Cozy Little Christmas

It’s that time of the year again.



It’s Cold.




After yesterday’s election result on 12/12 in the UK, it looks like we are going ahead with Brexit.



And Chaos Theory. Descending into disorder.



It’s difficult to see through the fog but I think two original timelines are converging. We’ve discussed this before but I think the Greenwich and Paris timelines are ‘sinking’. Whatever that means exactly.

Every picture tells a story.



‘The Virgin of the Rocks’ by Leonardo da Vinci.

There is more than One of Everything.

The Paris version.


Paris version


And the London version.


London version


And Race is not always to the swift.


‘Rachel, who is Jewish, has campaigned over social media to keep Labour out of Downing Street over the antisemitism scandal that’s blighted the party.

She urged fans not to vote for Labour, and the 33-year-old telly star took to Twitter after the exit poll was announced to declare: “Love you Britain.”


Miss Universe 2019 : Zozibini Tunzi.




Brilliant A Cross the Board.



Say Cheese. Hindsight is 2020.


29 thoughts on “Cozy Little Christmas

  1. Frank, your post is very syncy. I received my author copies of Underdog Anthology X today…

    ‘Meanwhile I have a rather more important thing to worry about. I have copies of The Silence of the Elves and the cover has printed with an overall blue cast. It looks dreadful. I can’t put in an entirely new cover this close to Christmas and anyway, all three books will be available as an omnibus edition in a month or so. That will have an entirely new cover.’

    Oh dear, verging on the rocks…

    ‘So, I have brightened the background, outlined the title text to make it clearer and tried to set the colour balance to offset the printer’s blue cast. It’s loaded but it’ll take a couple of days to show up.’

    Fortunately the images of phone text convos I put in ‘Lust Christmas’ came out great. Kit Kat approves 😀

    ‘Wall-like sheets of minette, known as dikes, radiate away from the central formation.’

    1. Elena

      Denarius :

      ‘The denarius (Latin pronunciation: [deːˈnaːrɪ.ʊs], pl. dēnāriī [deːˈnaːrɪ.iː]) was the standard Roman silver coin from its introduction in the Second Punic War c. 211 BC to the reign of Gordian III (AD 238–244), when it was gradually replaced by the Antoninianus. It continued to be minted in very small quantities, likely for ceremonial purposes, until and through the tetrarchy (293–313).

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