Time After Time


Tomorrow is 25/5/2020 and it’s Roob’s birthday.

Happy Birthday 🙂.

And some more weird shit with it. When I checked the dates earlier in the week, the 25/5/2020 was Sunday. It’s now a Monday. And So It Goes.




Last year MJ pointed out the connection with MJ’s birthday on 2/15 and the mirror of 2 & 5. And seems to be making a point this year – 25/5/22.






Welcome to the Mirror Verse.

For a few years I’ve been saying we have been journeying back in Time to undo the past. And Top Boffins now agree it’s a possibility as evidence points to a parallel Universe where Time runs backwards.




When Two Worlds Collide.




From NY Post.com :

‘In a scenario straight out of “The Twilight Zone,” a group of NASA scientists working on an experiment in Antarctica have detected evidence of a parallel universe — where the rules of physics are the opposite of our own, according to a report.

The concept of a parallel universe has been around since the early 1960s, mostly in the minds of fans of sci-fi TV shows and comics, but now a cosmic ray detection experiment has found particles that could be from a parallel realm that also was born in the Big Bang, the Daily Star reported.’



Living in the Past.




And’ Good To Go’ and the Corona Passport.




And where does the Time go ?



WHO knows.


154 thoughts on “Time After Time

  1. reminds me of a poem which i may have posted here at least once be 4

    Message 4 Time Travellers

    whilst hear in the current mess age
    it’s important to stay positive.
    emit hguorht sdrawkcab levart nac snortisop

    happy birthday roobs 4 time arrow

      1. Roobs it’s weird – today (now yesterday) was the 50th birthday of a dear friend of mine (u do the maths 🙂 – i took her flowers & chocolates, knocked & left them dutifully by the front door. She loves dogs – had two dogs one died earlier this year an old fellow he was – a big black dog called Harvey. Very old & was a bit unsteady on his feet. had a sad but knowing way about him .. like he was old & wise as time itself. the other is a lovely old thing too. Millie .. a bit over weight as she doesn’t get out as much as she should. But she’s still going strong. When my friend was in hospital last year or maybe the year before – i used to take Millie out for a walk & she always wanted to run like she’s got this pent up energy from being stuck indoors too long My friend, she has incredible empathy about her. Loves animals Hasn’t eaten meat since she was a young girl – she’s very beautiful but has had some health problems over the last couple of years. anyway her partner (also a friend of mine) told me that she often looks towards Sirius at night. When i asked why Apparently it’s because she knows that Harvey B there.

        i started reading your article & watched the Rockerfella vid but eventually drifted off (the nightcap probs doesnt help) 🙂 – ill get back to it …tomoz

        Anyway almost forgot … after dropping off the flowers I came back & read Franks article

        “And some more weird shit with it. When I checked the dates earlier in the week, the 25/5/2020 was Sunday. It’s now a Monday. And So It Goes.”

        Happy Birthday – have an awe-some day! 🙂

  2. WHO wants a Quantum Dot Bioluminescent Tattoo in the Vac? Gates does. Luciferase is an Extremophile enzyme that makes algae glow in the dark, hence the name “Light Bearer”. Apparently it’s also the ‘perfect’ nano vector for immune delivery. Alien tech, Shining, and Shimmer come to mind.




    1. Jenny

      I’ve playing with the wordplay with Panspermia extremophile and Pandemic.

      Is it Alien ?

      ‘Panspermia (from Ancient Greek πᾶν (pan), meaning ‘all’, and σπέρμα (sperma), meaning ‘seed’) is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by space dust, meteoroids,asteroids, comets, planetoids,and also by spacecraft carrying unintended contamination by microorganisms. Distribution may have occurred spanning galaxies, and so may not be restricted to the limited scale of solar systems.’

    2. https://bylinetimes.com/2020/05/14/whitehall-analytica-the-ai-superstate-part-2-is-covid-19-fast-tracking-a-eugenics-inspired-genomics-programme-in-the-nhs/

      “The Government’s new genome sequencing partner, Illumina, has previously produced genetic sequencing systems marketed to police agencies in China to facilitate its genetic profiling of the minority Uyghur population in Xinjang – the largest system of discriminatory, ethnically-targeted biometric surveillance using DNA ever created.
      It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Dominic Cummings and his fellow ideologues in Government are hell-bent on pursuing a pseudo-scientific vision that has been years in the making. They are using the COVID-19 crisis to erect a corporate superstate powered by mass surveillance and AI. Their grim ambition is to reach into the very DNA of every British citizen.”

      Illumina wtf? Illumina T.I.

      1. Grim pill to swallow ain’t it?
        There’s a stAIn in the middle of U, k?
        It only knows how to do one thing.
        This is what they call “market expansion.”

        Yeah, Frank, you have to go back to the past so you can leave it alone. Lizzie and crew have tried to splice/graft it. The past don’t play that shit.

