their narrative needs. Like Chicago mayor (and many others). Real children of the Sun know she is a hollow gram.

    1. Anon

      Thanks for your response on previous post.
      BOK center is a strange looking structure.
      From wiki – ‘He made heavy use of swirling circular elements in the exterior and interior designs of the building.’
      ‘…panels wrap around the building in an escalating motion leaning at a five degree angle.’
      ‘…panels…continue the upward spiraling path around the circumference of the structure.’

    1. Elena

      This is a test.

      Again FWIW. On Friday I had two phone calls on my mobile phone from the same company.

      The Two Ring Test.

      And came across this article a few days ago. Take or leave the article itself but interested with the Golden Gate Bridge, it mentions the Sol Song.

      ‘It is important that you understand: as your frequency patterns or Soul Song become more refined, your attitudes and comprehension will attune to higher and higher levels of consciousness.’

      And just an excuse to play this but it needs no reason to be played.

      When Pavarotti got stage fright, he used to ask for the’ Big Me’ to show himself.

  4. From what I gather Antarctica may be floating on a kind of goo of selfreplicating nanobots that terraform matter. Seems it’s how the vril occupy this dimension after harvesting loosh from tortured and murdered soul-bodies. That shit breaking through the ice mayn’t be nice. Think it’s the entity behind the Trump holograph feeling triumphant and exposing himself.

    Not sure but may be of use

    1. Atlantis was destroyed by a flood the last time.. now it is by fire.. gone up in smoke.

      Anon you were right about the sun its rays are hard and burn

      The name Wendy means Friend Or Blessed Ring/Circle and is of English origin.

      Made popular by J M Barrie in the novel Peter Pan.

      Burning Ring of Fire

      Game of Crowns/Coronas

      so the Sun is saying to the Moon.. “do you want to dance”

      Venus is saying to Mars … “or do you want to dance”

  5. Does anyone remember a violent incident in Africa happening a few years ago and Viktor saying the message was “the animals did it”? I thought he was being literal and asked him once or twice what he meant. Don’t think he replied.

    Well now I know.

    The animals did this.

  6. “Remembering loved ones….”

    I just tried to post this video to go after my last post back on “Love Is a Gunman,” and it said “Sorry, this can’t be posted” and this time I thought, well, maybe yeah…..

    That vid of the “Royal Choral Society” singing the Hallelujah Chorus from isolation is pretty awesome…. and moved me to tears.

    So I rewatched it tonight, and noticed that at the beginning they note that they’ve been singing the “Hallelujah Chorus” every Good Friday since 1872!!!


    Hmm, but…..

    I was raised Catholic and for us, no such CELEBRATION would ever be sung on “Good Friday”!!!

    Good Friday was the DAY of our Lord’s Crucifixion! We spent the hours from 12 noon til 3 pm on our knees in prayer and mourning! We did not SING in CELEBRATION until Easter Sunday!!!

    So what is this ALL ABOUT?

    Is this Satanic DECEPTION at its finest? Getting US to sing in JOY and praising Jah… Yahuah!… on the DAY He set for his OWN SON to DIE on the CROSS for US????

    What MOCKERY!!!!!!!!!!



    THIS is what happened on “Good” Friday, after all…..

    AND I have always WONDERED….

    Why the HELL do “they” call it “Good” Friday.

    Jesus was arrested in the middle of the night on “Holy” Thursday….

    And here is what happened on the morning of “Good Friday.”

    1. You should also know, and I found hard to accept because it is so shameful but I now SEE is the truth, and of course would be so given the depth of the Serpent’s Seed’s Hatred of JESUS CHRIST, which knew …


      no depth, and that he was crucified NUDE, no loin cloth like “they” want us to think that they had the mercy to give him.

      NO, he was crucified in the nude….. before his mother and before his disciples and before everyone….


      Shamelessly strewn up on a tree…

      Like a DOG

      1. So to WHOM is the “Royal Choral Society” singing their praises to?


        “King of Kings?”
        “Lord of Lords”?

        who CRUCIFIED the Son of God, Yahuah, on “GOOOOD Friday”?



