Round The Corner

Meet Me On The Corner.

Read into what you will. If anything.



Top Boffin says :

‘Aliens are dumber than Uranus’.



Lego and Bricks It.



#Prescribe Kindness. Oops.



And the Love Bug is catching on. Pass it on. Or don’t.


The waters have broken in Edenville and Sandford in Michigan.



The Wide Birth.


And what is just round the Corona ?


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  1. And the Alien tangent.

    ‘It’s ‘almost a racing certainty’ there’s alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa—and Mars could be hiding primitive microorganisms, too.

    That’s the view of leading British space scientist Professor Monica Grady, who says the notion of undiscovered life in our galaxy isn’t nearly as far-fetched as we might expect.

    Professor Grady, a Professor of Planetary and Space Science, says the frigid seas beneath Europa’s ice sheets could harbor ‘octopus’ like creatures.’

        1. 53 as well. The Love Bug gif must caught your attention !

          Don’t ask me how it works. No coincidence.

          Actually I was zooming with Jen a few days and mentioned I’ve got the period from your birthday to the Corona eclipse highlighted.

                    1. Trapped in a room with no hope of escape, except one door. But, the door has a sign that reads ‘Do NOT open!’.

  2. Michigan means “large water” – a state currently being governed by a whitty mer (sea).
    Sanford means a crossing, Edenville is “home”.
    Tao may be spielen in the water. Watao
    The Yellow Court of Neidan relates to the s-oil, the center/midland and the spleen. Spleen spielen.
    Wuzhen Pian
    Pi itself is water
    Wuzhen water town
    Wuzhen watao

      1. And I had just come from Eden.

        Tell me more about the strange lady. 😊

        Today’s doodle is fun. When you play the song notes it get drops of water splashing 💦

        1. Difficult to describe why she was weird. Had strange hair cut and clothes. Seemed very pleasant though.

          Said she needed to go to the bank for her mother. Just one of them when you think this is about something completely different.

        1. No, watch from 20 minutes for the flood of flooding. Or don’t and spit venom at me instead for daring to try and strike up a conversation with you…


          *I don’t know, Clicky… /shrugs…*

          *Michigan itchy can… /scratches arse and wanders off…*

      1. I remember when you said your father was a squirrel and wrote a long piece about why and different people responded including me. I said my father was a dolphin and said why. Next thing you know you create an ugly character named “clicky” with an avatar so ugly DDNA rightly called it out after you/it started harassing her. Then DDNA and I started to rif on melanin and I called it the Library of Libraries or LOL and also said laughter is my only philosophy. Next thing you know you’re ridiculing our exploration and our sincere inquiry into possible reasons why “black” might have been singled out for so much hatred and you start to make claims that “smokers have it worse.” Then you create a blog and call it the Library if Libraries/LOL and constantly post your authorship of various trite and tiresome ramblings here as if we couldn’t all visit your sites ourselves by now if we wanted to. You think it’s cute to refer to me as A Void because you want to even though I’ve told you i don’t like it. And you pretend that you’re so clever and lovely and you treat others how you wish to be treated. Bullshit you do.

        Seems you’re turning 53 yet you’re still like that smelly kid on the playground who follows people around everywhere imitating them and turning into them. “Single white female” movie type thing. And I won’t ever stop calling you out just like you won’t stop referring to me as you wish. Let others do unto you as you do unto them, no?

        How’s that for a floodgate? Carry on, Creep.

          1. You nailed it.
            The way you “acquire” things is low vibrational, just like your fake Queen.
            You were born in that soup. Can’t help yourself.
            Smelly pants.

  3. I don’t read your stuff, Creep. Haven’t for years. You’re an imbecile.

    Love and light!

  4. Yeah, like the world is gonna continue to be lectured about ”love” and ”light” and ”illusion” and ”letting go” from the biggest illusionists and thieves on the planet.

    Notes on Plagiarism by Fakes in the Days of the Fake Plague.

    Oh hey, Smelly Pants!

  5. Smelly pants: speaking of dumb asses and your royal anus, a particular message for you at 1:55

    1. At 1:55, A Void?

      *Nah, she said definitely said racist, Clicky… /lights up…*

      *Yeah, like that… /smokes… Hey, wot do you reckons wiv all the smelly pants?*

      *Ahh, makes sense… /nods… that A Void’s a clever ‘un, Clicky..*

      I agree, A Void: Concentration camps are a disgusting invention.

    1. “Sort of like mold takes over a piece of bread.”
      Sort of like Mooldhara takes over an entire planet.

