Down By The Water

I’ll meet you down by the water again some day.



A tornado touched down near Love Field, Dallas, Texas on Sunday night. The storm came out of Now Here.



The Roll Thru Wave from CF Apollyon.



And Garland, Texas.



Judy Garland stayed at the Memory Hotel in Mineral Wells, Tx. The Baker Hotel.




On Monday, Jenny and myself made a trip to Dallas. And we met up with Cade – CF Apollyon to those who don’t know. Speaking for myself, I truly enjoyed meeting Cade. I think we all had a great time.

And Cade brought along for me the Texas T Shirt you see in the pic below. An act of kindness that blew my mind. Thank you.

During our meal we were approached by a woman who asked where I had got the T Shirt and it was emphasised that she came from Philadelphia. Also we had a conversation with the waiter about Guinness which is an Irish drink. Maybe subtle hints we get round more than we know.



The Pyramid Mine. Douglas Quaid and Total Recall.



By the entrance to the Texas School Book Depository building where allegedly Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.



Before we met up with Cade, Jenny and me had a good look round Dealy Plaza where JFK was assassinated on 22/11/1963.

It felt that we were pulled to it for whatever reason.

George Bannerman Dealey.





The Texas School Book Depository.









And the Grassy Knoll.




X marks the spot.



I’ll meet you down by the water again some day. Dealey Plaza.


Through the Key Hole in Dallas.



Chandor Gardens in Weatherford, Tx.



The Motor Cade.



Since being in Texas, one of the things that has struck me is the overt power of the Law and the size of the Courthouse. Close to Dealey Plaza.



And Weatherford courthouse.



About three months after 911, Jenny visited Ground Zero and one of her observations was that the area is smaller than it shows in the film footage. I found Dealey Plaza to be the same as it looks far smaller than in the videos.

And the Poseidon Adventure and sacred geometry. Water Water everywhere.

The three roads in Dealey Plaza have been constructed in a Trident shape and the central road leads into the Obelisk close to the Courthouse.





Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea.



So what has Dealey Plaza got to do with the price of sausages ? What is the reason that we were pulled to Dealey Plaza in the Deep State of US ‘for whatever reason’?

The I35 Road runs adjacent to Dealey Plaza. And Jenny noticed that the I35 was close to many ‘manifestations of extreme energy’.

The Road To Remembrance.




Total Recall.


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    Original photo above, and three zooms to follow.
    Zoom 1
    Zoom 2
    Zoom 3

    I also did some zooms on my phone and did some screen caps if you want those as well, but if the gamma on your display is turned up to high and/or your screen brightness is too high, the pyramid in the background may not show up well or not at all.

    Same shit,,,,
    …different angle(s)?
    We talked about that a bit yesterday. 🙂

    What you didn’t see, however…
    In, Angle A
    In, Angle B
    Out, Angle C

    Same reality, different realities, same reality and/or same realities.
    Or something.

    There’s been talk of another bubble. but what I was kinda thinking is that the “Military Industrual Complex” thingie. T-bills? McBills? MIC’s bills?
    Shock outlines?
    Chalk outlines?
    /again I shrug

    ^Kraftwerk – Boing Boom Tschak^

    1. About Angle A, B & C it made me think of Angles of the mirror and kaleidoscope.

      And I think Time is in the kaleidoscope as well.

        There’s a subjective “perfection” as to the number of sides, angles and angling to creating a kaleidoscope, but there’s also usually a consensus view as to “a” perfection. The source images to create the reflections, colors and shapes, focal length, etc., will likely also be subject to the rules of what does/does not make a quorum or consensus or whatever. You mention time, so to relate, I would think the same would apply with respect to how one spends their time, on what, who approves/doesn’t approve, why, blah blah blah. Even the most dazzling of somethings is going to lose its luster. Especially to those that look for only twinkle and shine.

        Problem is, who is omitted. There’s going to be a delay between when the consensus is reached, and when the product actually makes it into the hands of the omitted. Those omitted, may disagree with the conclusions reached by the original creator(s). To relate, someone I know passed this along last night…

        Millennial “Oceans 11” Crew Busted In Global Insider-Trading Scam Stretching From Manhattan To Monaco

        Basically, you want to eliminate that uncertainty via any and all means. You want into someone’s purse and/or wallet, you may just have to lift up their dress and/or slide your hand down the front of their pants. You gotta do so without them knowing you’ve done it. See what turns them on, you can then charge them for the same or similar experience down the line.

        As to what does/does not make a great society and for whom?
        Some sorts?
        A sort?
        Groomed mutts?
        Pure bred?

        The bestest of the best and the most purist of the pure is gonna be put down at some point. So yeah, time, and how you’re looking at whatever you’re looking at and why.

        I’m not arguing the validity of the colors of the crayons in the box. But there is somewhat of a variance with respect to who thinks which color looks best on the sky and why within a certain context. Blue? Red? Grey? Aqua/Cyan? Black? Orange? Green? Brown?

        ^Bastille – Pompeii (Official Music Video)^


          The driver of the refrigerated truck is called Mo Robinson and he lives in a small village outside of Portadown… by the water…

          And from the House Moggy yesterday: “On pretty thin ice”…

          And if Shiny is about… Golly! Cooper-Boles…

  2. Libra, currency, waters, (river) banks, ‘bergs and borgs.

    “Vote Moon”

    Just occurred to me that my trip to Middletown yesterday may throw up something to do with “balance” and Kate Middleton.

    1. Libra with the sign of the scales may allude to balance and “the middle way” – middle town.

  3. First she wants the earth to be ‘flat’, then she talks about the earth as if it’s a fixed point in space around which ‘The Son’ travels. Talk about medieval! And those persecutions and prosecutions, eh? When she finally gets tired of throwing homosexuals off rooftops she’ll probably attempt to extract concessions from me in one of ‘her’ Religious Re-education Pyramids.

    Still, I can see how these little misunderstandings can arise…

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