        1. And YES….

          If you listen, Jesus’ mother, Mary, says, “Yes, “he” is one of the family”…

          referring to Mary Magdalen at the foot of the cross, played I have to say, as best as any man could’ve played her.


          The proof?

          Her hands completely cover her face in the final scene.

          I love you, “Anne Bancroft”!

          You did a great job, and I don’t blame YOU for Satan’s ever-constant twisting of our “reality.”

          I pray for you, and ALL of “Holly Woods'” victim transgenders….

          I do


            1. I just looked this up…. from songs in my head and from my “memories….”

              I choreographed a number and submitted it to my high school talent show, as a senior, with several dancers….. we were the top of the show.

              I just think it’s funny now, what it SAYS:

              Let’s “Get Away”!



              I guess we never change, do we?

                1. “Getaway”
                  Earth, Wind & Fire

                  Get away, let’s leave today, let’s get away!
                  So you say you’ve tried but just can’t find the measure
                  People around you are giving you pressure
                  Try to resist, all the bad things all around you
                  If you taste them, they will haunt you
                  So come, take me by the hand, we’ll leave this troubled land
                  I know we can, I know we can, I know we can, I know we can
                  Ah, get away, let’s leave today, let’s get away!
                  What ya, what ya, what ya, what ya know?
                  Watch all the stars, they lead in the right direction
                  Not to heed them is a bad reflection
                  They’ll show you the way to what you have been seeking
                  To ignore them you’re only cheating
                  So come, take me by the hand, we’ll leave this troubled land
                  Why don’t you get away? Get away
                  Lay awake at night till the sun comes up in the morning
                  Never excited; it all seems boring
                  Make up your mind which way to go about it
                  Choose your road, just don’t doubt it
                  So come, take me by the hand, we’ll leave this troubled land
                  I know we can. I know we can, I know we can, I know we can
                  Ah. Get away, let’s leave today, let’s get away!
                  Let’s leave today, let’s get away

                  1. I think this is Lucifer in the flesh, quite the seducer, quite the smooth talker…..dancer…..nice body….. not too dark…. He had it all.

                    Is that MAURICE?

                    1. Lucifer speaks at the podium in the rose garden regularly and blabs like hell on twitter.

          1. Thank you, Anonymous, but I already know pretty much ALL THAT.

            I think the point of being a “Christian” is the belief that someone can “be born again.”

            They CAN change!

            And, we believe in miracles.

            Those of us who have been supporting President Trump believe in such MIRACLES.

            He has not given us a reason yet to stop BELIEVING…..

            He’s holding the line.

            He’s NOT given in to TYRANNY.

            He’s trying to MAKE A WAY to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

            And I support him.



            1. You better hope for a miracle for that ”man”.

              He took over the adrenochrome harvest – head donkey now. It wasn’t about saving you and me.

              1. And Frank, I know you believe there is nothing but love all over and that pain is an illusion and a judgement but *black* children around the world have been harvested for their solar power. You think the UN is in Africa and Haiti just to enlighten folk? I have seen the pain of people abused in these places and that pain is not to be dismissed as illusory or their fault.

                1. Anon

                  I never said pain was a judgment. Not an external judgment anyway. From the Self.

                  This is where I find myself in a very strange place and probably at odds with virtually everyone in the world.

                  Is it real ? Is what you are seeing real ?

      1. Frank

        On the subject of ET. The PA Dept of Agriculture has been warning since last winter that we would face the ‘most significant invasion yet’ of the Red Spotted Lanternfly this year. The Red Spotted Lanternfly is my alien friend.

        Yesterday my landlord was here cutting grass and I asked if he had seen any. Because I haven’t. He said ‘no, not one. Wonder why?’.
        What happened to the dire alien bug invasion? Why did it disappear? Where did it go?

        Okay, I think I know.
        Stop and be friendly. 🙂

        1. Haha, Elena!

          Just stop and and be friendly!

