Love’s a silver bullet that blows the world apart.



God gets You. God gets everyone. Using Minneapolis as an example God gets the policeman, God gets the rioters, God gets Trump and Obama. God gets white supremacists and black looters etc, etc. FWIW my advice is not to expect God to take sides in this reality. It doesn’t seem to work like that. But most importantly ‘God Gets You’ and the light is shining on You and it’s a very personal relationship. It’s a bummer isn’t it ?

In the run up to Roob’s birthday, I mentioned that in my mind I had highlighted the period from 25/5 to the Corona Solstice on 21st June. And bang on queue. The 25/5/2020 was the date of the death of George Floyd. It’s a pro testing time.

I also mentioned I anticipated that the Matter of Matter would show itself.

Maybe the biggest question of them all. Why doesn’t God seem to give a fxxk ?

Does It Matter ?

Antithesis. Mind Over Anti Matter.


And playing Devil’s Advocate. Neither of these statements should cause a problem but they do. What about me ?

What side of De Fence are you on ?




Anyway. Since I broke my humerus in January I have been concentrating on healing my fracture as the world falls down.

And in regards to the birthday. Following the operation, Physio was the next step and I’ve been in the care of a dedicated physiotherapist called Alli. And I got a bit of a shock on Thursday when Alli rang to check up on me. I told Alli how I’ve been getting on. It’s been healing very well and she then said ‘That’s great Frank. Carry on with the exercises and as long as everything goes to plan, I will discharge you from Physio on 31/7/2020’.

My birthday is the 1/8/2020 and if everything remains equal, it will be the first day out of Physio. I’ll find out in time exactly what this means but this is how this stuff works. At least for me. This really seems to be happening.

A lot of these spiritual concepts are difficult to get your head round because the Mind is wired to see the world in a fragmented way. In my opinion.

When the last star in the Universe is switched off what will remain ?

The Enormous US. In my opinion.



It’s You.


98 thoughts on “Antithesis

    1. In that context, “black lives“ are “all lives” shadow selves.

      In optics, “light” has been programmed to deceive. It’s fractured.

      1. I know, you know. <3

        She got down but She never got touched
        It's gonna make it through the night

        1. anon, to follow on from your comment about EL being electrical in nature. i agree – at first i though hmm .. electricity – at night we light our homes with a false light – yet another nod toward Gnosticism?
          but when i thought about it further i decided that in many ways the electrical charge is entirely natural. one of the most titanic forces in the universe. it’s fascinating when you realise that lightning looks a lot like a thought pattern in the brain. (when the lights go on) – interestingly with electricity you always need a charge & we are constantly charged in a religious context with “eating the apple” (OT) “crossing our god” (NT) & now “destroying the planet” whilst at the same time developing electrically based A.I. systems . It’s also interesting to note that electrons carry a negative charge which brings us to elect trons, elections & electricity & elect trickery.

          government literally translates as “mind-control” some in the UK have dared to question whether BJ was actually ill at all & the lock-down seems to be loosening

        1. we have to really know our intentions and the meanings behind the words and concepts we use. I think ”we” have been lazy with the light/dark/ascenscion/descencion script and that it has perpetuated evil manifestations on this and probably other realms.

        2. “Inverting Energy for Reversing Timelines
          Reversal Networks are Alien Machinery that use artificial intelligence programming to simulate, replicate and imitate the organic forces of creation for the express purposes of collecting, siphoning and redirecting the consciousness energy of humanity. The Artificial intelligence architecture is synthesized into the multiple layers of the planetary field in order to collect energy, harvest it, and send it to off-planet sources. Or the collected life force energy is directed to their preferred Power Elite or cabal groups on planet earth that are carrying out their control agenda on the surface. So the aggregate of the collective consciousness energies collected by Inverted Systems are basically given, with preference, to humans or nonhumans that serve the NAA control infrastructure and the human enslavement agenda. Once the reversal networks were operating in the planetary grid network, they needed humans to feed their Consciousness energy into them, and so the infrastructure for building out Inverted Systems throughout global society was set up for that purpose.

