Nothing’s Real But Love


Look familiar.

A new monster storm has formed around the South Pole of Jupiter.




From Syfy.Com :

‘When Juno flew over the planet’s south pole during its fourth perijove (closest approach to Jupiter, not counting the very first one when the spacecraft maneuvered into orbit around the planet) on 2 February, 2017, it saw something unexpected: A cyclone over 5,000 km across right over the pole, surrounded by five other cyclones ranging from 5,600 to 7,000 kilometers across! Not only that, the five cyclones were arranged in a pretty decently regular pentagon.

It’s bizarre. But now things have gotten bizarrer. On its last pass (Perijove 23) on 3 November, 2019, it delivered another big surprise: A sixth cyclone has joined the other five surrounding the pole!’






93 thoughts on “Nothing’s Real But Love

    1. When I lived in Cali and visited the oshun, it always struck me how little I knew about what lies beneath. When storms would pass through and a underwater piece of rock and foliage washed ashore, all sorts of creatures came with it. Yeah I could identify many of them but some I couldn’t and I knew they were only the tips of the iceberg. I always thought fuck, if you think it’s hard living “up here” down there must be a dog eat dog world. Once I drove up north and visited as many coastal stops as I could and one day the most gorgeous jellyfish still breathing were scattered along the shoreline having had the great bad luck of being in the wrong wave at the wrong time. Just imagine having all your tentacles ripped off of you because you navigated wrongly and the force was too strong and you end up being a dying blob in the sand with a face looking down at you but no way to turn. Even I I’d put them back in the water as I desperately wanted to, they’d essentially be the jellyfish version of feetless.


      1. Anon

        I suppose one answer is that they are unconscious of what is happening but I’m not sure.

        When I was young I stayed at my Godfather’s farm. He bred pigs and I was taken down to see the slaughter for some reason. The pigs were shot. The pigs next in line definitely knew what was happening. Our reality is gross in many ways or the thought behind it. But meat does taste good !

        1. That’s what a lady said. She lived in the beach and was some sort of exspurt. She said they’re nervous system was far too simple for them to feel anything and I though gotdayum how does she know? Is she a jellyfish?

        2. When the chosen ascend and their nervous systems dis-integrate along with their bodies, does that mean they will no longer feel or be “conscious”? Is there only one way to feel- through the nervous system?

        1. Yes! Anonymous!

          Cancer is JUST a worm!!!! A PARASITE. It lives in your GUT.

          In other words, ahaha, in your shit.


          I came here to post from a frozen Wintour Land from the Hudson VALLEY….

          “Every valley shall be exalted.”

          I literally REALIZED last night that ALL the “Saints” are demons! And woke up to the ICE and see my father’s “Saint Assissi” statue had fallen again, a “fallen angel,” with its block knocked off AGAIN! (An old injury…. the “gorilla” glue just couldn’t fix it!)

          They are ALL Satan’s “saints”!

          Oh, they’re “hole-y” all right…. I’m not praying to “them” anymore! To my “dear” Saint Anthony! Yes, he ALWAYS “worked for me! Yikes!!!!

          So I’m posting from Santa’s (“Sant Anna’s”) Winter Wonderland!

          Like “Alice,” the QUEEN of HEARTS wants to chop off my head!

          SHE”S the “Queen of England.”

          And she RULES “America” through her “Great Dame” Ann-a.

          “Saint” Anna?

          Sant-ana…. Santa Anna winds BLOWING FROM HELL!

          “Dante’s Satan” (

          In Dante’s Inferno, Satan is portrayed as a giant demon, frozen mid-breast in ice at the center of Hell. Satan has three faces and a pair of bat-like wings affixed under each chin. As Satan beats his wings, he creates a cold WIND that continues to freeze the ice surrounding him and the other sinners in the Ninth Circle. The winds he creates are felt throughout the other circles of Hell. In his three mouths, he chews on Judas Iscariot, Marcus Junius Brutus, and Gaius Cassius Longinus.

          Scholars consider Satan to be “a once splendid being (the most perfect of God’s creatures) from whom all personality has now drained away”.[1] Satan, also known as Lucifer, was formerly the Angel of Light and once tried to usurp the power of God. As punishment, God banished Satan out of Heaven to an eternity in Hell as the ultimate sinner. Dante illustrates a less powerful Satan than most standard depictions; he is slobbering, wordless, and receives the same punishments in Hell as the rest of the sinners. In the text, Dante vividly illustrates Satan’s grotesque physical attributes.

