I’ve touched down in Texas. Upon reflection, the journey was extraordinary from beginning to end and underlying ‘events’ were stage managed when you begin to see the picture if you like.

The main theme that showed itself was race. In order to get into the US, I had to pass through a security gate at Detroit Airport. Detroit Airport is a grim functional place. What caught my attention was that virtually all the staff at this point were black. As per the regulations I placed all my belongings in the bucket which went through OK.

I then passed through a scanner and on the other side I was asked by a TSA staff member if I had anything in my pockets. And I checked and I had a small 5 pence coin which I revealed. Stupidly in hindsight. I was then subjected to a gross pat down by the TSA staff.

As I said earlier, I feel it was connected with race and had a strange feel of an alternative reality like The Man in the High Castle where the black and white roles have been reversed.

And following on from this when I boarded the plane, I was surrounded by a group of young white women who were wearing green T shirts with Mercy on the logo. I asked one of the women what was the reason and they had been to Uganda helping to deliver babies. The White Woman’s burden.

And U Gander.



Take a gander at this! (take a look at this). Also ‘have a gander’. Usu. used as a noun but I have heard it used as a verb.’

My view is Love is all there is and everything comes from this at source but is distorted by our internal belief system perspective.

In this instance, our reality says ‘Beware the terrorist’ and ‘Africa needs help’ and both the TSA staff and the young women are coming from a good place but is motivated by a belief in a false reality.

Jenny and I then made contact at Fort Worth Dallas airport and moved onto Weatherford.

Jenny described the town as ‘The Land that Time Forgot’. And it has the usual weirdness that we have come to expect.

A Step Back N Time.





Welcome Frank.

Franco Texan Land.



And 108/118.

108 E Church St.



118 South Main Church of Christ.



We just had a brief look at part of the town this morning but sure everyone will be out there. As an example – MJC : James M Cotten.




It’s nuts.


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  1. I bet those white women had little to no training “delivering babies.” I further bet that Ugandans in tshirts could not land in droves in the West to “help deliver babies.” Detroit Airport is the least frightening ever. Heathrow is worse. Shinier but ominous.

          1. And 5 Pence.

            ‘The Spencer family is an aristocratic family in the United Kingdom. Founded in the 15th century, it has spawned numerous aristocratic titles including the extant dukedom of Marlborough, the earldoms of Sunderland and Spencer, and the Churchill barony.’

            1. The news here is banging on and on about “quid pro quo”.

              What is the value of a quid vs a pence?

    1. The XR Rebellion ended in violence this morning on the underground and now comes the Red Hand Rebellion.

      We will use washable chalk spray to adorn the march’s path with the silhouette of our red-handed handprints, providing a backdrop for the tangled responsibilities of Government and its citizens.

      We will raise our red hands, taking responsibility for our actions – we all have blood on our hands. We march in admission and recognition of the part we play in the injustice of this emergency, and the ongoing suffering of thousands of people around the world due to climate and ecological breakdown.

      and the red hand of ulster threatens to go back to bloody violence

      the ancient symbol of the red hand the oldest CAVE drawings known to man

      and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

    2. FRANK,

      Emergency Saturday sitting of Parliament on October 19th to vote on the BREXIT deal of PM Boris Johnson.
      Previous Saturday sitting of Parliament was on 3/4/1982 which was just over 37 years ago.
      Day gap is 222+222+2+2+2 months and 2 weeks and 2 days.
      All the 2’s add to 22 = 11+11.
      1. Looks like the twin towers x 2 ie 9/11 twin towers plus 9/11 sequel.
      2. 11 in the Bible stands for antichrist as per Daniel where the little horn (power, antichrist) comes out of the 10 horns (powers).
      From 19/10 to 31/10 = 2+2+2+2+2+2 days.
      From the BREXIT Referendum on 23/6/2016 to 19/10/2019 = 13+13+13 months and 13+13 days.
      Add another 13 days inclusive counting and it lands directly on 31/10/2019, Halloween.

        1. FRANK,

          Enjoy your trip!
          Looks to me like you planned it to end on that day! Ha!
          “Frank returns to seal the deal!”
          Or maybe the opposite!
          Britain waits!
          The world waits!
          No pressure, ok!

            1. Fort Worth made the news last week because a lady was playing video games with her nephew in her own home while black. Apparently that’s another no-no. Also, #swingsetsally who went go shhhhh in a dream park:

              “Police responded to the scene shortly after 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at the [Frank Kent] Dream Park, which is centrally located at Trinity Park, 2001 University Drive.”



                1. Frank, with the lady playing video games and the kids who were shhhhushed in the playground, one might conclude that the play ain’t always the thang.

      1. Rain

        Great angel 🙂

        Detroit – Wiki :

        ‘The word “detroit” is French for “strait,” and the French called the river “le détroit du Lac Érié,” meaning “the strait of Lake Erie.” On July 24, 1701, a French explorer and nobleman by the name of Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac founded Detroit.’

        And Red River – Detroit, Texas.

        ‘ Detroit is a town in Red River County, Texas, United States. The population was 732 at the 2010 census.’,_Texas

        Texas – Detroit City

    1. Rain that syncs heavily with me as I was wearing a t-shirt with Detroit written on it in a photograph back in 2013 in front of two statues in Egypt of the King and Queen. That same photograph was supernaturally related to the Father Figure for Gene of Isis back in July. I wore the same Detroit t-shirt in a photograph taken outside the Red Lion in Avebury…the Children of the S tones.

      Roob and i are also connected through the death of the Father Figure… Frank and i are connected through the death of the Mother.

      There is an important message encoded here. It is seven years on 31st Oct since my Father died. The 21st Dec this year is the end of one of the seven year cycles which the Mayans called the Time of No Time. The time between two ages the age of Pisces and Aquarius between two circles the vesica pisces. I wrote this post back in Oct 2014 five years ago.

  2. “You know, when he uploaded that rhesus monkey…I was actually happy for him. We all were. And then I realized we had crossed a line. The machine that thought it was a monkey never took a breath. It never ate, never slept. It just screamed. It was begging for us to stop.”

    Would you-know-who care to remove his head from you-know-her’s you-know-what and remind me of his reply when I showed compassion for the monkey’s plight? Didn’t it basically amount to a merciless intent to stick that monkey’s head through a table, crack open its skull, and feast on its brain?

  3. What did ‘The Many’ ask me when our paths crossed during the week? It was a strange question to ask, don’t you think? Thirty or so of you, only one of me. I was alone in that damp, dark field. You could have surrounded me, tried to intimidate me – as you have many times in the past. Instead, your question (not to mention your very presence in that unlikely spot) made it abundantly clear that where I go, you go. My answer? As of today I’m still making up my mind. Tomorrow? Well, that depends on whether I wake up to yet another whole different story, doesn’t it?

  4. To paraphrase Anon: Taaaa-daaaa-daaaa…Ta-taaaa!

    An eye for an eye?

    Or an aye?

    What will it be? Should that ‘rhesus monkey’ show you ‘compassion’? Should he save you sin your flower of seed?

  5. Right about now I’m thinking: were those tatties a good buy? Were they worth planting? Were they earth the seed I sowed?

    And if not then is this a case of tattie-bye?

  6. The Land Time forgot forgets what time it is and I suddenly realize I haven’t been on my computer in days but rather on my feet tearing up the sights, sounds, and syncs! Hello Merovee family! Hoping we continue opening the portals for everyone here in a meaningful Way. And possibly more surprises to come with others who cross our paths. 🙂

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