A Stitch In Time

Welcome to 2020 and 1/1/2020 and to start the new decade, a sync fest. Interpret as you will.

Many of these links may seem to form a random and bizarre web with no rhyme or reason but there does seem to be a point I believe. These in particular for me point to mirror verses, multiple realities, parallel timelines, missing memory and other weird and wonderful concepts. And looking back at my own life many of these ‘theories’ would appear to have physical consequences and has effected whatever is reality, and then your head explodes when faced with the evidence. Or maybe that’s the big point and your mind gets to a point where it just can’t hold onto the old way of seeing reality.

Firstly, a Tale of Two Cities – Paris and London. For Christmas, Jenny was given a portrait of Princess Di. ‘The Queen of Hearts’.



And yesterday The Di-ary and the Paris Agenda 2020 appeared for me.



And in Reigate High St, I noticed the name of a sewing shop in the last few days, I walk past regularly

Diana’s Sewing Shop. A Stitch in Time.



Paris timeline.



And London. All these pics showed up in the last three or four days.



‘A Stitch In Time’ was hinted at a couple of days ago with the appointment of Danielle Outlaw as Philadelphia’s first black police commissioner.

To my eyes she is a doppelganger of actress Cleopatra Coleman.



Cleopatra Coleman was the star of a Time Travel movie titled ‘In The Shadow of the Moon’ set in Philadelphia where she altered Time to avert a race war in the US.



A question was asked how would you know if you changed Time and the answer was you wouldn’t except for a few glitches.

And a few messages in the Program.

Robert E Lee has disappeared from UT which I am now reading as Universal Time.



The real reason for Looper was to travel back in time and avoid a terrible calamity.



On the Beach and the Color Red and Colorado and Atonement.

A day or so ago a large rescue mission was undertaken On The Beach in Mallacoota Victoria, Australia as a fire surrounded the beach.

The sky turned the color red.




Atonement and the rescue mission On The Beach in Dunkirk, France at the beginning of WW2.



On The Beach at the Seven Sisters near Eastbourne, England in the movie.



On The Beach and ‘Nuked’.



And yesterday, this showed up. ‘Get Naked’. And I notice there is only one letter difference between ‘nuked’ and ‘naked’.



Colorado and Color Red.

‘Colorado is of Spanish origin, meaning “colored red.” All State Name Origins. The name was applied to the Colorado river because of the red sandstone soil of the region, and came into use for the entire territory after the discovery of gold in the Pike’s Peak region.’

Mystery Drones over Colorado.



And earlier this week a new house name jumped out at me.

Little Bats. Its more than a little bats.



And when Jenny and myself went to Austin, Tx we travelled over the Ann W Richards Congress Avenue bridge which crosses over the Colorado River. The bridge is famous for the mass of bats that fly over the bridge from March to October.

It’s Batty.



And lastly, Don’t Drink The Cooler Aid.



Too late 🙂 . Happy New Year.


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  1. Happy New Year, Frank and Mero-VEEPs. The drones were on display in Shanghai for the celebrations…

    Possibly the figure is a skywalker 😉

  2. Someone very close to me has been sighting red tailed hawks and sending me photos. Hawks rhymes with rocks. I myself sighted 8 or more red breasted robins gathered around a water table. It reminded me of us. And the earth in general- creatures from different places meeting here to drink.

    It’ll be interesting to get to 10/10/20/20 this year.

    Di is Id in reverse. Maybe that’s why Diana got into and stayed in people’s psyches. Her last affair was with DOdi. DO it.

    1. Anon

      A Stitch in Time.

      Dodi Fayed is buried in Oxted which is on the Greenwich Meridian.

      ‘Fayed was originally interred in Brookwood Cemetery near Woking, Surrey, but was disinterred and re-interred on the grounds of the Fayed estate in Oxted, Surrey in October 1997’.

  3. Happy 2020 vision everyone. 🙂

    Nuked and exposure to the fallout.
    The man and woman looked and saw they were ‘naked’, and were ashamed.

    And the ‘big bang’ from ‘down under’. 😉

    1. The phrase used in the reports is that he was In Dignant.

      The Red Mist.


      I’m Sorry. Temper Lost.


      And the Special One. I was rude with an idiot.

      Jose Mourinho: Tottenham boss says he ‘was rude with an idiot’ before yellow card –


      And Cracker. I’m Sorry and Dog Found. Dog Only Knows.