          This was accomplished through the Negative Alien Invasion, in which they captured the organic creation code in order to operate artificial intelligence programs. These programs project an assortment of reversal networks using the hijacked code from the original universal creator. The captured code running the many NAA machines and Frequency Fences on the planet, are AI systems that were downloaded into the planetary brain, to project reversal holograms and false timelines. False Timelines keep repeating in order to trap collective consciousness into playing out the same AI mind programs and realities over and over again. This method was used to trap souls on the astral plane through forced recycling into the lowest density of the earth plane. Over the previous evolution cycles, this AI generated timeline was repeated and replicated onto multiple dimensional planes of the earth, including in the parallel systems.

          This impacts many stations of identity that exist on higher planes that are also undergoing the shocking revelation that what they believed was organic creation, is actually the NAA’s AI brain simulating realities for energy harvesting. The creation code was imitated to insert mass mind control broadcasts that program the functions of the counterfeit blueprint schematics into the earth, that are originally sourced from the Ancient Builder Races, also known as the Founder Guardian races. Essentially, this means the reality programs on earth are programmed by AI to operate in reversal to the stolen creation code that belongs to the Universal Founders. ”

      1. Interesting read.
        Herb the love bug and the temple of the body, from google search…
        The temple is a juncture where four skull bones fuse together: the frontal, parietal, ‘temporal’, and sphenoid. It is located on the side of the head behind the eye between the forehead and the ear. The temporal muscle covers this area and is used during mastication.

        Breaking down the food makes it easier to swallow. 🙂

        The quiz shows developed into a big scandal in the early days of tv, when I was just a kid. They were presented as an authentic challenge of knowledge but it was all for show. The contestants more often than not knew the answers beforehand. A very good movie was made about the events that led to the truth being revealed, called Quiz Show.

        1. Elena

          I mentioned I was told there would be three phases. I’m seeing this as the start of Phase 2. Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again.

          Thyme After Thyme

          1. Frank

            I think so too. But, I think it might be fairly calm for awhile. Because She, meaning the dark feminine energy, accomplished her purpose to force Him out of his hiding place into the open to reveal himself. To openly use the word “dominate”, “use more force”. This is my commandment.
            “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea”…etc. It’s in the book he’s holding, the script he commands we follow.

            Now She’s giving us a choice he never gave us and I think She will respect that choice. If we choose to keep him, nothing changes. If we choose to remove and he refuses to leave, and he will refuse, She will enter the containment of the sanctuary and remove him. This is where it melts down and goes nuclear. Our Lady of Notre Dame was a preview.

            Will there come a day when the dark energy says “I can’t breathe, get off me” and have it respected? We’ll see.

              1. Frank

                My birthday is July 6, here it’s written 7/6. I’ll be 67.
                The US choice day is Nov 3.

                That headline is so cryptic. The ring of fire and the corona/crown around the sun and the crown on the top of your head. The dome, the skullcap. It’s almost like, get ready this is gonna blow your mind!
                I was reading a thing the other day, Is California (the Ka/the soul) Ready for the Big One?

                Anything is possible. Honestly, there are times I feel my body shaking.

                1. Thanks about birthday. I’ve mucked birthdays up before and felt like a right idiot.

                  My ‘Little Voice’ has been active over last couple of days. I’m putting this in next article. Probably finished tomorrow.

                  ‘And in the same vein, I’ve mentioned the Little Voice. It has been very accurate over the last few year or so and it’s saying ‘the world is in for the biggest shock of its life’ is the phrase used. Just passing it on and be prepared. ‘

                  It does say though don’t take this too seriously. And the Hourglass.


  1. My God wants me to grow and balance.
    My God wants me off the fence.
    My God prompts me to be creative.
    My God prompts me to be compassionate and strong.

  2. I’m still in two minds about god who seems to have something of a split personality, maybe that’s the man-made god – or perhaps gods been severely lie-bulled over the centuries. or maybe that’s just the nature of show business (oh hang on .. that’s three minds)

    in through the matter door

  3. My God and Goddess exist in every dimension.
    There are no dimensions where my God does not exist.
    There is no place where I am without my God.
    Thus, I exist on every dimension.
    Wherever I am, my God is there.
    Wherever my God is, I am there.
    Wherever my God is, is real.
    Wherever I am is real.
    I am real.

  4. Frank,

    I agree we are headed into…. uncharted territory.

    But I can’t just stand by and not tell you all this ANARCHY is the result of the “people” waking up to FE and the fact they live under a DOME.

    And NASA just sent IDK even know…. people into SPACE, what a JOKE.

