Them’s The Rules

You didn’t think there was a choice did you ?



To help things along I’ve taken out a billboard in Times Square. Push a few buttons and see what happens.



The Writing’s on the Wall.



Reach Out.

Ill Be There 🙄.



It’s All There Is. Them’s The Rules.


76 thoughts on “Them’s The Rules

      1. Its interesting that 518 and 815 are mirror date as may 18 and august 15 and have pi code 227 as number of days or left of year.

  1. Lol I almost called you Trump, Frank.
    Frank, I am sovereign.
    I won’t be taking any vaccine, won’t be turning trans and won’t be following celebrities or nerds into “the light.”
    My body, my mind, my soul, my choice.

    1. He’s a she too.
      Trans gender
      Trans human.
      Hard pass from me.
      The only good fence is an offense.

      The issue with “crimes against humanity” is that in mankind made law, “humanity” isn’t worth much by definition. And where would such a case be tried? In the Haag, in the thick of the Hag’s den?

  2. What is your love substitute, your ideal?

    Awhile back Anon and I had a conversation about the illusion, and she said, ‘well have you stopped eating yet?’. Which was spot on. I explained that food was an issue with me. When my mom, who was the ideal of love for me, died, nature searched for something to fill the vacuum and settled on food.

    Ever since the crown opened, I have been deluged with food. My refrigerator, my cupboard are full. My kitchen table is half full and I’ve started pilling it on the chairs and asking if others can use it. And because the universe likes to laugh, it seems the more I try to give it away the more I get. 😉
    And there’s my Snap benefits account, which is food stamps. Which normally gets a $50 monthly deposit and now has way over $400 in it.

    Understand, I’m not getting cash money or clothes or male/female admirers or any of the other things that become a substitute. Just food. So I ask what is the outpouring of love looking like to you?

    You like to think that you’re immune to this stuff
    It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough
    Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love.

    1. Elena

      Someone’s definitely having a laugh at times. The Yolk is on you, it’s Humerus etc.

      I got a Gold Star yesterday ! Perversely I’ve got a sense of freedom with this. Withdrawing from need or something but it then chases you .

      I’ve had a few ‘special’ relationships over the years. Alcohol and cigarettes for example.Nothing against them really but the law of diminishing returns sets in. Personal relationships can be as well. Money and food are also substitutes connected with survival but in this reality and the way it’s set up in a sense you have to play the game with them. Even illness and pain.

      I believe they are substitutes for God. And also defences against God. Which then brings up the thorny question of who and what is God.

      1. Frank

        I just think we’re being given the chance to see our situation as it truly is. Without the distortions.
        The mask that covers our shame over our exposure as we keep a social distance as we hide behind the walls we build and call it home. This is us. And then there’s the matter of the debt, the payment, which seems to be piling up as the economy collapses.
        I’ve been saying we were going to relive the Eden moment of separation, but this is just bizarre.
        My question is why this happened, as much as who?

        And then I notice the one tangible thing that for me represents love, comfort, support and it’s filling up my home. Love is the thing that fills the emptiness.
        And I’m wondering, if I can see past the fruit and potatoes, the manifestation, what will I find there? What is literally at this moment, filling up my home and I suspect, yours?
        Everyone, please, look for it. 🙂

        1. Elena

          The Mask can work two ways. It can be a form of protection and disguise.

          Some of this is about changing how the currency flows I think. I’ve wondered for a long time what it would be like when the Shift really hit the fan. Flying through the clouds of guilt. It’s been weird enough up till now. Couldn’t imagine it and now it’s here.

          I see it all as an Illusion and this is about letting it go I believe. The Breaks It Withdrawal. Like you I’m fascinated to see what’s on the side of the Flippity Flop.

        1. Something about Operation Warp Speed.
          The Magic Carpet Ride.
          And a handshake that takes on a whole new meaning in a time of social distancing.

          He mentions the Manhattan Project and WW2 and in a roundabout way the herd or ‘heard’ immunity. Maybe to go along with the emerge and see.

    1. A Mac conundrum: how to claim pandemic in order to get bailouts and launder money and still earn money from crap biz? Greed on the way in and greed on the way out.

      “Love and light“

    1. Predo-cessors.

      Long ago I said laughter is my only philosophy and would sign off comets with “LOL.” You can go back and verify that. I’ve amended this now.

      I can no longer watch the Dem/Rep, Lib/Con blah blah blah. It’s all one fam “playing” and plagiarizing from the same playbook.

      Psychopaths laugh after they injure/erase others.

      (Cue maniacal laughter.)