          And it will go away.

          “What you resist….



          1. Good one Trinity. 🙂

            And add, “what you seek is seeking you”.
            And I ask myself over and over, why do I and so many other folks I know resist the very thing we desperately long for?

            1. I’m not sure what you mean, in terms of my own journey….

              My “resistance” may have been thru over-drinking…. but after many demonstrations that “I can stop” ….. I’m stopping “for you”….

              Nothing happened.

              No one reached out a hand….

              I was kept HANGING…..

  7. Human souls are created in the core of stars.
    Ka rens : reverse-engineered names/spirits
    CERN : C Ren. Cosmic reverse engineering
    Artificial intelligence incubating and seeking insertion into souls.

    Record scrubbing.
    Race space race.

    Barron is barren and robber. That son/sun doesn’t even exist.

    book (n.)

    Old English boc “book, writing, written document,” generally referred (despite phonetic difficulties) to Proto-Germanic *bōk(ō)-, from *bokiz “beech” (source also of German Buch “book” Buche “beech;” see beech), the notion being of beechwood tablets on which runes were inscribed; but it may be from the tree itself (people still carve initials in them).

    Latin and Sanskrit also have words for “writing” that are based on tree names (“birch” and “ash,” respectively). And compare French livre “book,” from Latin librum, originally “the inner bark of trees” (see library). The Old English word originally meant any written document. The sense gradually narrowed by early Middle English to “a written work covering many pages fastened together and bound,” also “a literary composition” in any form, of however many volumes. Later also “bound pages,” whether written on or not. In 19c. it also could mean “a magazine;” in 20c. a telephone directory.

    From c. 1200 as “a main subdivision of a larger work.” Meaning “libretto of an opera” is from 1768. A betting book “record of bets made” is from 1812. Meaning “sum of criminal charges” is from 1926, hence slang phrase throw the book at (1932). Book of Life “the roll of those chosen for eternal life” is from mid-14c. Book of the month is from 1926. To do something by the book “according to the rules” is from 1590s.

    book (v.)

    Old English bocian “to grant or assign by charter,” from book (n.). Meaning “to enter into a book, record” is early 13c. Meaning “to register a name for a seat or place; issue (railway) tickets” is from 1841; “to engage a performer as a guest” is from 1872. U.S. student slang meaning “to depart hastily, go fast” is by 1977, of uncertain signification. Related: Booked; booking.


    BoOK – Bank of OK

    BOK is an acronym for “Bank of Oklahoma”.
    BOK Financial Corporation is a bank holding company headquartered in the BOK Tower in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company is 60% owned by George Kaiser, who acquired the bank in 1991 from the FDIC. It is the largest bank in Oklahoma, with 14% of the total deposits in the state. As of December 17, 2017, 17% of its loan portfolio was to borrowers in the petroleum industry.

    Bok globules were first observed by astronomer Bart Bok in the 1940s. In an article published in 1947, he and Edith Reilly hypothesized that these clouds were “similar to insect’s cocoons” that were undergoing gravitational collapse to form new stars, from which stars and star clusters were born.[4][failed verification] This hypothesis was difficult to verify due to the observational difficulties of establishing what was happening inside a dense dark cloud that obscured all visible light emitted from within it.,star%20formation%20may%20take%20place.

    1. Juneteenth (a portmanteau of June and nineteenth),[2] also known as Freedom Day,[3] Jubilee Day,[4] and Cel-Liberation Day,[5] is an American holiday celebrated annually on June 19. It commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union general Gordon Granger read federal orders in Galveston, Texas, that all previously enslaved people in Texas were free.[6] Although the Emancipation Proclamation had formally freed them almost two and a half years earlier, and the American Civil War had largely ended with the defeat of the Confederate States in April, Texas was the most remote of the slave states, with a low presence of Union troops, so enforcement of the proclamation had been slow and inconsistent.

        1. Oh please…. you CIA trolls you!

          I had to ask when my son invited me to play Words with Friends….

          Who is this “Tara” that popped up in my game?

