I Love You So So Much

Turning ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’.

‘She said there is no reason’.

It’s all very freaky and many try to shut the Freaky box when it opens and desperately hold on to the familiar. But the Freaky is the Free Key. And it’s open now.



‘I Love You So Much’ has been upgraded. It’s now ‘I Love You So So Much’.

The writing’s on the wall.




Love Sick.

‘You’ll be the death of me’.



Be Patient.



If Not For You.



There is no cure. Get over it.


66 thoughts on “I Love You So So Much

  1. Just finished an online meeting with work colleagues and one was has been feeling nauseated all weekend, and another’s husband was vomiting for two days last week. So really interesting to open your post, Frank, and see the image of the woman puking love hearts.

      1. Lynn from Skipton.



    1. Satan grins at you from BEHIND (yessss! It’s ALWAYS about the “behind”!)

      ….. he grins at you from his “pictures” of LOVE.

      That is, once you KNOW what he is up to…..

    2. And I DO!


      I did not mean this sarcastically toward my SISTERS.

      I love you Meryl…… ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. And Kelly, and Audra, and Christine……

        I LOVE YOU ALL! I can SEE your love for me as well, EVEN IF…..

        hahaha, EVEN IF…

        you are all “trannies.”

        LOL! I get it, I get it…..


        I LOVE YOU ALL

        Like I said, YOU are not my “enemy.”

        Now I KNOW who I am up against……


        It’s not a matter of FIGHTING him, or BREAKING THE CURSE, or….. “OVERCOMING”

        No, it’s all about being Dirty Harry!

        It’s a matter of OUTSMARTING him.

        1. Do you think there was a “reason,” or was it just an accident, that Max von Sydow, was cast as Father Merrin in “The Exorcist”?

              1. I know the Devil is real because…..

                “The Exorcist” IS….

                my story…..

                A successful divorced woman, who clearly is devoted to her only CHILD.

                Rumors of her “hooking up” with another man, not her child’s father…..

                Scrambles and sounds from the attic, after a “DOOR” was left open…..

                Her beloved child becoming possessed, after “playing” with the devil at on her OUIJA board, because she was neglected, not being watched over, left vulnerable, her father “missing,” and her world BROKEN.


                1. “I Dare You to LOVE”…..

                  MOCKS the Devil.


                  I’m not dead yet.

                  That MEANS…..

                  the Chess Game?

                  Is still in PLAY.

                    1. It’s all very very sad…..

                      I researched The Exorcist recently and there was the sad story of the aged actress who voices the demon’s voice, and how she suffered from bronchitis her entire life and how that lended demonic power to the wheezing voice of the devil… and then just now I came across this:

                      Orson Welles called her “the world’s greatest living radio actress.”


                      But then we look back and learn that her son ended up killing his wife and his children….., what?

                      Yup, I don’t know if that was before or after she said this:

                      “One of the most destructive things in my life was the kind of parts I played in pictures. I studied Shakespeare and the classics, and I end up shooting Joan Crawford and killing a horse that Elizabeth Taylor was in love with. I’m serious. I played the worst harridans, the most hard-bitten women, the absolute heavies, and it just about did me in.”

                      I’d say, do not accept parts, Hollywood, that channel the Devil.

                      Or you will become One!


                    2. And do you know HOW Satan gets our children?


                      When the child finds out the TRUTH:

                      That “Santa Claus” is not REAL……

                      It causes a PSYCHIC BREAK in that child.

                      He no longer TRUSTS in his own parents who LIED to him……

                      And he therefore puts his trust in the authority figures all around him, who seductively tell him: WE love you (not your whore mother who lied to you!)…. WE can help you. (she’s a LOSER)…..and WE will guide you to SUCCESS.

                    3. We parents have all been conditioned to want to make our kids TOUGH, so they will of course SURVIVE.

                      Little did we know that it was just Satan … and how he craftily STEALS them … right from under our nose.

                      Sure, here’s the story of “KING LEONIDAS”

                      But he is KINGED…..

                      and then he DIES and leaves his son FATHERLESS….

                      it’s a TRAGEDY.

                    4. I just wanted to add in here for anyone interested, that it’s amazing and I remember looking back, how much Linda Blair was demonized, to the extent that just her name conjures “evil” for us stupid sheep fed through Hollywood’s machine….

                      But if you really look at the STORY she was part of telling, her character was a COMPLETE victim.

                      It’s just an example of how people DON”T want to “SEE” that the “DEVIL” is REAL!

                      And that YOU could be a VICTIM too.

                      And rewatching it you see how much of a HERO the mother, played by Ellen Burstyn, is.

