Down To Zero

What Is Reality ? The more we look, the stranger it becomes.



The Universe keeps banging on about The Spectator and the Observer.

Can I Get A Witness ?



Down To Zero.


‘Down to the ground, Down to the ground.
Oh, the heartache you’ll find can
Bring more pain than a blistering sun
But, oh, when you fall — oh, when you fall
Fall at my door’.


Nul points.




One of the things I think it is safe to say, is that regulars and friends and family linked with Merovee and connected sites seem very important to the Universe. Are we the punchline or the puncher ? The mirror or the cause ?

Yesterday Rain from Kazakhstan posted these pics.

The Green Light.





And Down To The Ground. Earlier today Christina Koch touched down in the desert in Kazakhstan after nearly a year aboard ISS.

At the same time, Down to Zero connected with another event for someone else, which I won’t go into details. The shock to the system. There seems to be some sort of Venn Diagram mirror effect going on.


The ‘Fall’ and The Trial of Christine Keeler.

You have to pay.



Nothing Has Been Proved.




And Down to the Ground in US.

Winter Storm Kade 🤠.



‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ keeps coming back from the Universe.



Feeling It ?


84 thoughts on “Down To Zero

  1. Last Trumpet Newsletter
    April 2002


    Dark Shadows Over New York!

    The city of New York is a chosen city selected by the Illuminati long ago to be the pivotal point by which the world will be changed. That is why that city is known as the Capital of the World. The city now has an area which is held in sacred awe and is called “ground zero.” Ground zero is a term, which is usually used to indicate an area devastated by an atomic weapon or where a bomb directly hits. This “zero point”, however, has a vital meaning in the world of the occult and in the minds of the occultic scientists that work for the Illuminati. Here is how the upper-level witches and illuminists define ground zero or zero point as they call it. “Zero point is the amount of vibrational energy associated with matter, as the parameters defining that matter decline to zero. To an observer, the world at zero point appears to be very still, while the participant experiences a quantum restructuring of the very boundaries that define the experience. Earth and our bodies are preparing for the Zero Point experience of change, collectively known by the ancients as The Shift of the Ages.” (9)

    That zero point of pivotal change for the entire world is called ground zero.
    Some say that I, Pet Goat II signals the sequel to 9/11 and will be much worse.
    This is Satan’s work to achieve global worship and control.

    Only Jesus Saves!

    1. Ken

      And Rush / Shearer / Maradona etc scores on the rebound :-). Old joke.

      Zero point relates to Quantum Physics.

      ‘Zero-point energy (ZPE) is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have. Unlike in classical mechanics, quantum systems constantly fluctuate in their lowest energy state as described by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

      As well as atoms and molecules, the empty space of the vacuum has these properties. According to quantum field theory, the universe can be thought of not as isolated particles but continuous fluctuating fields: matter fields, whose quanta are fermions (i.e. leptons and quarks), and force fields, whose quanta are bosons (e.g. photons and gluons). All these fields have zero-point energy. These fluctuating zero-point fields lead to a kind of reintroduction of an aether in physics, since some systems can detect the existence of this energy; however, this aether cannot be thought of as a physical medium if it is to be Lorentz invariant such that there is no contradiction with Einstein’s theory of special relativity.’

      1. ‘Zero is, simultaneously, both the smallest and the largest number. It is nothing, and it contains everything. It is both empty and full.

        What we call zero point is the connecting point. It is that unmeasureable point in space-time that connects all that is with all that could be. Some would say it is the gateway that connects the space-time of Mind with the infinite intelligence of God.’

    1. Naive

      Good to hear from you ! Hope things good or as best they can be amongst the mayhem.

      More than One of Everything.

      This sentence jumped out :

      “I think it was just one of those accidents of history — parallel history,” Walton said.

      Along the same lines I’m waiting for an op to put what is described as a metal contraption called The Kit in my shoulder. Maybe tomorrow. Its uncertain at present. They’re looking for the Kit.

      Down To Eartha.

        1. Roob

          I’ve been dealing with Karen and Richard 🙄. I mentioned my previous surgery to Karen which was having my tonsils out at St. Mary’s Carshalton when I was a lad. She said she had the same op at St Mary’s. Said she was born in 1967 which I logged in the bank until now.

      1. I don’t watch Dr Who so I was surprised when flicking through the tv channels the current episode was about a virus so I did some googling and came across these articles

        And just now I came across an article about pangolins. The scales on the victims on the Dr Who episode similar to the pangolins
        scales which “maybe” the intermediate host of coronavirus – what a strange coincidence

    1. Remote viewed Paths of Glory last night, directed by Kubrick and made by Bryna Productions, Kirk Douglas’ film company…

      1. Roob and Frank

        Every time I see pictures of people in those surgical masks I think of Close Encounters. They had put out this story that the air was bad, to keep people away from Devil’s Tower. Richard Dreyfus is on a helicopter waiting to be flown out of there, and he finally just pulls off his gas mask, takes a deep breath and says, “there’s nothing wrong with the air here”. 🙂

  2. these are my dogs from shelters
    Russian greyhound was found by volunteers in the cold, it was almost frozen
    called me and I took her to my home
    she is about 10-12 months old. called her Molly

    1. RAIN,

      How is it that I can see pics of all your cats on the email notifications I get about your Merovee posts but here on the actual Merovee (Down to Zero) page they do not show up?

        1. Hi RAIN,
          On all your blank posts which presumably should have the cat pics there is only a Like and a REPLY with their icons. ie no micro-thumbnail of a cat. Presumably you can see the micro-thumbnail because you uploaded the pic yourself.
          But for me there is definitely nothing.
          So can ANYBODY ELSE see these micro-thumbnails and then click on them and get the big pic?
          Initially I was going to ask how to upload a photo but got bogged down with this strange situation where the blank posts should have a cat photo.

    1. I don’t take it as real either, just running commentary by the AI who often serves up a smorgasbord and mishmash of hanging chads floating in the Ethernet.

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