  3. oh gawd Frank don’t get me started on the Turin test

    anyway it’s an intriguing question .. is there a time after time?
    when you get to the end of the line – it’s all change!

    if the medium is the message a whole generation has now grown up playing games

  4. Get yourself an analog clock if you want to tell time. One that operates on a bat -tery. These digitEL ones are manipulated.

    I was thinking about Queen Lizard’s crown and how silly it is. If you’re truly a Queen of anything wouldn’t you already radiate in your aura? Why’d you need a piece of metal on your head? Anyway it made me think again about all the stuff stuffed up her bottom. Each one of her chakras weighted down by exterior material stuff. False light elizard.

    Happy Birthday Smelly Pants!

    1. Because we’ve agreed to play dirty, right, and pretend we’re positive and sweet.

      1. anon i’d rather be playing a game than fighting a war even if the game does seem more than a little perverse at times what can we do but persevere

        but anyway never make the mistake of thinking that i actually know what i am talking about i’m the first to admit that i am as thick as a planck
        from most perspectives – just playing in the woods with words & wyrds
        but to those more perceptive than i – almost certainly a complete dunce

  5. Tenet is a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of philosophy or religion.
    From Latin literally, ‘he holds’.

    1. MJ

      Where and how do we experience Time in the physical body ? Sights and sounds could be said to be experienced in the eyes and ears but where is Time based. Even that is open to question. Not really expecting answer !

  6. Maybe time isn’t right because it was displaced to the stained place. I remember someone here saying it was necessary to “rejuvenate” planetary energies and “shed” the old.


      1. You forgot Nubia/Kush.
        Anyway Proves my point.

        If nothing should be owned, then nothing should be owned.

        Smelly Pants, like her Queen, rips things off, slaps ownership on them, tries to sell them as her own and then is forever referencing herself. It’s like the food thing. You don’t really know the body doesn’t exist because you keep eating as though it does. You protect the bodies of those you love. You don’t really know nothing shouldn’t be owned because you all claim authorship of things which are not even yours. And when others raise an eyebrow, just like smelly pants and Lizzie, you scoff. I’m not going to let this go anymore than smelly pants doesn’t let things go. Seems the rules are play dirty, tell civil lies and stupid sit com jokes, scoff and do a princess wave in the name of false love and light. And call each other as we wish.

        Hope you had a great birthday, Smelly Pants.
        Did you make them micro soft?

      2. Those Kushites sure were inter dimensional travelers! They went all over the world and galaxy.
        Funny how micro softs will worship and merge with metal before they acknowledge the flesh from which they came.

        1. And looking for aliens all the time.
          Alien is code for melanin.
          Accept it.

          The low dimensional cheats don’t have it. They can create nothing, only splice and graft. Lizzie is of that ilk. Smelly is too.

          1. Anonymous

            I think it’s ALL symbolic. Um, “they’ve” been “trash-talking” me as an “ape” and a “n—r” because I married “down” and gave birth to a brown baby…. But um, I had the black thing goin’ on already! I used to dance to Michael Jackson’s The Wall in my living room in high school like there was no tomorrow and chuckled to myself happily that “I must have some black in me!” (Scot-Irish-English, yup! A descendant of Lizzie’s DOMAIN!)

            I think the “white race” is Satan’s Serpent Seed. No wonder I say I hate white men!

            But…. this is DANGEROUS “hate” speech when spoken at the LOW LEVEL of the “world.”

            It’s not to be taken “LITERALLY.”

            For whatever that’s worth.

            1. Hi Trinity,
              Yes it’s symbolic. That is how DDNA began our exploration – using the invention of skin colors (not by me/us) and the application of hate toward melanated skin as a point of departure. Asking why this happened, what might it be concealing. Smelly purposely misconstrued our discussion and taunted DDNA — which makes her later plagiarism even more debase and twisted. As someone who prides herself on being in the editorial field and as someone who takes pride in self promotion, I’d imagine she’d think twice but nope. I won’t stop the exploration I started however even as her action aligns with things DDNA and I discovered. They are “symbolic.” What was I supposed to do, just crawl away and never speak on it again just because she decided to grift? Yeah, not! I remember when you felt excluded by me and Smelly’s riffing and how both you and DDNA called her out and I didn’t understand it. I was so late to the game!

              Anyway a force in this world is attempting to muzzle Voice during a time of revelation. I am not covering my mouth. Not shutting up.

              Everything will come to light.

            2. Also, I don’t consider my exploration to be “hate speech” – I think suppression is the true evil. And I’m not worried about being judged as “unloving” by anyone here. No one here has a monopoly on love and we all seem to have different ideas of what that looks like. For instance, if I see children being abused or people run off their land, I won’t wash it away as “illusion” and “mind stuff” and then call myself loving. Then when the same thing happens to my children and people, only then express concern. That’s a load of twat.

              My creator knows who I am and how I “vibrate”.

