Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I wondered when and if and how The Original Angel would show her face.

After chatting with Anon in the comments about The OA and her violin, I went out into town to get some lunch and there she was. The tune is ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’. ‘You want a sign’ sort of thing.

The Original Angle.




The Mamas and the Papas. Sung by Mama Cass.




Dream A Little Dream Of Me.


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      1. Roob

        The Universe seems to be saying our perception is askew. I would say what we see outside ourselves is projection rather than reality.

    1. https://i.giphy.com/media/JHdTtC2S4GVTq/giphy.gif
      I’ve not read the article nor watched the video yet, and this may seem like some unrelated assumptions of me to make, but three things popped into my head when I read your comment.

      Bend – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bend

      What Is Heartline And Why Is It Important For Roller Coasters? – https://www.heartline-coasters.com/heartline-important-roller-coasters/

      Distortion – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distortion

      Time, perspective and moisture were really the first things in my head, and specifically…

      Density – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density

      Density Gradient – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density_gradient

      Was just thinking the other day that photons of light created via different methods are likely to have different properties over time. Perhaps even that some photons are pre-packaged for certain times/durations of flight along certain pathways. Pretty vague I know, but the basis is that potentially certain photons may travel at varying speeds because a contextual point in spacetime that allows them to do so. For example a photon of light from a star in Andromeda could actually arrive in our proximity in a matter of minutes or even seconds because of a contextual point in space became available for travel of this type. Granted, that “point” is actually a line, and this “line” may in fact not be straight, but irrespective of the distance(s) and orientations of the pathways this photon travels, the origin and destination remain constant, irrespective of our photon’s position(s) relative to the origin and destination during travel. I’m thinking primarily how particles are sometimes perceived to be in two places at the same and/or vanish from one place and suddenly appear in another or similar wacky behavior. Maybe it’s a matter of not being “weird” as much as it is about being efficient.
      /me shrugs

      Also just stumbled onto this whilst looking for something regarding “entry angle(s)”.

      Signs And Symbols: Their Design And Meaning by Adrian Frutiger – https://monoskop.org/images/5/55/Frutiger_Adrian_Signs_and_Symbols_Their_Design_and_Meaning.pdf
      That’s entire 360 page book in PDF format, so just warning anyone now that it’ll take a while to download. 🙂

      I’ll go read your article and watch your vid now.

      ^12″ Anthology – Skinny Puppy – Serpants^

      1. Cade

        Thank you. I was thinking earlier when I looked at the 1st Angle video it would be good to have your input.

        Now I will attempt to understand it !

          1. Cade


            The Universe keeps pointing out the importance of the Observer, perspective and projection etc. Trying to get my head round it.

              1. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/UntidyShoddyKitfox-size_restricted.gif
                There’s a Finnish couple that has a few really good YouTube channels. They do a lot of really weird and interesting vids, but it just occurred to me that coupla vids they’ve recently made with their “Kronos Ring” high-speed camera setup gives some really good perspectives on…erm…”more multifaceted contexts in a single context via an amalgamation of times into time through time”…if that makes any sense.

                72 cameras/72 viewpoints = 1 viewpoint.

                Was thinking about your “angle projection” and how a setup like they’ve got can prolly give some better ideas regarding angular considerations with respect to contextual POVs. And especially as it relates to multiple times in time via more or less singular events..

                Both of these vids have some damn interesting stuff.

                ^Skipping a Bullet on Water at 100 000 FPS | Real Life Bullet Time!^

                ^Oxy-Acetylene Explosions at 330 000 fps | Fastest High Speed Camera on Youtube!^

          2. interesting first picture
            a few years ago I saw this clip
            then he disappeared and for several years I could not find it
            the other day I was looking for it and they helped me find it on the LOP website
            space music and interesting details of some signs
            alpha centaur lion scorpion cancer
            Ophiuchus in the center

                1. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/be/05/4c/be054c76ea05fed822aca22ee6d4d122.jpg
                  Lots of stuff on that YouTube playlist you inadvertently posted looks interesting. First song is great. Not to mention the Zodiac Evolution video was way cool, and that entire thread on those forums is what a friend of mine would call…”synchy”. Not everything, but some stuff.

