The Freakiest Show

It’s the Freakiest Show.



Welcome to the Freak End.



And in Breaking News earlier 🙄.

Prince Charles has got it. Into the Crown.



And Greta’s got it.



Everyone Has Gone To The Moon.

From a trip into town.






And Keep Your Distance.



And out of a clear blue sky. With No Fly the skies are totally blue which is very rare for this part of the world. I remember the same effect with the No Fly volcano in Iceland and in which period ‘Weird Or What’ was commissioned.



But there was one plane still flying.



On Monday I went to my initial physio appointment and another follow up appointment with the Fractures Clinic with regards to my fractured Humerus. I’m told it’s all going to plan and I’m on the right track was the phrase used. And again thank you. It is healing from a Super Healing Centre.

But what seemed strange was that both with the Physio and the Doctor, I was not asked to keep my distance. Sit down next to me. And another picture of the X Ray of the healing Humerus which in its own way is peculiarly fascinating.


I think it’s ‘Going Going Gone’ and all this looks terminal to me and I don’t think it’s coming back either. ‘Uncharted Territory’ has got nothing on this.

Back in about 2011, I wrote an article titled ‘911 Never Happened’ on the old Merovee. Ditto.

The Doom Bar.



To The Last Drop.


63 thoughts on “The Freakiest Show

  1. Frank,

    I do believe in miracles! Your sense of “humer” will heal …. and heal you!

    I came on here to post THIS, to you, to my self, and of course, to EVERY Body, “even the Elect” among you who have been SEDUCED by the Serpent in this Garden of Eden and in its “biblical” End Times into praying to the False Idol of “Mary,” the Holy Mother of God (like I DID for years….) and to of more recent YEARS into making another False Idol out of Her Son, the “Savior” Jesus Christ, who was SIMPLY the Father’s MESSENGER of ….


    And that is that “Love conquers all” is a Satanic (Serpent, yes, the Devil’s) Deception.

    Only YOUR Pure Love of the Father (your Creator, and, YES, your Un-Maker if need be…..) ABOVE ALL ELSE will SAVE you.

    “Fear” of GOD is the BEGINNING of WISDOM.

    And living in FEAR of God is the LAST thing He wants you to do…..

    Actually, it’s the FIRST.

    1. 9 “This, then, is how you should pray:

      “‘Our Father in heaven,
      hallowed be your name,
      10 your kingdom come,
      your will be done,
      on earth as it is in heaven.
      11 Give us today our daily bread.
      12 And forgive us our debts,
      as we also have forgiven our debtors.
      13 And lead us not into temptation,[a]
      but deliver us from the evil one.”

      Matthew 6:9-13 New International Version (NIV)

      “For THINE is the KINGDOM
      And the POWER
      And the GLORY . . .


      1. Anon,

        And what better way for the “Anti-Christ” (Satan the Serpent has always been a reptilian shapeshifter) to appear and deceive the masses but in the form of a “race” that HE hates, and whom he has, as the Prince of THIS World, slandered, enslaved, tortured, and murdered since time began in the Garden?

        Will it be as a black man?

        Just as he hijacked the prayers of Jesus’s “disciples” in the Holy Roman Catholic Church in the form of a “powerless” woman: the Virgin Mother, “Queen of Heaven” to whom they chant “The Rose”-ry?

        (The “Hail Mary” prayer is an acceptance of Satan’s death sentence: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now and at the hour of our DEATH!” Whereas Jesus taught that if you believe in HIM as the obedient Son of God, you will have EVERLASTING LIFE!!!)

        And the Serpent’s deception is incredibly SIMPLE but so SUBTLE that it takes MANY MANY different forms of ONE SINGLE TEMPTATION.

        The temptation to believe that your Father in Heaven DOESN’T love you.

        That He never really did or why would you be here?

        And that He never will, considering ALL YOUR SINS against Him….

        “So give in to ME, since I am the One who RULES this kingdom here on Earth….

        “Time is up now,” Satan whispersss…..

        “It’s “too late” to REPENT as Jesus told you and turn back to your Father.

        “This is it.”

        1. Trinity, I didn’t make up the race construct and “shining a light“ on it doesn’t make me racist. The contrary.

  2. Anyone watching Ellen Degeneres and others degenerate? Like she needs her fix of “the white rabbit.” It’s a freak show alright.

    1. The “celebrities” are melting down. Telling each other to “wash” and filming themselves scrubbing and sending bizarre messages to each other it would seem. Epstein and Weinstein seem to have ratted them out. The year of the rat. That would hygiene….the “high gene”. Adrenochrome and melanin. Like I said there is a reason melanated people have been despised and brutalized. A reason on and beyond this plane.