              1. Yes, I know, Anonymous, I was not intending to say that you were guilty of “hate speech.”

                Just that in this “low-vibration” world we “communicate” in (NOT), that’s how it would be heard.

                1. or rather, “could” be heard…..

                  No judgment, just observing stuff I’ve also SUFFERED under in this “world”….

                  “Stuff” like”racism” and “hatred” based on the color of one’s skin or EVEN your so-called “DNA”…..

                  It’s HATE, and THAT is what’s DANGEROUS….

                  And I’m NOT accusing YOU of it.

                  Only pointing out maybe a MAJOR TRIGGER point.

                  You know I want to fight injustice too!

                  I’m just trying to figure out HOW…. without going down.

                  1. Also, I don’t know who “Smelly” is (altho I think I see Clicky’s response below, it’s funny…) or DDNA….. I’ve also wondered if several of Merovee’s posters are all the same “person”….

                    I have not been tracking everything on Merovee for quite some time, and I think Frank knows that and still let’s me post….


                    That’s why I “Thank FRANK.”


                    1. Hahaha, you mean, the “Dog Star”? And we all know dogs eat their own caca!


      3. Frank, your weak justification and hypocrisy over the years has been evident. Just because people call themselves lovers and light workers and “high vibrational beings” doesn’t make it so especially when they themselves have stuff stuffed up their anus. From my vantage point, Liztard and crew are done. You brits have enjoyed your comforts and shielded her from the true light of exposure in exchange for feeling superior. Even your new age speak is developed in her lair…and is drenched in the same language of being “above” “the ground.” The world is over this lie now. The world is over this type of false “love”. No more time for Lizzie, no more time for plagiarists and con artists.

        1. Anon

          Can I ask why I’m a hypocrite ? We seem to be on course as far as I can see. Fascinated to see what’s round the corner. What’s Cummings next.

          And not really sure what the Queen has to do with me or Roob for that matter apart from living in same country.

          See Donald Trump and yourself.

          1. I don’t support Donald or the Queen. They are both sociopaths.
            Smelly used her slogan and loves Donald, Hence.

            I was ignoring Smelly for the most part. She’s not interesting. I did ask her to stop calling me a name I don’t call myself and she insists. Apparently her need to do so is greater than my request. She is that clever. So fuck it, I says. Game on.

            “Roobonic Plague” did make me LOL! I do quite like that one. And also “Caca Zoid” to her A Void. Man I just keep getting better and better.

            Anyway, yes, we are on target. Isn’t it fascinating how the alpha beta has thrown up play, plague, plagiarism? All things revealed and all that Jazz.

            And Dunning, don’t read me. Plenty of people who bang on her who I don’t read in full because.


  7. his story would suggest that probably cummings is goings…

    best laid plans & all that …

  8. Smelly, I see you post replies but I don’t read them anymore. You are a first rate British thief who has learned from your Queen how to steal and dismiss and you feel damn proud of it. There’s no changing that. It’s in your DNA. Sadly, even you are of no interest to Lizzie.

  9. “Maga” is the highest rank in the Church of Satan.
    Smelly Pants, your other false prophet is a pscyhopath just like your Liztard.

    1. Hmm, maybe I’m getting you now, Anonymous….

      And it’s ALL miscommunication!

      I still believe President Trump is not only NOT racist, I think he’s doing the best he can! To YES! “Make AMERICA Great”! Haha, like CUOMO said, “America was never great to begin with…..” Well, I think President Trump wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT, period. i.e. according to its FOUNDING PRINCIPLES in the Constitution, the IDEA that all men are created EQUAL and are endowed with the INALIENABLE RIGHT to PURSUE HAPPINESS UNDER GOD.

      Because the “rednecks” up here and their “Native Landscaping” business?

      They ACTUALLY believe, THEY are the “natives.”

      The, you know, the white “locals.”

      It’s ahhhhh….


      1. It’s CRAZY, just the way the JOKER likes it!

        HE’s overseeing the battlefield, and laughing…..

        And I’m pretty good at coming up with movie clips to make my point, but hmmmmm…..

        I actually can’t think of one!


        Satan never allowed it to be made.

        1. “The Joker”

          I’ve wondered why Heath Ledger got “taken out” and by whom…..

          I think Satan took him out because if that “actor” had continued in life to give other portrayals of “ANYONE” else, i.e. not HIM and so TERRIFYINGLY “well” ….

          It would have made Satan, i.e. “the Joker,” seem less terrifying…..

          You get me?

          Satan took him out because that was the LAST WAY he ever wants ANYBODY to REMEMBER HIM, via “Heath Ledger”‘s JOKER performance.

          It has been rumored by onlookers onset that Heath Ledger was POSSESSED as he CHANNELED the JOKER.

          WELL, yeah…..

          AND of course! He won an OSCAR for it….. posthumously….

