Without EU


Reality Shifts.



The Open Universe.



Farewell to EU. Its a His Storic moment.



Brexit : A New Dawn. The Sun Rises.




Jenny has just returned from cruising around the Gulf of Mexico and there is no escape.

Corona Light and Corona Extra.



Past, Present and Future. It’s always Now.



The Lighthouse. In Reigate.



And Kobe Earthquake.



Exit 24.



Turning Japanese in 2020. The Land of the Rising Son.

Kobe, Japan Earthquake in 1995.




On the road to Galveston.




And Pan. The Shift Hits The Pan and the Coronavirus.

It’s a Paindemic. W.H.O. Are EU / We / Me etc ?



The Shift hits the Pan Handle. His Panic in Miami, Florida.

Grabbing the game by the scruff of its neck.




Maybe a Zulu Dawn.



Boldly Going.



Forbidden Colours.




If I’ve got, you’ve got it.


118 thoughts on “Without EU

      1. Did you remember Malesian flight 17 which crashed in UKreign 17. july 2014 with AIDS scientists in it? Today it is 2027 days ago.
        And another malaysian flight 370 7 march 2014 was 70 mounths and 22 days ago. Both pi codes.

            1. The shape of a rainbow is a result of the refractive index of water. This causes the sunlight to be reflected off rain droplets within a limited range of angles that lie between 0° and 42°. Most of the light is cast back at you in an angular range from 40° for violet light to 42° for red light. This is why the circle of light always has an angular distance of 40-42° from the antisolar point, meaning a rainbow always appears 40-42° away from the point opposite the Sun, as seen from your perspective.

              Lucifer Rising!

              1. Indeed Lucifer is rising and 42 months = 3.5 years = Great Tribulation.
                This February 14th is 42+42 months (7 Biblical years of 360 days) since Obama stood in the Church of the Nativity in Israel on 22/3/2013.

                14/2/2020 is exactly 8 months since Trump’s last birthday on 14/6/2019 (73) or 35 weeks and 35+53 = 88 or 245 days = (7×7)+(7×7)+(7×7)+(7×7)+(7×7) days.

                BTW, on 14/6/2020 Trump will be 888 months old.

          1. Hey Dreamie, glad you’re here 😀

            I started yesterday watching this vid…

            Late last night or very early this morning, I learned that the guitarist of a band I’d never heard of before had died at the age of 64 from pneumonia…

            Shockingly, Cade and Leggy and Thoughtful Man had never heard of the Andy Gill or the band Gang of Four ether…

            Dirt behind the daydream
            Dirt behind the daydream
            The happy ever after
            It’s at the end of the rainbow


            Gang of Four is a Chinese Cultural Revolution reference. Coronavirus from China leads to pneumonia. A Camaro with the license plate ‘GERMS’ appears in the vid to the song ‘Californication’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers – said to be influenced by Andy Gill – upon the line:

            ‘ ‘Born and raised by those who praise control of population’

            … And proceeds to go through Andy’s Donuts…

            A lot more occurred yesterday, which I may shamble at the LoL. Not least because learning about the existence of Andy Gill and his band feels like a Mandela Effect, foreshadowed by the movie Cade and I remote viewed last night, made by…


            …And Nelson Entertainment, written by Babaloo Mandel…


                    1. Reminds me of Joby quote in Zero Theorem when he says ‘The only reason you’re not laughing is because you’re the punchline’.

                  1. And Rubicon – “It’s just a Game”

                    (in piquet) an act of winning a game against an opponent whose total score is less than 100, in which case the loser’s score is added to rather than subtracted from the winner’s.
                    score a rubicon against (one’s opponent).

            1. it is exactly 2600 days from 21.12.2012. =2 x 2 x 2 x 5 x 5 x 13 =>3 x 3 x 3 x 2 ( prime numbers) = 2 x 27 (PI). History repeating it self ?

          1. Good movie. I enjoyed it. Inner Vision and Don’t Look Now.

            And this song has been going round my head – Birdland by Weather Report.

            1. No Rest for the Wicked.

              Next week – 9/2 is day of full moon and also the planned date for the launch of the Solar Orbiter – SolO.

              BBC News – Solar Orbiter completes preparation for launch

              Space Launch Complex 41.

              ‘In the coming week, the Atlas will be rolled on to the pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 41.

