Something In The Air

In ‘It Takes 22 To Tango’ I wrote :

‘One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that January has tended to be relatively quiet. I don’t think it will be in 2020 and I think we are going to hit the ground running.’

Welcome to 2020.

The assassination of Soleimani.

There’s Something In The Air aka Send in the Drone.



The only thing left was a ring.



The only thing left was a grin.



‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards’.



And a message from the Soul Man.

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing.




Real Estate.



You are always safe.


67 thoughts on “Something In The Air

      1. And Fahrenheit 154 and Squirrels Green in Redhill.

        Fahrenheit 451 in Detroit. Burning down the house.

        BBC News – Detroit fire crews investigated for burning house selfie

        15/4/2013 : 012345 and another 1.

  1. to be honest
    I am very confused by this ring
    before the new year ( 27-28 ) in Surovsky supermarket, in front of me stood a tall gray-haired bearded man. and he had a similar ring on his right hand. I was still surprised why such a gray-haired old man has such a massive ring with a stone.
    the cashier mistakenly counted at him at the checkout a packet of chocolates Squirrel
    unusual man. with excellent posture.
    when I saw this photo a couple of days ago, I immediately remembered that case

    1. Rain

      I used to work in stones. It’s difficult to tell from the picture but the stone is probably ruby which is the red form of corundum. Sapphire is the same stone but blue. Possibly a very red carnelian which is normally orange but my money is on ruby.

      And your experience seems to fit with how weird everything is at present. What it means I wouldn’t make a guess but the two men are probably connected in some way.

        1. Anon

          You can’t really tell from the pics for sure. What did they do with the hand and the ring afterwards ? Don’t really want to know !

    1. But Obama…..! 😭😭😭😭

      Apparently there are WW3 memes circulating that many find offensive. Some say the humor is therapeutic, some say it’s crude since the people posting won’t be the ones killed if things escalate. Some memes poke fun of the absurdity of drafting people for a war Trump himself would have evaded with his toe spurs. At any rate the memes are circulating fast and furious in the twittersphere and on the app “Tic Toc” which itself is a morbid name when put in the context of a nuclear bomb going off. It’s like a phantasmagoric tsunami in the AI.

      1. “Phantasmagoria was a form of horror theatre that used one or more magic lanterns to project frightening images such as skeletons, demons, and ghosts onto walls, smoke, or semi-transparent screens, typically using rear projection to keep the lantern out of sight.
        Mobile or portable projectors were used, allowing the projected image to move and change size on the screen, and multiple projecting devices allowed for quick switching of different images. In many shows the use of spooky decoration, total darkness, (auto-)suggestive verbal presentation, and sound effects were also key elements. Some shows added all kinds of sensory stimulation, including smells and electric shocks. Even required fasting, fatigue (late shows) and drugs have been mentioned as methods of making sure spectators would be more convinced of what they saw. The shows started under the guise of actual séances in Germany in the late 18th century, and gained popularity through most of Europe (including Britain) throughout the 19th century.

        The word “phantasmagoria” has also been commonly used to indicate changing successions or combinations of fantastic, bizarre or imagined imagery.”

    2. And yesterday, the whole house shook when the big red hit.
      Quakertown is about 60 miles north of Philly.

      1. Holy crap! Just posted about orange Fanta and wondered how it might link up to Coke. Cornell, the IV league in NY, is known as “the Big Red.” That’s it, my guess is the rock was carnelian.

        1. Anon

          I was reading your comments about the phantasmagoria and realized the oldies station I was listening to was playing the old Mickey and Sylvia song, Love is Strange.

          Dr. Strange love. 🙂

          1. Funny because nurse is showing up for me. The doctor has a nurse.

            AI, RN

            Something N the AIR (Iran, rain)

      2. Elena

        And the Flag. Trump’s tweet.

        The ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ set in Philadelphia movie keeps hinting. At the beginning of the movie it shows an altered Stars and Stripes flag blowing in the wind which reminds me of the fake Moon landing argument.

        And on Thursday I received a late Christmas card from New York which shows the Flag – Brooklyn Bridge. Many rivers to cross.