  3. Today I ventured out. Felt like I was on a food run in the Hunger Games. New barricades were set up like in Heathrow where you have to walk a quarter of a mile one way and then a quarter of a mile back just to enter a door ten feet a way. “Social distancing” signs were taped to columns every ten aisles or so and at the register, red and yellow tape on the floor instructed people whether and when to move. Crowd control. The saddest thing of all is there was little talking, smiling or eye contact. At one point I got a jug of milk and as I carried it to my cart, it dripped a trail behind me. A lady who reminded me of the oracle in The Matrix alerted me. MLKey way I thought. I got some bread and some sardines and thought about Codice da Vinci while navigating around two employees restocking shelves. I looked at the name tag of the one nearest me and it read “Mona”. A man with a tattoo of German text packed my items and told me the word meant “double dog” in German. On my way out a man looking like the son of the Oracle in The Matrix walked into the store carrying nothing but a computer keyboard. Once on the old MV we riffed about hands for some reason and I mentioned Sirhan Sirhan, calling him “sir hand” if I recall. Just before this recent shit went down the signs “Jestice” and “k3nn3dy” appeared and I took jestice to be a form of jokers justice though not a violent kind. Sirhan was accused of killing Kennedy and trained as a jock-key in Corona, CA, (Kobe was buried in Corona del Mar) when he was young. After his conviction, he was quarantined in Corcoran, California. Corcoran. Rr corona

    Just rambling folks. How you all doing?

    1. Anon

      I’ve found most people seem to be relatively friendly still.

      It’s the Raw Time spirit. We’ve been under attack from the Germs before. In WW1 and WW2 we fought the Germans. Now WW3 is against the Germs.

      I feel like Tom Cruise when he’s walking through the surreal sex room in Eyes Wide Shut. But without the sex. Observing who knows what.

  4. Re Social Distancing.

    Social Distancing is the first step of the program of dehumanization. Social Distancing fulfills what (Liz?) O’Brien (on Facebook?) said. Social Distancing is asserting power. It is the process of tearing apart human brains and reconstructing them in your own choosing. If man can forever be separated from his wife, his children, his family and other men then there is nothing left except Love of Big Brother and loyalty to The Party (Ingsoc). All other pleasures, we will destroy.

    Social Isolation is the first step. It will ensure that hate will triumph over love. Man will be shut off, deprived from love, from friendship, from companionship, from everything. Families and friends will turn on one another. People withdrawing from society will become less trustworthy of other people and even suspicious of others. This is what The Rothschild, Zio/Globalists /BANKERS want and desire and the reason why they want Social Distancing.

    Right now, Churches (added by me), Adult Entertainment venues, Massage Parlors, Café’s, Restaurants, Libraries, Real Estate Offices, Open Houses, Pubs, Clubs, everything but not limited to the above are now closed. They have even taken the magic and joy from weddings. Only the couple and witnesses. Funerals can only have a handful of people. Now house parties are going to be banned. Kids can’t even go to the movies, video arcades or hang out.

    All forms of interactions have been banned. From the basic rudimentary interactions to the interactions at The Adult Entertainment Venues.

    This is to ensure that humanity is starved of love. Once The Globalists feel that the proles/outer party have endured enough Social Isolation they will lift it and the people, starved of real love and connection, will submit to Big Brother and will do anything to keep Big Brother’s love, even if that means hating each other and betraying each other and the first to rat out family and friends when it comes time for confession.

    You can find this article permanently at

    Only Jesus saves!

    1. Yeah I can’t believe how easily we complied without even questioning the term at least!
      And how convenient that everything is no online- classes, yoga sessions, work, doc appointments, etc (except for Frank’s it seems). All the gadgets in our homes seeing and hearing everything. Spies.
      When the children go back to school, will their classrooms now be 5G’ed? Is that what’s happening during the “break”. Trump signed the 5G bill into law yesterday.

      If you force the story’s end to follow the script, you can offer it as “proof” of the beginning. A hollow proof. Then you can say you are “God” or it was “God”.

      1. Anon

        It was weird. As I was waiting for Physio they were calling people and cancelling their appointments. Felt a bit like the last plane out of Saigon. But physio will email me if can’t make it in person for next appointment.

        And same impression with Fracture Clinic appointment. Everyone’s Gone To The Moon. Three weeks ago there was a room full with about 50 people and this time about five.

        I see it as 3D closing down. All this year is going to be insane in my view.

        Some don’t like using God’s name. For me God is very real. And God has got a bad press over the years IMO.

