Four Eyes Only

This is another article with Frank stuff. Some people have accused me of being egotistical but my main motive has been to hopefully trigger others to look within and realise that you are reflected out there. And compare notes.

It has become clearer and clearer to me that our reality is a form of mirror or kaleidoscope. I believe the human mind is programmed to separate the external world into fragments when in reality it is all You and all Me and the rest of it. We like the pleasant reflection but when we see the ‘bad’ stuff, we want to change the world. But in a sense there is no external world and the reflections are Us when we see the guilt and fear and hate and need. At the moment I think we are in a state of deep emotional release which from observation many are going through as well as myself. But what will happen to reality once we get through it I have no idea. Anyway, that’s my take on it.

Welcome to the Mirror Verse.

Today is a 911 date. Actually it’s a palindromic date : 91119.

This morning I received a text saying my new pair of glasses were ready to be collected. And on my way down into town I passed the Observer who occasionally shows himself.



It’s all happening at once.

Why Now ? And what’s about to happen ?



And on 911 2001, Frank Culbertson was the Observer on the ISS observing 911.



The next part is about Pope Francis. There may actually something to this externally. Time will tell.

Pope Francis is in a war of words with fundie US Catholic priests and he has accused them of being Back Stabbers.



And just because I like the song.

The Soul of Philly.



And yesterday I came across this movie poster – ‘Les Tueurs de San Francisco’ which translates as ‘The Killers of San Francisco’. The English title was ‘Once A Thief’.



For me, from my own journey and seeing the experiences of others as well, I think we are looking at a split Mind and One Soul and One Mind. How that plays out in reality, my human brain has problems imagining how that works.



We’re having a Make Over.


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  1. Good article. It’s hard to put these things into words. And it is about you and me and US. 🙂

    On the subject of splitting.
    The founder of alienstock, a guy named Roberts has pulled out of the Rachel NV event and hooked up with a guy named DiMaggio.
    They have made AlienStock a ‘brand’, and have moved it to a “safe, clean, secure area” at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.
    So it goes.

    Regarding the Rachel NV event they say…
    We foresee a possible ‘humanitarian disaster’ in the works, and we can’t participate in any capacity at this point.
    There’s an article at

    Humanitarian disaster…Bahamas…Atlantis…the collective memory of US.
    Sept 23, last day of alienstock, first day of Autumn aka the Fall.
    The split…the man and women looked at each other and saw they were naked.

    Calling all aliens. 🙂

    1. Elena

      I’m loathe to make predictions for anything. They have a habit of falling flat. And also events like 911 have a habit of being a total surprise and out of left field.

      But a few months ago a beautiful lady with elven ears told me she had got the green light for September. And an Observer turning up on 91119 speaks of something.

      ‘Why now ? And what’s about to happen ?’

      We were chatting and I got this repeated message in my head. ‘Look at my ears’ whilst we were talking. So I did.

      23rd September is TTN’S birthday and it’s been popping up for me. It’s Bruce Springsteen’s birthday and also another ‘synchromystic’ blogger in Oz – Darren – who years ago used to come on here.

      1. Frank

        I know what you mean.
        I see it all as the continuing search for knowledge which began when the man and woman at the serpent’s prompting, chose to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of all things. Rather than spend eternity in the paradise of blissful ignorance. 🙂

        The other day I mentioned the man in the Bahamas who cried about broken promises and that night Trump regaled a crowd in NC about his ‘promises made and kept’.
        And I have to say “huh”?

        The observer and the elvish woman.
        Eyes and ears. 🙂

  2. Here’s some nonsense fer yer.
    91119 may be flattened to 939, the year in which Æthelstan, the King of the English, died after being accepted to the throne by the Mercians. Ever since Mugabe’s passing (My uorld, ge awey british empire) I’ve been thinking it will be a huge relief when the tired old energy of the brutish queen passes on as well and gives this dimension a right rest. I’ve also been seeing my own mother as a woman of immense mercy and grace. Mugabe’s second wife was a Grace (though quite the mater-ialist. )

    The divided Church/Empire is only for splitting hiers.Æthelstan

    I don’t know if I’m one of the ones who has accused you of being egotistical but I do know (from what you’ve said) that when bad things happen to those you love, you believe they are real enough to want a change. You don’t want bad things to happen to your peeps. What difference does it make whether you conceive of your peeps as being one or two or a dozen or a hundred or a million or a billion?

