Pumping It Out.



And ‘At The Movies’. Apols. A lot of this probably won’t mean anything to anyone apart from what’s going on in the Windmills of my Mind. Just me dribbling away in the corner after Nurse Ratched has done her rounds. Deep Thought.

‘You, Me and the Movies.’



And Where Does The Time Go ?

Clockwise or Anti Clockwise and the Hour Glass.



La Grande Illusion.



This gif shows a spinning dancer. Depending on the individual the figure is seen as either moving clockwise or counter clockwise. But even that is an Illusion.


From Wiki :

The spinning dancer, also known as the silhouette illusion, is a kinetic, bistable, animated optical illusion originally distributed as a GIF animation showing a silhouette of a pirouetting female dancer. The illusion, created in 2003 by Japanese web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara, involves the apparent direction of motion of the figure. Some observers initially see the figure as spinning clockwise (viewed from above) and some counterclockwise. Additionally, some may see the figure suddenly spin in the opposite direction.

The illusion derives from the lack of visual cues for depth. For instance, as the dancer’s arms move from viewer’s left to right, it is possible to view its arms passing between its body and the viewer (that is, in the foreground of the picture, in which case it would be circling counterclockwise on its right foot) and it is also possible to view its arms as passing behind the dancer’s body (that is, in the background of the picture, in which case it is seen circling clockwise on its left foot).



It’s either Forever or it’s not. Beyond Till Death Do US Part.

It seems so real. But what is real is forever.

Ramble Over.


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      ‘SpaceX is poised to make history today (May 27).

      The company’s first-ever crewed mission, a test flight called Demo-2, is scheduled to launch at 4:33 p.m. EDT (2033 GMT) from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.’

      1. Don’t think they’ll get through the Van Allen but dressing up is always fun. Cosplay. Play your eyes.

        SpaceX is owned by Tesla, right? Tesla is nicked from the man Nikola Tesla who came out of nowhere and supposedly “discovered” free energy. Odd thing is his name is twinned (gemin-eyed) too, with double “steal.” Nick is “to steal” and Tesla is an anagram of “steal.” [Like the two “Coopers” in the Central Park story and the two “Mins” in the pole-ice story out of Min, Min. It’s Gemini Season. We will need another mask for the other face. A double mask.]

        I think Nikola Tesla is another invention. A made up character who never existed. A method through which to build the case for possession. Not surprisingly Nikola’s face always looks glued on his “body” and Mr. Maga himself supposedly “owns” all his papers through his uncle who “taught” at MIT and just so happens to be the splitting image of Julian Assange.

        Prediction: Barron Trump will morph into Tesla over the years and Melania’s Eastern European ruuts will come in handy – she’ll be made out to be Tesla’s “distant relative.”

        Truth is Nikola didn’t discover anything that wasn’t already known. A double steal.


  1. Frank, about that story of the adopted god strangler in the Ramble…it’s hotting up the plasma (as is the story from Min).

    It’s a plasma event. 🔥

    Amy “Ka wren” Cooper Is an immigrant from Ka Nada who was perfunctorily fired from her JOB at Franklin Templeton. Franklin Templeton’s logo is the face of Ben Franklin. 😅

    The Ramble is a lush and gorgeous place designed to support wild life in a “natural“ habitat. It was designed -in part- by Frederick Law Olmsted or FLO. It is located between two transverses and situated by The Lake. There are strange caves inside.

    1. On the Money.

      About tunnels and caves.

      I mentioned Giza and the Reigate Pyramid. Mirrors and reflections.

      A series of tunnels runs under the Pyramid in Reigate but also in Egypt. The one in Reigate is called Baron’s Cave. And in grounds of a Castle. Baron’s Castle – see Barnard Castle.

      And know what you mean about the video. Even though you know its not really happening, you still don’t want to see it.