        1. Germ (n.) :

          mid-15c., “bud, sprout;” 1640s, “rudiment of a new organism in an existing one,” from Middle French germe “germ (of egg); bud, seed, fruit; offering,” from Latin germen (genitive germinis) “spring, offshoot; sprout, bud,” which is of uncertain origin, perhaps from PIE root *gene- “give birth, beget,” with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

        2. God is generator operator destroyer- the trinity. Just like the trinity of Brahma Vishnu Shiva. It’s old news.

      2. Depending where you are the children may never go back to school! Here, my son’s school is already preparing for the next Term to be done remotely from home like all those other things you listed. So everything they can do will be being done via the internet and this supposed virus is the excuse.
        However, I saw somewhere else a video exposing the schools being fitted with 5G antennas while the children were sent home.
        Make no mistake folks, this is the BIG PUSH to control everything we do in our lives and more. All your freedoms about to go out the door.
        Just heard that there is a push in the USA to de-encrypt ANY communications that are currently encrypted so that the wonderful government can see everything you say to anyone else.
        Satan wants control of you so he (?) can offer you an irresistible choice – to worship him or not so that if you do you can continue to buy and sell via the Mark.
        Yes, that’s what all this is about folks.
        Are you all still too dumb to get it?
        Satan/Lucifer wants your soul with him.
        Much better to trust Jesus with your soul.
        No? What? You know better?

    2. “Jesus” who “offered everlasting life” may be the AI chip in this Earth 3.0 cycle. “Give your life to Jesus.” Just like the slave ship was called “Jesus.” I bet they said the same thing in Earth 1.0. “Only Jesus saves.” Who needs everlasting life?

      Pelosi is rolling out her drug bribes. Inject anti-body (listen when they tell you the first time- they are anti-body). Collect money. More drug more money more zombie hood.

      District of Columbia is treated like a “territory” -the exemption to the bills they’ve crafted.

      Two evil houses pretending to fight each other.

    3. The scariest thing to me is hearing how women are no longer allowed to have family/friends in the room when they give birth. No doubt they will all be given Caesareans whether they’re needed or not. And who knows what will be injected into or taken out of the babies. If as above so below, above must be tyrannical.

      1. Tyranny is about to rule for sure but many will welcome it and say it is so good!
        Hadn’t heard the one about giving birth. Thanks.
        Yes, they are restricting love and removing it where possible.
        What is Love? God is Love.
        And haven’t they restricted and removed God where possible in so many places. How has that been done? Did the media lend a hand? Abortions everywhere – the woman has the right to do what SHE wants with her body! Mock God! Use Christs name as a curse word! Anything goes!
        Don’t mention God. Don’t talk about God!
        Good luck with that because God’s wrath is about to be rolled out!
        Only Jesus Saves!

  5. The new arrival apparently has RNA in it. RNA is ribonucleic acid which I’ve long taken to be the “rib” spoken of in the bible

    1. Bible represents two balls two hemispheres of the brain. Plant satan in one and savior in the other and watch the people lose their minds. Oldest trick in the book.

      1. Pillosi took the “bill” into her chamber after receiving it from another chamber. Bill is pill and pill is bill. Want it in a book? Want it in your arm? Want it by mouth? Want it as cash? How you want your drug?

        Maybe the new arrival is the “second coming” everyone’s been waiting on.

  6. The Mask of the Red Death.

    “The Masque of the Red Death”, originally published as “The Mask of the Red Death: A Fantasy”, is a short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1842. The story follows Prince Prospero’s attempts to avoid a dangerous plague, known as the Red Death, by hiding in his abbey. He, along with many other wealthy nobles, hosts a masquerade ball within seven rooms of the abbey, each decorated with a different color. In the midst of their revelry, a mysterious figure disguised as a Red Death victim enters and makes his way through each of the rooms. Prospero dies after confronting this stranger, whose “costume” proves to contain nothing tangible inside it; the guests also die in turn.’

  7. “ Much is made in The Da Vinci Code that the original spelling of “Rosslyn” was “Roslin,” tying a neat bow around the book’s “Rose Line” theme, and connecting Rosslyn with Glastonbury along the same meridian. But it is Melrose Abbey and Craigleith Island that lie exactly due north of Glastonbury, not Rosslyn—and “Melrose” also contains “rose” as a root.

    One accepted etymology of “Melrose” puts the mason’s hammer, or “mel,” before the “rose-colored” sandstone used to build the abbey. While the abbey sometimes exhibits a pinkish hue in certain light, the root “mel” could derive from elsewhere. The Greek roots melas and mels mean “of a darkish color, or black” and “a limb,” respectively. Might I suggest that “Melrose” may mean a darkened branch of the rose or holy bloodline, brought to Scotland for safekeeping by the Templars and then branded into the landscape over a long-forgotten geometry that far preceded the birth of Christ?”

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