Lavender Land

Keep Calm.



Personally I’m not buying into the illusion. I see this as part of the ‘Ascension’ process and a portal to take us through to ‘Another Place’. I welcome it but I realise there are those who don’t feel the same way. They don’t understand it and they don’t like it and wish it would stop or go away. But I think at the level of the Mind, it has been agreed by ‘All that is real’. It’s a collective fractal decision I believe. However at the same time, we still have to deal with whatever shows up and do whatever it is we do but I’m taking the view God is in charge.

And the next part is a kind of advance warning. A few weeks ago, Roob mentioned that the Summer solstice this year on the 21/6/2020 will be a Corona Ring of Fire Sun Day Eclipse day.

Interestingly the Forbes Mindline says the Solstice eclipse will ‘Rock the Roof of the World before The Big One’ which is a reference to a later Solar Eclipse on 14/12/2020. But one eclipse at a time.

Click Forbes. Com. Written by JC – Senior Contributor.



And shortly after, MJ left a comment about the ANTibody crop circle at Sparticles Wood which appeared on the 21st June last year describing it as an Interdimensional Portal and linking it with the Solstice eclipse. This has triggered some deep thinking for me and I’ll explain why I think it connects with the Summer Solstice Corona Eclipse and another Summer Solstice 22 years ago in 1998.



On the 21st June 1998 I got ‘Zapped’ is the best way to describe it and I find the 22 year in difference in 2020 as evidence there is some sort of link. Hindsight is 22. Both eclipses are also on a Sun Day.



On the Thursday night before things started getting weird and gradually intensified on the Friday and Saturday. In hindsight, some form of kundalini had been triggered. On the Friday, I experienced a period for about an hour where everyone seemed to have disappeared and Silence fell.

But this is where the Antibody comes in. On Sunday 21st June I went to visit my Mother with my daughter for lunch and afternoon. On the way back I drove very close to Sparticles Wood where the Antibody appeared. Probably about half a mile to a mile according to the map.

I was feeling very strange and a short while later, I dropped my daughter back to her Mum and I returned to the house where I lived at the time probably about 7 in evening.

I made a drink and went out to sit on a chair in the back garden. As I sat down, I looked up and the Sun exploded. It was beaming a vast amount of energy at me and it was directed at the Heart and Crown Chakras. This lasted probably about half an hour and from then on life went crazy and hasn’t really stopped.

But this is where this year’s Eclipse comes in. As I said, in 2020 there will be a 22 year gap. Somehow I managed to make it back into work at the Crystal Warehouse where I was working at the time. A few weeks later, I had to take a forced two week break from work because I couldn’t cope. The poor bloody infantry. Anyway, there was a customer who had come to the Crystal Warehouse in the week preceding and who also made a visit about a week after I got zapped. And as soon as she came in she wanted to know what had happened. She said my aura had changed from Green to Purple.

It’s About Time. I suspect the two Solstices are connected and a theory that makes sense to me is that what I experienced on 21st June 1998 is what will happen on 21st June 2020, 22 years later. The Arrow of Time in reverse. In a sense it has already happened but I experienced it 22 years ago. Or maybe happening simultaneously.



‘Follow Us To Lavender Land.’

The other thought that has crossed my mind is that the 2020 Solstice will be when the collective Self goes from Green to Purple.

I was fleshing out this idea with Jen on Zoom last night and this morning I went to do my shopping and this showed up. From Green to Purple. I see it as a sign that I’m on the right track with the idea.




And the moral of the story. Be Prepared.



Yet again 🙄.


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  1. Frank,
    Twenty-two is the thing, isn’t it? Times up. And NO catch 22. As if 2020 hasn’t been the stormiest ride yet, add Venus retrograde to the mix. But, that isn’t ‘bad’, it means you go within, or the things frozen in there are coming out.

    Molly McCord says “Venus in Gemini meets up with Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries three times over her retrograde period in 2020, revealing the deeper soul wounds she is here to heal within herself across many lifetimes. The internal focus of Venus retrograde brings us to the stories we’ve told ourselves (Gemini) as well as the energies we’ve been carrying around lessons that can be released with loving intentions (Pisces). We’ll look at how Venus will be shifting throughout May, June, and July 2020, as well as the importance of detachment and grace during periods of surrender.”