        1. Frank

          I don’t know if you’re following Dr Who, but this was the bombshell (pardon the pun) from Spyfall part 2.
          Because I’ve been rambling on about childhood’s end.
          Who, or what is the timeless child?

          1. Elena

            I haven’t watched the last few series. It got too convoluted for me in the last Peter Capaldi series.

            But the Timeless Child is definitely interesting. In previous series The Timeless Child was River Song aka Melanie Pond. And 2020 and 22 maybe linked.

            And from London Olympics opening ceremony on the Prime Meridian.


            And Saturn Pluto Conjunction coming up on 12th Jan.

    1. Punta Ventana has gone.

      The Tipping Point ? Translates as Window Tip or Point according to Google.

  2. Frank, in that projection of his shadow into the past where Trump insists his predecessor will pick war with Iran to guarantee reelection and because he can’t negotiate, there’s a clock that looks a little like Big Ben sitting on a shelf behind him. I Anna was also recently in Paris posing in front of a clock. It’s about time after time. Or crime after crime.

    I truly think that when one votes for a person, it should be mandatory that your children are the first (and only) ones to go fight in that person’s wars. It’s easy to egg madmen on from the couch, harder to put your children where you mouth is.

    1. Anon

      IMO not a bad idea. But slightly unfair on the children. Some people are that mad.

      Reminds me of the Binding of Isaac.

      ‘According to the Hebrew Bible, God commands Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. After Isaac is bound to an altar, a messenger from God stops Abraham before the sacrifice finishes, saying “now I know you fear God.” Abraham looks up and sees a ram and sacrifices it instead of Isaac.’

      And it will be the Year of the Rat.


      And Paris

      1. Didn’t MJ sing the song to Ben in that movie?
        War is always unfair to children. Warmongers sit at desks or go on holidays with their bone spurs. I’d think that people might be a little more serious about their idols if it was their children that s/he had access to. Rather than other people’s children. My nieces and nephews have already reported some of their teen schoolmates have been told to report to duty. They live in a Trump zone so while gruesome, makes some sense. Imagine all the children of those disenfranchised whites now having to send their kids to his war. Be careful what you ask for.

        1. And I’m reminded of Tomorrowland where the Eiffel Tower is used as an Interdimensional Time travel sort of thing machine.

          1. The Eiffel Tower was the location for a meeting between the Doctor and ‘O’Master’ in the second part of Spyfall. It was 1943…

      1. Yesterday in the same arena bright partial moon shone alongside the sun and I was djinn spotting. They travelled in arrow formation and had rouge coloring on their edges. So stunning. They sent out a scout who travelled miles ahead apparently marking the path.

        1. Anon

          Recently I was told a story about a Moslem man who had the crap scared out of him when a djinn appeared on his sofa all of a sudden. Do Moslems see djinn and Christian see angels ? And was talking about gin the drink earlier. Back to the bejinning.

          And I liked this. But the tree still stands.

    1. Now there’s an example— nickoteen should be in the real frontline of trumps war. give him something real to cry about.

      1. To be fair, A Void, the lad didn’t cry whilst he was being provoked by the skanky activist with the drum, and I very much doubt he’s crying now.

        1. From what I see people like you and the author constantly ridicule the perceived other side for being “snowflakes” and “cry babies” when they dispute narratives and activities they don’t agree with. People like you constantly dismiss marginalized people for complaining about targeting and libel and brutality but when this sad teen gets his feelings hurt because a news channel got things wrong, he immediately sues and people like you gloat. That is definitely white boy privilege. At any rate, let’s see if Nickoteen makes America great again by volunteering for the frontlines in Iran. I doubt he will. Far far too soft. If he thinks CNN was “vicious” and that drummer was “skanky” he better stay in the confines of his tiny neighborhood surrounded by people as sheltered as he.

          Cliquey, there’s a frontline with MAGA’s name on it. Are you going?

          1. Figures.

            More likely than not the children and grandchildren of that “skanky activist” will be on the frontlines of the latest ridiculous war while nickoteen and cliquey sit on the couch playing video games and blowing smoke circles out their ass.

        2. You don’t know the first thing about “fairness”. Plagiarist. (play jurist).

          Speaking of fairness, Trump “will never allow” Iran to go nuclear but White Boy Nuclear is A OK. Please.

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