        Ironically, another Austin musician appears to have died today.

        Austin Songwriting Genius Daniel Johnston Dead at 58

        Great documentary on him called The Devil and Daniel Johnston if anyone wants to check it out. 🙂
        ^Eric Johnson – Cliffs Of Dover – Live^

  3. Frank,

    Haha re: SPLITTING HEIRS… um well I had an American miracle today on 9/11!

    And it started with my ruminations on the SPLIT in AMERICA between Republicans and Democrats, how “Satan” always divides and conquers thereby…..

    That Satan split America in two, by having one half be “faithful” to the First and Greatest Commandment: “You shall love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.” THAT’s the Republicans (nevermind of course, both parties are hypocrites), who thereby are self-righteous as “family men,” white, patriarchal, and big on “charity” fundraisers (lol)….

    The OTHER half of America is yes, the “Democrats,” whose basis is the “Second” Commandment, the one given us by the Son of God, who told us that it is “no less great” than the First: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” The ideals of tolerance, civil rights and the fight against “racism,” etc etc.

    So now we have the ideal of the “American Citizen” as a “Patriot” divided in two: at extreme polar opposites, with the Republicans on the “right” loving “God” but with no tolerance for their “neighbor” be they a different race, or sexual orientation or from another country. And the Democrats on the left, in which I see “tolerance” gone crazy in a world in which anything and EVERYTHING (“Pansexuality? Bestiality? “Boy lovers” ?) is OK!

    So I saw that today and don’t you know I got triggered by a local female politician who has joined in the I don’t know what to call it, slander?, of picturing me as a dog in her flyer mailed to all citizens of Paw-ling (I now call it “Dog-town”)…. who needs to stay on her leash….. and saying she needed ME since I AM a “registered Democrat” and if I don’t help well you know what that means….. I’m a loser as an American patriot, nevermind they all know I’m a drunk and a dog.

    Haha, and her last name?

    Hint: It’s WHITE and it’s FROZEN and falls in Wintour…. “Sn…. oh!”

    Yes, I am the Mockingjay now and forever, and my son is known as “Frogger” (see the “FOREVER” postal frog stamp) ever since they ran him over his freshman year in college….

    She even included a huge picture of ALL the WOMEN of “Dog-town” united with her, smirking with her own dog in the center at the feet of all the so-called “ladies,” a yellow labrador looking quite sad, tight on a leash, next to a very young girl in pink RUNNING SHOES….

    OK, so the MIRACLE?

    It prompted me to say NO! to her “invitation” to JOIN US! and I FINALLY changed my voter registration today ONLINE in the wink of an eye from Democrat to not registered with any party.

    I just became an “Independent” American Voter today!

    ON 9/11!!!!!

    It’s a MIRACLE

    It’s like a miracle because…. somehow Jesus led me to do it not of my own intention, he LED me to it! I really didn’t care too much that I was still a “registered Democrat” who likes Trump.

    But the strange birds i suddenly heard clucking, and crows suddenly cawing, and cars roaring by with backfires like gunshots let me know that somehow I had made a MAJOR CHANGE!

    A good one too!

    I’m a “freebird” now!


    WILD ….


    What a TRUE AMERICAN should be!

    Thank you, Jesus


    1. And as President Trump said today, real American patriots NEVER FORGET what happened on 9/11.

      So . . . I like to keep re-MIND-ing US.

      1. So how do we “Make America Great Again”?

        We need to come together.

        Two separate parts joining as ONE.

        And you know what guys?

        I think I just described the Second Coming of Christ.

        (That is, all the GOAT’s, the Garden of Eden snake’s, um the Bull’s, i.e. ALL of Satan’s sex jokes aside…..)

        “Aside”? Uhhh, how about thrown DOWN, into the Lake of Fire.

        Because they aren’t funny.