      1. When I saw that mysterious pod of dolphins on the beach in Cali the morning after finding an alien head on a stick in the sand, my immediate intuition was that they swam through tunnels under the land, not through the oceans as we think. Before that I didn’t believe in anything like that at all so the revelation was a surprise. There is much talk about the water aquifers under Giza and about “DUMBS” around the world -tunnels where “loosh” and “Y” is harvested. I don’t follow these threads too much because they are downers but “no smoke without fire”? Also, I think most knowledge has been hijacked and perverted and once beautiful things can be turned dirty. Maybe it’s the influence of syn and the synthetic.

    2. Plato, play to (confirmation bias), plague, plagiarize, plague your eyes, play your eyes.

      LOL – LUCI OL’ LUCI!!!

      Has anyone been following the “Looking Glass”/ “Crystal Ball” tech used in psyops and mind control exercises?

      Here’s a consumer version of Luci’s ball:

  2. Referencing the headline’s story out of Min- neapolis:

    Here’s the Kemetian god, Min, in antropomorphic form:

    He represents electrostatic discharge (‘cloudy water’/cum/water flood).

    The god killed in Min was named Floyd. That is FLO-yd or flo-Y-d. The pole-ice who killed the god is named Derek Chauvin. The message is of excessive force from a State or excessive chauvinism.

    From wiki: “Chauvinism is a form of extreme patriotism and nationalism and a belief in national superiority and glory. It can also be defined as “an irrational belief in the superiority or dominance of one’s own group or people”.”

    People have been wondering what the male version of a “Karen” is. I suggest it is “Derek.” Karen/Kered.

    From wiki:

    “ Derek is a male name. It is the English language short form of Diederik, the Low Franconian form of the name Theodoric. Theodoric is an old Germanic name with an original meaning of “people-ruler”.”

    Again I can’t watch the videos. Even if they are digital constructs, don’t have the stomach for the violence -so I can be missing info. Whether or not they’re real I’m sensing they are plasma events literally and figuratively.

  3. anon sometimes you ram bull on and on – just sayin’

    in plato’s cave

    The wren has always been a King as its name in European languages indicates: Latin, Regulus; French, Reytelet; Welsh. dryw, king; Teutonic, Koning Vogel, king-bird; Dutch, Konije, little, king.” In Manx, Dreain, from druai dryw, the Druid’s bird. Other Names for the wren include: JINNIE, JINNIE WRAN. Manx, Drein, Drean (M. S. D. and Cr.); Dreeain (M. S. D.). (Cf. Irish, Dreathan, Dreoilin; Se. Gaelic, Dreollan, Drethein.)

    1. Dunning, what’s it to you? I don’t ramble for you. I ramble to make conscious things that are hidden in crevices. Got a problem with that? Yeah? Good. Easy solution: don’t read me, Muzzle-ini.

      Speaking of ini-s… it’s Gemini season. Two faces. Twin cities. Min-Min. Two Coopers in the Ramble.

      The Don is a Gemini. Unsurprising. Not sure but he may have been in office during the first eclipse over us and may be in during the next as well. Might need two muzzles and two masks. But not for me. For the two-faced.

      I myself am wild and free.

      Now, Dunning, if you read all that, you’ve been paying attention. Good boy.

    2. Cacazoids I know get very upset when the constructs of race and history is visited. It’s fascinating.

  4. Dunning, just read on the caca phony that is twitter (Project Bluebird) that police were called on FLO-yd in Min-Min due to a “forgery in progress”. 😂🤣🤣🤣 He was, what, signing his name to something that wasn’t his? LOL!

      1. Roob

        The clapping for the NHS felt very similar to the 2 Minute Hate. Not that I have anything against the NHS but like these ‘1 Minute Silences’ that crop up it feels ‘forced’.

        Before Lockdown, the Premier League was turning into a compulsory One Minute Silence before the games every week for an old footballer who had died during the week, it seemed to me.

        But I do like this song though.

  5. Dominic Cumminings (DC)

    A twinned story on either side of the pond about rule breaking and “headlocks.” The virus is in the head.

    DC Comics + Marvel(ous) Comics

    1. Anon

      Links not working for me.

      Something going on with the Royals and Kingdom.

      This showed up for me yesterday – Aristocrats. Why a YT music video should be linked with it God only knows but it probably does.

