Big Time

Well 2020 has definitely hit the ground running. I was watching a video earlier where it said 2020 would be the last recognisable year in the Old Earth. And the little voice tells me that Reality is about to change ‘Big Time’ is the phrase used.



I worry slightly that it will be another turn in the Loop but the signs are 2020 is an important year. I believe our reality and experiences are a reflection of the Mind or releases of energy. Personally over the next few months, I’m in for a period of healing the Fractal break in my shoulder Humerus. Detaching myself from the experience, its fascinating to see how the mirror works.

Healing the Breaks It Divide.



This internal shift is why sometimes the external world doesn’t make any sense at all.

One of the main causes of our dysfunction is linked with Time and I maybe wrong but I’m seeing two main separate Timelines.

I was thinking about the significance of the term ‘Half Time’ show in the Super Bowl in Miami and then came across this article from Goro. Click Super 50. The pic of the 100 over 50 on the Half Way line seemed to speak of the same thing.




Meet Me Half Way.



More signs and portents. A fireball over the UR Al mountains at the end of last week.



And Into Miami.

English footballer David Beckham says his dream is becoming reality. He has created a new football team Inter Miami and taken a franchise with MLS in the US and built a new stadium called Lockhart Stadium. Very pink. Click ‘The Sun’ .

The Dream Team.



And the Wilderness : ’40 Days and Counting. This is becoming more real each day’.






Get The Party Started. IDK.



See You On The Flippity Flop.


91 thoughts on “Big Time

    1. Roob

      Shadow Inc and Half Baked.

      That seems to fit with the times. And for anyone who is interested here is a link to a book – The Shadow – which I wrote a few years ago.

      From Wiki :

      ‘A shadow is a dark (real image) area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. It occupies all of the three-dimensional volume behind an object with light in front of it. The cross section of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette, or a reverse projection of the object blocking the light.’

      1. The Shadow Secretary for Culture can confirm.

        ‘Who knew people could get so emotional over a shoulder’.

        Wearing One Shoulder dress in UK Parliament. Weird place this.

              1. Thank you 🧡

                It’s Humerus or non Humerus depending on mood !

                The official title is the Proximal Humerus.


                Proximal :

                ‘Next to or nearest the point of attachment or origin, a central point, or the point of view.’

                    1. To me that point in the performance was symbolic of the shattering ice at the North Pole and going through the plane that separates the sun from the black whole sun below. That’s why jlo re-enacted the crucifix at this point with the green auroras around her.

        1. Clicky

          You know what I say about Trump.
          “I know I’m not the Wizard you were expecting, but I just may be the Wizard you need.” – DJT by way of Oz the Great and Powerful.

          And Dr Who spoiler alert…the astronaut was ‘the man who fell to earth’ and his name was Adam. His husband named Jake short for Jacob I guess, in the end offers himself as a sacrifice to save everyone. Frank and I were just talking about Jacob, who emerged from the womb holding onto his twin brothers ‘heel/heal’.
          Sin, sacrifice, redemption. I’ve heard this before.

          And Buttigieg surprised US.

          America could have a ‘first gentleman’ in the WH and do it without a woman president.

          Out land ish. 🙂

      1. Elena

        Who enjoys looking in the mirror ? And I don’t think it’s the ‘bad’ stuff we are really denying but the good stuff that is truly scary.

        I’ve come to the conclusion disease and illness and accidents are a form of dark energy that needs to be accepted and integrated and let go rather than declare war on it.

        ‘Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out’ type of thing.

        1. A little while back I thought that “God” must be terrified of humans (maybe rather than the other way around) because there are so many rules as if to suggest we’re not to be naturally trusted. Plus if we are made in God’s image, if we’re afraid of him/her, s/he must be afraid of us as well. But it was just a thought.

                1. Hi Jen and Anon

                  Just thinking about what the snake said in the garden.

                  ‘God knows if you eat from the tree (of knowledge) you will become like god knowing all things’.

                  There’s usually a connection between ‘secrets’ and trust.

  1. I hope Trump blabs in his address tonight. That’s the way you get to hear the real truth about what he did/does/thinks. After the Super Bowl, I’ve had my decade quota of artifice.

  2. I don’t remember when I last saw the sun
    today it’s finally clear sky and bright sun
    what a strange effect
    I’ve never seen anything like this in my photos before

  3. Odd photos, Rain. Did it look like that in real life?
    Maybe it’s a reflection onto the dome. The black whole son.

    1. “About TWO years ago, a level-4 (the highest level, most highly Secured) Research & development Bio-Warfare Lab was constructed in Wuhan. Known as Wuhan 34. GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE IS FULLY AWARE OF THIS The Chinese public was told that the Wuhan 34 facility was a civilian use only, virus R&D lab. The facility is actually a Top Secret Bio-Warfare agent MILITARY lab.

      The public is not being told. There are obvious reasons why this information has not been released publicly. Bio and Chemical weapons are outlawed. … This virus was developed, then went to Canada, [and then] to Wuhan 34 [ed note: it was stolen from Canada by Chinese agents – caught-stealing-coronavirus-from-canadian-lab/].

      It was intentionally released – the timing is too suspicious. …People in Wuhan have been hit very hard psychologically. At night they are yelling out windows reassuring each other they are still alive, throughout the city.”

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