A Town Built On Water

Today is Anon’s birthday. Happy Birthday.



A Cure For Wellness.

Keep drinking the water.



One of the elements that I noticed about the security screening for flying to Texas was the regulation that travellers are not allowed to take bottles of water through the security gate. Like a lot of the laws that are introduced there seems to be another level to the rules.

In the run up to the MH 370 crash into the ocean, I remember that a hot water bottle that I took to bed with me in the colder months suddenly burst and boiling water scalded my torso. It was fxxking painful but in hindsight again indicates that water is an important element to whatever we are going through. And hindsight is 2020.

Yesterday, Jenny and I made a trip to Mineral Wells in Texas. ‘A Town Built On Water’ and is renowned for the healing properties of its water. Click Mineral Wells-Wiki and Crazy Water History :

Crazy Water.




The town is dominated by the Baker Hotel. This is a massive hotel which in its pomp was visited by celebrities such as Judy Garland and Clark Gable. It was closed in the 1970s and has since fallen into disrepair but there are plans to renovate it and is due to reopen in 2022.

The Baker Hotel is a seriously weird place. Below are a couple of videos and pics of the hotel.




The Grand Old Lady of Mineral Wells Returns.









The importance of water has been discussed many times here but the Universe keeps reiterating this importance and specifically its link with the past.

From Wiki :

‘Water memory is the purported ability of water to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it even after an arbitrary number of serial dilutions. It has been claimed to be a mechanism by which homeopathic remedies work, even when they are diluted to the point that no molecule of the original substance remains.

Benveniste was a French immunologist who sought to demonstrate the plausibility of homeopathic remedies “independently of homeopathic interests” in a major scientific journal. To that end, Benveniste and his team at Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM, French for National Institute of Health and Medical Research) diluted a solution of human antibodies in water to such a degree that there was virtually no possibility that a single molecule of the antibody remained in the water solution. Nonetheless, they reported, human basophils responded to the solutions just as though they had encountered the original antibody (part of the allergic reaction). The effect was reported only when the solution was shaken violently during dilution. Benveniste stated: “It’s like agitating a car key in the river, going miles downstream, extracting a few drops of water, and then starting one’s car with the water.” At the time, Benveniste offered no theoretical explanation for the effect, which was later called “water memory” by a journalist reporting on the study.’


And Doctor ME – Masuru Emoto. In the video it calls him Dr Emote which somehow seems appropriate.



And water and the past and what has been forgotten.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Meet Me In Montauk.





The Memory Motel.



And Every Picture Tells A Story.

This image shows water and concentric circles. Wheels within Wheels.





And the Water Door. From Jenny. ‘Some notes’ which doesn’t adequately describe them.




‘If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things ?’




The abandoned hotel speaks of the past. The Memory Hotel.

From Aunty Flo.com :

‘To see many derelict or abandoned houses in your dream signifies past reminiscences and encounters.’

And Hilbert’s Infinite Hotel, which seems to fit with the size of the Baker Hotel, where somehow using complicated and seemingly absurd maths an infinite number of guests can be accommodated.



‘Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel (colloquial: Infinite Hotel Paradox or Hilbert’s Hotel) is a thought experiment which illustrates a counterintuitive property of infinite sets. It is demonstrated that a fully occupied hotel with infinitely many rooms may still accommodate additional guests, even infinitely many of them, and this process may be repeated infinitely often. The idea was introduced by David Hilbert in a 1924 lecture “Über das Unendliche”, reprinted in (Hilbert 2013, p.730), and was popularized through George Gamow’s 1947 book One Two Three… Infinity.’


In the evening Jenny and me were discussing the day and the Baker Hotel and its link with memory and I suddenly blurted out ‘Why did I come back to Texas ?’ and at the same time we had the same thought. Why had I come back to Texas when as far as we aware, I have never been here before ? And may not apply just to me and Jen. What has been forgotten ?

It’s a Mystery Tour.


69 thoughts on “A Town Built On Water

  1. Last night when I came home my SIL had this movie on. The water diviner. I sat down and watched it with her. I cried. There’s a trinity of bros in it. And the father finds the last surviving one by following a windmill.

    Today’s my bday. I’m in a town named after a spring. It’s also Spring in Leb Anon.

    Frank Ocean just launched a new song today. It’s called DHL.

    1. This made me smile.

      “The verb לבן (laben) means to be or become white. Contrary to modern understandings of white as a symbol, in the Bible white either denotes a blank state (and thus emptiness or stupidity) or the state of greatest resistance to the absorption of light, which comes down to pride, stubbornness and more stupidity. Contrary to popular conception, black and white are both dark, but black things absorb light and become hot (or smart), whereas white things reflect light and stay cold (or stupid).”