    1. And let me clarify, that the “PEOPLE” who are waking up to MASS DECEPTION, and to the fact that “space” is a lie….. are NOT the “Crisis Actors” out there “RIOTING.”

      Maybe this really WILL be a PEACEFUL revolution.

      We just STAY HOME and welp!!

      God will take care of it…..

      4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”
      Revelation 21:4

      Next time we go “out”…..

      Maybe ….

      the world will have CHANGED

      “The kingdom of this world
      Is become
      The Kingdom of our Lord
      And of His Christ”


    2. Trinity do you think maybe the dome that you “live under” is your skul ?
      & is there a connection to At ‘ome (a tome)

        1. frank I’m tempted to quip – “we must be s—–g” but I don’t want to give Trinity the excuse 🙂

          1. Dunning

            Quite a few people adhere to the Dome theory. I go purely from personal experiences and take the It’s In The Mind route.

            And about your electrical comment. Just before things got very weird for me many moons ago I had the sensation of lightning in my brain when I was meditating when I used to meditate. And my house got hit by lightning once. Hit the TV aerial on top of the house and that was the end of the TV. That was all thankfully.

            1. Frank this is more about the language we use to inscribe our world and ourselves. If God is everywhere, where do we think we’re going when we “ascend”? Why do we say we need to “leave 3D” and get out of matter and go to 5D? We clearly have bodies and the mind itself is contained in them (as well as everywhere else) and so is God. So why run? Why all the escape terminology? To me this is not just semantics. It’s part of the fracturing.

              Dunning, I like the consideration about electricity. Now that I think about it that giant who showed up in Trump’s perp walk above was most likely planted. I saw him from other angles and he was regular size. Maybe the distortion was purposeful to layer “giant aliens” into the subconscious.
              They said that about G.Floyd and previous “black” pixel men snuffed out on film: that they were “gentle giants.”

              “White” giant alien good.
              “Black” giant alien bad.

              Again, no need to do an off world search. There are giants hmong us already. In hueman form.

              Maybe it’s time to come to terms with the here and now of matter. It is holy.

              As holy as anywhere else.

              F***, I rambled.

              1. Do an image search of “pleadians” and “annunaki” and “starseeds” and “lightworkers” and “indigos” and “beings from Siri”. It all looks suspiciously like a branding campaign out of J Goebbells play book. Lebensborgs anyone?

                1. actually maybe DT is “god’s” representative on Earth after all. he shows a complete lack of empathy – appeals to his better nature go unheard – he seems contradictory – irrational – needlessly cruel & vain – and demands undying loyalty – whilst seemingly not the slightest bit concerned if millions do actually die on his “watch”.

                  he seems to be a very black & white kind of guy
                  doesn’t really do nuance – more of an absolutist

                  it’s almost as if he’s the antithesis of all that most of us hold to be good but who am i to judge – maybe he’s just playing a very complex game of 5D chess.

                  1. He is a Gemini, that makes him black and white/jachin and boaz the towers of freemasonry. Cancer is the keystone currently being put in place. Trump is showing you yourselves with hs behaviour, showing you the joker is in charge and you must take personal responisibilty in life not trust tptb. I like him but I am a fellow Gemini and can see where he is coming from. He wants to be good but the darkness is strong.

      1. Dunning and Frank,

        My waking up to SEEING with my own eyes that the earth and all of its water is FLAT, and SEEING the constellations above my house every night unchanging at all…. The question isn’t, is it really all in my own head? Like my sister asked, Why does it MATTER whether it’s flat or a globe spinning through space?

        It MATTERS because then you realize, Genesis is a Book of Fact. That there is a “Creator”!

        You HAVE a Father who CREATED your world, and is still watching you! You were NOT abandoned! And that you HAVE an Enemy! Who has twisted EVERYTHING in this world into a chaotic vortex of LIES….

        Serpent’s LIES to the Children of God in the Garden of Eden, which is NOW.

        Christof! “The Devil”…. Lucifer….


        Satan wants you to stay attached to this Horrific Stage Show of the End of the World and the Collapse of America, and stay separate (6 feet apart and soon, 6 feet UNDER) so we won’t RECOGNIZE our Savior is waiting for us to cry out to Him to save us.

