There Is More Than One Of Everything

It’s that time of year again. Very soon it will be New Year’s Eve 2020.



And ‘There Is More Than One of Everything’. Or is there ? ‘It’s a Paradox’ comes to mind.

The Two Popes.

Francis and Benedict.




And following the edict ‘Look Within’. I suspect this sort of thing is applicable to everyone. We can’t see the whole picture and it is very misty at times. I would also add I believe this reality is set up to stop us seeing the full picture.

Sometimes you have certain experiences when you feel something more is going on than you can see. Jen and my trip down into Austin, Texas would seem to be one of those days.

Francis and Ben at Jo’s Coffee with more than significant others.

Hindsight is 2020 and Upon Reflection.



And the Capitol building in Austin.




The Capitol in Washington D.C.



And the Vatican.



The Upper and Lower Houses.



Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.



And the Windmill is the Church.




The spiral in Austin.




‘Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel.

Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel’.


48 thoughts on “There Is More Than One Of Everything

        1. Certainly at the offices of Mailonline, Frank…

          ‘The findings follow previous studies that show how indoor air pollution and poor ventilation can hinder people’s ability to perform mentally, including a study published last year from the University College London.’

          Mol article accompanied by these images of ‘inside’…

  1. Flu-id

    Somewhere down the mad, mad river.

    It’d be awesome if you and Jenny got married in the windmill church. 😊

    That trailer for the two popes looks great. Anthony Hopkins never disappoints.

    1. Anon

      Truly it is down the Mad River.

      We’re not sure about location at present.

      Apart from the weird stuff, it looks a good movie. Hopefully watch it tomorrow.

  2. To Boldly Go

    The search for Another Earth. Cheops is launched.

    And Space Force and Higher Ground.

    BBC News – Space Force: Trump officially launches new US military service. He wants to ‘control the ultimate high ground.’

    ‘At an army base near Washington, Mr Trump described space as “the world’s newest war-fighting domain”.

    “The Space Force will help us deter aggression and control the ultimate high ground,” he added.

    Inner Visions and Higher Ground. 2020.

    And Upper and Lower Egypt – the Pyramid of Cheops.

        1. All sorts of crashing and burning going on.

          Here’s one example.

          Freight train derailment into the Potomac. Carrying Grain. The Grain Train.

          And Time travelling. 1966 England football World Cup winner Martin Peters has died. He was described as 10 years ahead of his time.

          And Surrey tornado. On M25 – the road to hell.

          1. Speaking of time travel, Harpers Ferry in 1959 is the setting for ‘Flashman and the Angel of the Lord’ when Lord Harry Flashman finds himself caught up in the attempt by abolitionist John Brown to start a slave revolt. A ‘dress rehearsal’ for the American Civil War…


            I was only telling Cade about the book a couple of weeks back and he was showing me images of the place. It has two bridges…


            1. Two ‘lines’ keep showing. Parallel Lines or something along those lines.

              And Flashman reminds me of Tom Brown’s Schooldays. He was a bully at Rugby school. Roasted pupils over a fire if my memory is correct.

              And Dignity has been jumping out at me. Martin Peters was a true gent and died of dementia.


              De Meaning of Life.


                    1. This vaguely fits with China. And dates and birthdays and UT.

                      The car crash was on I64. The 6th April is Winona Ryder’s birthday in my sphere.

                      And 816 nuclear military plant in China. There is also an Underground Project 131 plant which is date of Brexit. Maybe !


                      ‘816 Nuclear Military Plant (simplified Chinese: 816地下核工厂; traditional Chinese: 816地下核工廠), is an unfinished Chinese underground nuclear weapons production facility and the largest man made tunnel structure in the world. A military megaproject, the nuclear base is located near what is now suburban Fuling, a municipality in Southwest China. In 2010, it was opened to Chinese tourists. It is a distinct network of nuclear-weapons manufacturing tunnels to the likewise defunct Underground Project 131 and the still operational, “Underground Great Wall of China.”

                      And a few days after 31/1 – 2/2/2020. The runes read that its going be an intense period.

                      Jennifer Lopez and Colombian singer Shakira and Superbowl half time show.



                      And Storms Elsa and Fabien.


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