That’s Sol


Chewing up everything in its path.

“Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.”


And burning the heart out. It’s getting fractious in US.

Corona Light.



That’s Sol.




And in today’s Mirror.

Sunlight at end of the tunnel.


It’s Everywhere.

From Stonehenge Dronescapes.



And it’s not going away. Get over it.




This too shall pass.


70 thoughts on “That’s Sol

        1. It’s willy all about seeding Weality for the crown. Artificial insemination is an el of a drug.

          Meet another George Lloyd.

          “Min your own BISness.“

          “ Min is male and can be understood as the process of Electrostatic Discharge which supports an electromagnetic nebulae.

          Wilhelm Reich studied biological sexual energy or life energy. Like an electric charge over the surface of the body. Energy that charges organic matter. It was studied, and is known that sexual energy is highest in teenagers, where related activity can lead to static and interference with electric and electronic equipment. The phallus therefore is not intended to be in anyway indecent, and is instead a symbol of the process of electrostatic discharge that pervuades the cosmos.

          The phallus is also used because it is a symbol of creation, and electrostatic discharge is a mechanism for creation in the electric universe. Min often has hieroglyphs showing that he supports the Nebula, at the centre of a Nebula is the star with focused electrostatic discharge phenomenon occurring.”

          1. It’s the same ol script. Launch your seed (AI) into space (EM) on the heals of a ritual hex on the black man. The space race. Doesn’t matter where “space” is – the MO is the same. Boot on neck, airways (symbolic and literal) locked down.

            Frank, the loot in the coffers of Europe must be returned. It is more than illusion and “just material stuff”. It is the creative repository for/of souls and spirits who also want to go home. There will be no change (only hopey feely impressions of change) until everyone is freed.

          2. ANON,

            The capsule on the SpaceX rocket is also something very like this being portrayed in “I,Pet Goat II” the sequel to 9/11 here at 4:36 mins –

            1. Hi Ken, thank you. I try not to watch those animations because they are SO hypnotic. You might enjoy this man’s analysis of the series and it’s relation to the twin towers. It explains the energy used to bring them down- very Kemetic NTR knowledge-like. Energy manipulation on many dimensions.

              Btw thanks for your patience over the years/tears/fears.

              1. If you click on his last post there it’s give you an option to ”show this thread”.

          1. This is why I don’t buy into the “genius” (gene-us) of Musk and crew. It’s moon play (monopoly). Especially telling that the space race heats up again during a time of masking voices. “Go sh while we do our thang.” Multigenerational bloodline games. Same ol spell.


            1. I don’t believe Trump and Musk will go into space. I don’t believe those are even functioning rockets. I also don’t believe George Floyd ever existed or that the riots are happening as they say. All the world’s a stage and the plasma screens are scrying devices. In doesn’t matter if none of this is real in the 3D sense. The spell is on the Min-D. The Operating System of Consciousness is visual and linguistic programming. In these news events, the programming is that there is a race that is so dumb and savage and thieving it should not exist while there is another that is so orderly and rational and intellectual it “stays calm and carries on” exploring every inch of the galaxy while the savages burn.

              Roobonic, please don’t @ me with your trite replies. I didn’t event this spell. I seek to shatter it.

                1. Don’t worry, Roobonic. That guy is on the same side as Trump.
                  Isn’t it obvious to you after Libya?

          2. The irony is there would be NO currency for these guys to perform these Meta rituals were it not for stolen loot.

    1. They work together.
      Each in service of the other toward a common goal.
      Light and shadow.
      Bright and dark. 🙂

  1. Space X capsule CREW DRAGON” = 108 (English Ordinal) or 54+54 or 18+18+18 + 18+18+18, or (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6) + (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6).
    Saturday 30th May launch will be at 3:22pm. 322 Skull and Bones.
    Astronauts “Behnken Hurley” = 888 (English Sumerian)
    “Behnken” = 354 (English Sumerian)
    “Hurley” = 534 (English Sumerian)
    13 letters
    Their names contain the same 3 digits that when added = 888.
    Jesus in Greek gematria = 888
    534-354 = 60+60+60.
    Even if the digits are arranged in numerical order and mirrored, 345+543 still = 888.