    Neptune in Pisces, too. Neptune, with the tuning fork is wondering “what does our consciousness describe as ‘real’?” Or, its the idea of ‘self’. What is the experience of the self from the soup of everything? And if nothing is real, then it has no meaning. But everything is nothing is everything. 😉

        1. MJ

          It’s along the same ‘thread’ as the mask.
          When Clark Kent pulls off his ‘suit’ he reveals his true identity in his ‘underwear’.

          And oddly enough on the previous post, Trinity out of nowhere called me Richard.

    1. Roob

      Thanks. I had forgotten that. Lavender is a very good movie. It’s about a Frozen In Time moment and forgotten memories.

      And Lavender’s Blue. Have to keep an eye on foam. Normally a reason why these things show up.

  2. From We-Key:

    Traditional Tarot decks have 22 cards with allegorical subjects. These serve as trump cards in the game. The Fool is usually a kind of wild-card among the trumps and unnumbered, so the highest trump is numbered 21. Occult Tarot decks usually have 22 similar cards which are called Major Arcana by fortune-tellers. Occultists have related this number to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 22 paths in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

    And Lavender is used in healing to treat that which can seem Viole(n)t to the Sol’s unrest.

    1. From we-key…
      “Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew word emet, which means ‘truth’. The midrash explains that emet is made up of the first, middle, and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet (aleph, mem, and tav: אמת).”

  3. “COVID nineteen eighty four” = 1638 (English Sumerian)
    1638+8361 = 9999
    in the Bible the number 9 stands for FINALITY.

  4. FRANK,

    For your info –

    From 21/6/1998 to 21/6/2020 = exactly 88+88+88 months.

    88, the number THEY like to use so much!
    88 keys on a piano
    44+44 xenon light for the twin towers light memorial
    88 light beacons in Perth on Australia Day 2003 for the 88 Australians killed in the Bali bombings 1yr 1mth and 1 day after 9/11.

    And from 21/6/1998 to 21/6/2019 (antibody crop circle) = 252 months = 12×21 months
    252 is also a key number used by Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest Physicist ever, for his Bible study predictions.

    2520 is the first number divisible by all the digits from 1 to 9.

    2520 is said to be the number of Biblical days in the 7-year Tribulation.

    1. Elena

      Are you Reddy ?

      Back last summer I got sinusitis connected with hay-fever and developed a red rash on my face. And I was thinking something along those lines at the time – there’s something in the air.

      1. Frank

        I had that strange “I’m melting. I’m melting.” sensation two summers ago.

        IDK I think like I tried to say to Ken yesterday, nothing that appears to be changing is changing. We’re just now beginning to see and experience the reality of what’s been there all along.
        For example, the surveillance we think is coming, has been there all along. We just didn’t realize it.

        It’s a new clear. 😳

        1. Elena

          I’ve been playing around with the wordplay with Nazi and Nasty.

          ‘When people turn Nazi’.

          And Blowing in the Wind.

  5. If we were letting Divinity lead us we wouldn’t be in lockdown, we wouldn’t be muzzling our faces with masks, we would have kept our places of reverence open, allowed ourselves and all children to roam in the parks and not fabricate an unnatural satanic “social distance”. We wouldn’t stay only in our heads. We’d enjoy and experience our bodies in living, loving ways. What is happening is artifice. Justifications for it are artifice. Observe the children. None of this is natural for them. That which is not natural law is not loving. It is man made law.

    Has anyone seen the images of Pope Pedo? Ministering alone? Pure desolation.

    Heaven is the other. Oneself and the other.

    There’s no thinking people away. To fit into clean models. Sterile-lies. Depopulation eengrams. Surgical jenny sides.

    The so-called Age of Aquarius: away from the empathic mind toward the narcissistic mind. No wonder MAGA is running the shit show (Microsoft Amazon Google Apple). Maga is satan. Those red caps on the forehead spell out the number of the beast. Look it up.

    Blissings to all the animals.

  6. Some interesting tweets from Elon Mask.

    1. “STAY HOME”! yells the Devil.

      “Stay home,” so that the glorious coming of the Light of Jesus Christ, the very SON of GOD, will NOT shine on YOU.

      Stay home, stay sick…. lie down, DOG.

      1. And you know what I say to that, SATAN???

        “Fuck” (your FAVORITE WORD, after all)….



