Welcome To The Sausage House

In reality there is no question but in this 3D guilt and fear based world we need an answer.

And there is only one answer.



There is a danger that my articles about the trip to Texas will turn into the equivalent of a Facebook travelogue page. But I believe it is a journey into the subconscious which is reflected in the physical world. A journey which in the Kaleidoscope we are all taking in our own different ways. And the pics are good.

Yesterday, Jenny and I made a trip down to Austin, Texas. The main reason for the journey was to visit the Clocktower on the campus at the University of Texas in Austin. This had significance for me as the infamous Charles Whitman shooting at UT Tower was on my birthday in 1/8/1966 and when Jenny sent me a link to the story it triggered something within me. I could remember the event and the shock and I wondered why considering I was only 6.



At the same time MJ was making a journey looking into 618 in connection with the American solar eclipse which caused a few ripples 🙂 . And following on from this, the Birthday has widened and it seems that all our birthdays have significance within consciousness.

And Time.

As we entered the Campus, we came across this poster. As an aside, I notice the wordplay with Campus and Hippocampus. And Texas is an anagram of Taxes.

Tell Me When It’s Time.






And there is an interesting alignment which I doubt is a coincidence. The UT Clocktower goes down in a straight line to the Texas Capitol building via a statue of George Washington and the Goddess Colombia in a fountain.





And there is strange Rune like symbology which runs up the side of the building.


And the whitewashing or blackwashing of His Story. UT got into the news a few years ago when the statues of Confederate leaders were removed from the campus site.

Below is a pic of the plinth where the statue of Robert E Lee once stood.



We decided then to move on down to the Texas Capitol building. Whatever one’s views about government it is a seriously impressive building. And deliberately built slightly taller than the Capitol in Washington DC is the myth. 14.64 feet to be exact.



The House of Representatives.



And the Senate House.




And a spiral or even an iris looking up – or is it down ? – to the dome within the Capitol building.



And some interesting symbology on the floor. It would appear a lot of thought went into the construction.






And Twin Towers.



We had a prior arrangement to visit my niece Jessica and her boyfriend Ben from Memphis, Tennessee at Jo’s Coffee and after the Capitol we moved on to look for Jo’s Coffee. We never found Jo’s Coffee but we ended up in the right place also called Jo’s. It was great.

I Love You So Much.



Walking in Memphis.



The Universe likes its jokes. After having coffee, Jenny thought it would be a good idea if we had a meal at a restaurant called Bangers as she thought I needed some British food in the shape of Bangers and Mash. And we ended up at the Sausage House.

Welcome to the Sausage House. Bangers is on Rainey St. We’re all out there.




Jenny enjoyed her Banger and Mash.





And then we drove back. And on the way, we got out of the car and looked up at the stars and listened to the crickets.

Reaching For The Stars.


53 thoughts on “Welcome To The Sausage House

  1. About perception.

    One of the Stranger Things about the visit to UT was when me and Jen were standing by the George Washington statue looking down into Austin.

    Neither of us could see the Capitol building and then it suddenly appeared out of nowhere for both of us.

  2. And the Weight.

    BBC News – Brexit: EU agrees to Brexit delay, but no date yet


    Fire and Rain.

    The KinCade Fire.

    BBC News – California wildfires sparked minutes after electrical failure



  3. Greta Thunberg has Beetle named after her.


    And Mindlines based on song titles. The songs of the Beatles and Bowie are popular.

    Prefab Sprout and Best Jewel Thief In The World.


    On the way down to Austin we passed through Stephenville, Tx.


    1. Today I found myself famished and nowhere near food with a long day ahead so I drove forever to find a coffee house. With zero plan I Ended up in a literal catfe – half coffee house, half cat lounging area separated by a wall of looking glass- where people make reservations to drink their coffee on the inside with the cats. $10/hour. Amazing.

    2. Duh forgot my real point: the catfe was called “Gem”. I only chose it because it was the only one around that had parking. Gem is in St. Anne.

    1. Elena

      Thank you 🙂

      And impressions. Texas is another PlaneT. And different States of mind.

      And seeing some of Anon’s reasoning about colour. It’s not perfect in UK but it is different.

      1. America specializes in race.
        Growing up, I never had quite the same experience anywhere in the world.
        Race in America is like cornflakes: served for breakfast.
        The word “race” is in the name.
        America = “I am race”
        Texas should be a real doozy.

        1. Anon

          I’ve only been here a short time but I can sense and see the division.

          We were driving through Austin and there were about 40 men in a homeless camp. And what jumped out were that they were virtually all black. I read an article that compared UK and USA in regards to homelessness which said that it was rare for black people to be homeless in UK but the majority of homeless in US are black. And the large number surprised me as well.

          And there have been a few other things as well.

  4. Frank and I were discussing how robotic the students seemed to be moving around the UT hippocampus. Similarly, Meghan, Harry, and the RF in general give off the same vibe. Meghan said this week that she’s ‘existing not living’ which speaks of something along those lines.


    And Brit’s new song landed in my inbox this morning…

    Alien. Not Alone.

    1. Ding ding! I had the same impression of the students looking at your photos! And yesterday I was thinking Meghan may never have not been acting. She started acting so young who knows if she even knows how not to act anymore. Which reminds me of Thunberg: “we must ACT”!

        1. The students were strange.

          1/3 robots. 1/3 mind controlled. 1/3 zombies. Like something from an alternative reality movie. And background people.

          1. Why do we call is a “class” room? A place where you go to be programmed according to your “class”?

            Class and race. All things must pass.

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  6. Shocking information –
    Dr. Katherine Horton:Defeating 5G as a mass DEW Terraforming platform for AI Artificial Intelligence

    This would explain where the Bible says that all those who will not worship the Beast (antichrist) will be killed.
    King James Bible
    Revelation 13:15
    “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”

    If you worship the image of the Beast you will be given the Mark of the Beast and you can continue to buy and sell ie live.
    You will be worshipping Satan/Lucifer.

    Worship ONLY God and the Lord Jesus Christ

  7. US bags Isis big Dadi.
    He followed the light at the end of the tunnel and a robot was almost sent in after him.
    Damn, humans are nuts.
    Reminds me of the hunt for Qaddafi.

    1. In the tunnel with three children and a dog and almost a robot. Smh.

      These western horror stories about foreign baddies always throw up tunnels and caves and networks of caverns. If the ME is a metaphor for certain places in the mind, this latest tunnel blowup sounds like an aneurism.

  8. “All things must pass”

    Sped past in the rain yesterday. Driving like crazy.


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