        I’ve also SEEN that It IS “all an illusion”! I’ve seen “demons” faces in Nature (the Green Man) and in pretty much anything I look at at, can twist into Satan either glaring at me or grinning at me….

        This “World” is not real!


        At Home in Heaven with Our Father.

        Satan is the Force of Gravity that keeps us “down here” spinning in circles….

        Tricked and duped and led by the nose of living a life that is for Satan’s entertainment….. He doesn’t want US to walk through that black void of a door and EXIT his CONTROL over us….

        I believe it’s The Truman Show for ALL OF US.

        But we can’t make it OUT on our own… We CAN’T just EXIT.

        We NEED Our Father to save us!

        And HE Wants to save us….

        But He can’t save us if we don’t ASK Him too!

        Sermon Over

        As you can see I’m still having trouble SHUTTING the DOOR BEHIND ME.


            1. I posted this and it…..DISAPPEARED

              An OMG

              “Oh My God”!!!

              Do you SEE the time “signature” of the ABOVE???

              Halle-lu JAH!

              BODY SLAM!

              1. Again! Blocked….

                Post doesn’t appear, until I OBJECT!

                I OBJECT!!!!

                Hahaha, so here’s to another DOUBLE POST!!!

                Triple post if need be!

                Me and my son are ONE and the SAME

                    1. The REASON your racist tome of a young black man’s life told through the “voice” of a white Jewish editor, “Notes” from a Young Black Chef ….who fails…. MISERABLY

                      The young black chef who GETS FIRED……



                      My son is WHITE….

                      Irish, English, and Scot! and

                      HE”S MORE!

                      He’s also Spanish plus Native Caribbean Indian (the Puerto Rican mix), and yeah, probably in there somewhere,

                      he’s Black.

                      You, MAYOR BLOOMBERG YOU……

                      Let me just say to YOU, one of the founding fathers of the “fraternity” my son was INDUCTED to….


                    2. Oh, wow, hahaha, oh wow no SOUND… on my videos….

                      Yeah, I actually get ENRAGED when for some CRAZY reason the MUTE button won’t respond on my BitChute videos ( and then I just picture these yamulke headed Israeli ASS HOLES who actually yes, yes, it’s THEM…. LISTEN in and WATCH MY every INTERNET transaction….


                      The Serpent’s SEED

                      “They LIVE”


                      Mr. Bloomberg

                      YOU you you you…….


                    3. If we all knelt before Yahuah….Yah-WHO-Ah….

                      If we all KNELT before GOD the Father, WHO loves us…..

                      This nightmare would be over, in an instant.

                      It’s the MOMENT of SURRENDER that Satan is going to TRY to hijack.

                    4. Correction re: “Surrender”

                      It’s the MOMENT Satan works like GRAVITY to prevent, and then?



                      There is no “TIME”…..

                      There is no “FUTURE”

                      There really IS only……


  5. The “black lives matter” rhetoric was developed exactly so that the gaslighting technique “all lives matter” would take hold. Here’s the scoop. No lives will matter if black lives don’t matter. The things you see happening around you now have been happening for centuries abroad. They have used brown and black lives as lab rats to perfect their machines and systems. Make no mistake. They’re coming for you and yours too. In this “illusion.”

    1. The BLM is just about getting everyone to focus on black dark energy for the incoming ritual.Nothing to do with a black freemason who pretended to die on camera.
      Black Out-Lights Off

  6. If God is all and only love, by definition s/he eliminates sadistic thought forms, at worst transmutes them. If the screen and society reflects sadism and actors who are sadistic, sadistic thought forms exist. If a child or animal or other gets ritually abused, I don’t think it’s Godly to not judge that. If it happens on screen only, I don’t think it’s Godly to chalk it all up to illusion. Illusions create mind forms create matter creates thought forms creates matter and so on. So goes the programming.

  7. Dunning, Frank, Trinity:
    Take a look at this! I’m floored.

    I have never had the language to speak about race because it is as aggravating and an obvious construct to me as it is to you. Maybe more so. But I kept following my intuition knowing something was off.