                  Minoan Snake Goddess Figurines – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minoan_snake_goddess_figurines

                  Demeter – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demeter

                  1958 Lituya Bay Alaska Earthquake And Megatsunami – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1958_Lituya_Bay,_Alaska_earthquake_and_megatsunami

                  Minoan Eruption – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minoan_eruption

                  365 Crete Earthquake – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/365_Crete_earthquake

                  Bumped into my second corn-goddess today, my second “mega”tsunami, a new snake-goddess type entity, and was reminded of a debate regarding what Corn is and when. Or Maize. Or both Corn and Maize.

                  No idea what any of that means.

                  ^Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit^

                    1. I have no idea who the “snake goddess” above is. I found that pic via the forums link that Rain provided, and the pic on Pinterest/Piccsy is entitled “STILL ALIVE”.

                      Below is the doc we watched, but I’ll refrain from making my personal observations on the contents so as not to spoil the initial experience for anyone who chooses to watch it.

                      ^The Minotaur’s Island (Ancient Greece Documentary) | Timeline^

                    1. Thanks to the “earthy” and “witchy” people I follow on Twitter, I know that there was a “dark moon” the other day, and I looked for it, but didn’t see it. 😛

                  1. From the wiki link on the figurines:

                    ‘Barry Powell suggested that the “snake goddess” reduced in legend into a folklore heroine was Ariadne (whose name might mean “utterly pure” or “the very holy one”), who is often depicted surrounded by Maenads and satyrs.’

    1. More faux enemy reporting.
      Antifa reeks like the Kony movement.
      Faux causes, faux cults, faux “opposition”.
      Keep trying.

        1. Roob

          The pedestrian crossing seems to fit with The OA / Brit Marling meme.

          I haven’t seen the movie but from the trailer the plot of Another Earth is connected with a car accident on a pedestrian crossing by the looks of it.

  1. So…. in Excalibur King Arthur refuses to champion his Queen against his own knight’s accusation that she’s a whore…. and says Lancelot must do it.

    Well Lancelot almost dies but bests Gawain…. and by risking his life for his Queen’s “honor” proves her “undoing,” because she gives herself to the man who was willing to die for her.

    I think my “escape route” out of this insane drama in Paw-ling is to declare:

    I don’t want any “man” who says he is “unhappily married” but allows his own son and “wife” to dishonor me, and who am I?

    The “new girl” in town.

    The “love” is officially gone.

    Because I really see now that….

    This is YOU:

        1. “Kurgan” is Satan, taking me for a “ride.”

          Is there a “Storm Coming”?

          Uh huh

          Not sure but I’ve got a strong feeling….

          It’s going to be a “tidal” wave hitting “NEWWW YORRRK!”

          Or not! …. I don’t know any more than you do…..

          JUST … “Be prepared”!

          Either way….


          YOUR END


          1. It occurred to me earlier today, that if one were to scream “change” long enough and loud enough, it might be difficult to discern if the request was for “change” or for “chains”.

            Pardon the odd segue, but you got me to thinking about the request(s) that some sometimes make for change, and their inability to accept the change(s) that actually occur. Perhaps it’s the generalities and/or lack of specificity in the request(s)? Too generic? It occurs to me that “change” is actually a rather complex concept with a lot of components. I guess a lot of those are subjective and reliant upon the approval(s) of various interests.

            Bound by change.
            Bound by chains.
            Chained to change?

            Strange concept.

            *Ministry – Let’s Go – With lyrics (subtitled & edited)*

            1. Hi, C.F.

              Interesting this place as always because I was thinking about when Pilate signs Jesus’ fate, Jesus doesn’t drop his head, he raises it and closes his eyes in well, grateful acceptance.

              Jesus actually complained in the gospels, How much longer must I stay with you all of so little faith???

              And I also was thinking about how so FAST and thus merciful it was for Jesus to be arrested and then crucified within 24 hours.

              I think Jesus must have been grateful to have been “taken out” by his Father so speedily.

              That’s kinda the same feeling I have as for how I can’t WAIT for the “END TIMES”….