            Merrin opens the door and sees Regan staring at him with burning

            eyes. Merrin steps into the room followed by Karras. Karras closes

            the door on Chris before she walks in. Merrin walks to the side

            of the bed and Karras halts at the foot. ( the room is freezing.

            Breath is condensing throughout). Merrin lays his holy water on

            the bedside table, takes a crucifix out of a leather case. He

            then traces the sign of the cross at Regan. She looks up.


            Stick your cock up her ass! You mother fucking, worthless



            Be silent!

            Merrin sprinkles some holy water on her. She throws her head back

            and cries in pain. Merrin leans down beside her and opens up The

            Roman Ritual.


            Our Father who art in heaven…

            Regan spits and hits Merrin in the eye with a yellowish glob of

            mucus that slowly oozes down his cheek. Karras quickly hides

            behind the bed post as Merrin pulls out a handkerchief and

            unhurriedly wipes away the spittle:


            Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on

            earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and

            forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass

            against us. And lead us not into temptation.


            But deliver us from the evil one.

            Regan is coughing and groaning as the two priests continue with

            the ritual.


            Save me o’ God by thy name, by thy might defend my cause, proud

            men have risen up against me, men of violence seek my life, but

            God is my helper, the Lord sustains my life and every need he has

            delivered to me, glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy



            As it was in the begin is now and ever shall be, world without

            end, amen.


            Save your servant


            Who places her trust in thee, my God.


            Be unto her o’ Lord a fortified tower.


            In the face of the enemy.

            Regan raises her head and screams at Merrin several times.


            Let the enemy have no power over her.


            And the son of iniquity be powerless to harm her.


            Your mother sucks cocks in hell Karras, you faithless slime!


            O’Lord hear my prey.


            And let my cry come unto thee.


            The Lord be with you.

            And also with you.


            Let us pray. Holy Lord, almighty Father, everlasting God and

            Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who once and for all consigned

            that fallen tyrant to the flames of hell. Who sent your only

            begotten son into the world to crush that roaring lion.

            Regans bed begins to jump up and down, crashing onto the floor.

            Regan continues to scream at the two priests.


            Hasten to our call for help and snatch from ruination and from

            the clutches of the noonday devil, this human being made in your

            image and likeness. Strike terror Lord, into the beast, now

            laying waste your vineyard, let your mighty hand cast him out of

            your servant, Regan Teresa MacNeil, so he may no longer hold

            captive this person, whom it pleased you to make in your image.

            Merrin sprinkles more holy water on Regan. She falls back crying

            in pain.


            …and to redeem through your son. Who lives and reigns with you,

            in the unity of the holy spirit, God forever and ever.




            O’Lord hear my preyer.

            To Karras’ amazement the bed begins to rise. Merrin waits for

            Damien’s reponse, but Karras is frozen with shock as the bed

            rises past his face.


            Father Karras? Father Karras? Damien? The response please Damien!


            And let my cry come unto thee.

            The bed crashes back to the floor. Regan still screams and

            writhes in pain.


            Almighty Lord, word of God the father Jesus Christ, God and Lord

            of all creation, who gave to your holy apostle the power to tramp

            underfoot serpents and scorpions. Grant me, your unworthy servant

            pardon for all my sins…


            Bastards! Stop!

            Regan stares at Father Karras and snakes her abnormally long

            tongue in and out at him.


            …and the power to confront this cruel demon.



            Regan falls back on her pillow and begins to groan. Both priests

            trace the sign of the cross. Merrin holds his purple stole to

            Regan’s cheek as green vomit slowly oozes from her mouth. Regan

            turns her head and vomits on the stole.


            See the cross of the Lord. Be gone you hostile power. O’Lord hear

            my prayer.


            And let my cry come unto thee.


            The Lord be with you.


            And also with you.

            Merrin takes the bile covered stole from around his neck and

            hands it to Karras who quickly washes it in Regan’s bathroom. We

            hear banging, as cupboard doors open against the wall. Regan is

            flat on her back laughing wickedly. Merrin holds his hands to his

            ears because of the noise. Karras hands the stole back to Merrin,

            who kisses it before applying around his neck. Regan continues to

            laugh as Merrin begins to cough violently.


            I cast you out!!! Unclean spirit…!


            Shove it up your ass you faggot!