          And I pray for the gentle soul of “Heath Ledger” because I have no idea what this MEANS in terms of his salvation…..

          But I think the CLOSEST depiction of Satan, the “Devil”?

          Is the creepy-looking guy who can’t resist the challenge of playing “chess” with a HERO…..

          A Child of GOD.

            1. Oh wait!

              Frank (Tremayne), How could I forget?

              The closest depiction to the “Satan” I go on and on about is, but of course!


              Hahaha, “Christ Off”

              Clap on, clap off!

              The “Anti” Christ.



                1. “Hawk Nelson” doesn’t believe in God anymore…..


                  Maybe he should take a deeper look into the “God” he’s been worshipping all these years, because you know what?

                  I DON’T BELIEVE IN HIM EITHER!


                  1. Because the GOD of this world exists ONLY to drag down and destroy children of the MOST HIGH “GOD,” Yahuah.

                    Yah-WHO-ah, I AM WHO AM, is REAL…..

                    And he SAVES His children.

                    1. I find it interesting to OBSERVE……

                      And YOU KNOW IT and I KNOW IT

                      IF the “pilot” in this movie were a WHITE GUY…..

                      NO WAY he would’ve ended up in PRISON


                    2. OK, right on….

                      let’s take it a level deeper….

                      I respect “Denzel,” I LOVE me my Denzel…..

                      Is it possible “Denzel” is a secret transgender?

                      I think so, and you know why?

                      Just go back to “Glory” and see what a very “pretty” man he was.

                      A la Mel (even in my Mad Max clip, it’s kinda clear: pretty, small hands, small mouth…. “nice” guy)

                      Doesn’t make them “bad people”…..

                      Is just SKEWS the WHOLE PICTURE for us Hollywood victims….

                      God gave us a LEVEL playing field.

                      Satan is constantly trying to CHEAT, and throw us ALL OFF….

                      His most POWERFUL tool has been Hollywood, and TV….

                      And now, MSM

                    3. Frank, I know!

                      The Truman Show is to be taken LITERALLY.


                      And as I prepare to take my own EXIT through that black door in the unknown…..

                      I just have to name a name…..


                      Of a family and the son of that family who PRETENDED to be FRIENDS of my son and a respecter of me, his divorced mom. I took their son on vacation with me and my son to Williamsburg….. Looking back, I knew Brian KNEW I had white crackers and bikers on my “tail.” But IDK…. he seemed like a DECENT kid and his parents too….maybe they were on our “side”? Maybe they knew those “white” supremacist type jobs were NUTJOBS?

                      And now I just shake my head at the Durkin family’s deception and their just PURE EVIL!

                      Pretending to be my son’s FRIEND!

                      They’re MOB…. white, blue collar, most likely IRISH MOB, in the OIL BUSINESS.

                      They in just the last year or so, had my grown and medical student son drive me by THEIR HOUSE on QUAKER HILL, you know, with their horses grazing in the back of their ESTATE (lol), so that the FATHER could GRIN at me as my son drove us by while he BENT OVER with his ASS in the air….. getting his mail. “Oh, look, there’s Mr. Durkin,” commented my son….

                      The same father I had once greeted in my kitchen when he came to pick up his son in high school, and he was saying what a great house I had bought there in town, so great that I had moved to the country FOR MY SON.

                      Now I know HE WAS MOCKING ME as a WHORE…..


                      (I call them the “JERKIN DURKINS”….)

                    4. Hah, ya know?

                      I know I have prominent front teeth… And my parents never got me braces.

                      But the men who have “loved” me?

                      Have always said I’m BEAUTIFUL.


                    5. “Blue collar”

                      Men and women who have never been educated.

                      Living in the DARK…….

                      Don’t know why I ever even thought…. I would FIND…..

                      a REAL MAN…..

                      DOWN THERE.

                      They’r not UP THERE, either! I KNEW THAT…..

                      They’re NOWHERE


                      Show us your HEROES!



                  2. So as I head through that black VOID of a DOOR…..

                    In FEAR….

                    I go to my “Scripture”:




                    I can’t do this!!!!

                    Ha, and then I thought, where does that “Scripture” come from?…



                    Philippians 4:13

                    GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN!

                    I move forward now, into the void….

                    With 100% Trust in GOD, the MOST HIGH GOD: Yahuah.


                    Hallelu…. JAH

                    I BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE, and THEE ALONE

                    1. I think my son may be in DENIAL of his Puerto Rican heritage.

                      I didn’t ever really THINK this was the problem but yes, of course. And I DON”T BLAME HIM…. for trying to assimilate.

                      For trying to just make FRIENDS!

                      But there is a danger……

                      First of all, of denying that your MOTHER deserves respect NO MATTER WHAT.

                      And second of all…..

                      You’re NEVER gonna be INCLUDED on their team.

                      They’re gonna laugh at you as you run around, in denial that you are NOT one of them, you are their lackey.