              Bring it on!!!

              Let’s go to the edge of disaster
              Push the pedal and go a little faster
              Let’s slam into a wall at ramming speed
              Let’s go to the edge of a mountain
              Jump off and lets start countin’
              Hit the ground and tell me if it bleeds
              Let’s go insane
              Let’s go insane
              Let’s go to the edge of reality
              Let’s go for total insanity
              Let’s go for a government based on greed
              Let’s go for the final attack
              Let’s go for a war in Iraq
              Let’s go for starting up World War III
              Let’s go insane
              Let’s go insane
              Make my reservation
              Let’s go for the ultimate crime
              Let’s go for the end of time
              Let’s go for an ethnic killing spree
              Let’s go for the final battle
              Let’s slaughter them all like cattle
              Let’s go to our graves in victory
              Let’s go insane
              Let’s go insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                1. It’s not “morbid” at all to wish to die to this world to be born in the new Kingdom, promised to us by the Father.

                  This world is …. shit.

              1. When someone gets loud with you and you’re trying to figure out who the fuck they think they’re talking to

                The only thing I can say is that faith is a weird thing. I have no idea how long of a timeline Jesus/Yeshua was looking at nor why. The dude was supposedly God, so I’d imagine that he’d have access to information channels that are more or less unavailable to the rest of us, and could have been basing his accounting of their faith(s) on some pretty long timelines that wavered quite a bit over the course of those timelines. Not to mention that he’s potentially looking at 12 individual timelines at the same time and creating a 13th timeline out of the aggregate of the 12, Almost like an electrical cable. Maybe then adding his own perspective which creates either a 14th or maybe a 13b type of thing as Jesus/Yeshua is comparing I guess his own faith to their faith.

                He seemed to be here to not only teach, but learn. Maybe even sometimes do both at the same time.

                As far as his willingness to leave? I gotta be honest that I’ve never thought of that before. I spend many an hour in churches surrounded by people singing in some pretty sad tones about themselves getting the hell out of here, but I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anyone suggest that Jesus/Yeshua was in a big hurry to get the fuck outta Dodge. It’s an interesting thought tho. Especially when meshed in with the thoughts that a lot of Christians want Jesus/Yeshua or whatever in the fuck his name is to hurry up and return. Seems to me that if Jesus/Yeshua wanted to get gone, he ain’t likely to be in any big hurry to get back. Especially when you consider what The Bible says is gonna happen when he gets here. Man, what a trainwreck that is gonna be.

                Faith is weird tho. Especially that long term stuff which seems to rely pretty heavily on both truth and lies in order for faith to accurately express itself. JMO

                Interesting thought(s) you’ve raised.

                ^Whales Tails – Cocteau Twins^

                  1. C.F. 🙂

                    Instead of listening to the “gossip” you should listen to the “gospel” if you really want to “know” Jesus.

                    THE POSSESSED BOY

                    As they approached the crowd, a man came up to him and knelt before him. “Lord,” he said, “take pity on my son, who is demented and in a serious condition. . . . . I have brought him to your disciples but they could not cure him.”
                    In reply Jesus said: “What an unbelieving and perverse lot you are! How long must I remain with you? How long can I endure you? Bring him here to me!”
                    Then Jesus reprimanded him, and the demon came out of him. That very moment the boy was CURED.”

                    Matthew 17:14-18

                    1. The disciples approached Jesus at that point and asked him privately, “Why could we not expel it?”
                      “Because you have so little trust,” he told them. “I assure you, if you had the faith the size of a mustard seed, you would be able to say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible for you.”

                      Matthew 17 19-21

                    2. And to all my “good” friends from Notre Dame

                      Like you, Anne Marie

                      Thanks for the internet shot of me at a football tailgater with a beer in my hand…. “just for chuckles.”

                      And like you, Martin

                      You are less than a “man,” let’s just put it that way…..

                      And to you, Jan (true “alligator”)

                      Well, I already summed you up.

                      Don’t bother having “Donnie” and the Anderson clan try to “help” me.

                      And don’t you EVER show up at my front door again….

                      Because YOU are a snake….