      1. That’s so weird. I accessed it easily now Google has buried it and still can’t open the buried link. It was a fascinating timeline read. A few birds , the Shin and the heart.

      2. The links work on my phone but not on my laptop. Check it out, see if anything intrigues you. I don’t understand ”royalty” in general and not sure a King will be better than the Hag. Still, enjoyed reading

  6. Min min

  7. Hi Dunning!

    Eventful day today. My cat caught a ROBIN in the garden and laid it at my Mom’s feet. We scrambled to find a wildlife rehab for it and the only one that would take it was an hour away on a street with the same name as my Mom! The cross street was our last name with a ”min” at the end.
    NO F***en joke! Twinning energy on blast.

    The rehab building occupies an old polling place: the city lets them use it on condition they move the birds out on election day. It is a small historic building surrounded by a lush garden. In the yard is a sign reading ”Saving Songbirds Since 2004″ and under a tree a stone reads ”Shadow” in honor of a former resident dog (God).

    The bird will live to sing another day! And another and another and another. Pretty marvelous stuff. It pays to ramble. The galaxy rambles back. That’s who I’m talking to. Try it!

    1. Forgot one more remarkable detail. The city we took the bird to has the same initials as my father! Pretty incredible.

    1. Anon

      The other thought is Mine as in underground Cave or tunnel. Or 33 Miners in Chile.

      Or Mine as in it’s mine.

      1. I had a spectacular dream. Yeah I know, getting heavy on the adjectives in the rambles but hey.

        At one point in the dream the floor gave out and I descended down a deep shaft. Seems I went all the way down to Amenta. The beings shown like graphite. “Don’t be afraid of ‘black’ faces and ‘black’ voices.” They are shiny.

        Sort of looks like an umbrella.

  8. Wake up and smell the coffee. Or some such.

    Another Earth is confirmed. Maybe.

    Proxima B.

    ‘Proxima b was first discovered in 2016 using HARPS (High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher), but the recent probe was conducted with ESPRESSO, that has three times the precision, allowing for exact data on the exoplanet’s size and timing of orbits.

    The new analysis determined that the distant world receives about the same amount of energy from its star as Earth does from the sun.

    This means that its surface temperature could mean that water would be in liquid form and may potentially be harboring life.’

    But would be inclined to take it with a pinch of salt.

    Francisco Pepe, Michel Mayor and ESPRESSO.

    ‘ Francesco Pepe, leader of the ESPRESSO research team and a professor of astronomy at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, said:’ We were already very happy with the performance of HARPS, which has been responsible for discovering hundreds of exoplanets over the last 17 years.’

  9. About the minutes of silence and minutes of clapping. It’s aqua marine life. That KoK story about a new king replacing liztard (seems to) suggest the clapping is a “soft” handover of power. The Brits just don’t know it. They’ve been MK’ed to clap on command, like seals. Get it? All the Queen’s Seals.

    Don’t know if the missing seal is true or not. But the image sure does look like a corona.×1000/37/83/total-eclipse-of-the-sun-with-corona-on-vector-16683783.jpg

    1. I’m not buying into any of this. That’s my personal decision and I do realise the clapping comes from a good place but as I say I see things differently from most round here. Depends on perspective.

      But what about Americans singing Star Spangled Banner at every possible opportunity ?

      Just playing.

      1. Indeed. America too. All empire. I think the commonality between all the worlds flags and the fact that most are in a fictional commonwealth shows how few places have escaped being “under the influence.”

        Personal decisions are good. I appreciate you.

      2. The clapping seems to come from a manipulated, unconscious place. People who are not fully aware. Not saying I am. Mind you

      3. I’ll know the world has changed when there are no more walls around the stolen places and things of “leaders”. It all belongs to nobody. It doesn’t matter what seal is on the fence/podium.

      1. I haven’t. They don’t last long. Would if I could.

        Had two circles very close to here. But by the time I heard about them they were gone.

        The Alien was about half a mile from here. I read the farmer demolished the circle very quickly.

        And The Antibody which is about a ten minute drive in the car.