                      “Giant Balls of Steel” can never overcome your ACCEPTANCE of them placing you under THEIR authority.

                      I.e. you’re becoming an Uncle TOM, because you are acting like one.

                      Definition of Uncle Tom (Entry 1 of 2)
                      1disparaging : a black (or brown, HISPANIC) person who is overeager to win the approval of whites (as by obsequious behavior or uncritical acceptance of white values and goals)
                      2disparaging : a person who is overly subservient to or cooperative with authority

                    2. You’re better than that.

                      And I’m proud of you.

                      Take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

                    3. It’s not a question of whether you are “black” or “white” or “in-between”….

                      It’s a question, my dearest love…..

                      What is the color of your SOUL?

                      Is it white?

                      Or is it black?

                      If you’re not sure, or if it’s “in-between”….

                      My dearest love…..

                      You CAN wash it clean.


                    4. I’m a mother who protects and watches out for her son!


                      This is where we all are…. swimming around completely vulnerable because we didn’t listen to the WARNING:


                      Not to “SCARE” you or be a downer…..

                      But Satan is ON THE MOVE.

                      YOU do not want to be some clueless swimmer!

                      I”M SERIOUS!

                      I’m so serious….. 🙂

                    5. Luckily my son is a GROWN MAN.

                      And MY CHALLENGE is…..

                      TO LET HIM GO.

                      HE’S “JOHN WICK”

                      Not me….

                      What’s the car that was STOLEN from him? And that he now enters the LION”S DEN to retrieve?

                      Probably his mother’s reputation.

                      Now THAT”S a lion.

                    6. So how Satan does it is he makes us all uneasy to just TALK freely to one another… especially if there were something, like a bad rumor or what have you….

                      He’ll make sure to SEPARATE the two people that WANT to “”communicate” to HEAL a major hurt…..

                    7. Why is Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” from his “Messiah” so GLORIOUS?

                      Because it “sings” the NAME of GOD in PRAISE and ADORATION AND SHOUTS of JOY!

                      His name: Jah! Jah!


                      I love it.


                      Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
                      Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

                      For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
                      Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
                      For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
                      Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
                      For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth (Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah)
                      For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth (Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah)
                      Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah (Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah)
                      For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth (Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah)

                      The Kingdom of this world
                      Is become
                      The Kingdom of our Lord
                      And of His Christ
                      And of His Christ

                      And He shall reign forever and ever
                      And He shall reign forever and ever (And He shall reign forever and ever)
                      And He shall reign forever and ever (And He shall reign forever and ever)
                      And he shall reign forever and ever (And He shall reign forever and ever)

                      King of Kings (Forever and ever hallelujah hallelujah)
                      And Lord of Lords (Forever and ever hallelujah hallelujah)
                      King of Kings (Forever and ever hallelujah hallelujah)
                      And Lord of Lords (Forever and ever hallelujah hallelujah)
                      King of Kings (Forever and ever hallelujah hallelujah)
                      And Lord of Lords
                      King of Kings and Lord of Lords

                      And he shall reign forever and ever (And he shall reign)
                      And he shall reign forever and ever (And he shall reign)

                      King of Kings forever and ever
                      And Lord of Lords hallelujah hallelujah
                      And he shall reign forever, forever and ever

                      King of Kings and Lord of Lords
                      King of Kings and Lord of Lords
                      And he shall reign forever and ever (And he shall reign forever and ever)

                      Forever and ever, forever and ever (King of Kings and Lord of Lords)

                      Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

    1. The image I posted above is Iabet, Kemetic goddess of Panopolis who is cleanser of Ra and wife of the fertility god, Min.


      Today the news is full of another unsettling video out of Min- neapolis , Min- nesota. Coppers strangling a black man. I don’t watch these videos anymore and only skim the stories for keys now.
      Minneapolis is (supposedly) derived from minnihaha (micro + LOL) and “polis”. Minnihaha meaning “waterfall” and “polis” meaning city. Minneapolis is nicknamed “mini apple” (->Microsoft). The native word “mni” means “water”. Minnesota means “cloudy, milky water.”
      Back to Iabet and her husband, Min….

      As the god of fertility, Min is represented as a black-skinned God with an erect penis. ->Shooting cum. A cloudy water fall. Panospermia.
      Many maintain that the fear of genetic annihilation is the ruut of all rage against the “black” man. (Don’t get mad at me, I didn’t invent the game.) That Minneapolis ritual abuse -whether real or softwared- may be symbolic of that. (As is the Queen’s crown virus.)

  10. Ask yourself if pyramids and ancient knowledge exist everywhere including in UK and the UK has its own ancient energy to draw from, why is it necessary to steal and relocate capstones, obelisks, stellas, statues, hieroglyphs, sarcophagi, etc etc etc etc etc etc from other sites around the world? Why not just use the ones already there and leave all the rest in their places of origin? Something to shine light on.