                      She doesn’t give in to the medical establishment’s failure to “save” her daughter! “Just give her MEDS….. or a lobotomy!”

                      So she reaches out of her comfort zone to Catholic priests in DESPERATION to get her DAUGHTER back.

                      And Max von Sydow, “Father Merrin,” WINS the Chess Game vs the Devil!!!

                      He “loses his life” but wins his SOUL.

  2. It’s funny how I feel the need to APOLOGIZE for my lengthy posts….

    But maybe that’s just part of being a woman.

    Insight everybody!!!

    I AM one of the first women who has ridden out this “feminist” wave….

    to its sad end.

    Raised to believe that we are EQUAL to men, we don’t NEEd men at all, really…..


    That’s a LIE.

    I from all appearances have done it.

    My son is an M.D. and is on the FRONT LINE of the pandemic.

    But the PROBLEM lies in the fact that, I’m still a woman.

    And I perhaps have raised a son to believe I’m SUPERWOMAN.

    But I’m not…..

    I’m starting to get old…..

    And maybe my son doesn’t understand that.

    Maybe he thinks I can just get another job and KEEP GOING?

    Maybe I can, but I’m just commenting on the fact that us “LIBERAL WOMEN” have been duped into painting ourselves into a corner.

    Unless you have money…..

    The end may not be pretty.

    We’re the “widows” that are scorned and lowly and among the poor mentioned in the Bible.


    I pray our “men,” our SONS…. can rise to the challenge!

    Of “taking care” of their MOTHERS.

    We’ve worked so HARD to get you where you are!

    So now, become Real MEN…..

    and HONOR your responsibility …..

    to take care of us.

      1. Making healthy people wear MASKs to simply go out and about in public is JUDGMENTAL!


        Oh, “they could be INFECTED and don’t even know it?”

        YOU, the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, are treating US….


        the UNITED STATES….


        As little more than…


        1. It’s in our “American” DNA…..

          We don’t DO like in Europe and give up our guns….. even those among us who don’t even have one.


          We DON”T comply…… to TYRANNY.

          Hi, Anna!

          How ARE you, these days?

          I don’t even KNOW…..


          Do I care.

            1. Trinity

              Crazy times. Keep the faith as they say. It does work but sometimes the result is different to what you expected.

              1. Gee, Frank

                So comforting.as always…

                I DON”T EXPECT a RESULT anymore….

                K, Mr. Frank MOBSTER…..

                No I WON”T keep the faith….

                WITH YOU.

                  1. Um….


                    Don’t respond?

                    Lower yourself to “their” level….and to their “sense of humor” that, first off, I “don’t GET,” and if I try to “get it,” it’s just creepy and disgusting….

                    Or ignore?


                    Good one, Elena….



                    1. Point is, I call out secret “trannies” …

                      NOT because of their ANATOMY or the sexual “dog-like” act I’ve been accused of and that they revel in.

                      This is SPIRITUAL, not ANATOMICAL, warfare…..

                      These “sodomites” are breaking God’s LAW.

                      And are so very very damn PROUD of it.

                      THAT’S my BEEF.

                      Secondly, they HATE women.


                      Because this is Satan’s WAR ….

                      on CHILDREN.
                      And mothers DEFEND their children to the DEATH.

                      It’s a war on INNOCENCE

                      Satan’s primary GOAL is to DESTROY the BEAUTY and INNOCENCE and ALL of the Most High’s CREATION…..

                      including, in case you didn’t notice?

                      The Earth….. flat or otherwise, he’s DECIMATING it.

                      The “GARDEN”

                      There’s some kind of Satanic MIND CONTROL in here…..

                      Let’s listen, cuz I like it too…..

                      What is Satan DOING to us who in grew up in high school and college thinking this song was so cool?

                      Something not “good,” I have a feeling…..

                    2. “We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,
                      And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

                      “By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong,
                      And everywhere was a song and a celebration.
                      And I dreamed I saw the bomber jet planes riding shotgun in the sky,
                      Turning into butterflies above our nation.

                      “We are stardust, we are golden, we are caught in the devil’s bargain,
                      And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

                      There you have it.

                      Love of self, not of God, the Father.

                      “Do what Thou wilt.”

                      “LOVE ONE ANOTHER, no matter “what.”

                      Just BE LOVE.

                      The philosophy FED to us, “seeded” into our minds, that gave birth to the NEW AGE movement…..

                      And, What?

                      “A COURSE” in MIRACLES.

                      Like, we can ALL perform MIRACLES!

                      We don’t NEED God the Father or Jesus Christ his SON at all!

                      WE CAN ALL JUST TURN INTO BUTTERFLIES and FLY back HOME.