            …in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!!! It is he who commands

            you! He who flung you from the heights of Heaven to the depths of



            Fuck him!!!


            …Be gone!!


            Fuck him Karras!!! Fuck him!!!


            …from this creature of God!!!

            Regan lays back as Merrin races to her bedside tracing the sign

            of the cross with his fingers in her hair.


            Be gone!! In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the

            holy spirit!! By this sign of the holy cross, of our Lord Jesus

            Christ, who lives and reigns with the father and the holy


            Regan sits up and with a nightmare slowness, a fraction at a

            time, her head begins to turn, swiveling like a mannequin’s and

            creaking with the sound of a rusted mechanism. Once again

            Damien’s attention is diverted and Merrin has to prompt him.



            Her head completely turns in a 360-degree turn and stares at





            Defender of the human race…

            A thunderous earthquake knock both priests to the ground.


            …look down in pity…


            You killed your mother!!! You left her alone to die!!!! She’ll

            never forgive you!!! Bastard!!!


            Shut up!!


            … upon this your servant, Regan Teresa MacNeil.

            Another quake knocks them to the ground. Regan falls back, the

            bed sheets fly off of the bed and the straps slowly rip apart.

            Regan’s eyes roll back into the socket and she slowly starts to



            I command you by the judge of the living and the dead, to depart

            from this servant of God.

            Regan is now levitating toward the ceiling, arms out stretched

            like a cross.


            It’s the power! (To Karras)- Holy water.

            Karras runs to the bedside table and grabs the bottle of holy

            water, he runs back and gives it to Merrin.


            It’s the power of Christ, that compels you.

            MERRIN + KARRAS

            The power of Christ compels you.

            Merrin sprinkles holy water.

            MERRIN + KARRAS

            The power of Christ compels you.

            Merrin sprinkles holy water and we see a cut appear on her skin.

            MERRIN + KARRAS

            The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you.

            The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you.

            Regan begins to descend.

            MERRIN + KARRAS

            The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you.

            The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you.

            The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you.

            The power of Christ compels you.

            Regan lands back on the bed once more.

            MERRIN + KARRAS

            The power of Christ compels you.

            Karras rushes to the bed and ties her hands together to symbolize

            the cross.


            He brought you low by his bloodstained cross! Do not despise my

            command because you no me to be a sinner. It’s God himself who

            commands you! The majestic Christ who commands! God the Father

            commands you! God the son commands you!

            As Karras turns away, Regan raises her tied hands and deals him a

            powerful blow on the back of his head. He falls to the floor.


            God the holy spirit commands you!

            Merrin sprinkles more holy water on Regan, she falls back and

            screams in pain.


            The mystery of the cross commands you! The blood of the martyrs

            commands you!

            The priests are again knocked to the floor by an earthquake.

            Briefly Regan lifts herself toward an apparition of the demon

            statue Pazuzu.


            Give way to Christ, you prince of murderers. You’re guilty,

            before Almighty God, guilty before his son, guilty before the

            whole human race. It’s the Lord who expels you. He who is coming

            to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire.

            As Merrin kneels by the bed, Karras crawls over and covers Regan

            with a blanket.


            Are you tired?

            Karras nods.

            Let’s rest before we start again.

            Merrin leaves the room, but Karras stays sat on the bed,

            shivering with both coldness and fear. Regan is asleep.


            An exhausted Merrin and Karras are sitting in the hallway, on the

            stairs, outside the bathroom.


            Why this girl it makes no sense?


            I think the point is to make us dispair… To see our selves

            as… animal and ugly… To reject the possibillity that God

            could love us.


            Will you excuse me, Damien?

            Merrin rises and moves toward the bathroom.


            Merrin sits on the toilet and takes out his pilbox. He extracts a

            nitorglycerin tablet and places it under his tongue. He is

            shaking with fear as he holds his head with exhaustion.


            Karras moves back toward the bedroom and enters.

            Karras is shocked to see an instant apparition of his mother,

            laying on the bed in place of Regan. It vanishes. He moves toward

            Regan, who is shivering and drenched with sweat.

            REGAN/MRS. KARRAS

            Dimmy, why you did this to me?

            Karras gets out a stehoscope and places it on Regan’s chest.

            REGAN/MRS. KARRAS

            Please Dimmy, I’m affraid.