    By the way there is no “Mandela Effect.” That is a new age myth manufactured by the grifters for the purpose of doing the only thing they know how to do: weaponize the ether and earth with algorithms so that (some) people can no longer discern what is and is not real.

    I keep coming back to Smelly only because it’s a marvelous micro example of what is happening in the macro. A dislocation, ownership claim, meaning inversion, dissemination or error through the ether.

    1. The reason I put those pics is me and Jen and I watched a movie called 2036 : Of Unknown Origin. It had a good idea about multi dimensional structures and your pic of the pyramids resonated.

      I’ve no time for the 2D flat earthers or whatever or whoever they are much either. Control of energy. I see the reason as an attempt to keep consciousness within a certain frequency. Actually we have a fair amount of ancient sites such as Stonehenge but again they tend to be controlled.


      1. Thanks for your reply, Frank.
        My disgust with Smelly spilled over to you and I apologize.
        Yes, the control of energy.
        Muzzling, erasing, splicing, grafting.
        You know how they say follow the money?
        Well you can also follow the arti facts.
        I’m not familiar with any being removed from Europe and taken to Africa but examples fo the other way around abound. So the question is Y?
        Y may be the only question there is.
        And Y relates to melanin and consciousness.
        Sorry not sorry if people think that’s “just a black thing.”
        Just a “black” exploration.
        It’s probably the only thing.
        Since you believe in ascending and descending dimensions and entities that exist in them, what is the mechanism by:through which they move?
        How would a low dimensional entity “jump” up? How might a higher dimensional entity stay in lockdown.
        All roads lead to the same question.

        Btw, did you know there is an island in Antarctica named after the Rothschilds and that they go there often?

        Thanks again for being you, Frank. Rare bird.


  11. That argument made here that the prime meridian just HAD to be located in London and eyes averted away from the Nile Valley because it was part of humanity’s path of “ascension” and “shedding” the old and the 3D: 🤣 .

    Yeah because rape and pillage of other places helps one “vibrate higher.” And it’s especially good to rape and pillage while convincing people none of it is real. Pretend rape and pillage, then, to have stuff to stuff in one’s pretend bottom? 🤣

  12. As long as Brits keep shielding their Hag and Americans keep propping up their Clown, this earth will remain in Lockdown. We can add fake joos to that too.

    1. No worries, I’m an equal opportunity clown spotter. I don’t care who is in the seats in DC.

  13. Hey Smelly:

    Don’t worry guys, none of this is real!
    It’s all illusion!
    Don’t catch feelings now!
    It’s all just cold play! 😂
    Keep laughing and vibrating!
    Trust the plan!

    1. anon sometimes you do go on

      lot of water under the bridge lot of other stuff too

      sometimes shit just happens

      sometimes you just have to let it go

      then again what do i know? posts random video

      1. It’s not for you or Smelly that I “go on” dear.
        And boy if we can analyze stupid sit coms, fake news, Hollywood movies, shitty singers as infinitum and call them “syncs”, I can ramble and ramble and ramble as I wish.

        Yes shit happens. Ask Smelly.

      2. And I’m not surprised you share the sentiment that I ramble. What are you, Caca zoid?


        “Hate speech!” “Racism!”

        1. anon of course you can, u didn’t catch my full meaning – didn’t u watch the Dogon video. anyway it’s not important.

  14. New perspectives on the Roobonic Plague.
    Wouldn’t you know it. Interesting etymology between “plagiarize” and pedo techniques. And look at “plague’s” ETM.


    plagiarism (n.)
    1620s, from -ism + plagiary (n.) “plagiarist, literary thief” (1590s), from Latin plagiarius “kidnapper, seducer, plunderer, one who kidnaps the child or slave of another,” used by Martial in the sense of “literary thief,” from plagiare “to kidnap,” plagium “kidnapping,” from plaga “snare, hunting net” (also “open expanse, territory”), which is perhaps from PIE *plag- (on notion of “something extended”), variant form of root *plak- (1) “to be flat.”

    plague (n.)
    late 14c., plage, “affliction, calamity, evil, scourge;” early 15c., “malignant disease,” from Old French plage (14c.), from Late Latin plaga, used in Vulgate for “pestilence,” from Latin plaga “stroke, wound,” probably from root of plangere “to strike, lament (by beating the breast),” from or cognate with Greek (Doric) plaga “blow,” from PIE root *plak- (2) “to strike.”

    Again, don’t worry guys! This isn’t real!

  15. Roobs, Roob, Roobie….

    I’m not going to wish you a happy birthday.

    Because well #1, my “Birth Day” has only given me pain. Hey, 3/22 …. “Skull&Bones”… The day I was born into “hell.” I mean…. let’s get SIRIUS.

    This is a life of suffering, and to PRETEND otherwise is a JOKE.

    So, I apologize for being a “downer.”

    I DO wish you the best, tho… Roobs.