    Now to the Minneapolis police event.
    They had a similar event in 2017.
    Minneapolis policeman Mohamed Noor shot Justine Damond in July, 2017
    Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin was arrested in connection with the killing of George Floyd in May, 2020
    “Chauvin Noor” = 840 (English Sumerian) and 840+mirror 48 = 888
    Just like the astronauts above who will be on their way in about 6 hours.
    11 letters
    Jesus in Greek gematria = 888.
    Chauvin = 468
    Noor = 372
    If the 6 digits are combined and arranged in numerical order we get 234 and 678.
    234+432 = 666
    678+876 = 1554 = 777+777.

    Altogether then these triplets associated with Chauvin/Noor 888+666+777+777 = 3108.
    3108 = 777+777+777+777.

    3108 appears in the numbers associated with MH370.
    All permutations of (flight) 815 = 3108 (Lost TV – Boeing 777 crash))
    All permutations of 239 (people) = 3108 (flight MH 370)
    3x1x8 = 8+8+8.
    MH = 138.

    From 14/3/2014, MH370, to 30/5/2020, Space X launch, = 324 weeks between dates = 18×18 weeks or (6+6+6)x(6+6+6) weeks between dates.

    1. So now that the numbers show “Jesus” is this news story created by “them” satanists and Illuminati or by God?

      If the latter, doesn’t that mean he also orchestrated all the other events where the numbers came out “bad”/“satanic”?

      If the former, doesn’t this reveal the presence of the “anti-Christ” who will come claiming to BE Christ?

      Help me out please.

  2. Lyman-alpha blobs So-called “Lyman-alpha blobs” – these are one of the largest large joints in the space. This is a large space for large binary objects called SSA22-Laiman-alpha Block 1 (LAB-1). And it is the largest in its kind. It is believed that it is about 3,000,000 light years old and it is three times less than the Milky Way. LAB-1 is found in 11.5 billion. LIGHT YEARS FROM OUR PLANET. So this light is only a little like that, and so is the Universe (1H.8 billion years old). This means that we will see in the window of the previous history of the Universe. Lyman-alpha blobs consist mainly of gaseous hydrogen and emit a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light – Lyman-alpha radiation. It seems to be green, since the length of the wave is extended by the expanding Blessed. Simulation of the object After the observations, the models were simulated by the use of the HACA Supercomputer Pleiades. They wanted to show that the ultraviolet light – this is a side product from star formation – incineration of a low-ab-a-low-ab-a-low-ab-min. “Think about the background on a foggy night. “You see the sparkling candlelight, because the light shines in the tiny drops of water,” said Geach. – “The same will be found.” Only the background is an intense galaxy starburst, and the fog is a huge cloud of an inter-galactic gas. The galaxy illuminates its surroundings. ” Simulation also keeps track of the development of gas and dark matter in binary objects. “LAB-1 is the formation of a massive elliptical galaxy, which once becomes one giant cluster,” added Gitsch.×600-5.jpg

  3. “anti-Christ” will come claiming to BE Christ.
    I do not know all the answers.
    This SpaceX launch of the CREW DRAGON looks like being a special event in association with Pentecost (officially for the Christian Church on 31/5).
    “I, Pet Goat II” shows something very similar to the capsule at 4:36 here –

    Capsule shown here –

    1. Thanks, Ken.
      Do you know the theory that the best way to predict the future is to invent it? Once a visual/linguistic weality is seeded, all neural networks create “tunnels“ to get there/achieve it. Self fulfilling prophecy like.

      “Sunshine at the end of the tunnel” and “tunnel vision.” I e blinded by the lights.

      1. ANON,

        Well June 21st with its solar eclipse and Prince William’s 38th (3+8 = 11) birthday is just 7+7+7 days after Pentecost and the CREW DRAGON with its twin astronauts docking with the International Space Station.