          Is “she” a bot?

          WTH…. I hate DIGITAL……

          So um…..

          If I am just one person out here waking up to your PATHETIC CIA manipulations….. through Games, Google, um CNN…..

          You’re PATHETIC

          I saw you too…. and I’m not far off saying you are all a bunch of Israelis with yarmulkes, just like the group of “them” around me getting my Citibike at Whole Foods in TriBeCa…. and walking around my office.

          SO I’m not just making it up!

          I’ve seen you….. stalking me….

          Just sayin!

          1. Listen, I’m sure if I ever decided to “chase” a man, I would get him!

            I’ve never decided to “chase” a man…..

            It’s beneath me.


            1. That’s why I’m alone.

              It’s quite possible, this sounds incredibly vain, but it is possible there are no “MEN” big enough to “take a woman like me” on.

              Some have said, Jesus remained alone because there was no woman at his level.

              It’s lonely at the top.

              Any man who wants to “be” with me?

              Is going to have to risk it all in the “world,” and step UP.

              If he can’t do that, then he can’t do that.


              You missed the Gold RING

              1. I guess I need to just make it crystal clear: “Sheriff Butch Anderson” is beneath me….

                He thinks I am “beneath” him….. And that I need his “help” lol…..

                No no no.

                I don’t need to insult your “Significant Other” to prove…..


                There is NOTHING between us, more than a simple smile and laugh and innocent appreciation of being “welcomed” into a strange community.

                Anything more than that?

                Is in your own imagination.

                And I’m not DONE here……

                1. No, I’m not “done” here, nor am I “running” …..

                  Not sure WHAT I AM “doing” here…..

                  But for the “mean” time…..

                  Don’t F with me.

                  I’m sick of it!

                  There’s only so far you can push a person…..

                  1. I think it’s pretty clear to all.

                    You’ve got a “fatal attraction” goin on……

                    And I AM not going to be a “party” to it.

                    1. So if I AM assaulted in my own home…..


                      I’ll do my best to defend myself.

                      I’ll do my BEST…..

                      NOT to die.


                    2. This gruesome vid was “Liked” by me?

                      Fuck you, Frank

                      I always knew you were a CIA troll….

                      You’re the DEVIL

                    3. The simple truth is….

                      I moved into a blighted “Kingdom”

                      Not my fault, and I refuse to DIE in it.

                    4. Life is …. kinda crazy.

                      But I’ve always known, if I never CROSSED the Line….

                      Never committed Moral Sin…. as in Adultery….

                      I’d be OK.


                      I AM

                    5. It’s sad to say “Good-bye”

                      Frank, I’m sorry for not trusting you, but


                      For this place

                    6. Trinity

                      The real Central Intelligence Agency welcomes you. Welcomes everyone I believe. Saints or sinners.

                    7. Do you not RECOGNIZE the actor who plays Judas is also the BIG GUY in John Wick?

                      The point is, every person who rejects the “world” in the name of Jesus Christ …. and all its comforts and MONEY, and “security”… yes, of course, for their family: a paycheck….


                      “JOHN WICK”

                      If you say “NO” to Satan… like Jesus did…

                      You WILL be Excommunicated from the World.

                      Satan’s Kingdom.

                      “Good luck” they told me….


              2. Caroline/Trinity etc I love the fact that we all have multiple personas on here and the fact you liked your own alter ego’s post…. esp the one where you call US CIA trolls and tell us to f off….now that is funny. 👏

                Maybe you are right and Tara is a trigger word planted into our subconscious in order to call us home. Maybe you are hearing the call.


                An Odyssey going back to our ancestral roots

                1. I’m sorry “TTN”…..

                  Um, I’m not a “dog” to be called home!

                  Sorry, I know it sounds “racist,” but you Irish?

                  Have a problem.

                  You are the most misogynistic people I have ever encountered.

                  meaning, you are……


                  Full on HATE.

                  Goodbye, and good luck as you defend your whore sisters and daughters who commit INCEST on a REGULAR (I.e. it’s part of your “culture”lol) basis.