    These links lay out the mechanisms, motivations and roadmap of things I’ve been screaming about all along. Artificial timeline inserts. The crux-I-fiction and dangerous and unnecessary martyrdom in the story of Christ, the strange obsession and mimicry of ancient Egypt and the “light wash” of the Nile Valley, the deception of ten-based arithmetic (as I’ve said my people are base 12), the glaring allusion to African melanin, the African Kingdom of Kush and the Kemetic Key of Life (Ankh) in the names of the Trump’s wife, son in law and daughter. Plus that “hidden figure” named Barron —Bad inside joke hidden in plain site…Barron as in barren (without seed) and as in baron (as in robber baron).

    There is no reason to deny other people their creative content and stories, no reason to squirrel it away, no reason to claim they don’t know God….unless you are a hollow gram. Hollow empty matter struggling to matterialize.

    I’m so glad I kept rambling all these years. I’ve been having a convo with my one true fam. My one true God and Goddess. My bloodline.

    I love you family!

    1. “ Essentially, the Thothian Luciferian agenda was to utterly destroy all organic creation code, matrices and artifacts that included Base 12 Math and replace it with their own versions of Base 10 Math.

      The patriarchal slant and use of the Artificial Tree of Life to project virtual realities distorted the original Base 12 Code into the base 10 code (eliminating the 12D Ray), which caused a reality split between the artificial and organic layers throughout the dimensional timelines. There were sections of the dimensional matrices that remained organic, and others that split into Artificial Timelines and were absorbed into the phantom matrices.”

      “ There has been an acceleration in the war over the timelines involving artificial base 10 architecture that supports the holographic projections of Artificial Timelines used by the NAA to generate splits and inversions throughout the earth’s dimensional fields. The Controllers continued to abuse their power on earth by destroying the Energetic Balance in creation through the abuse of artificial technologies, which are built upon reversal 55 Fibonacci formulas for building morphogenetic structures in Base 10 Math. This is a system that exists outside of Natural Order and Natural Laws, and is entirely artificially driven.

      Through the use of base 10 artificial technologies and the Artificial Tree of Life template, they learned how to use mind control programs that infiltrated into the planetary mind. These Mind Control programs could capture Souls and dominate them, while existing in their artificial realities. This was intended to manipulate the souls of other species to become their consciousness slaves, and they have used these same technological methods of artificial intelligence on other planets.”

    2. Dead Light

      …the “dead light” mental disease that accumulated from our histories is becoming unhinged from the other dimensions that are in a state of accelerated collapse. As the Dual Spiral [of the Dead Light and the Liquid Light descending and meeting in the physical worlds as Equals for the first time] breaks through a reality (timeline) it releases the toxic disease of the mental bodies pattern and its dead light is scattered and spewed into the environs. The dead light matrices aka Phantom Matrix, also reflect the Artificially Bent Light Holographic Inserts (which contain the controlled versions of the nature of this reality, such as Crucifixion Implants) and these are also shattering and exploding systematically into the outer fields. These are false realities (artificial holographic inserts) that we have thought were “real” and then developed mental beliefs that held that specific version of reality in place. As these false realities are shattered into pieces (for those maintaining energetic balance in this explosive terrain), we can read the signature of those Dead Light pieces that reflect the nature of its disease and its schism. Further we can read the field signature to reveal the truth of what really catalyzed certain world events, such as the Hiroshima Bombing or Jewish Holocaust. As an Ascending human that activates Higher Sensory Perception and is cleared of most negative ego, one can clearly read the energetic field memory as a manipulation of the Negative Alien Agenda NAA. We then start to realize how little humanity has actually been in control of any cataclysmic world events in the physical plane.[5]“

  8. I’m SO glad I didn’t let Roobonic or anyone gaslight me or shut me up. I’m so glad I pushed through the shame and fear and guilt and struggle to verbalize painful and controversial things hmong an already ‘ascended’ group.
    I am Free free free free free!

  9. I don’t care how this sounds or how any of this sounds but the fucking prison holding my family under is shattered! With soo soo much help along the way.

    Thank you, Frank, for this space. Thanks everyone for letting me stay on the bus. I know I can be a pain in the ass.

    1. Anon

      No worries.

      I’m feeling very much like an Observer with ‘out there’ at the moment and letting it play out. I’m not buying into it.

      It is a walk in Wonderland.