      Elena, I didn’t know food was your love language when I asked that. I also asked Frank mostly in response to the constant assertion that the body isn’t real. That’s a nice belief but it’s isn’t knowledge. If it was knowledge the person with it wouldn’t be eating. They’d know (not just believe) they didn’t need food.

      on another subject does anyone else find all these “comedians” supremely unfunny? Degenerate, Carson, Spade, Leto, OBrien, all of them so bland their names escape me. No wonder they need laugh tracks.

      Cue maniacal laughter. Haha.

          1. I smile at birds, my animals, plants, water, trees, children, elderly, clouds, thoughts, bugs, songs. I hardly do this out of fear.

            Plus I was speaking of maniacal laughter after someone injures another and how it’s shit.

      1. Of course you didn’t know or even believe it. That’s why it was so surprising. 🙂

        1. I was surprised when you mentioned it too and sorry if I hurt you because I wasn’t referring to your loss or attempts to process it.

          This weekend I drove to another state. I met Eden there. I drove there in the rain and drove back in the rain. The freeway was splattered with animal parts. The most magnificent deer and raccoon laid out to waste, more roadkill than I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if the lockdown confused them to the point they forgot there was ever traffic and they enjoyed new paths across the land until they didn’t or if they were escaping from a force in their home territory and felt compelled to make a dangerous exodus. It was heartbreaking. At one point I saw a deer one one side and across the road a little baby and I couldn’t imagine what that loss must have felt like. I certainly cried inside. I don’t want a part of this cyst em anymore. It’s not necessary.

  3. I’ve been looking at the sheer beauty of creative output from the Nile Valley. Too bad it’s all locked up in vaults away from its place of origin. That’s a lot of energetic vampirism right there. More museums are putting their collections online now which is ironic: greater access albeit from a greater distance of creativity placed under lock and key while under lockdown. You want to bust the illusion? Start by letting all that go home. If “you” can’t even do it with sculptures and art, how “you” going to ascend anywhere? How “you” gonna let anything real go/be at home? Likewise, start by disavowing allegiance to the khazarians in the middle of U, k? Now that’s probably the biggest mass illusion on the planet— lizards driving around in golden eggs pulled by ponies and the crowds cheering them on. How sad and three dimensional and low vibrational is that?

    1. I was also looking at a digital collection of DaVinci’s work. I used to like his stuff but now I only see a technocrat, like the precursor to Darwin who had to label every damn thing. One collection of DaVincis drawings is all about war and weapons of war. How to build a better killing machine. That image looks like the latest fraud virus— it’s an image of cannon balls with spikes – a clusterfuck cluster bomb sort of thing. I can’t stand his stuff now.

    1. He was known as IZ and notably was A WHOLE LOTTA body. You could even say you noticed his body first. It was real.
      Then his voice and UKulele.

      1. IZ died in The Queen’s Medical Center.
        She has a wide reach.
        I wonder if she harvested his body parts.

    1. 💗
      Just posted about over the reign bow in allusion to life beyond the reach of a synthetic Zion represented by Q and crew.

      A hard reign is gonna fall.

      Yesterday I drive for hours through pouring rain. The sky was full of heavy grey clouds. When I arrived at my destination I noticed an area about a foot in diameter where a sprinkler seemed to have burst and the flow was heavier than everywhere else —but on closer inspection it was rain pouring down through what seemed an invisible tube rather than shooting up from the ground.

      The currency held back by the Edenville Dam in Michigan broke free. It defied its lock down. I’ve been wondering when locks and water would appear.

      1. Maybe heralding the ‘birthing’ of Antichrist, some say by May 31st with twin tsunamis.
        I sincerely hope not because if it does then there will be massive loss of life and the world will be in shock.
        Some say the 19th (6+6+6) begins the 13 days to ‘birth’ the AC..

        1. Ken if you believe in the Bible and that it tells the full truth and is prophecy, you are contributing to the unfolding of its plans, good and bad. You can’t accept that the BOR reveals the second coming of Christ but not the coming of an antichrist and various beasts. You can’t pick and choose.

          I myself doubt the Divine would confine itself to a book manipulated by men and a twisted perverted King (watch Marty Leeds on King James for starters). I’m looking forward to the element of surprise. The Divine breaking free from all these dumb predictable schedules and rules. No one has to die. We don’t need an antichrist to know and meet Christ.

            1. It’s the illusion of choice in the beast system. Like the dem/rep, lib/con falsity.

              The area where the dam burst is where Dow is located. Looks like another Flint in the works- poisoned water, a clean up (money/currency laundering) and then a water grab. It’s not enough to weaponize the aether, they have to control and own the water too. This happened in Midland. The middle way.

            2. “In Neidan the human body becomes a cauldron (or “ding”) in which the Three Treasures of Jing (“Essence”), Qi (“Breath”) and Shen (“Spirit”) are cultivated for the purpose of improving physical, emotional and mental health, and ultimately returning to the primordial unity of the Tao, i.e., becoming an Immortal.”