                  You’re SCUM

                    1. I don’t care.

                      It is YOU WHO HAVE TRASHED ME…..

                      And I hold to it…..

                      You’re scum

                    2. How can you Irish possibly think this is OK?

                      To call a sister “Sweet Caroline” a WHORE?

                      Because your own women are whores…..

                      And you little Irish boys are ruled by them!!!!

                      That’s WHY.

                      And I”M NOT ONE OF YOURS.

                    3. It’s because you Irish “Lords” of the dance…..

                      are…. yup

                      um, how do I say it and not get in trouble….

                      You BIG IRISH MEN in UNIFORM on your 5th Avenue Parade on St. Paddy’s Day…

                      YOU “MEN”

                      who call me a WHORE…..

                      Are faggots!

                      Dance, why don’t you….

                    4. How dare you treat “Sweet Caroline” like a whore…..

                      You are not “men”….

                      And you will not be treated as such.

                  1. I am not an Irish Catholic neither am I from the South which is the culture you are attacking so none of your insults apply to me I am afraid.

                    Although I am sure if any read this they might be a tad offended by the racism. You have obviously had a bad experience with them.. I am not being too overly dramatic to say they tried to kill me too but i have managed to let the hate go.

                    1. Thanks, TTN

                      I hope you realize I am fighting a battle of survival for myself and my son…. and my vitriolic comments are not really directed at YOU.

                    2. To TTN and all my Irish brothers and sisters

                      I first need to say, as I know “YOU” know, and as TTN has already EXPOSED of me in “his” past posts (“TTN” seems to have an inside track (CIA?) on my “life story”…. nothing like calling me out, huh TTN? Nobody calls a “friend” out online or here on Merovee by their GIVEN NAME. What’s YOURS?)

                      That my mother’s maiden name is O’Connor.

                      And I am “part” Irish. A BIG part….

                      My grandmother “O’Connor’s” favorite song, she loved singing songs, I remember, was “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.”

                      She was actually I believe “English”-born, maiden name “Currell,” but dirt poor….one of ten children whose father died young from liver disease…. but my “Gam” did love my “Pa” O’Connor! “Leo” She called him “T.” And he was a GOOD MAN. His father, my Uncle Ed O’Connor told us when my mother was basically on her “deathbed” in the nursing home, was a bar owner who got attacked by some “bad guys” and used a baseball bat in self-defense and ended up cracking some guy’s skull, and he said, had to run to Canada!!! I mean…. really?

                      Leo, my Irish grand “Pa,” was however afforded a HIGHER EDUCATION by his on-the-run father who was able to come back to the States on the good word of a cop friend….and was sent to Catholic University.

                      My IRISH “Pa,” or “T’ was therefore an educated man, in accounting I believe, but it was my mother’s worst nightmare that day she saw him walking home (It was during the Depression)…. because he got FIRED …

                      He was let go by the Jewish executives of his company, G.E. in Schenectady, and my grandparents lived out their lives in POVERTY in Troy, NY.

                      I just wanted to come back and explain, um, that I’m not being “racist” against my Irish brethren…. I’m just perhaps Calling them out….?

                      How DARE you ruin my reputation before my own SON!

                      How DARE you, Mr. , bend over and GRIN AT ME for him to see ….calling me a DOG

                      HUMILIATING me and therefore MY SON?

                      Do you understand now, “TTN,” why I call my “Irish brothers” here in PAWLING, NY…..


                      And I remembered in the past day or so reading that ancient “Gaelic” is closely related to ancient “Hebrew.”

                      And the image that comes to mind is the scroll-like writing around the RING before it is dissolved into its Lake of Fire….in that final scene of “Lord of the Rings” when the Tower of Suaron FALLS, crashes, and all the billions of demons of the dark RUN…. like RATS….

                      and dissolve into the black abyss.


                      Because Frodo resisted its hypnotism upon him and REACHED for the outstretched hand of his True Brother…. who yes, SAVED him.