                    3. Yeah, in that instance, it definitely sounds like he’s a bit angsty there, and am starting to remember him being a bit short sometimes.
                      I stand corrected. 🙂

                      But the gossip bit I don’t get.

                    4. Frank,

                      I have a PROBLEM.

                      I’m trying to post this

                      and what ddya know but I keep getting the previous AWESOME but not what I was posting at the moment :

                      “Clubbed to Death.”

                      Can you help?

                    5. Trinity

                      At my end Extreme Ways is showing X3 times and Clubbed To Death once. Not sure exactly how you want to show them.

                    6. I see Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ x 3. Cade and I spotted the discrepancy this morning because he could see ‘Saltwater’ by Chicane x 3. We took screenshots if needed.

                    7. Roob

                      Thanks. Not sure what happens. Does seem peculiar to Trinity I think.

                      Occasionally a comment shows the previous YT video I post but normally OK.

                    8. Oh wow….

                      Well it’s good to get clear!

                      The separation of wheat from tares…..

                      Well, goodbye Frank!


                      “Goodbye, Mr. Wick….”


                    9. So um, good bye, Frank?

                      I kinda don’t like my posts being “finagled” … or messed with?…. You know.

                      And I don’t believe in going around in “circles” anymore….

                      I believe in the straight and narrow being the only Way out of here.

                      The ONLY WAY to righteousness.

                      I know of course the new movie coming out by the mob, by the famous director who glorified them….. “Scorsese”…..

                      But I’ve seen the trailer….

                      They all look like pathetic Old Men.

                      Not only that but WORSE.


                    10. They are so old and gross……


                      You be the judge!

                      These GUYZ well, to me at least, they keep calling me a SLUT, but to me these guys are not “cool” anymore, nor were they ever.

                      They are PATHETIC.

                    11. The Mob are cockroaches!

                      They RUN

                      And they HIDE

                      Well, I’ve got a “bead” on you.


                    12. Mock me all you want.

                      I can dance.

                      And you all ?



                      I am a Woman!

                      And you all …. are not.

                    13. It’s OK, Everybody…..

                      Everything is . . . OK.

                      Actually . . . 🙂

                      It’s MORE than just “OK”

                      So . . . “just breathe.”

                    14. Lesson 101: The difference between “making love” and “fucking”

                      When you “make love,” you look your lover in the eye.

                      When you “fuck,” you look away, or close your eyes.
                      Same with kissing.

                      You only want to kiss the one you LOVE……

                      You don’t want to kiss the one you’re “fucking.”

                    15. And when I fell in love and got married it was all “making love”!

                      Until it gradually became just you know, f—–.

                      If a relationship can’t find a way out of that, if there is no other avenue for connection?

                      It ENDS.

                      And it SHOULD.

                    16. And you know, this is kinda crazy, but the mob “guyz” remind me of my high school teachers!

                    17. You know what else is “crazy”?

                      How I’m gonna turn this city UPSIDE DOWN you do anything to harm my son.

                    18. CF! 🙂

                      I just finally REALLY read your reply.


                      Jesus . . . “angsty”

                      For me, they just don’t go together.

                      “Jesus” has been sooo “misread” that I think it’s hard for us to “hear” Him and what His “compassion” and “love” toward us really meant.

                      He had NO LOVE for this world or uh, yeah! anyone in it, including the “children.”

                      He wasn’t teaching his disciples how to heal a broken world that can never be healed. He even said there will always be poverty, there will always be the “poor.” Leave it, and follow Me.

                      He was teaching his disciples how to have the FAITH that moves mountains.

                      That having FAITH in God’s love is the only WAY out.

                      And now?

                      Having OBEYED and trusted in his Father’s promises?

                      He is KING

        2. The mound, the name comes from the Turkic “mound”, Qurģon – construction, fortress. Also, the mound is a type of funerary monuments, common on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. It is usually characterized by the construction of an earthen embankment above the burial pit. Numerous types of mounds are distinguished, characterized by design features of the burial chamber and embankment [1]. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9A%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B3%D0%B0%D0%BD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumulus

          1. Rain / Cade

            Normal bizarre stuff. Yesterday I passed a doppelganger of Kurgan from Cade’s pic in the street. Wearing a shirt.