              Lift-off is currently scheduled for 23:03 local time on Sunday 9 February (04:03 GMT on Monday 10 February).’


              Snow Moon, Hunger Moon or Storm Moon.

              ‘2020 Dates, Times, and Names. The next full moon will occur on February 9th at 2:33 AM ET, and is known as the Snow Moon. Some Native American tribes also refer to it as the Hunger Moon or Storm Moon.’

              And Napoleon Solo – The Man from Uncle.

              1. And another example of how this works.

                After writing the comment about the Solo Orbiter and Napoleon Solo and Man From Uncle, I go onto my YT app and there is an ad for Uncle Frank – Let It Burn. Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

                ‘The Sun’s going to burn your eyes out tonight so let it burn’.

          2. Anon

            They’re not all complicit. The only witness that counts, is currently hiding behind a veil of anonymity. But eventually it will show and prove.

    1. To increase incubation period?!

      The woke HIVe has inserted itself into the deep state crown virus..

      The British, children of the covenant exits the EU,You to visit the other You out there ….thats landed on another earth..
      Frank…li speaking …not mi

      Tommorrow has landed

      Surrender to the real ..royal Crown
      E.Union with the real Crown…the children of the covenant …the HIVe will incubate before the Storm sets in…

      The blood covenant, our old friend.
      Christ ..re.Turns

        1. She reminds me of a girl i once knew.
          We danced together somehow knowing there was a glass of separation between our two soul Fates…
          We dissolved into A silent separation..
          I left my soul mate to meet Her, my soul Maata

          1. Truth Demon

            I’ve pondered the actress’ name in the movies – Brit Marling and Britt Robertson – and the connection with Britain.

          1. The Flood that keeps on giving.

            ‘When the flood calls
            You have no home, you have no walls
            In the thunder crash
            You’re a thousand minds, within a flash
            Don’t be afraid to cry at what you see
            The actors gone, there’s only you and me.’

              1. Roob

                OZ OZ in 2020

                Joker wins 8th OZ title on 2/2/2020. Beats Time ! Tick Tock.

                Australian Open: Novak Djokovic beats Dominic Thiem to win 17th Grand Slam – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/51347187

                Kansas City Chiefs later.


                And from the Age of Adaline. By Elena Tonra.


  1. Bit of a ramble here:

    Mandela Effect – Memory – Hindsight is 2020

    Remember Nelson Mandela’s Memory-all was served in a Calabash Bowl with an deaf interpreter for the blind. Kobe’s chopper went down in Calabasas.

    CALABASH: SPIRITUAL CONSECRATION. … Because Of Her Shape, Calabash also Symbolizes The “Womb”. In Both The Sense Of The Female Reproductive Organ As Well As In A Broader Creative Sense. The Calabash shape is taken to represent heaven and earth with an extended meaning representing the entire universe.

  2. Video circuit with a flash, similar to an explosion, appeared on social networks. The substation is located at the intersection of Utepov and Rozybakiev streets.
    “February 1 at 18:22 hours at the high-voltage substation 110/35/10/6 kV No. 6A“ Geologostroy ”there was a single-phase circuit on the cable-35 kV. This damage did not lead to disconnection of consumers. As a result of timely actions by the on-duty and operational-repair personnel of the Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy enterprise, the normal 35 kV network circuit was restored at 03:45 o’clock at night, ”Alatau Zharyk Kompanasy reported.

    1. Elena

      That goes with the territory. I was thinking about Streatham where the terrorist incident took place at 2pm on 2/2/2020.

      It reminded me of when I was young and I used to visit Streatham Ice Rink probably at beginning of 1970s and then you made your comment about the Snake Charmer. God Only Knows.



    1. I agree with the lady. It’s so old now.
      The commercials, the frenzied, desperate performances— yawn. It’s amazing that all that energy and effort is to entertain grownups and get them to consume. Like you have to have singing adults dress up in costume and dance to convince grownups to buy beer or potato chips? It’s so ridiculous. Americans are like babies.

      Speaking of which, JLo is starting her daughter young. Coven aunt Emme. Magic and Bird.

  3. Zero Hedge reports last week that the new coronavirus contains strands of HIV in it and immediately gets it’s Twitter Account suspended!
    Thai doctors reportedly successfully treating coronavirus victims with HIV drugs! Uh-oh!
    Was this virus manufactured?
    Buzzfeed acted as a digital assassin!

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