        1. William Gates opening the portal for Prince william….lots of ll’s! Boris and Trump both Geminis too.

    1. Trump held a “MAGANite” in his Temple of Set. Wonder if he got promoted.

      Rings like “MAGNA”
      King John signed the MAGNA Carta on June 25, one day before Trump’s bday (June 14) and the day of Xi’s birthday (June 15).

      Xi is XI (11) or IX (9) mirrored. 911 coding.
      Trump’s middle name is John and he wants to be King. Trumps Q movement uses maQic. Smoke and scrying mirrors. I guess all cellphones, computer screens, etc have come down to that.?

      1. Oops. That came out altered.

        MAGA King DJohn birthday = June 14
        MAGNA Carter signed by KingJohn = June 15
        Xi’s birthday = June 15

  4. I had never heard of the goddess Iabet and her husband Min until a day or two before the events in Minneapolis. I was looking her up, not Min, and then boom viola! Min is in. I find that phenomenal.

  5. Hi Ken,
    This popped into my feed this week and I’d be interested in hearing your take on it, given your knowledge of the Bible. According to this researcher, we are not in the year 2020 but rather in the year 1020. Have a look and let me know what you think.

    1. i might be dumb but it’s not rocket science – from the emergent sea we came up onto land and learned – in the hall of Maat people will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the LORD, (the lowered god) but they will not find it.

  6. anon El’s angels might only add fire to the flames (what with all their satellites n all)

    List of ARCH ANGEL names :

    Michael (Sunday), Gabriel (Monday),Raphael (Tuesday), Uriel (Wednesday),Selaphiel (Thursday), Raguel or Jegudiel (Friday), Barachiel (Saturday). they seem to concern the daze of the weak

    they all encapsulate the suffix “EL” thus logic suggests they are El’s Angels. EL being at the root of the word Eldest (elder) identifies EL as none other than yet another manifestation of our old adversary time itself
    (mythologically speaking the prime evil & prime ordeal one) also called CRONUS (Coronus virus) SATAN . Old Father Time – omnipresent – the grand illusionist & eventual consumer of all things (or so it appears from our limited perspective)
    the human being in a race against time. since old age is no place for wimps (as the cost of living tends to for ever increase)

    Other words starting with the prefix “ANG” : anger / angle / angina / angst / anguish / angler

    having said all that i think i perhaps did encounter an angel once, a few days after i’d had a very close shave with my own mortal I.T. – it was hard to describe it …except to say it was a very intense & strange experience.

    1. Agree. I doubted posting for that reason but like that song. So much has been perverted/subverted/inverted it’s hard to make a move anymore so my rule of thumb is kind of “no weapon developed against me shall prosper”.

      The more you look the more Trump and Melania seem like gender reversals. Melania while a teen looks male!

    2. I think I’ve decided EL is ELectricity and the general pantheon of gods have similar stories. Your angEL meeting intrigues.

      1. thanks anon. those kinds of angels i like . absolutely wonderful & beautiful. see we may have quite a lot of alien intelligence on this planet already 🙂 p.s ; i also liked the song u posted too – cognitive dissonance can be fun! 🙂

  7. Ken i thought about your post re 31st May – today being Pentecost –

    recently i’d been wondering whether there was any connection between the Pentagon & Pen dragon :


    Pendragon or Pen Draig (Middle Welsh pen[n] dragon, pen[n] dreic; composed of Welsh pen, “head, chief, top” and draig/dragon, “dragon; warrior”; borrowed from the Latin word dracō, plural dracōnēs, “dragon[s]”) literally means “Chief-Dragon” or “Head-Dragon”, but in a figurative sense, “chief leader”, “chief of warriors”, “commander-in-chief”, “generalissimo”, or “chief governor”. It is the epithet of Uther, father of King Arthur in medieval and modern Arthurian literature and occasionally applied to historical Welsh heroes in medieval Welsh poetry, such as Rhodri ab Owain Gwynedd. In the Historia Regum Britanniae, one of the earliest texts of the Arthurian legend, only Uther is given the surname “Pendragon”, which is explained by the author Geoffrey of Monmouth as literally meaning “dragon’s head”.