            1. I saw that about Jeremiah O Brien as well. My thoughts are Job, Jeremiah was a Bull Frog and O’Brien from 1984.

  6. Smelly Pants, is yours a yeast infection? Like mold over bread? Mooldhara ruby red?
    Need help letting go?
    Here have an enema:

  7. I imagine like Queenie your bottom is particularly big.
    Is that where you guys hide all your stuff?
    Here, have another!

  8. When Smelly Pants turns the corner it takes 15 minutes for her bottom to catch up.

  9. “Hey Donnie, I just pulled this outta my ass this morning. Do you read Classical Skidmarque?”

  10. Haha, Frank!

    When I finally realized I can’t “continue” my posts until I come back here with you:

    “Meet Me at the Corner”

    Because, they DO continue!

    And I thank you <3

        1. Point is…..

          This is ALL pointless.

          I love you, says Rachel

          And I love you, says the Batman

          We have to say goodbye.

    1. Trinity.

      Beautiful lyrics.

      ‘Meet me on the corner,
      When the lights are coming on,
      And I’ll be there.
      I promise I’ll be there.
      Down the empty streets,
      We’ll disappear into the dawn,
      If you have dreams enough to share.’

      1. Frank.

        Well I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging….

        Here I am!


        I actually received a, what would it be called in “Trinity” language?

        A BODY SLAM…. of an insight this evening.


        And I almost went about posting it right away…..

        But Yah-who-ah, my Heavenly Father, also led me to ponder…..

        Hmmmm, you know how you have been “posting” every night, yes under the influence, and how you can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning?

        How about, you don’t post “under the influence” anymore, and it’s not because it’s BAD or that you are a terrible girl….. No, it’s just you’re “pouring your heart out” too much.

        I want you to save some of that LOVE…..

        for yourself.


        So I've got a MONSTER POST on tap for YOU ALL…..
        scheduled for tomorrow morning.

        1. So to drum up attention and to alert Truth seekers as to what I am about to drop: that St. Paul WAS….

          the False Apostle

          And that you must GO BACK…. and THROW OUT all of “St. Paul’s” LETTERS in the BIBLE, go back and it’s TOUGH….

          I’ve been worried that I was not right about that, and now I know I’m right.


          I’ll lay it all out in the morning but um….


          To all my Friends! To all my Family!


          To my whole CHILDHOOD, which I loved, raised in the parochial elementary school at ST. PAULS!!!

          To all my…. Domers!!!

          How I LOVE Notre Dame.

          I LOVE YOU, ALL

          The TRUTH must be SPOKEN

          I’m sorry I’ve lost you all as “friends” and “family”

          But YOU MUST WAKE UP

          1. This WON”T be a “BOOM” for any of my friends and family, and for most Catholics, they won’t even hear it.

            This is for truly seekers of Christ.

            And it’s not BIG or a BOOM at all, and that’s because…..

            Satan, the SSSERPENT, is the “most subtle” of all God’s Creations.

            It’s a very very slight…. twist…. on the Truth.

            1. So…. to prepare my students for the Truth, and for my students of the Truth to PREPARE (Hi, Sarah. A “thinker” if ever I knew one…. <3 )

              The following is not me but from this website:

              I'm going to make some startling points to wake your mind up into the truth, so hear me out, then I'll go through and explain each one and give you all the proof you need to see for yourself that what I'm saying is indeed the truth.

              Paul was Satan in the Flesh

              Paul was never recognized as an apostle by the Disciples OR Jesus

              Paul was never trained by the disciples, the men who walked, talked, and broke bread with our Saviour. He received his knowledge from "revelations."

              Paul's account of his Damascus Road Experience changed every time he told it, thus the disciples knew he was lying.

              Paul declared he was teaching another Gospel of which he himself was the Father

              Paul declared he himself was the son of God

              Paul issued his own commandments and laws for people to adhere to

              Paul taught the exact Opposite of what Jesus and His real disciples did.

              Paul worked to destroy and undo everything Jesus and His disciples did and were doing.

              Paul was never repentant for being the greatest persecutor of Christians at that time! He boasted about it! Over and Over!

              Paul said God's law was a Curse. Jesus said it was a blessing. Who's lying?

              Paul condemned Jesus and His disciples for false teachings, he condemned Jesus Himself for having long hair in 1 Corinthians 11:14, something approved in Numbers 6:5 and Judges 13:5.

              Jesus Said: Keep the Sabbath (Mark 2:27), circumcise male children (Luke 2:21), Paul Said: Circumcision is not necessary (Romans 2:26) that is going against what the Christ said in Luke 2:21.

