Bright Eyes

Is it a kind of dream
Floating out on the tide
Following the river of death downstream
Oh, is it a dream?
Bright eyes, burning like fire
Bright eyes, how can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?


The Journey of the Soul.

Eye 2 Eye.

I 2 I.



Deep Shit, Deep State, Deep Fear, Deep Fire, Deep Love.

On Thursday evening I read that Dr Bright had been told ‘We’re In Deep Shit’.



All Things Must Pass.


And on Friday morning, when out and about I thought I can smell shit and I looked on the road and there was a load of horse shit.



The Abyss seems to be staring back

Always Look On The Bright Side of the Abyss.

‘It’s a piece of shit when you look at it’.




But one man’s Deep Shit is another man’s Deep Shift.




The Prisoner. And Shawshank Redemption crawling out of the tunnel of crap.



The Prisoner – ‘Be Seeing You’.

WHO is Number 1,2 & 6 etc ?



There’s no safety in numbers though. Eventually the Numbers don’t work any more and the numbness wears off.

We all have our personal Numbers. President Trump has even been sending out a Number to most of the USA in the hope that it will keep the game of Monopoly going.



Peace Be With You.


24 thoughts on “Bright Eyes

  1. for an idle Sunday

    i think we all idolize (idealise) that which is precious to us & life (especially our own & that of our kin & those close to us) are amongst the most precious thing we possess so despite the pressures we persevere to preserve them – we idolise our children because we are them & they are us

    is time serving us or are we serving time? hear no-one’s perfect which is a sentience sublime. if when you’ve worked all life out you suspect that you’re dead don’t worry about it … it’s idle thoughts in your head. thoughts are not real, they come & they go but love is eternal when we go with the flow ….

    let’s have another from Jez … this could be about 5G & the beating of war drums (but actually it’s more about the tyranny of the metronome – though there maybe a connection there i think)

    1. Hi DK 😀

      ‘Idle Theory’ is the brainchild of Frank Davis of the ‘Blue universe’…

      In the ‘Whirled of MRS REGN’, Blue = Nutrition…

      Appropriately, Merovee Frank references shit in this post – Merovee is the ‘Red universe’ = Excretion…

      ‘The Whirled of MRS REGN’ is my take on the seven life processes that bind every living creature on this planet to this planet. It is a work in progress…

    2. Dunning

      I’m assuming you read the comments on previous article. Maybe you did or maybe you didn’t but bringing over Trinity’s comment and my reply to Trinity.

      ‘I AGREE, Frank

      I’ve “idol worshiped” my own child.

      It’s very hard to let GO….’


      It’s difficult accepting your children are adults. Letting Go. Being a Mother or Father can become another Identity. But it is understandable we idolise our children.

      Most parents are stunned by the sheer beauty of their children and awe is a natural reaction.’

  2. This graven ew world is a minion and his handlers’ wetdream.
    Rules rules rules.
    Rules for the sake of pretend ruling.

    I went to the store and saw that it was locked up with a little plastic kiosk set up outside with a shelf of hand sanitizer and a sign of instruction s. Masked minions in uniforms peaked out from the dark glass doors and when I pulled up curbside, told me to turn my car around in accordance with “the flow of traffic.” Lmfao!! THERE WAS NOT A LICK OF TRAFFIC ANYWHERE. But people gotta have their rules! The virus veers us!

    Yeah, no, not a part of this nonsense.

  3. It’s like those fucking tedious primary school classes that were so damn boring with assignments so obvious they bordered on abuse. Grown adults led around on leashes.

    1. Jennifer Porter in Sebastian Co.

      ‘I didn’t intend on all this destruction. I’m just going through a lot of crap.

      Bet you didn’t expect me.’

    2. He’s a she.
      Have you seen photos of him pre branding?
      Looks like a common eastern European low level money launderer.
      Please don’t hype him up here. It’s bad enough seeing Katy Perry’s every word being hung on as a reflection of life/reality.
      These are frauds. True illusion.

      1. They are all front men for the illusionists.
        If you analyze what they’re shilling, you’re a shill.

      2. Ok I’ll start.

        “ The opening line of text that appears on screen in The Matrix after the title sequence contains the word Trans; “Call Trans Opt”. It’s literally the second word in the film after it starts. Maybe that’s a coincidence, but the same line of text also appears right at the end of the movie, bookmarking the experience.”

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