          “The Emperor of the kingdom dolorous
          From his mid-breast forth issued from the ice;
          And better with a giant I compare
          Than do the giants with those arms of his;
          Consider now how great must be that whole,
          Which unto such a part conforms itself.
          Were he as fair once, as he now is foul,
          And lifted up his brow against his Maker,
          Well may proceed from him all tribulation.
          O, what a marvel it appeared to me,
          When I beheld three faces on his head!
          The one in front, and that vermilion was;”

          Description of the Ninth Circle of Hell
          Dante’s Hell is divided into nine circles, the ninth circle being divided further into four rings, their boundaries only marked by the depth of their sinners’ immersion in the ice; Satan sits in the last ring, Judecca. It is in the fourth ring of the ninth circle, where the worst sinners, the betrayers to their benefactors, are punished. Here, these condemned souls, frozen into the ice, are completely unable to move or speak and are contorted into all sorts of fantastical shapes as a part of their punishment.

          Unlike many other circles of Dante’s Hell, these sinners remain unnamed. Even Dante is afraid to enter this last circle, as he nervously proclaimed, “I drew behind my leader’s back again.”

          Uncharacteristically of Dante, he remains silent in Satan’s presence. Dante examines the sinners who are “covered wholly by ice, / showing like straw in glass – some lying prone, / and some erect, some with the head towards us, / the others with the bottoms of the feet; another like a bow bent feet to face.” ….

          This circle of Hell is a complete separation from any life and, for Dante, “the deepest isolation is to suffer separation from the source of all light and life and warmth.” ….

          i.e. to be . . .


            1. I once did a numerology search on my full name.

              I don’t believe that we have privacy anymore, so I’ll just give it to you!

              Mary, “Mother of God,” or the “Virgin Mary,” take your pick…

              Caralion…. 🙂 Altho my being named after JFK’s only DAUGHTER has been activated of late….

              Kirche…. Church! The Crime of our Lifetime occurred at the corner of Church Street and Trinity Place. Facing “St. Paul’s (the False Apostle’s, meaning the Liars’) “Chapel”….or Church.

              And the “meaning” of my full name came back as a one who will deal, or interact, face off, or something….. with “Hell.”

              I kid you not…..

              Believe me, I didn’t like my “reading” either.

              “Mary, You have been CHOSEN.”


              Point is…. it is “Mary” Satan has been said to HATE.

              And it is “Mary” who WILL crush the serpent’s head under her feet….


              Mary crushes the head of the “one-eyed serpent” lol to “save the children.”

              Well, that’s the “script” Satan is taunting me with, and welp, if Satan is an already defeated foe…..

              Then he’s a LIAR.

              I don’t need to crush his serpent’s head to save MY child…..

              MY child is already SAVED.



              Satan is already DEAD.

              1. Ha! The above numerology “reading” gives total new meaning as to why I LOVE this “John Wick” clip.

                Yes, “John Wick” is ME . . . battling in HELL . . . vs?


                Notice, no one wins….

                But a LOT of people die.


                1. I posted a smiley face at the “end” above in the “irony” of it!

                  Meaning, if I took it “LITERALLY”?

                  That people actually died in a “mass shooting”?

                  I WOULD have posted a frowny face.

                  But I’m not a slave anymore to the MSM!

                  Unfortunately, this guy is, or . . . WAS…..!


                  He basically SAID that “school shootings” are FAKE, a la Sandy Hook.

                  And not only was he fired, his whole show got canned.


                  This is the end, people.

                  When the Truth gets ENTIRELY shut down?


                  There’s gonna be an ERUPTION . . .

                  sooner…. or later!

                  “It’s COMING.”

                    1. And “Frank”

                      I ask this “rhetorically”…. meaning please do not take this as a “personal” attack.

                      We share the common “problem” of having the names of Satan’s favorite demons!

                      Mary, “Holy Mother of God”!!!! Haha!

                      Frank, well, I can just go to Peter, the Roman, and the final pope: “Francis.”

                      I just thought now that if I AM the “serpent slayer,” as I asked a long time ago, about destroying the “FREE” Masons’ HEAD quarters: 322?

                      Because that’s my “birth” date?

                      “You” have never in all these years made mention of my birthday!

                      Which in my little self, gets me hurt!!!!

                      But in my BIG self now?

                      It just means…..

                      Why would the serpent honor the “birth” day of his slayer?

                      Because MY birthday, 3/22, the sign of the skull and bones?