    1. “But Your love, Your love
      The only thing that matters is
      Your love, Your love….”


      1. Thanks, Trinny 😀

        Have you seen Miller’s Crossing? I remote viewed it at the weekend. What a brilliant film.

        1. Hmm, I did see it years ago, I remember really liking it alot, and just googled it to refresh my memory:

          “Miller’s Crossing is a 1990 American neo-noir gangster film written, directed and produced by the Coen brothers and starring Gabriel Byrne, Marcia Gay Harden, John Turturro, Jon Polito, J. E. Freeman, and Albert Finney. The plot concerns a power struggle between two rival gangs and how the protagonist, Tom Reagan (Byrne), plays both sides against each other…..”


          Thanks Roobie-doo!

          1. Every time I run across something like this:

            “Philippians 2:9-11”

            I’m going to point it out on here, to PROVE that “Saint Paul” was a deceiver….

            So… I was just “surfing” Bitchute and ugh!

            The insidious “letters” of “St.” PAUL. have been seeded THROUGHOUT all minds of Christians!…. Weeds intertwined throughout the wheat….the Wolf in sheep’s clothing leading the Sheep astray.

            It’s so evil, because as a “suffering” Christian (Jesus said, if the world hates you, remember it hated me first)…. you just EAT IT UP….


            THE DAY IS COMING
            that at the name of Jesus
            every knee should bow,
            in heaven and on earth and UNDER (a flat earth? people….) earth,
            and every tongue confess
            that Jesus Christ is Lord,
            to the glory of God the Father.”

            Does this sound like ANYTHING Jesus of Nazareth would say?

            For “EVERY KNEE TO BOW DOWN” to him?

            Or does it sound MORE like ….



            He’s a shapeshifter! Doesn’t it sound like the PERFECT SETUP for when HE comes as “the Christ” and DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD?

            I’m sure it won’t be like this….

            Way too OBVIOUS

            1. Loki’s, or the Angel Lucifer’s, ie. Satan’s, chief “sin”…..?

              was PRIDE.

              It was his PRIDE that led him to REBEL against God and forced the Father to EXPEL him from Heaven.

              And for us humans, also, the sin of PRIDE will not get YOU into Heaven!

              And that’s WHY the “Son of Man” chose to ride into Jerusalem on a DONKEY!


              Because without God?

              Without your Father in HEAVEN’s power to help you DO ANYTHING AT ALL?

              You are NOTHING.

              Jesus was teaching you that…. to be humble before your CREATOR.

              Do not be filled with pride, because it will get you NOWHERE.

              Jesus, the MAN. The “man” who could’ve done anything he wanted to! Could’ve accepted Satan’s bargain and been KING OF THE WORLD!

              Whose only MISSION was to TEACH THE SHEEP the WAY to come Home to the Father…..

              Jesus LOVED us!

              LOVES US


        1. ‘A police spokesperson said: ‘Kent Police was called at 1.23pm on Monday 25 May 2020 to a report a child had fallen from a window in Station Road, Rainham.’


          An infant fell out of the window, in the same block of flats on 5th August 2014…


    1. Comment i saw said “In Ireland we have Blarrney Castle where folk go to kiss the Blarney Stone to receive the gift of the gab – now in England you have something similar – Barnard Castle where you can drive to & get 2020 vision. 🙂

        1. so says the papas

          the blind leading the blind

          speaking of Alchemy – if more content meant more contentment along with more containment in a consumer society that is all consuming sometimes it pays to avert eyes.

      1. Actually this could be a loosh video too. Both lady and guy are named “Cooper”. Cooper rings like copper and co-opt er. If it’s GAN software or something higher that’s a mighty convincing imaginary dog strangling.

        1. Christian Cooper (CC, 33) is said to be a bird watcher and a former member of an IV league ornithology club. The day before I had just mentioned the ornithology department at Cornell to my Mom.

          Cooper is also a type of hawk. In Kemet, the hawk is a symbol of Horus, aka the original “Jesus” (CC). “Karen” is ka + wren. Another bird. Christian used to work at Marvel (“marvelous example”) Comics (LOL) and Amy used to work in Insurance. The battleground was a ramble in the center on “memorial” (memory) day.

          Some think this could be a “comm” or the vril. Strange world.

  16. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ChillyImperturbableAbyssiniangroundhornbill-max-1mb.gif
    Kinda weird what individual freedom can provide. It’s like you’re given your own personal label maker, and you’re free to do whatever you please with it. You can run with the pack and keep things more or less standardized, or, you can come up with your own unique perspectives and apply your own labels to that/those effects. Doesn’t make you correct, but it also doesn’t make you wrong. Consensus and/or majority view is not always the correct one. That concept gets extra confusing when one considers that they themselves are an aggregate of many ideas, so your own consensus view(s) may in fact be…wrong

    ^Soul Asylum- Somebody to Shove^

    We wander around in awe at new concepts and new pathways, Then we realize we need help, so we seek out others to see what all this craziness is about. Seek out those who have had corresponding experiences in order to confirm that our own experiences are indeed valid. That this impossible stuff has indeed happened/is happening. To find comfort in the midst of these “spiritual storms”. Problem is, ownership will likely be contested at some point. Who got there first or who got the most or who got the best, what is fair and what is unfair. The concepts of ascension and mastery strike me as being quite elitist. Not only are you joining some kind of exclusionary group, you are joining it for the sole purpose of someday running the whole show. I guess maybe these are just others facet of the process(es), and we have to learn to cope.