              In 1 Corinthians 15:1 Paul says that he was not giving them anything but what “he preached.” He explained this even further in the second book (or letter) to the Corinthians (2 Corinthians 11:17). It reads – “That which I speak, I speak it not after the Lord, but as it were foolishly, in this confidence of boasting.” He's telling you plain and simple he was speaking of himself and not from or of the Lord!"

                1. You know, I’ve been wondering…..

                  Am I “Care”?

                  You know, the “Care” they, I recently learned, ritually kill in their 3/22 secret ceremonies? The whole Moloch thing….?

                  The “Comforter” who comes before Christ?

                  The “Convicter” of the WHOLE WORLD of its sin?

                  Maybe I AM

                  And maybe….

                  I LIKE IT

                  MORE TO COME…..

              1. Good morning! Let me get right to it:

                “Ephesians Chapter 6”

                Now I was raised in parochial school, yes, St. Paul’s! And yes, a Catholic University….and was a top student too! And even I didn’t realize when these Bible readings we would listen to in Mass with these citations of “1 Corinthians,” or “Romans,” or “Galatians”…. weren’t what Jesus TAUGHT. Paul’s “letters” slip under the radar and are quoted by earnest Christians ALL THE TIME and they’re like the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
                And I see now they UNDERMINE one’s faith in JESUS CHRIST and in his WORD: That if you believe in HIM, YOU WILL NEVER DIE.

                OK, so in my SAGA (geez Louise! DECADES. Actually it dates to 9/11, come to think of it: since 2001) of being persecuted and slandered and disrespected, as if “the whole world has turned against me,” I remember hiking in Wonder Park, you know, the one that was formerly the estate of Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery and a couple years ago a tornado plowed through and the main trails are still closed with HUGE trees toppled over throughout the heart of it….

                I was hiking along, a group of pretty deer prancing into the woods just ahead of me… and actually reciting in my head the famous “Scripture” of “putting on the full armor of God” so that in this day of evil, “you may be able to stand your ground,” picturing each piece as I mentally put it on: the BELT of Truth, the BREASTPLATE of Righteousness (God’s approval), with comfortable SHOES (i.e. hiking boots, not heels!) for spreading the Gospel of Peace, taking up my SHIELD of Faith to fend off the arrows of hate being sent at me from all directions, and finally putting on my HELMET (Hell met) of salvation (Am I saved? “Born again”?) and wielding my SWORD of Truth (the Holy Spirit), which is the “Word” of God.

                And after some time doing this on my hikes and actually for years up until this time, I began to feel it wasn’t WORKING.

                The onslaught of hate-filled arrows have been NON-STOP….

                Why isn’t it working, I pondered…. and one day realized:

                You can’t just “put on the full armor of God!” ….

                It has to be BESTOWED upon you BY God!

                Ha, how do you like that. And also the suspicion that my trying to FIGHT my armies of enemies out there by “putting on the armor of God” was #1, not working OR PROTECTING ME and my HEART from “Satan’s” fiery arrows….but that it was actually making them penetrate more deeply!

                “Death by a thousand cuts” gradually shredding my heart into pieces….

                So after rewatching the RoboCop vid I love and posted in the last thread… I thought, He’s “Robo Cop” because he is “programmed” with one single directive: “To protect the innocent, and to serve.” [He’s also “human,” brought back from the dead, a martyr…. a “saint”!]

                And BECAUSE he keeps his eyes single to the Christ, single to the “Glory” of God, he is endowed with



                So I realized that if you are “in Christ,” you already HAVE God’s beautiful blue, shining armor on!


                So what the Devil did, through Saul posing as “Saint” Paul and an “Apostle” of Jesus Christ … was to lead “Christians”–BELIEVERS in Christ–to think they are VULNERABLE to Satan’s attacks–vulnerable to every single arrow of hate sent at you by your enemies that have surrounded you–unless you remember to “put on” the armor of God every moment! Every second, every hour, every DAY….

                And for them to not realize that when you are “in Christ” #1, you already have it on, you’re covered…. and #2…

                He CAN’T hurt you….. HE can’t TOUCH you!

                “THEY” can’t hurt you.

                Satan does not want you to know that.

                So everybody! There it is.

                Have a nice day!

                  1. “Trinity,

                    “You just won the SuperBowl…..

                    What are you going to do now?”

                    “I’m going to Disney!”


    1. And any MOM is ready to…

      “be like a man”

      And if there ain’t no “man” around?

      She’s READY to KICK YOUR ASS!

        1. Dear Friends, “Brothers and Sisters,”

          I won’t make this personal…..

          But they want me on here …

          until I die, or go bankrupt, or homeless.

          And then, it would be “their” victory.

          The Sant’Ana winds of winter are over, aren’t they?


          Spring is here!

          Time to say good-bye and….


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