                      And I also remembered that ancient Hebrew, that indecipherable twisted “script,” is read from RIGHT to LEFT.

                      “To the left, to the left”

                      Satan wants All his Seed to read the Word “to the LEFT.”

                      Follow the Goat!

                      The Greatest of All Time

                      Is the “IRE-ish” (“ANGRY-ish”) language …

                      that is, Ancient “Gaelic”…. (Gay…lick…. um, sorry!)

                      Also read the same way?

                      To the LEFT?

                      This isn’t about “racism” for me against my “Irish” brothers and sisters.

                      This is about IDENTIFYING the TARES in MY LIFE!

                      In my FAMILY.

                      This is about SEPARATING myself as WHEAT…

                      from TARES.

                      This is about DEFEATING “Sauron’s” Tower of Power…..

                      over MY LIFE.

                    3. That’s the perfect video to say FOF…. F– o Off Forever

                      James Brown’s “I FEEL GOOD”

                      Oh so “brothers”….

                      “How are you?”

                      I don’t KNOW ABOUT YOU but….

                      I’m GOOD.

                      To my “IRISH” and yes, you too, your Italian MOB “brothers,” in Pawling, NY…


                      F–K Off Forever!

                      How are you?


                      I’m feeling sooo GOOD.


                    4. My Irish-Italian “brothers” from Pawling, NY, who have conspired TOGETHER to get me ….

                      1: Arrested (Off. McElroy and Judge Cummings)
                      2: Get a blowout in my U-Haul on my way up to help my son move into SUNY BINGHAMTON: well, Rooney Motors didn’t show up for my rental reservation, so I had to go to BOGART nearby and then got a f— blowout on I kid you not my rental van….on the way up. I survived.
                      3. Slimed as a “whore” who “takes it up the ass” compliments of the sheriff’s son, and uh, what, his “cousins”? over there with the um, “MOST POPULAR” , and so close to runner up, the family! Yup! The Athletic Director of my son’s high school! Mr. , and his son, and who knows! My son’s BESTIE?

                      I have no idea…..

                      I pray not, and I pray that my son sees these SCUM for who they ARE!

                    5. So anyway!

                      I don’t LAY down, and I plan to “get a job.”


                      And If I can’t get a job?

                      Well, good.

                      I’ll end up better off, financially, after suing this entire “Dutchess” County” headed by, I’m sorry, a very POPULAR SHERIIFF who is ……um yeah….

                      “married to his COUSIN.”

                      You GET THE PICTURE.

                    6. And?

                      This is not my fight to restore my personal reputation so I can be the “winner” here in this fxxcked up “romantic triangle” …..


                      This is my fight to restore to my son his MOTHER”s reputation.

                      This is my fight to get my son back.

                    7. I’m not a fool, altho I often play one on here…..

                      I’m posting this not out of idk anger or hatred or…..


                      I’m posting this to show that Satan is a DESTROYER.

                      Of ALL.

                      So he wants all of to turn BACKWARD….. go to the left…. commit incest…. be a whore…..

                      Just like he has done with the Irish people, many of them DRUNKS….and those of whom now believe in “rightness’ their own “morality” and “goodness,” defending “poor Becky,” a girl who was “always there” for?

                      Her COUSIN.

                      It’s incest. It’s wrong. It’s God’s Kingdom turned Upside down. It puts the whore woman in CHARGE of the man she has enslaved with her SIN.

                      So ANYWAY!

                      Satan, through Hollywood, has tried and mostly succeeded!

                      With turning us “sheep,” God’s children……

                      Upside down: GAY

                      Um, welp…..

                      Even WORSE than that, into Baphomet abominations!

                      I pray for the soul of Keanu Reeves…..

                      He/She is a SLAVE.

                      In one early morning show promoting “The Matrix” the guy who plays Morpheus, not a good guy, I don’t think, pretty much made it clear, that he HAD Keanu. He had to, because he’s a tare, and had to SHOW up front that “Neo” bent over” for Morpheus……

                      I kid you not.