  10. 911 Timelines
    Because the original 5D Ascension plan was not achievable becasue of the False Ascension Matrix and the damage caused through the False Navel and False White Webbing, it required our evolution through the time fields in the Harmonic Universes in the Universal Time Matrix to be drastically sped up. Those serving the Law of One, are moving through extreme amounts of the future timelines, observing its collapse, in order to arrive at the Gateway Octave where the organic and eternal light is overriding the Artificial Machinery and replicated alien coding. False Timelines and False Software to Mind Control humanity was used to deter humans from their organic and natural ascension evolution. This is why this planet is called, Prison Planet. Meanwhile the negatives desperately cling on to the artificial timeline programs to influence humans through fear to manifest into their enslaved future selves as Negative Form. Some examples: Nostradamus Prophecy, Armageddon Software, Pestilence Programming, 911 Military Industrial Complex Revolution, any terrorist and cataclysmic inorganic event generated by the Negative Aliens. None of these manipulated programs are sourced as natural events.

    We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our spiritual identity while recoding and changing the obsolete, False Timelines or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth and consciousness expansion. Like a tri-athlete running and jumping over the hurdles, we connect with our lost aspects or Fragments to merge with these higher vibrating time fields, whereby reclaiming and collecting our spiritual bodies, clearing Negative Forms and Clones to make it to the planetary ascension finish line. What is being accomplished during the spiritual ascension process, especially now with Guardian GSF Ascension Timeline, is that humanity has to move through all the Artificial Machinery, the inorganic time fields or Artificial Timelines. These are the Negative Alien Timelines with their inorganic and artificial Hologram Inserts that program their AI mind control programming in order to promote the human enslavement agendas of the NAA. As we clear False Timelines and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, Alien Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the seven higher universes.

    Discerning Artificial Timelines
    Embodiment of the Christos Blueprint allows for discernment of Artificial Timelines, by testing the signature of field architecture and noting that the architecture or timeline is being generated artificially via Alien Machinery and is wholly inorganic. The majority of the active artificial timelines are using reversal elemental structures that are being plugged into the planetary 10D Stargate system, connecting with several wormholes that lead back into the Black Hole System. [3]”

  11. Artificial Timelines versus Organic Timelines

    The planetary body has reached an important milestone in the shifting of timelines, and the enhanced revelation of perceiving the technologically induced Artificial timelines versus the Organic timelines throughout creation is being emphasized. There has been a massive shifting of the ratios between artificial timelines and organic timelines in the overall field architecture. As a result there are some surreal events happening in the multidimensional fields that have heightened the war over timelines between the various competing factions. The current conflicts are primarily over maintaining the base 10 architecture and metatronic Fibonacci coding that uses the Artificial Tree of Life constructs, which exist as NA controlled artificial machinery within the planetary body. The base 10 architecture uses an artificial core manifestation body and distorted birth transduction sequence that runs reversal 10 current. This reversal current runs throughout the technologically controlled sections of the planetary field which force splitting, which implements the Artificial Timelines that project the artificial spaces or phantom matrices. A Phantom Matrix can be considered a virtual reality hologram with a finite energy source. The structure is entropic and parasitic as it must rely upon an external power source through which to siphon energy to continue to exist.

    In order to comprehend the difference between technologically induced Artificial Timelines and naturally occurring organic timelines, a basic primer on the ongoing War Over Timelines is helpful. Currently, planet earth’s inhabitants are undergoing a war over timelines with the invading forces of the NAA who use the Artificial Tree of Life as a manifestation grid. This is an artificial architecture that uses base 10 mechanics to project out the NAA’s artificial timelines and phantom realities, versus the original divine blueprint of creation that uses base 12 mechanics and naturally generates organic matrices with organic timelines connected to the Universal Laws. The base 12 mechanics represent the Natural Order of the Universal Time Matrix, an organic creation and inner sustaining architecture that connects directly with the God Source field for an unlimited supply of consciousness energy. This is an open source energy structure, inherently referred to as the Christos Blueprint.

    1. This is what I have been trying to explore all along. Because of FIRST HAND experience. The people currently living in the Nile Valley are still living base 12 lifestyles. They are not alone. There are many like them. To anyone who says they are not creators and co-creators of Nile Valley cosmology and harmonic resonance, is an ARCHON or in the service of archons. Full stop. It is not rocket science. It did not come from some separate alien intelligence. It came from and through THEM.

      For those with the heart to SEE.

    2. I’m speaking to the simple, everyday man and woman in the Nile Valley. My heart is with you always.
      Time to shed the shed the archonic parasite!

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