            You’re not my mother.

            REGAN/MRS. KARRAS

            Dimmy please!

            Merrin re-enters the room.


            What is it?


            Her heart.


            Can you give her something?


            She’ll go into coma.

            Regan, in the voice of Karras’ mother, speaks a few pleading

            phrases in Greek to Karras.



            You’re not my mother!!!


            Don’t listen.

            REGAN/MRS. KARRAS

            Why, Dimmy?

            Damien breaks into convulsive sobbing.



            REGAN/MRS. KARRAS

            Dimmy, please!


            Damien! Get out!

            Damien arises from the bed. Merrin leads him out, and then re-
            enters the room himself. He sprinkles some holy water on Regan
            and kneels at her side. He holds her hand tightly.


            Our Father, who art in heaven…


            Downstairs Karras sits brooding as Chris enters.


            Is it over?

            Karras shakes his head negatively.


            Is she gonna die?




            He rises and starts ascending the stairs with renewed conviction.

            The doorbell rings and Chris moves toward the door. Before

            opening she applies the chain lock on. She opens the door slowly

            and we see Kinderman staring at her from the gap.


            Karras re-enters Regan’s room and sees Merrin face down on her

            bed. Regan is sitting up against the bottom right hand bed post

            as Karras pulls Merrin to the floor. Karras feels for Merrin’s

            pulse, then tries frantically to pump life back into the priest

            with blows to his chest, but gives up when he realises Merrin is

            dead. He hears a giggle and turns to Regan.


            You son of a bitch!

            He grabs her and pulls her to the floor. He begins to punch her

            in the face and head, then shakes her and nearly strangles her in

            his fury.


            Take me! Come into me! God damn you! Take me! Take me!

            A gargantuan struggle is visible in the demonic features of

            Regan’s face. His face has taken on a demonic shade, and his eyes

            have turned bright green. She screams out as Karras’ body jerks

            back, apparently manipulated by some inner force, which now

            reaches toward Regan to strangle her. Karras fights the force for

            control of his body, and he screams, compelling it toward the




            With his last angiushed cry, Karras leaps out of the window. We

            see him roll down the concrete steps outside and hit the floor at

            the bottom. His cry was immediatly followed by frightened sobs

            and whimpers that are unmstakably those of an ordinary little





            Chris rushes in and pauses to make sure that it’s really Regan

            again. She’s followed in by Kinderman.



            She dashes over to where her daughter is cowering on the floor.

            She flings herself down on top of Regan, cradling her and crying

            in hysterical relief, as Kinderman looks at Karras’ body from the

            window, looks at Merrin’s dead body on the floor and then looks

            at Chris and Regan.

        1. Do I really need to SPELL this out?

          John Wick threatens the MOB with:

          “You have my…… “Machina.”

          His “baby.”


          “Caroline Kirk” threatens the MOB with:

          “You have my …. SON.”

          Otherwise, I think it all plays out the same.

              1. I do have the NAMES of the “players” in my son’s “mob predicament.”

                That is, the Fear of getting his limbs either BROKEN or lopped off….. if they don’t sell his OWN MOTHER out….

                What AM I saying here?

                YOU FIGURE IT OUT

                    1. What I’m saying is I AM a mother.

                      And I feel as if my son has been stolen from me….

                      By the “Devil” i.e. the local mob:

                      The MOB

                      So I’m just SAYING…..

                      He seems to be being treated well.

                      I will “not touch anything” lol…..

                      So we make a deal.

                      And let’s just keep it that way….

                    2. Because if you EVER harm my son… in any way?

                      I WILL COME AFTER YOU


                    3. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, from Poughkeepsie to New Milford!

                      I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, period.

                      Just try messing with my son….

                    4. But the bottom line is?

                      God just wants US to have FUN.

                      And sometimes we become “criminals” in this world, just trying to love our family!

                      It’s not meant to be that way!

                      And I won’t make any dire predictions about anything.

                      God is in charge.

                      And I pray HIs Will be done, in ALL OF US.


                      All things work for the BEST for those who love GOD.

                    5. The other thing I will say is?

                      I give in? Won’t “touch” anything?

                      Under the PROMISE that you take care of my son….?


                      You let him GO.

                      Then, it’s a deal.

                      I think it’s retarded, but….

                      It’s a deal.

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