    So we have a King Uther & also his son king Arthur

    How did the British subdue the Saxon hordes? With use of the sword or the word – likewise the Vikings too. so who was the “real” King Author ?

  8. That’s Sol !

    Yesterday I received a communication from SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the kind folks who support my food, I mean love language.

    It says…The PA Dept of Human Services will extend all SNAP reapplications which are due, by six months, due to the Covid-19 emergency.
    Your renewal, due in June 2020 will now be due in Dec 2020.
    For further info contact blah blah blah.

    Across the bottom of the page in big bold letters it reads…

    No further action on your part is required.

    That’s all ! 😊

  9. they called the capsule “end ever” – it’s still the same old endeavour

    they also have a dinosaur on board – an “apatosaurus”
    apparently Apatosaurus means “deceptive lizard”

    how very odd!

    1. Very odd.

      Tesla rings like Tulsa. What are the odds that MAGA Nite glorifying state violence would fall on the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre in Oklahoma where “whites” dropped fire bombs out of the air on the “Black Wall Street” and otherwise raped and looted after a man was falsely accused by a white woman. Twinning traumas.

      Deceptive egregores indeed!

      Egregore is “e-George“ and “Lloyd” is “grey” and also a nod to insurance and banking of London.

      Just what are the odds.

        1. anon – i can’t really disagree with you – historically the “white” race has acted shamefully .. u do have a point sometimes history makes me a shamed man

          1. having said that … i don’t feel at all comfortable broadly brushing an entire race as virtuous or as culpable. actually many white folk have historically suffered at the hands of a small minority who assume they own the Earth. & some black folk are less than perfect too – at the end of the day it’s not really about colour since it’s all shades of grey. & even those supposedly at the top i imagine live in a gilded cage – on show all the time like monkeys in a zoo, good people are found in all races & at all stations likewise so are selfish arseholes but even they are just an extreme manifestation of ourselves to some extent. i think we all have it all within us. and anyway let sleeping dogs lie – why do priests wear dog collars anyway?

            1. Dunning, race is a construct I’m so well aware of that and it is one that has damaged everybody. Some have never had to be conscious about it because they were favored by the construct Others had a rude awakening from the day they were born. Smoking is a choice. The “color” of one’s skin is not. I began my exploration here after a lifetime of being reminded of my skin (whether I wanted to hear about it or not) because I was intrigued by linguistic constructs that linked light and dark/white and black with issues of morality, spiritual evolution, intellectual advancements, etc. It seems this consciousness template got transferred to people’s phenotype/genotype and few whom it advantaged took notice. It’s a bitch, I know, to have to confront skin color and all around I see “whites” expressing aggravation, anger and denial about the construct just have “blacks” have been for centuries. Tell me where whites are hurt by non-whites to the extent the reverse is true. South Africa is an anomaly and blowback from years of rape and ravage. If Boers has come and brutalized other whites like that, the latter would be engaging in blowback at this exact moment too.

              Another reason I became fascinated with examining the taboo of race is I discovered the science of melanin and other naturally occurring substances and how this might be the fluid in which consciousness is born. I’m not going to get into the gaslighting technique of “white people have melanin too” (duh) because a. It’s a different kind and b. They don’t have an external expression of it.

              Look at New Age imagery of Pleadians etc and tell me if you ever see any dark skinned “lightworkers” painted on the marketing brochures. Just symbolic, huh?

              If —as the new programming says— “Source” is Consciousness is God…and if all human suffering is a result of human ego and “fear” of God…and melanin is a or even thee God Particle…man, that can explain SO much about the way “blacks” have been so vilified by military, educational, religious institutions. We all have melanin and we all have the God Particle (supposedly…there may be species like greys and archons who simply don’t)…but external expressions of it are just too damn much for the Collective Psyche to handle. Too close to God. Too in your face a reminder?