    ^The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection^

    Regarding “where the time goes”? Prolly the same place it came from. Question is, does time really go anywhere. To relate, I’ve been pondering symmetry in the last few posts I wrote for Roob, and another element that Science seems to neglect is any symmetry with respect to the development of life. Hydrogen is said to formed about 380,000 years after the Big Bang, it all formed around the same time just about everywhere, and the other elements formed at various more or less uniform times from there. Science doesn’t seem to have the same thought(s) about life. Like, if life first developed 3.77 billion years ago here, wouldn’t it stand to reason that life also formed elsewhere 3.77 billion years ago?

    My thought being that time also has some symmetries as to origin(s) and destination(s). Some of these symmetries are likely to seem quite asymmetrical and even abstract to us. Especially if we think only in terms of time and times being limited to existing only in certain spaces at certain times.

    ^Missing Persons – Destination Unknown – TV Mania Remix^

    1. Cade

      About Time. I mentioned this in another comment.

      If it’s always Now – Tomorrow Never Comes – how or where in the physical body do we sense the passing of time ?

      1. View post on imgur.com

        Welp, if the sun/Sol occupied the same space in the sky all of the time, with no wandering, no wobbling, and no change in intensity and/or size…you’d likely look elsewhere for a medium to measure and mark the passage of time. This is assuming that you were aware of the concept of time at all. I would imagine that a first awareness of time and the passage of time would be a pattern recognition type of thing. Some chance encounter with some cyclical type of something, even tho the concept of cycles may too be a new and/or unknown concept.

        A heartbeat, work, rest, urges, interests, disinterests, needs, birth, death, appearances, vanishings, mobility, immobility, ease, difficulty, awareness, unawareness, intelligence/ignorance,.. there’s prolly going to be a lot of things to introduce one to the concepts of time and its passages, and prolly also to be very confusing because time (from your own perspective) is likely to have simultaneous timbre of standing still. We’re learning, so we’re likely to misinterpret a great many things, and many of our ideas about time and times are likely to be incomplete simply because we haven’t passed through enough of it/them for us to arrive at definitive conclusions.

        There are many ways to hide things. Like in the example at the start of this comment where we’ve got a sun that is a fixed point in space, you’re unlikely to have stars, travelers, comets, celestial bodies, etc.. They’re there, you just may not be able to detect them. We’re finding out now that there is all kinds of hidden goodies out there, and we’re using extensions of ourselves to sense these things. When all has been revealed, and all that was hidden is now in plain view…

        Q: What is hidden?
        A: Welp…what is the one thing you have you lost sight of?
        A: The hidden.

        So yeah, when you can experience everything, the one thing that remains missing is…the hidden.

        There is a perpetual sensory deprivation of sorts nestled within time(s). One has to tangle with the notion that, once one knows all, is it possible one can even be aware of the concept of “the unknown”. Afterall, you know all, right? So you must be aware that there is nothing left to know. “unknown” is deprecated, and a loss occurs. A shift. A separation or rift. Unknown is unknown, and the cycle continues. A rebirth or renewing of sorts. Old is old, new is new, same is same. It’s how on and off can exist. How true and false can exist. How numbers above one and below zero can exist. You can also think of this in terms of expansion and/or dimensions. Maybe why you cannot have is without is not on certain planes and/or in certain existences.

        I dunno if God or gods/goddesses “actually” exist, but this is kinda how I’ve seen the concept of “The Trinity” and how it can be that three individuals can actually be only one, and also how time, matter, space, energy can more or less (potentially) simultaneously exist/not exist, and also do so at the same time and at different times in both same and different spaces. Things are simultaneously created and destroyed without either actually happening, How mind, body, spirit, soul, etc. kinda float in and out of our awareness. Joinings and separations that are always happening, and yet never happening.

        I could go on and on here and now, but I’m not gonna. Experiences vary so some of that may add some clarity or it may not. I just know that my experience has been that clarity comes and goes, and I’ve tried to develop a comfort with that. Anyone who says they see all and hear all and experience all and understand all, all the time? Meh…maybe, but that’s you and not me. Plus, I figure if all that is true, and someone really does know all, I’d know it. /shrug

        ^Pulsar sounds^

      2. frank – pretty much everywhere – ever heard the saying “I ache in the places where I used to play”

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