      1. Happy Birthday Anon. 🙂 <3

        And about The Water Diviner – Sounds like my kind of film. And sometimes there's nothing like a good cry-sis with your SIL to salt the earth but I've often wondered why water-works help with anything. Knowing you, you'll have more to add to the findings…

        Cry-0 : Very cold; Freezing; Icy; Chilling (related to Cry-stalize, as in freeze in Time)
        Cry-pt: Grotto; Cavern; Vault (Related to lost Mem)
        sCry: Foretell the future using a cry-stal ball or other reflective object or surface.
        EnCrypt: Hidden place.
        ApoCrypha: Secret; hidden; obscure; to hide.

        Perhaps the emotional process of crying isn't so much a practice of 'letting go' as much as a ReMembrance process of letting the Mem back in.

      1. No worries, Frank, I only mentioned it because today was the day (many years ago) that my mother’s water broke and your article happens to be about water.

        Jenny, great riff. I have always loved a good cry like a good sleep. Roob and TTN, cheers.

          1. I haven’t had a cold in years but all day my nose was like a faucet no joke. Like someone left the water on.

            1. There was a big storm here last night on 10/20. Jen and me woke up about 1o’clock to a big pool of water in the living room reminiscent of the water scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

              And tornado at Dallas Love Field.


  2. Some say the United States is going to be subjected to two massive water events on both coasts- east and west in November and probably Nov 21st and 22nd. In exactly a month’s time from now.
    I pray that it does not happen.

    1. This twin tsunami event will of course be the ‘breaking of the waters’ that gives ‘birth’ to the antichrist (if it happens).
      The twin towers destruction event was a fire/air event.
      The twin tsunami event would be a water event.

      From 11/9/2001 (9/11) to 22/11/2019 = 6646 days and 6+6+4+6 = 22.
      6646 days = 6x6x6 months + (6×6)+(6×6) days.

            1. Puppy and I are in middle amerikka and today we took a drive to a middle of the road town to look at a used couch and there in the middle of a field we saw a moon sign. Moon is in the running.

              Puppy and I are in middle amerikka and today we took a drive to a middle of the road town to look at a used couch and there in the middle of a field we saw a moon sign. Moon is running.

          1. Hi Rain ⚡️🌁
            I love the Sun and Moon. I think fascinating that you’re from mysterious Kazakhstan and seem to be equally both sun/moon. Leo who calls herself Rain (water/moon energy).

          2. Rain

            It’s a good sign.

            I mentioned about the other night when Jenny and I were woken up by the storm at 1am in the morning and found a pool of water on the floor. The rain had seeped through a window.

            Whilst we were mopping up I heard a notification ting on my phone. It was your comment – Rain – with the video ‘No Rest For Me’. The Universe likes its jokes !

    1. Thank you, Rain.
      I met a man who named himself Smiling Buddha (in Korean) Love talking about raising funds for a ticket to Africa and passing out fliers about activating other people’s kundalini for a fee and an “offering” on an old hippie commune by a serpent mound and how he’d convinced two five year olds up the street that he was Santa Claus on holiday. When three dogs growled at each other he got between them and began chanting and waving hands over them saying he was the peace maker- which really set off one dog who read him as a threat. It was almost funny to hear him say “it’s about your energy” and then watch the dog read his.
      Other than that it was a nice low key day though my nose ran like water.
      How are you, Rain?

    1. Elena

      Jen and me and Cade were in Dallas yesterday. Whilst we were eating, a lady came over and said she was from Philadelphia. And emphasing that she came from Philadelphia. IDK.

      Wanted to know where I got my T Shirt.

  3. To those who want the flea market to be free, I say this: what is the point of acting if my actions are devoid of nonce-sequence? You say I’m a ‘monster’? Who put that food in your table? Who did it actually flow through in order to reach you? In what way are you not child app-users?

  4. Sometimes, when they’re really nibbling and burrowing away – whining and mining on me so to speak – I have no choice but to address my flea problem directly. Recently, for example, I had to dig out my Amazon Fire Tick and have a bit of a play. I chess I was trying to send a message or something…

  5. You send your children to schools, force them to receive your ‘education’, fill their heads with your ‘nonce-cents’ – and I’m the ‘monster’? When was the last time you two worked ‘pro bono’?

    Tell me, what possible incentive do I have to ‘keep running’?

  6. You know, I’d probably be a good deal less touchy if a data packet in little alien format dropped out of the sky and landed in my lap…


    Have you seen the size of the organs on those big aliens? Any idea how much crood they black out of me in order to get those suckers to stand to attention? Care to wizard at chess?

    Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!

  7. Frank,
    You’re in TEXAS! 😃 I love the pics and so excited for you and sister Jenny! Have fun and keep sharing pics. Looks like a lovely time ☺️

        1. Roob

          Jenny and me watched Total Recall with Quaid and the Pyramid Mine on Saturday. Bit of a WTF moment when the rice pyramid showed up.

          Texas is Mars.

      1. Yes, they came out, but I have to zoom way in to see it because I took my photo from quite a ways further back. Gimme a few to see if I can make some copies and upload them.

              1. And about Angle A, B & C it made me think of Angles of the mirror and kaleidoscope.

                And I think Time is in the kaleidoscope as well.

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