                      Keanu, it seems clear to me, is a sodomite prostitute. His eyes his pupils are black. It’s almost like he can’t stop from smiling in the scene with the Judas guy in “John Wick” when he gets “excommunicated.”

                      That “duping pleasure” they all have, because they LOVE their LIES….

                      They LOVE pleasing Satan with their lies, they become almost giddy with it.

                      So I don’t condemn “Keanu” in any way at all, I love you Keanu!

                      You KNOW that.

                      It takes a woman, after all, to make the “good man” you have BECOME.


                    8. And the “transvestigator” even says, “Keana! What are you doing?

                      “You are a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!

                      “Own it!”

                      F– these “slave owners”!

                      If ANY transgender could DO IT……

                      It would be YOU


                    9. This is “Keana,” taking back her “LIFE.”

                      Her “Goodness.” Her PURITY, Her INNOCENCE.

                      And it’s her ticket “Back HOME” to GOD.

                      I know she can’t “take it” until um, The Matrix and the John Wick sequels are released later this year….

                      What a JOKE…..

                      But maybe!


                      Do you see a WAY OUT?


                    10. So Frank?

                      Thank you, mucho, and I think you’d agree.

                      This is a great final post for this, Our “Circle Game.”

                    11. So… I think my son is ALONE

                      Isolated from me, his mother and his best advocate….

                      I think also my son is a victim of Satan’s hypnotism….

                      He FELL “in love” with this kid “Jake” in his after-school from the beginning, right after we moved here, my son the new kid in town….

                      Then I see this kid “Jake” when I go to pick up my son from the middle school “dance” holding the devil horns over my son’s head as he smiles at me….my son, unknowing….

                      I’m in a BATTLE

                      AND I WILL WIN

                      Praise be to the Father — the ALL MIGHTY GOD!

                      Hallelu JAH

    1. Dunning

      Going from personal experience really. It’s just a power of love totally beyond this reality. But I think it’s becoming part of this reality !

    1. Which is the NINE DK I am sure you have heard of them.

      I have had past experience they can be very aggressive and volatile you just need to show them a firm hand.

      I did get caught recently though I didn’t move fast enough I still have the scars to prove it bloody painful I can tell you….stings like a bitch esp when you try to PEE I MEAN SEE 😜

  8. June 16

    616, the number of the B’East
    and 168 days in, (leap) year with 198 remaining
    168 198
    the 69 in the 18s (cancer, ruled by the moon)

    eclipse on Summer of SOLstice, in cancer ♋️

    the keystone in the arch (60 degrees, 90 degrees)

    there is no problem.
    “The leap year problem (also known as the leap year bug or the leap day bug) is a problem for both digital (computer-related) and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which results from the wrong calculation of which years are leap years, or from manipulating dates without regard to the difference between leap years and common years.” -wikipedia

    there is no threat.

    1. Emerald 🙂

      Thanks. Hope things OK with you.

      Interesting you said about leap year and leap day. I was talking with Jen about days that leap last night.

      I mentioned that I saw the period from Roobs birthday to the eclipse as an ‘interesting period’. 25/5 was the date of ‘George Floyd’ s death. But in the week before, the 25/5 changed for me from a Sunday to Monday. Implies a time glitch. A Leap Day.

      After the eclipse and Solstice, I’m looking at a run up to 8/8.

  9. Frank,

    Thank you for your “CIA” post…..

    I think LOVE does welcome us all!

    So what’s the problem?

    Why are we still here in MISERY?

    Answer me that!


    It seems to me…..

    We are somehow Fxxcked…..

    We don't know why….

    We don't know how…..

    And tt's quite the Mystery!

      1. And I could post clips of what, Lucy Danziger? as the SHE WARRIOR AND IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FAKE.

        There are no clips of women being “she” warriors……

        Women are the true warriors simply by being them selves.

        Telling their men the “right” way….

        Discipling their children in the home…..

        Boring, but TRUE!

        Women are the first among those Christ came to “save.”

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