      BBC News – Dog found tied up in Blackpool church with ‘I’m sorry’ note at the Sacred Heart church in Blackpool.


    1. “The ID2020 Alliance is an initiative helmed by Bill Gates and aimed at “getting Digital IDs right.” According to the official ID2020 site, current methods of official identification are “archaic” and not accessible by everyone. As the Alliance claims, the current methods of digital identification are easy to spoof, and proper online ID certification hasn’t become a reality just yet.
      As companies are only now defining what a proper, official online ID looks like, ID2020 seeks to help define what a “good” digital ID is. Gates and the Board of the Alliance have a “Certification Mark” that they award to companies and technologies that meet the criteria of being “good” digital ID tech.”

      Imagine if “Source” and the “Pearly Gates” ends up being Bill. 😭

      View at Medium.com

  4. Gabriel’s Horn. It’s a Paradox.

    ‘Gabriel’s horn is a geometric figure which has infinite surface area but finite volume. The name refers to the Abrahamic tradition identifying the archangel Gabriel as the angel who blows the horn to announce Judgment Day, associating the divine, or infinite, with the finite.’


    I think it’s similar to if God is All There Is that makes God finite but at the same time God is infinite. How 1 & 0 are the same. I think !



          1. He definitely has a whine cave too!
            What kind of president blabbers like that on Twitter?
            And why when black people decry police brutally and profiling Trump and his peanut gallery dismiss it but when this cry baby does it, there’s applause and anger about some supposed “deep state” conspiracy.
            Karmas a bitch.

      1. Apparently not “good” enough…which I read as “god” enough. Be terrible if Gates is God. Or if Jobs is/was. And all our little lives will be collected and consumed by AI “Source.”

        I heard a radio trailer extolling the virtues of virtual reality to manage pain. Good doctor said that the brain focuses on the overwhelmingly more vibrant virtual reality stimulation than it does the pain, thereby suppressing the latter and sounded to me like mkultra 5.0. Great way to cause split personalities imo

          1. Anon

            I was thinking the same thing. If it can be used to relieve pain, it can be used to inflict pain. And hey, you don’t actually have to harm the physical body.

            And I keep thinking the request for IDentification is linked with the psychological id.

    1. Does this not read like bible code?

      “Tritium was first detected in 1934 by Ernest Rutherford, Mark Oliphant, and Paul Harteck after bombarding deuterium with deuterons. Deuterium is another isotope of hydrogen.[1][2] However, their experiment could not isolate tritium, which was later accomplished by Luis Alvarez and Robert Cornog, who also realized tritium’s radioactivity.[3][4] Willard F. Libby recognized that tritium could be used for radiometric dating of water and wine.”

      1. Anon

        And the Third

        ‘The name of this isotope is derived from Greek τρίτος (trítos), meaning “third”.

        And I’ll put this here as well. In The Shining a point is made that The Overlook Hotel was built on a Native American burial site. And a few other movies do the same. Seems to hint at something. Kubrick seemed to know a few things.

        For some reason I’ve associated this with nuclear radiation within the earth.

        1. I watched a transvestigation smodgepodge today about Lady Diana. The narrator showed a photo of Di as a child and said “he” looked just like the little boy in The Shining.

          Can you elaborate on what you mean by radiation in the earth?

          1. She wasn’t made Queen but was she made queer? A drag queen?

            Anyway, I don’t put much stock into those videos but they can be freakin funny. They show the frustration people have with having been force fed celebrity power narratives.

          2. Anon

            I’ve played around with the idea that our environment is contaminated. See the alternate reality in the Matrix if you watched the movie.

      1. Elias Clure a reporter in Austrailia said about the fires there, “You can ‘feel’ it in your eyes.”

      1. Seems to be the war you say Obama has promised by 2020. War hawks. Trump is so Jew Venn Nile. Tweeting the American flag? What is this- grade school?

        1. Anon

          Grade school?
          Yes, and hopefully if we’ve learned the lessons, Childhood’s End. 🙂
          Which I think has something to do with the id and the joker and the parent, not necessarily the father.

  5. “Going back in time to stop a race war?”

    Iran means “Land if the Aryans”.

    Here’s Trump projecting his shadow back in time. Isn’t it ironic?

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