              My people look just like the images on the walls in Egypt. They live among the same flora and fauna, have the same mythology, lifestyles and knowledge of Nature, have the same musculature, speak the same sounds, have some of the same names as the “Egyptian” pantheon. Yet you will never find a new ager who swears that s/he is spiritually advance look at these people with awe and/or acknowledge they may have been the creators or co-creators of what they consider advanced civilizations. No…they’d rather believe it all came from the sky, from aliens, from Nazi countenanced entities.

              This fascinates me. God is Hidden in plain sight.

              I do not mad have never expressed any of this well here and I’m long winded and not eloquent about it. Frank has been exceedingly patient with me on this. I’m also trying to collect my thoughts and give form to intuition. Mostly I don’t care if it comes out frenzied and imperfect. My guess is we have all incarnated here to heal things in our particular bloodlines so that all bloodlines can be healed. I’m following the whispers of ancestors inside me. This place is strange. It’s like a portal.

              1. Anon

                It’s the Be Patient Portal. Patient Portal services.

                And just a thought that occurred to me. You know yourself better than I do. Tell me to fxxk off if you want but from a good place I think. Does white Anon ever get a chance to play ?

                I’ve gone into so much personal subconscious shit over the years everyone else can as well. 😊.


                My ‘stuff’ has been less about things such as Mummy and Daddy issues but more about ‘God’. Took me a long time to accept the spiritual aspect of life. I was very comfortable with earthly pleasures but then Maxwell’s Silver Hammer came along and kept hammering.

            2. Also, Dunning, like I said I’m not convinced many of the latest events or even some of the old ones really happened. Some did, some didn’t perhaps. But now I see this isn’t the point. Constructs are deceptions that use deception to scar people. If I view rape on the screen, it doesn’t matter if it was just acting. I am scarred. The magic/mind control/trauma/curse/hex/egregore/sigil/spell has been effective. All people in places of power know this. Trump the Wall man knew this when he shot his Telsa load and then partied on the eve and anniversary of Tulsa, Black Wall Street. All politicians do this magic mind fuck stuff. Some here may be above it all but I am 50/50 on whether the strategy should be to shine the brightest light of exposure on this crap or just worry about my own little world. I actually do both.

              1. anon I don’t want to be seen to be monopolising Frank’s new article so I’ll post this here – hopefully you’ll see it. It is fascinating (linguistic constructs that link light and dark or white and black with issues of morality,) sad though it is to say – it’s probably simply because children (people) are afraid of the dark. to the sub-conscious mind the light brings warmth, the dark seems cold etc. though in terms of race – the opposite seems broadly true the “darker” races being full of warmth whereas whites can seem to be cold as snow though in truth they’re probably just inwardly more repressed & that manifests itself outwardly in an attempt to repress others

                however, i think that racists are by & large a dying breed. I know it might not seem like it at the moment but nonetheless certainly here in the U.K. we are far less racist than we were say 50 years ago – though alas, the need for a convenient scapegoat never really seems to go away.

                this poem i wrote a while back, though not connected to race or colour specifically kind of touches on it. To put it in a nutshell – behind all the intellectual hubris & posturing our minds are actually incredibly childlike.

                Originally I called it – “speaking of runes i read ruins” … but for now I’ll call it “skin deep”

                the world never worked the way we thought it ought
                most people are good by nature
                but behind the veil of all the spells & the spiel
                the mind runs on correspondence & phonetics

                correspondingly “out there”
                the world is run by fanatics
                or more accurately
                the world is ruined by fanatics

                busy bodies
                who think they know what’s best for everyone
                whilst not even ever knowing themselves
                they try to put you under the spell of their bull

                sometimes it feels like the universe is u-inverse
                pro-testing times

  10. i think that many people throughout time will have thought or cried out at some point “my god! Why did you put me here?” maybe time would reply if such he could “to experience the joy in all that is good!” but it always comes at a price. my hope forlorn as it might seem is that in time all suffering beings will trance-form into sovereign beings, given enough time

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