                      Is Satan’s deathday.


                      And Frank, you know I love you.

                      And, thank you, for this PLACE.


                    2. Trinity

                      Apols about your birthday. You are in good company. I only found out Elena and Cade’s birthday dates this year. I’ll try and remember it for next year.

                      And don’t know Ken or Hugo’s birthdays either. Never sure how comfortable people are with it.

    1. Elena

      There are many elements to this but I find the alien angle intriguing. Yesterday I got a jolt in connection with ET. What I’m getting with ET is WE R U which speaks of multidimensionality.

      And the Leap of Faith. As individuals we’ve all made our own personal leaps of faith but I think ET maybe connected with a collective leap of faith.

      1. Frank

        I think of childhood’s end as a kind of near extinction level event. In the sense that it means dying to one way of being to embrace a better way of being. And I don’t think there’s a choice, it’s just the way of things.

        It’s about ET, Elliot, growing up and the family. 🙂

        1. As is the way of things just after reading your comment, I was contacted by someone from an organisation with the initials ET 👽

          And burning up in 2019.

  1. The South Pole

    ‘On the 19th December the Earth reaches its direct alignment with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The southern pole of the Earth is facing directly onto the Galactic Center.’

    And Drake’s Passage and Antarctica plane crash.

    1. Anon

      The Impeachment and the eternal mark of shame.

      the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.
      “the prosecutor’s detailed impeachment of the character witness”

      a charge of treason or another crime against the state.
      “the king cynically abandoned him, encouraging his impeachment”

      a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office.
      “the president is facing impeachment over the scandal”

      1. I don’t think Trump experiences shame of any kind. A perpetual victim, yes, but no shame. Maybe victimhood is his brand of shame.

      2. I still have my eye on Justin Amash from MI whose Mom was born in Syria and is named Mimi. His Dad was born in Bethlehem. Amash got a special shout out in a closing speech last nigh while Trump ranted and raved at a rally in Justin’s city. Trump seems mentally ill. Or a rabid dog.

          1. Frank, it doesn’t matter if they do or don’t as they are not the change agents- neither Dems nor Reps. It’s like watching a family squabble. Most interesting is seeing Trump do things no person of color would ever get away with. Imagine if a black man had said he could grab women by the pussy or shoot people on the street. He’d never then be compared to Jesus and a “messiah” yet alone be able to hold the “highest office in the land”. Nor would he have the support he enjoys from the peanut gallery.

            In addition to “king” and “amash”, the I heard “no One is above the law” in the hearing. No one. No 1.

            1. I am quite intrigued by how degenerate Trump is. It’s impossible to know where he begins and creepy Stephen Miller ends. They’re like doppelgängers.

                1. You can take the boy out of the single digits but you cant take the mafia out of the boy. Trump had it all- right race (vis a vie America), big inheritance, potty mouth—- and yet he’s still a giant failure. Ivanka once said his father pointed to a homeless man in front of his tower and said, See that man there? He’s richer than me. Apparently he was speaking about all his fake wealth that is constructed on nothing but debt. A loose cannon, bigly. I joined Twitter just to follow him. It’s like an anthropological study, the excavations of a madman.

    1. Anon

      He’s warming up for his next career as a stand up comic.

      ’18 delicious flavors of classic rice a roni’. 🙂

  2. Dear President Trump,

    I’m not going to say that I was … welp … “sorry,” “sad,” um, “grieved” to see you, our United States’s President, impeached.


    Not gonna SAY anything…..

    My advice?

    Neither should you…..


        1. Who woulda thought that the woman, his sweet “cuz,” who “was always there for him”…..

          Was really ….

          his PREDATOR.

          1. Frank just re-MIND-ed me of, um, yeah!

            With his video that says:

            “the future belongs to those who believe in the BEAUTY of their dreams.”

            Not the UGLY warfare…..

            Yeah, this Predator video is funny!

            I mean, I don’t plan this stuff, it just “comes.”

            But from whom?

            Jesus Christ?

            Or from Satan.

            It’s very funny…..

            Until it’s…. REAL.

            And it HURTS some body out THERE.

            Forgive me…..

            I want to be free.


            And maybe I’m helping you ALL to be free…..

            I pray.

            I actually DON”T want another “man” to control my life.

            I don’t want to “win” in this “romantic” battle….

            I’m sorry, “Brody.”

            I want to be free.

            I want to dance.

            I want to love!

            ALL FOR FREE

            But I want to do it……

            By my Self.

