From A Distance


In a dream.


As Above, So Below says ‘We’ are Zooming into the Cosmic Reef.




Elena Sabbi says the image is amazing.

From Space. Com :

With a captivating new photo, the “Cosmic Reef,” NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope showcases the instruments’ incredible capabilities on its 30th anniversary.

Thirty years ago today (April 24), Hubble launched into space on a mission to open humanity’s eyes to the wonders of the cosmos. In a new Hubble image released today, the telescope captured two neighboring clouds of cosmic dust and gas: the giant red nebula NGC 2014 and a smaller blue nebula nearby called NGC 2020.

Hubble scientists named the image “Cosmic Reef,” because the sparkling, brilliant structures resemble a cosmic coral reef glistening in some secret corner of a deep ocean. This image was taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 to mark the telescope’s 30 years in space.

“This image is amazing, it’s really showing how powerful Hubble is,” Elena Sabbi, an astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, told “Today, it has the sharpest eyes it’s ever had.”


The Space Between Us.



But ‘Who Are We ?’ and does it matter ?



From A Distance.


All Is Well.


47 thoughts on “From A Distance

  1. All the masks programming people to fear next layer masque of nuclear war mixed with joker moves (laughing gas). There are no nuclear bombs. Only the sun. This is nuclear (cell) territory. The hunt for the God particle. The cell for sale.

    One trick ponzis.
    The shots heard round the world.
    Didn’t revere ride in on a Don- key?
    Or was it an ass?

    1. Revolutions—how many times until it gets old?
      How many times have we been here before?
      Stones rocks fire iron gold the old age looks like the new age. Dark elites light elites. Same ok same ol. Acting (we’re all “crisis actors” now?) out a preconceived script, pretending “future proves past” and past proves future. It doesn’t. It doesn’t either. Writing a book creating a syn thetic christ in a lab, worshipping AI, crashing it’s all, another ring for Saturns broken records, revolving “starting over” and doing it all again by the book. The book supposedly the word of god. Not the body. Script pushes anti-body remember?


  2. “Follow the book”
    Because the book can be altered rewritten. Whoever controls the AI the press controls the book.
    But the book is the body.
    Then control the body.
    Test (harvest) all DNA. Find the god particle.
    Vaccines block genetic markers.
    Change the book (body).
    Eliminate the God particles.
    Create a sin-the tic christ in the labs in Sino (China).
    Turn humans into wuhan chip-pan(demic)-Z’s (chimpanzees) for a faux Z-ion. See? Blah blah blah “future proves past”. Darwin was “right.” Survival of the fittest. Nope. Survival of the dullest. Survival of the oil riggers. Cheaters gotta cheat.

    1. Venus has been lovely. She was in the horns of the bull (shit) last week during the height of the show. Is she UBI and IBU? Nibiru?

      Why so skerred?

      They are not (of) God.

  3. Pirate robber barons.
    Trump (Q) and HC are Kissing(er) cousins.
    The faux allusion of difference.
    The malaria drug.
    Used to pretend to treat an ILU-Zion caused by Mosque-itos fed into the news during Quran-tine.
    Abrahamic spells all coordinated by the same source.
    Little source little source little force little force. Poof.

    1. Biden is biding his time souled out to the hive-st bidder. When their time is right Killary will assume her throne. HC vs Q. All the world’s a casino for the sinners and co-signers, sines and cosines.
      All faulty models.
      The play is boring.
      No element of surprise.
      Quantum oil rigging.
      Gonna get a flip phone.
      Flip the bird.
      Fiat air princes.

      1. Killary and Korean Killary (Kim’s sister)
        Let’s not watch that show.
        Change the channel.

  4. Funny the sin thetic AI Christ also comes with a Bill of Rights! LOL!
    Hook lock and sync-er.
    Give the plebes what they want.
    The illusion of freedom.
    The birth of synths and sinners, what 8.0 now? How many tracks on Saturn’s broken record?
    What a BoR. A new BoR while reading the Book of Revelations.
    More bores for the revolutions.
    Anyway read up. The human bill of rights is dead. This one is for the CL ones. The virtual realists who are only slightly real.

  5. How to create next batch of synths and synners BORn into Sino (made in China)? Play the script they’ve been programmed with. Play it by the book. Alter the book if they catch on. Call it magic. Call it God. Call it satan. Call it whatever you need to just stick with the program. Get humans to distance themselves, take anti-bodies, tell them it’s all in their minds, it’s all mind stuff, virtual reality, anti-matter nothing matters, there is no other, nothing is real. Love lite.
    Boom. A synth is born. Next generation L-Lites.

  6. The internet was created to create addiction.
    Addiction to the Little black cubes (Phones, laptops, etc) of Saturn.
    And to disperse porn.
    Porn will be the food of the virtual reality.
    How do you make love without touching?
    Hans solo.
    Alone. Just you and your mind and an avatar of someone you love floating vaguely in your head, wanking off attached to the machine.
    Master bait.
    The fisherman’s net has a big cast.
    Crisis actors.
    It’s all in the mines.
    With the vax and 5G, human energy will be fed into the grid (the cloud) which will issue commands to the chipped pansies who wait for their bits. Crypto- currency.
    Thought black bodies were the only ones they wanted for their mines? Think again.
    Crypto currency. Tales from the crypt.
    The living dead.

    1. Bitcoins —where does all the energy to run those machines necessary for it come from? Answer: US.
      With some “stimulus” packages attached.
      In other words porn.
      These current masks are just foreplay. Next step is laughing gas masks then VR headsets.
      The machine will let you get married virtually, have babies virtually, make friends and play virtually and feed you porn porn porn during “work sessions” where you earn your keep by accepting stimulus.
      In plain sight.

      We need the element of surprise. Everyone on the BORed game is stale.

    2. Anonymous, you are AMAZING…

      But, are you like anything else in this world, I’ve come to realize…..

      Are you of God, or are you of Satan.


  7. It is not difficult to define a god and make faux prophecy and signs of god using, what, 10 numerical digits and 26 letters? That’s only 36 bloody ingredients to manage. Even a little quantum computer would run and figure out all possible scenarios using mini 36. Demigods operate one that realm. Large to the programmed mind of synners perhaps but still finite.

    You can’t pin the real Divine down. You simply can’t.

    1. My ennobling message for what it’s worth – and maybe nothing but keep in mind spiritual progress is a journey. While everything is going wrong with the Whirled in a seemingly endless destiny of meaningless bullshit, everything is simultaneously going SO Right. The Divine has always been in You – a perpetual evolution toward The Creator, though you may never meet face to face. And a woke cog in the wheel doesn’t sleep as long as the programming is denied. Don’t be too distracted by the conspiracies to destroy what IS and will Always Be…which is You. The Demigods are unreal and merely teachers here for the unveiling. Much love to you, Anon. <3

      IDK, guess I'm having fun watching this play out behind the scenes. 🙂

      1. Jenifer,

        love your comment!
        Only I am afraid, there is no such thing as
        “behind the scenes” anymore:

  8. to define the divine? but if i define the divine am eye defying or deifying the design? i dunno . confucius say – in this pluto crazy everything is, an illusion. in fact pluto itself is faked.

    1. Elena

      I thought ‘Close enough’. To be resolved at some point hopefully. It seems to include friends and family who have absolutely no idea. Probably best ! And pets.

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