                      Satan’s GREATEST Deception.

                      Because it’s a DEAD END.

      1. God has let me know, at death’s door.

        I am… “WINNING”

        And I SHOULD, as “Frank” says


        SO I will!

        YES I WILL.

        1. I guess it’s all about being “misunderstood”


          And you don’t understand what MY definition of “winning” is.

          You just don’t….

          GET ME.

          1. BUT!

            I now understand YOU.

            maybe just a “little bit”….

            But even THAT puts me BACK, at an advantage…..

  3. I think this is such a good (brilliant and to the point?) video explaining what is happening to everyone everywhere.
    Big Tech IS Big Brother! You WILL be just a slave and do as you are instructed.
    This video should raise the concerns of even the most blissfully ignorant person!

    1. Nice one Ken. what i love about plucky little Fox news is the way that theyโ€™re not at all part of the MSM. always on the side of the little guy โ€“ telling it how it is & โ€œsticking it to the manโ€ ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Satan crossed my path my last two visits to “P” Town (Sssodomy Sssentral on the East Coast, where “they” are so OUT and so CELEBRATED….. Little did I know there are MANY) in the form of a fox, grinning, trotting by nonchalantly as I looked on and and when I chased after it to get a pic….. seeming to “disappear” into thin air.

          Satan appears in animal form to me all the time now in these End Times, and they don’t look “natural” or BEAUTIFUL like God’s creations at all. Even the cutest black-capped chickadees scare me once in a while….The fox was mangy and grey, not luxurious and rust-colored…. or like the deer on my path in the hills BEHIND my house, it had a disturbing look in its eyes and a black snout…. OR Satan will appear in for example the form of the SUPER BRIGHT RED cardinal I spotted in the trees on the Appalachian Trail, but you can never get close enough to get a really good look at it, as it seemed to be laughing as it shook its tail feathers at me…..

          “FOX” = 666

          And the Devil I’ve FINALLY seen in the ancient willow BEHIND my house….. The tree in shadow looks like the horned Goat God himself.

          There’s a couple of these gnarly HUGE trees, with scary branches that reach toward the house but never fall on it…. always threatening but I’m not afraid of them anymore….

          And in the branches I can see from my Oscar Throne in which I type away on my “Corona” typewriter (see Angela Lansbury in “Murder She Wrote,” on hers, in a TV glimpsed in “Knives Out”…..)

          I’ve just in the past year have FINALLY SEEN it: The branches form a hand doing the 666….. like a yoga “devotee.”

          Why am I telling you all this?


          I’m thinking I should just stop if you haven’t gotten “The Message” by now.

          And 37….. Liver-MORE!!! (more LIVER, please, orders Hannibal the Cannible….)

          The house I grew up in, similarly haunted!!! I always had nightmarish dreams of that house, something lurking in the basement,me running out of it to escape. It was a dark and gothic house, and gosh, I think we thought the previous owner had passed away in my bedroom!

          37 methinks is just another of the Devil’s numbers that mock the “1”

          3+7 = 10, which equals….

          the “X”

          And I have an “X” on my front door in this house….

          And 2 “X”s in the attic….

          X is mockery of the Cross.

          Oh, and the childhood rhyme I learned somewhere, I don’t remember where, which I’d chant to my niece? It’s a back massage (and I’ve learned that being “tickled” as a child, as I know I was, is a precursor to, or really just a so-called MILD form, of pedophilia…. because it’s entrapping. And you laugh so hard but end up CRYING for it to STOP:

          “Hunting for treasure
          X marks the spot!
          Two dots, two lines
          A Question MARK?
          A pinch, a squeeze….
          (Blow on the child’s neck for effect…)
          A tropical BREEZE…..
          Blood gushing out…

          I GOTCHA!!!!”

          And she’d always beg for me to do it again.


        1. ‘The planet Jupiter is traditionally associated with the king of the gods, so Dante makes this planet the home of the rulers who displayed justice.’


  4. Thank you, Linda Blair.

    I think people should not be too scared now, to REVISIT “The Exorcist.”

    I think, it’s an inspired film.

    And the Devil?



    Because he is EXPOSED….

    1. But why the choker?

      Is that “code” for something…..

      Was Linda so tough through it all because……

      she was really a boy.

      Could a GIRL have gone thru all that?

      I’m serious, because that is SIRIUSly WRONG and DECEPTION of the highest sort, and well, SATANIC.

      1. And you know?

        The big giveaway is always the hands.

        Look at those hands! They always jumped out at me, like in the clips of “Linda” putting in “her” contact lenses…..

        The HANDS.

        They just DON”T FIT a little girl’s hands.


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