          1. It’d be good to witness things in person. Real experience.
            Much is CGI.
            The story of the farmer clearing the field rings like a parallel to all those socalled killers killed before anyone can be a witness and verify.
            Just saying.

    1. ‘Third-degree murder is a category of murder defined in the laws of three states in the United States: Florida, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.’

      1. Roobonic,
        Minneapolis is on the 45th parallel. This is a CGI ritual for Drumpf as was the CGI fire on Pier 45 and the twin tower ritual in NYC. He’s a Gemini. The symbol for G is twin towers. He may get two eclipses over us and install himself as King John. Who knows. It’s clear though that like the rest, he’s fake. A digital caricature.

  10. Does anybody feel anxiety at a certain time of the day? I start to feel it around 3:00 pm, everyday. I would be more than ok if this would stop.

    1. MJ ❤

      You ‘are’ more than okay.
      This is a ‘felt’ experience! Because we live in a sensory world. And we grieve what we lose before we can embrace what we gain.
      Try not to over analyse this. That will only make it worse.

      Sending the only thing that is mine to give. ❤

  11. MJ,
    The heart cRoss section looks like the hebrew letter Shin which looks like a crown. My people are called many things. One of them is ”Kok”. We are also glass people. Shine, make, break, re-pair.
    I ramble to learn about who I AM, Dunning. Where I come from.

      1. Now that we’ve decided theft is bad, can we finally empty out the British Museum and all its coffers?


  12. anon i too love to ramble … ramble on anon … you certainly don’t have to justify or just defy yourself to someone called Dunning Kruger 🙂
    i think i mentioned i am dancing in the dark like an ID I-O-T most of the time .. just rambling on

    at barnyard castle the cocks crows in the morning

    with regard to crop circles – have seen one myself – over in Wiltshire but the question i ask myself is if the farmer is always the former who controls crop cycles? Big pharma? And what’s with the NHS x

    the “ I can’t breathe / I can’t breed” thing is telling i think – speaking 4 us all – sometimes we need to vent –

    anyway now i am just rambling again

    full of hot air as usual

  13. it’s harder to think of a more perfect description of Fascism than the appalling footage of the murder of Mr Floyd –

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. George Orwell

    “the one thing that, to me, seems to bring together all fascists is the belief in an absolute leader who’s word is law & who cannot be wrong!” And certainly Hitler thought he could not be wrong, in this country, Oswald Mosley thought he could not be wrong! Which is, as good a definition of madness that i know, but also, the only definition that i can see of fascism!”

    but hopefully that is only one side of the equation

    1. Hi Dunning, the best thing about the Floyd story and the pier fire and the twin towers and the Central Park dog lady and the urban riots is they didn’t happen as claimed or at all. They are fictions to help us learn about ourselves. Real shit, real suffering happens- but this doesn’t make it in the news and “we” can’t seem to distinguish reality from unreality anymore. Perhaps that’s the goal. Go to this website and keep hitting refresh.

      It’s interesting that Trump believes the news enough to send troops to Minnesota and other cities but everything else in the news that doesn’t serve him is “fake.” Maybe the best rule of thumb is if it makes the news it isn’t real and it is political self-serving (regardless of side). If it doesn’t make the news, it is probably as real as it gets on this prism planet.

      1. Look for the videos of the empty boxes the “looters” are taking out of target. This isn’t real looting and the big box chain will still collect on insurance policies. Meanwhile real theft gets ignored.

        1. Pink Floyd’s album “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” features rows and rows of empty beds and a nurse (or two) attending to “ghost” patients. This recalls the corona ritual where images of warehouses and stadiums crammed full beds were sent into the plasma.

          Water is integral in AMLoR as the beds float down a canal, get submerged in water on a beach, etc.

          This odd video about the making of the album says the first bed was put out on a beach in June 14, 1987, “as an experiment” but it washed away.

          Trump’s birthday is June 14.

  14. Raising the Anti. I mentioned the period from Roobs birthday to the Corona Solstice could be an interesting period. Bang on queue 🙄.

    Wild card in the pack.

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