          2. https://media.giphy.com/media/26vUzBQurxyISQPcc/giphy.gif
            Mars, I saw a really interesting documentary sometime back on mound builders in North America, but this one focused mainly on those in the Ohio. I seem to recall that the documentary was maybe being produced/funded by The State of Ohio, so go figure.

            Serpent Mound – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serpent_Mound

            I don’t recall the doc being specifically on Serpent Mound, and that’s the big draw, but think it maybe focused on some excavations being done where roads or bridges were being built or some other kinds of “improvements” were being done. Maybe they were trying to clear the area so that the area could be cleared? Regardless of all that, I’ve done some digging myself, but can’t find the video(s) I watched, They were damn interesting tho. Will keep my eyes peeled and pass them along if I stumble onto them again.

            ^Almond Joy Mounds Commercial (1978)^

        1. The Paris Agreement (PA) and climate change.


          I wonder if he stabbed them in the back.

          1. https://giphygifs.s3.amazonaws.com/media/Qex46nl38hrhu/giphy.gif
            I think that was only the 2nd or 3rd time that I’d seen that movie, but what occurs to me whilst watching it is “the big”. Yeah, they talked about the dynamics of small stuff here and there during the movie, but almost everything that existed, was built, changed, manipulated or whatever was usually quite large. Not to mention that I saw no 3-armed Gorgons nor invading alien hordes, no blood-rains nor freaky sex orgies, no individuals warping nor time warping nor doing anything that appeared to break the physical laws of the realm(s) we know and occupy. in fact I saw nothing indicative of dreams other than the well-defined constructs of dreams that were outlined during the course of the movie. And of course those goofy suitcases that I assume are some kind of tactile ion channel interrupt that gives I/O access to intruders whilst simultaneously dropping a body’s autonomic defense mechanisms in order to allow more or less unfettered access? /shrug

            I’m not suggesting that all dreams have really weird and unusual things in them, but at the same time there are typically “markers” in dreams that are indicative that you are indeed dreaming. It’s been my experience that nothing active is required on the part of the dreamer to create these markers. To be fair, maybe that was a point the film was trying to make with respect to these “tokens”? Because of the nature of these particular dream-states and the dreams they create, a lot of the more or less “normal” dream rules are out the window?

            I guess all that to say that the entire movie just kinda seemed like a metaphor for “only big change(s) are true change(s)”. Would be kinda ironic considering one of the main underlying premises was the successful implantation of a subtlety. Oh, and how to gaslight the living shit out of others without anyone being aware that the topic has been broached.

            But yeah, this movie…subtle social engineering? Or just an inquisitive exploration of ideas. Not much in the movie that really stands out as “iconic” like in most movies this size. The whole movie is kinda bland and blasé with no real aspect changes except at the beginning, the middle and the end. One big arc. A parabolic trip. A to B via C?
            /me shrugs

            I could expand further on that thought but won’t so as to not give movie destroying spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Not to mention that this comment is plenty long already. 🙂

            ^Nothing in the Sun – Ceremony^

            1. Parabolic?

              ‘mid-13c., parabol, modern form from early 14c., “saying or story in which something is expressed in terms of something else,” from Old French parable “parable, parabolic style in writing” (13c.), from Latin parabola “comparison,” from Greek parabole “a comparison, parable,” literally “a throwing beside,” hence “a juxtaposition,” from para- “alongside” (see para- (1)) + bole “a throwing, casting, beam, ray,” related to ballein “to throw” (from PIE root *gwele- “to throw, reach”).

              ‘Replaced Old English bispell. In Vulgar Latin, parabola took on the meaning “word,” hence Italian parlare, French parler “to speak” (see parley (n.)).’


              1. Yeah, parabolic. The whole thing just kinda seemed to be on long line where there’s an implication that the line is being bent during the course of the story, but when you get to the end you realize that the line wasn’t bent at all. Or maybe just that the journey up, over and back down the mountain was actually pretty straight from both ends? Also pretty straight in the middle irrespective of any/all fluctuations, deviations, etc.?

