Long May You Run

Long May You Run.



Manifestations of extreme energy.

Watch History Unfold. It’s as fast as fuck.



From A Tsunami Of Light :

‘A Tsunami of Light Is Coming. Click ‘In 5D.com’. In a sense there has been a tsunami of light for some time but Celia Fenn predicts a ramping up of energy which is difficult to believe considering the last few years or so. Also, I believe the energy process to be internal rather than external. Incoming from inside.

‘We are getting ready to receive the most intense and powerful waves of light codes ever on the planet, starting at the 10/10. There will be huge shifts as the incoming waves of light and frequency activate waves of awakening in the next four months.’



Fast as fuck.

Super Typhoon Hagibis. Hagibis translates as Speed.






The man told me ‘The Windmill is the Church’ or the other way round.

The Windmill Church.




The collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel in Canal St, New Orleans.



And I don’t think it’s going to slow down either


43 thoughts on “Long May You Run

    1. Do you think all of the news stories people weave together as “syncs” are actually true -as in they actually happened? Or do you think a computer or two just mash up words and names and churn out content for the ass sociated press? If so, these are not really syncs or at least not really meaningful syncs.

      1. Anon

        My present state of thought. I see the news as reflective of either a collective subconscious or sometimes more personal subconscious. And maybe conscious thought And you can also add sliding doors as in quantum theory and Time as well. Also sometimes a release or expression of emotional energy. I think there is a real synchronicity to it. That’s my brief reply.

        Is it really happening out there ? That’s the $64,000 question. It looks real. Doesn’t mean it is.

        1. I’m thinking about the Bi-dens.
          Two guarded dens of eden.
          Two chambers of the mind.
          Two experiences -real and not real.
          & bi-assed.

          Yesterday as I was going to a soccer game, GPS led me to a street called “Needmore” and I wondered about life on that street and about the “Garden of Need”.

  1. Guarded Den

    “So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life (Genesis 3:24)”

      1. That was a pretty funny skit.
        Elizabeth Warden was hilarious.
        The whole thing used the popular meaning of “bi” as a sussex of gender/sexuality.
        I’m interested in other uses.

  2. I may not be able to keep in regular contact on Merovee this week. So not being rude in absentia. Making a trip to Deep State. Flying Wednesday.

    1. Slingshot.

      From Starchild Global :

      ‘This rising energy will be felt at the 10:10 Portal on the 10th of October, and it will continue to intensify at the major 11:11 Star Gate on the 11th of November. Then it will continue on to the 12:12 on the 12th of December and the 21:12 on the 21st December (Solstice) and will culminate on the 12th of January (1:12:2020), when Saturn and Pluto move into conjunction in the sign of Capricorn.’


      1. Anon

        Thank you. Should be able to get a few articles done hopefully.

        And apols. Just dug out a couple of your comments that went into spam about the Thunberg on It Started With A Kiss I think. I’ve been a bit lax with spam.

      1. TTN

        This has been planned for about the last two years or so but every time we got close something cropped up to stop it. Actually getting to US goes back to 2001 if I take the long view.

        When the time is right and all that I suppose. But frustrating at times. A serious case of having to keep the faith. Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

        It’s going to be a fun trip.

        1. And a tangent with Go West and pop stars of the 1980s. The lead singer’s name was Peter Cox. At the time of the song I was friends with Peter Cox.

          When Wham hit the big time I had a friend called George who was from Greece. Also a doppelganger friend of Phil Collins and met Sade’s look alike.
          You could also add Madonna, Shirley from Pepsi and Shirley to the list.

          And played football with Nick Lowe. And there were more.

          One of those things when you wonder if you are seeing right and seems you are.

        2. Same for me as stated before the US was the first place I went to when i was 18 and I met Kat her ine…..she took me to Hershey Park where they make the Hershey Kiss…


          I was offered a job in Atlantic city as a Blackjack dealer..but Frances wanted to go back to the E ME rald Island.

          Btw your comment changed was that you or the Mandela effect. Have a safe trip hope everything works out for you guys I wish you well…you will find we flip back and forth over the mirror Atlantic frequency I am also currently in the Wild Wild West….and it is aptly named…believe me. 🤪

          The House of Black and White…. the White Widow Mrs Jones and the Mr Black Smith….or is it the other way round.

          Just out of curiosity does Jen have a key ring with a bunny rabbit? 🤔

          1. TTN

            Yes, actually – A rabbit’s foot on a spiral key ring. 🙂 But I don’t tend to lock my doors. Part of living on the Wild side. Either I’m a complete idiot or just keeping faith in the human spirit to follow through. 🙂 It’s a trust fall for all of US and I’m a true Believer!

      1. Is it merely a ‘coincidence’ that the word ‘simulation’ evokes terms such as ejaculation, copulation, ovulation, radiation, mutation, and evolution?

        My guess is that the play is The Thingie.

        1. Roob

          I got here. Flight not too bad. Just an incredible journey. All sorts of weirdness going on. Changed at Detroit Airport. Not a fun place.

          Watched Glass on in flight movie.

          And Heathrow and the man who fell from the sky.


    1. Ely lived secluded in Hope and acted on a Fantasy Island and cruised on a Love Boat. Terrible ending.

        1. Interesting overt programming on human origins -evolution or divine? Mankind can’t decide so his psyche splits.

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