          When was America ever “great”? Not only that, but according to whom was it great? I mean, back when the country was founded or thereabouts, was shitting outdoors or shitting/pissing in a pot, wiping with corncobs and having to haul your drinking/cooking water every day really great types of things? Hauling drinking water is especially bad if your neighbors upstream are relieving themselves in the river. Murdering the fuck out of native inhabitants to take both their lives and their lands? Having to beat and/or work your slaves to death, then expend time and monies to replace them with fresh slaves? Killing your fellow countryfolk over idealistic differences? A drive to become more and more statist in a federalistic way, which is closer and closer to tyranny via all kinds of dictatorial and/or opportunistic interests? Not much sounds real great there.

          Is being “great” actually such a great thing? Didn’t seem to work out too well for lots of civilizations. But I do wonder where this “great” exists on the American timeline(s). To be fair, I wasn’t there…I’m here. I’m trying to focus more on being a good neighbor, instead of trying to legislate my neighbor into being the neighbor I want them to be. That’s just me tho.

          Seems like some heavy tolls have been paid already, and calling this place a shithole in the now seems kinda akin to taking on debts that have already been satisfied. The danger in that being, that the debts that should be being paid in the now, are being ignored and rolling into the “past-due” column(s).

          ^The Final Cut: A Dance For The Saints^

          BTW, “tossing individuals into the lake of fire” doesn’t sound like the greatest of plans for “coming together”. I may have to miss the meet and greet at your “joining” if fire-pit tossing is on the convention schedule. Sorry.

          1. You just feel bad about your deludedly well-meant but demeaning jokes about “me” that you thought were “all in good fun.”

            It’s not fun being a female on the butt end of sex jokes, Brother.

            I won’t say it’s “killing” me…..

            But it sometimes feels like it.

            1. I’m not “good” as I respond whenever someone asks me How are you….

              I’m not pretending to be better than anyone else here…..

              I’m just trying to follow in the Way, which was taught us by the good shepherd, and to pray every day, alone and in my closet:

              Father? Who art in Heaven?
              Hallowed be thy Name. . . .

              THY KINGDOM COME!
              THY WILL BE DONE, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

              Give us this day our daily bread!

              And FORGIVE us our trespasses!
              As we forgive those who trespass against us….

              And lead us not into the final test
              But deliver us from the Evil One.

              I forgive you, Brother!

      1. I’m a free bird, and I don’t mean to condemn my Brother.

        I confess, I’ve cried over it, and the daily onslaught of rejection and abuse .. . but Jesus got through it.

        And so WILL I.

            1. “The Buddha describes the Noble Eightfold Path as the Middle Way of Moderation, between the extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification.”

              Sounds to me like “The Way” of Jesus Christ.


              The straight path through the desert of extremes!

              Meet me there, why don’t you?

              1. “Learning to rest in the middle way requires a trust in life itself. It is like learning to swim. I remember first taking swimming lessons when I was seven years old. I was a skinny, shivering boy flailing around, trying to stay afloat in a cold pool. But one morning there came a magical moment lying on my back when I was held by the teacher and then released. I realized that the water would hold me, that I could float. I began to trust. Trusting in the middle way, there is an ease and grace, a cellular knowing that we, too, can float in the ever-changing ocean of life which has always held us….

                “When we discover the middle path, we neither remove ourselves from the world nor get lost in it. We can be with all our experience in its complexity, with our own exact thoughts and feelings and drama as it is. We learn to embrace tension, paradox, change. Instead of seeking resolution, waiting for the chord at the end of a song, we let ourselves open and relax in the middle. In the middle we discover that the world is workable. Ajahn Sumedo teaches us to open to the way things are. “Of course we can always imagine more perfect conditions, how it should be ideally, how everyone else should behave. But it’s not our task to create an ideal. It’s our task to see how it is, and to learn from the world as it is. For the awakening of the heart, conditions are always good enough.”


                1. I’m realizing this “drama” does not have to be a tragedy after all…. nor a comedy of failure and fools either.

                  The Middle Way walks that fine line between “tragedy” and “comedy” so that it is free of either one.

                  The Way, taught to us by the Prince of PEACE.