                I dunno, maybe I’m stretching.
                (no pun intended…not that I’m aware of anyway)

                Maybe not tho. Life seems to be both straight and crooked here and there. Maybe that’s why “witnesses” have such a difficult time reconstructing certain events? You’re basically trying to retroactively cram saw waves and sine waves and interrupts and tangents and similar “deviations” into straight lines. That’s going to require a shitload of filters and filtering in order to get rid of all that stuff that cannot accurately be represented by a straight lines. At the same time tho, it might be advantageous to certain parties for such models to exist. Omit the bits you don’t want, keep the ones you do.

                The quest for a type of perfection? When I wrote that out, then re-read it, it sounds almost apathetic.

                The quest for a type of perfection.

                Defeatist. Of course, that too brings up an interesting wrinkle. In a “win/lose” type contest, seems that defeatism is an inherent trait. Which, what is the opposite of defeatist? Optimist? That makes no sense to me. A defeatist is accepting, and an optimist is hopeful? That doesn’t jibe real well with the winners/losers concept(s). Is a defeatist likely to be more accepting of victory? Is an optimist likely to be more hopeful of defeat? Just trying to think of how the parties might respond to getting what they don’t want/don’t expect. I mean, what in the fuck are optimists doing in a scenario where “defeat” is an option? What in the fuck are defeatists doing in a scenario where “victory” is not an option?

                Sorry for rambling, you got me to thinking. 😀

                ^The Sundays – Here’s Where The Story Ends (Official Video)^

      1. Lots of CC’s in that article.

        “Officials said he had been working in the force’s intelligence division.”

        “The attack follows a rare nationwide police strike on Wednesday, which saw thousands of officers demonstrating in Paris over working hours, shortages in resources and controversial pension reforms.”

        The Paris Agreement unlocking pen$ion funds….

                1. Anon

                  Strangely enough I am. That’s what Angela wanted help with when people turn up.

                  Peter, Charles, Francis and Angela will be welcoming everyone. That’s a 10/4.

          1. Oh wow! Deaf has been a recurring theme here. Yesterday I drove through so many neighborhoods in different cities that had signs alerting drivers to the presence of a “deaf child” in the area and I wondered how people go about applying for the installation of such signs. I also wondered what happens should the deaf child move – how soon if ever is the sign taken down?- and pondered on the prevalence of deafness. Suddenly it seemed deaf children were as abundant as autistic children are now.

            Earlier I had thought about that story about the mouse in the White House that landed on the lap of a re-port-her named Peter Alexander (PA) and how it all seemed a bit staged -the holograph having fun. I looked up Peter Alexander and his sister came up, apparently famous herself for something to do with the mindwork. I think her specialty has to do with the blind and deaf, something about “Usher Syndrome” whatever that is. Anyway, Peter’s sis has the initials RAA (like Ra, ray) with her first name being “Rebecca”.

            David’s are turning up for me too.

            Let there be lights. And sound.

  2. Frank, PA’s sister Rebecca wrote a book about Usher Syndrome (US). What a trip, huh?

    The blindness part of the syndrome is caused by “retinitis pigmentosa” or RP. RP is like RIP without the i and “deaf” rings a bit like “death”.


    In reverse, Peter’s full initials are AMP – a unit of sound- and his middle name (Marvin) is one letter away from Martin.


    Rebecca’s book is titled “Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found”.

    Sense rhymes with pence.

    And to show the holograph’s ultra silly side, Peter and Rebecca’s Mom and Dad are named Terry Alexander and David Alexander and if you combine their abbreviations, you get ….DATA or, if you prefer, TA DA!


    1. …sorry an amp references electrical current…temporarily lost my senses and conflated ampere with amplifier.

    2. Anon

      Rebecca is driving to the service. Have to drive up Shepherd’s Hill to get there.

      IDK. Farewell to the Patriarch. He was a good man in truth but the term Patriarch has kept on cropping up.


      1. Familiar grid – 51.2 latitude and 0 degrees longitude. 0.1 to be precise but close enough.

        Just along the road from Sparticles Wood – half a mile or so.

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