              “ The Chinese compound nèidān combines the common word nèi 內 meaning “inside; inner; internal” with dān 丹 “cinnabar; vermillion; elixir; alchemy”. The antonym of nèi is wài 外 “outside; exterior; external”, and nèidān “internal elixir / alchemy” was coined from the earlier complementary term wàidān 外丹 “external elixir / alchemy”.”

              1. “The verses of the Wuzhen pian are a work of literary craftsmanship and were probably intended to be sung or chanted. They teem with paradoxes, metaphors, and aphorisms, and their recondite style allows multiple interpretations. The verses are widely accepted as an elaboration of the Zhouyi cantong qi, but their philosophical basis is in the Daode jing and the Yinfu jing. Life, says Zhang Boduan, is like a bubble on floating water or a spark from a flint, and the search for wealth and fame only results in bodily degeneration; thus human beings should search for the Golden Elixir (jindan 金丹) to become celestial immortals (tianxian 天仙).”



                “The first known examples of the use of alchemical imagery in relation to meditation practices refer to Laozi as a deity to be visualized within one’s inner body. The Inscription for Laozi (Laozi ming) of 165 CE states that he “goes in and out of the Cinnabar Hut (danlu), and rises from and descends into the Yellow Court (huangting).(La divinisation de Lao tseu dans le Taoisme des Han; Ecole Francaise d’Extreme-Orient, 1992,47-48 and 128.)

                From the late second century also comes the first mention of the “inner embryo,” one of the most distinctive notions of neidan. It is found in the Xiang’er commentary to the Laozi, written around 200 CE and associated with the Way of the Celestial Masters, and the meditations described below are still practiced today.

                Taken together, the above inscriptions show that alchemical imagery was used in relation to meditation practices by the turn of the third century CE, and that the notion of an “inner embryo” already existed by that time. The step is not a major one from the notion of an “embryo” dwelling within one’s inner body to the idea of generating an “inner infant,” who is equated with the inner elixir and represents one’s own real self. In fact, as early as the fifth century a scripture belonging to the Lingbao (Numinous Treasure) corpus states that “the Golden Elixir is within your body” (jindan zai zi xing)….

                …Both the Central Scripture and the Yellow Court enjoin adepts to visualize the deities who reside within themselves.”



    That’s what happens when you tax the sea on the way in while manipulating the weather so you can also tax it on the way out. Whitmer (wit + mer), by the way, is one of those vrils with the false light. Below is not a glitch. It’s the lifting of the veil. She cannot stay in her body. She is not real.

      1. She is whoring for Biden to be sure and is anti Tara (terra). When I drive through the rain it felt very manipulated.

        Again, the element of divine benevolent surprise will destroy even the most devious of schemes.

      2. The vril (virus) that is unreal dying to occupy a body that is real while real people believe their bodies don’t matter. Son of a beyatch irony

      1. Roobs,

        The two dams are –
        “Edenville” = 88 (English Ordinal)
        “Sanford” = 77 (English Ordinal)
        88+77 = 165 = 33+33+33+33+33.
        8+8 letters
        9 (3+3+3)feet of water = 6x(6+6+6)inches
        The difference between Edenville and Sanford = 11.
        Both dams divisible by 11.

        “Dam” = 18 (English Ordinal) = 6+6+6.
        3 letters.

        “Edenville Dam Sanford Dam” = 201 (English Ordinal)
        Event 201 anyone? With Gates on October the 18th (6+6+6) with a trial pandemic exercise.
        From 18/10/2019 to 18/5/2020 = 7 months or 213 days or 30 weeks and 3 days.
        213 days = 71+71+71 days and 71+17 = 88.

        Antichrist birthed on May 31st anyone?

  5. From Mike King at Real History Channel –
    Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that Elizabeth Warren’s older brother died of Covid-19. (86 years old!)

    Boobus Americanus 2: This virus touches everyone, big and small.

    St. Sugar: Is that so, Boobuss? Then name for me ssomeone of note in politicss, ssportss, entertainment, business or academia who died of Stupid-19!

    Editor: Abject stupidity is now “the new normal.”

    “…….there is NOT ONE major nor minor muckety-muck (well known political/sports/entertainment/business/academia individual) (*please do tell us if you know of any) under the age of 85 on the Covid-19 death list in the United States. How can this possibly be?”

    Because the whole thing was a con, a deception, a lie!

    And so, when they come along with the vaccine for the con will YOU be taking it?
    That would clearly be a very stupid thing to do!
    Do some research and find out the truth what it is going to do to you, possible assisted by the 5G transmissions.

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