                  Oh and today I had some synchs about clouds: so many clouds always hovering over my house lately…. and I ordered a beach scene for my “living” room and the clouds on the horizon are a bit “darker” than I wanted, but gladly I also see a path up through the dunes toward the flat horizon and blue sky! And I remembered…. that the Scripture has told us HE will be “coming on the CLOUDS.” (Matthew (aka Levi) 13:26) Not a “clear blue sky”…. which face it, under which we are all as earthly beings, scorched by the Sun God Apollo…. “Clouds” provide us with shelter from that sunburn, and don’t you know of course provide us with the “living” water we NEED to survive! Rain! Yeah, “CLOUDS” are good!

                  So I could play the old classic song:

                  “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
                  I can see all obstacles in my way
                  Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
                  It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
                  Sun-Shiny day.
                  I think I can make it now, the pain is gone
                  All of the bad feelings have disappeared
                  Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for
                  It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
                  Sun-Shiny day.
                  Look all around, there’s nothin’ but blue skies
                  Look straight ahead, nothin’ but blue skies
                  I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, …
                  It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
                  Sun-Shiny day.”…..

                  Yeah? Well I hope you brought your sunscreen!
                  and your water bottle!!!

                  If not? You might not make it through the day!

                  No, this was the song that came to mind today when I decided I LOVE my new painting for my living room with it’s beautiful seashore, white gulls, the dunes and seagrass that open to a flat horizon dotted from below with white crashing waves and above a deep blue sky?

                  Darkening, but of course, “white” clouds!

                1. Funny, because I had just read about “Mt. Moriah” in this “The Way Home or Face the Fire!” (lol!) and told my friend I might travel.
                  Where to? Oh, Jerusalem, and “Mount Moriah”….

                  9:53 For the answer, we have to go back in time, 2000 years, to around 2000 B.C., to the time of Abraham and Isaac. God chose Abraham, because he believed and served only God, and NO-ONE else, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Abraham was willing to give up the most precious thing, to him, on Earth, – his “miracle” son – on Mt. Moriah. Remember Mt. MORIAH.
                  9:54 Later, the shepherd boy, king David, asked God if he could build a house, for God to live in. He was answered, “Am I a man, that I need a house to live in?” I am God and I need no house. I live in the heart and mind, of every man that invites Me in to live with him, so I can teach him how to be good (like God).
                  9:55 However, because king “David” had been God’s “well-beloved” servant, God decided to allow David’s son, Solomon, to build Him a house (temple), on Mt. MORIAH, where Abraham had taken Isaac, to offer him as a sacrifice to God, centuries before.
                  9:56 That temple, or church, is the ONLY one that God has EVER given man permission to build, and it is Satan and his priests (who blasphemously claim to work for God) who have built ALL the others, of EVERY denomination (Matt. 6:5-6)(Sura 7:55 & 9:107-109). God does not want a house to live in, He wants to live in your hearts and minds, as a welcome guest, to teach you how to be like Him – good.
                  9:57 The Temple, on Mt. MORIAH, had an outer courtyard and an inner sanctuary, called “The Holy of Holies” – the most sacred spot on Earth – the exact place where Abraham offered up Isaac, and it was known as THE Holy Place. This “Holy of Holies” was separated, from the outer court of The Temple, by the “Temple Veil” (curtain)….”

                  Mount Meru = Mount Moriah… ?

                  Haha, thanks Frank.


                  1. Frank, and my reply to you, wow, provides me MORE INFORMATION about Jesus!

                    Because if you read the above entry, from an amazing text that speaks TRUTH but sometimes is VERY SCARY and I wonder if it’s also from Satan……

                    But ANYWAY! The text above I just sought and provided to YOU answers MY question I had when I watched the scene below from “Jesus of Nazareth” because I’ve always been taught that of course GOD does not literally dwell in any church or temple, but in the hearts of man, sssooo when I watched the scene below I was like, Huh? with Jesus’s awe upon entering the Temple of Jerusalem. BUT if it’s the “ONLY” temple or church that God has EVER given man permission (David and his son Solomon) to build and in which HE would dwell, then WOW!

                    I TOTALLY get it!

                    Cheers, thanks Frank! For another piece of the puzzle to fit: i.e. synch!

                  2. Frank, no, it should be THANK YOU, Brother, for REALLY reading my post, and responding….

                    That’s True LOVE.

                    “Coming together….”


