Heart Of Gold

At present I’m waiting for another plane at Detroit airport in US to take me to Heathrow in London. Normally I publish from UK and since going to Texas I have been writing in the Central Time Zone of US. Detroit is in the Eastern Zone so thought it would be cool to publish from a third time zone.

‘I crossed the Ocean for a Heart of Gold’.





Let It Pour.


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  1. He flew he flowed he fluid.
    Short trip but happy for you and Jenny!
    Frank I may have to start calling you Forrest.

    1. Anon

      Normal or abnormal weird stuff. On plane back I glanced at the on board movie being watched by the passenger in the aisle in front of me.

      It showed the Jennifer restaurant scene when Forrest is running.

      About 3:05.

                    1. Your flight number was DL16…

                      According to JLL, 16 is the frequency Sophia transmits on.

                  1. I thought it stood for ME because I don’t know the demoninations but the thought it’s probably “Methodist Episcopal” or similar. I’ve already wondered how someone knows which sect to pick but then think you probably just chose the one you were born into or stray not too far from it. Who knows.

                    1. Methodist Episcopal.

                      ‘The Methodist Episcopal Church (MEC) was the oldest and largest Methodist denomination in the United States from its founding in 1784 until 1939. It was also the first religious denomination in the US to organize itself on a national basis.In 1939, the MEC reunited with two breakaway Methodist denominations (the Methodist Protestant Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South) to form the Methodist Church. In 1968, the Methodist Church merged with the Evangelical United Brethren Church to form the United Methodist Church.’

                      Seems to be a branch where Jenny lives. First United Methodist Church. Why not I suppose but again hints at something.

                      Method – etymology :

                      ‘ early 15c., “regular, systematic treatment of disease,” from Latin methodus “way of teaching or going,” from Greek methodos “scientific inquiry, method of inquiry, investigation,” originally “pursuit, a following after,” from meta “in pursuit or quest of” (see meta-) + hodos “a method, system; a way or manner” (of doing, saying, etc.), also “a traveling, journey,” literally “a path, track, road,” a word of uncertain origin (see Exodus).’


    1. Date: 10/31/19

      Time? 10:11 A.M. (I Am)

      The “19”?

      For 19 nails in the Cross….

      And the empty grave.



          1. I got texted by the president!

            Texts to supporters who contributed to his presidential campaign, and he is reaching out now for support in defeating this impeachment “lynching.” So I gave again, because I do not want to see “those two,” and you know who I mean, running the country after our current president is REMOVED. Now that’s what I call “tyranny.”

            To the president: You lost me when you started sending people like me, a SILENT MAJORITY, fundraising letters about defeating the “Democrats”! You already did, in the election! When you started making your political battles all about un-American “Democrats” who are trying to stop you, you LOST ME, because I’m a Democrat! (not for much longer, tho… It’s one of the reasons I’ve gone Independent, because I’m not getting roped in to this fake battle. And when I know for a fact that there’s LOTS of Republicans in my county who want to see you fall as well….)

            And you MAY “fall” by failing to call on the support of Real American Citizens, who are BOTH Republican and Democrat!

            Mr. President, people like me can’t help taking it personally when you blame the “Democrats,” meaning the “elite” in power like yourself. We the people believe in DEMOCRACY, and all in our most ideal vision of America hope we are “democratic.”

            Meaning we believe in and want to preserve the power and integrity of the “election” process, not the “selection” process.

            We want our vote to COUNT.

            If you want to defeat this impeachment bid? Call on your silent (and for a reason….) DEMOCRATIC constituency by not demonizing ALL Democrats!

            Call on the American patriots who elected you: the upright who are proud to call themselves “an American.”

            “If you woke, then wake up
            With Judas, kiss and make up
            Even with the bitter cup
            Forgave my brothers and drank up
            Did everything but gave up
            Stab my back, I can’t front
            Still we win, we prayed up
            Even when we die, we raise up (Hallelujah)
            Ain’t no wantin’, no, we need it
            The Powers That Be done been greedy
            We need ours by this evening
            No white flag or no treaty
            We got the product, we got the tools
            We got the minds, we got the youth
            We goin’ wild, we on the loose
            People is lying, we are the truth
            Everything old shall now become new
            The leaves’ll be green, bearing the fruit
            Love God and our neighbor, as written in Luke
            The army of God and ….

            We are the truth!”

  2. Grounding energy. Keep getting same message.

    I sat next to a very pleasant Indian gentleman on the way to Heathrow. Said he used to be a seaman. He pointed out a beautiful sunrise as we landed.

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