                    1. And sure, I could post the Ursula clip AGAIN from The Little Mermaid (evil lady voice laughing . . . . match much to the one I heard in the park that night?)….hmm. Have to get forensics on it!

                      But nope.

                      Door SLAMMED…..

                      in your face.

                    2. And to be true to my patron “Saint” Mary?

                      Holy Mother of God!

                      I LIKE crushing (the one-eyed) serpent’s HEADS….

                      Wherever I can.


                    3. I couldn’t end this thread on Christmas without saying….

                      without asking….

                      God Bless Us Everyone

                    4. The Message here is pretty clear regarding “foundlings” who are kidnapped for what “they” can extract from them and then be so EASILY “discarded”. . . .

                      No more!

                    5. And you know what, people?

                      I have hit my LIMIT with your ridiculous games: harassment, slander, gossip, slut-shaming…..

                      YOU ARE DONE

                    6. You know what?

                      It’s time for full transparency.

                      See that bitch (uh-ha, excuse me!)….

                      (in the vid below)

                      That woman in uniform that seems to be strangely “in charge” of the chief?



                      Pretending to be “law enforcement”? hahaaha…..

                      And the funny thing is?

                      These women?…..

                      ….ARE …..

                      Law Enforcement.

                      Smile for the camera, Chump.


                    7. I’m not looking for a full-time “lover”

                      I already have one, in the best and purest sense of the WORD.

  3. Frank,

    I’m starting to see that!

    We’re all getting “connected”!

    But is it against our God-given “conscience”?

    Is it all just one big spider’s WEB?

    I think so!

    And Satan’s agenda for destroying God’s Creation of “Man made in His image” is become crystal clear, like you posted “full transparency”….

    Either he gets a Son of God in childhood, through his ROMAN catholic priests’ sexual molestation, ie. RAPE, and turns the boy into a Sodom-ite, thus his minion….

    Or . . . if he can’t “accomplish” that, he’ll try to get the man through a weak and evil “woman,” ie. “Eve,” to seduce him into an immoral relationship in which the female controls the male, thus bringing his soul to RUIN.

    Notice Father Martin’s first tweet in the vid:

    See the screen shot of, yup, Genesis 3…. which describes how “God,” ie. YAHUA, created “Woman” to be Man’s “helper,” from Adam’s rib!

    Woman is NOT “equal” to Man!

    There is the Male, and there is his fe-Male.

    That does not mean she is not as valuable in the Creator’s eyes as she is EQUALLY his child: “Daughter.”

    In fact, it makes her MORE VALUABLE as His son’s “helper.”

    More “precious,” a “Daughter” of God.

    DOG = Man’s Best Friend

    TO Satan, that makes woman intrinsically his Enemy, since he seeks to DESTROY God’s Creation, i.e. men’s SOULS…..

    And he knows he can turn women to his will more easily than men…..

    The “weaker” sex.

    IT’s THAT simple.

    It’s great that we’ll soon be connected
    With a king who’ll be all-time adored
    Of course, quid pro quo, you’re expected
    To take certain duties on board
    The future is littered with prizes
    And though I’m the main addressee
    The point that I must emphasize is
    You won’t get a sniff without me!
    So prepare for the coup of the century
    Be prepared for the murkiest scam
    Meticulous planning
    Tenacity spanning
    Decades of denial
    Is simply why I’ll
    Be king undisputed
    Respected, saluted
    And seen for the wonder I am
    Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
    Be prepared!
    Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared
    Be prepared!

    1. And I always loved me my “Angelina”!

      A powerful female I could emulate.

      Little did I realize. . . . .

      She’s a man.

      And I am not.

    1. IT’s either that, Friend…..

      Or my computer has been hacked.

      Sorry to say I believe it is the latter….

      And it’s not been fun.

      1. Trinity

        There seems to be a problem with You Tube. Cade looked into it. Sometimes it is putting a link to a different YT video. Why YT does this occasionally, no idea. The fault seems to lie with You Tube and not WordPress.

        1. Frank,

          Well that’s getting closer to the bottom of it!

          Because I do REGULARLY post from YT.

          Gratitude to you and Cade.


          1. I just know…..

            That in the New Kingdom

            I will know YOU fully.

            No doubts or wonderings… about “who” you are….

            I’ll KNOW “Cade” … and every other “friend” I ever had.

            In the NEW KINGDOM…..

            NOTHING will be hidden, or “secret”…..

            In the NEW KINGDOM….

            All will be …. ahaha….


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