                    1. I’d rather this be placed AFTER my “I’m the dog” post below, if possible?

                      Thanks Frank!

                    2. I just HAPPENED to come across this Road Warrior re-edit….

                      It’s Mount Moriah again! Abraham OFFERING his son….

                      Mad Max thinks he MUST use (i.e. sacrifice) his “son” (the feral kid) and sends him out on the hood (with the bulldog hood deco….ha! I had forgotten…)…. to SURVIVE but no…

                      God is a merciful God and like Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah, God shows his MERCY!

                      Max pulls his brave boy back to safety….. JUST IN TIME for the big CRASH!

                    3. Frank, no it’s just that there was no Reply button, that’s all!

                      I will do my best to honor your “will” as the Creator of this “miraculous” site!

                      So I wasn’t trying to chastise you at all, just wanted that video AFTER my previous and not before…. sometimes as you know they get mixed up.

                    4. And I’ll just add one more detail:

                      The “feral kid” has grown up.

                      And …. his name?


  4. Another Earth.

    First real hope of alien life. Warm and wet.

    ‘The extreme gravity would make walking impossible, and the sunlight is so fierce that developing cancer would be inevitable. Yet planet K2-18b, which lies 110 light years away in the constellation Leo, is the first world ever discovered which could realistically support alien life.

    In a groundbreaking breakthrough, scientists at University College London (UCL) have found that the rocky planet contains liquid water and has an atmosphere, raising the first real hope of finding living extra-terrestrial organisms somewhere other than Earth. ‘

        1. Yesterday after writing about the Cat-aholic Church you’ll never believe what happened.

          My cat whose initials are CC ran into the room with a present. It was a chipmunk. Get it? A chip monk! He’s given me lizzies before but never something so big. Cracked the code.

          Lol, the

            1. Anon

              And Time as well. I believe it’s a reflection of what’s encoded in the spinal column and connects with the brain and is another reflection of our spiritual being.

              We may not be experiencing the present but the past which is on a form of loop.

              And numerology.

              The meaning of Life.

              (-80538738812075974)^3 + (80435758145817515)^3 + (12602123297335631)^3 = 42

            2. The Munck video was temporarily replaced with the one “the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams: welcome to the program.”

              I don’t know why everyone’s so concerned about being in/cluded in “the future.” Maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  5. Here’s something I heard during the week: “I got done for speeding and was sent on a ‘motorway awareness’ course. It was all about these new ‘smart’ motorways. Apparently, once fully operational they’ll be able to do you if you’re spotted up someone’s arse on the motorway…”

    Ayes only, Frank? Only for the flock, the herd, those willing to obey? What about the ‘nays’? What do we see when we rub away the liberal facade? What does the writing on the wall portend for the future?

    First it was ‘torpedoes away’ (at Her Majesty’s Pleasure) and nobody said a word. Today it’s the nay-sayers. Tomorrow, you’ll be standing to attention outside Heaven’s Gate only for Queenie to present you with a consent form to be signed in triplicate and transmitted to a Covenant agent for approval. If that doesn’t kill your ardour then consider this: she’ll have an aye watching, and a team of OZP agents poised to kick in your front door when she withdraws her consent midway through.

    Can you see which way the pendulum is swinging? It’ll be her little sex joke at your expense, but as per her comments above this below she tends to lose her sense of humour when the tables are turned.

    Three strokes and you’d better be out. My advice? Take it out now while you still can. Empty your wank account right into her fucking ayes, then give me a call. My 666bhp race-tuned BMW M140i pocket-rocket will put us in cyberspace in no time at all. We can nuke her sight from pulpit while she tries to blink away all that jazz from her mindscreen.

    1. Hugo

      My view and belief is that the reality we see and experience is partly caused by the belief in a cruel, vengeful and judgemental God who thinks we are sinners. That God does not exist IMO. And if the belief and separation from God can be healed then reality totally changes.

      You see what you believe type of thing.

        1. Hugo

          Not all the time because the wheel is still turning but losing energy I believe.

          But enough to make me feel I’m heading in the right direction.

        1. Did you watch that SoulTrain video under Franks newest article? The Whip (RIP) It one? Did you see how the singers were all majority black and the audience mostly white? Two sides of the party?

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