Time Passages


Time Is Up !



And ‘The Hidden Truth About Space Time’. As I understand the theory from a layman’s perspective, it proposes that Space Time is created from the quantum world.



Click New Scientist :

‘LET’S say you want to meet a friend for coffee. You have to tell them where you are going to be – your location in space – but you also need to let them know when. Both bits of information are necessary because we live in a four-dimensional continuum: three-dimensional space and everything within it, from steaming coffee machines to stars exploding in faraway galaxies, all happening at different moments of one-dimensional time.

“Space-time” is simply the physical universe inside which we and everything else exists. And yet, even after millennia living in it, we still don’t know what space-time actually is. Physicists have strived to work it out for more than a century. In recent years, many of us have been trying to figure out what might be the threads from which the fabric of reality is woven. We have ideas, each with its own selling points and shortcomings. But for my money, the most exciting one is the most surprising.

It is the idea that space-time emerges from a weird property of the quantum world that means particles and fields, those fundamental constituents of nature, can be connected even if they are at opposite ends of the universe.’


And the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything has been solved. Click Live Science.com. Looks like a random selection of gobbledegook numbers to me but what do I know about high level asthmatics.

(-80538738812075974)^3 + (80435758145817515)^3 + (12602123297335631)^3 = 42



And in the Mirror. I can’t breathe.

Only Choking.



There is no Planet B.



I would suggest there is an alternative.

And Planet B has been discovered. It’s warm and wet. It may even include alien life.



Another Earth.



Wonderland would seem to be real.



From this morning.



Who’ll pour ?


55 thoughts on “Time Passages

    1. Eddie means ‘rich in friendship or wealthy friend’. It’s been suggested that Eddie Money’s death is a precursor to Friday the 13th and New Moon-ey – A harbinger for the collapse of the US dollar. Make of it what you will.

      1. I know someone named Eden and we call her Edee which is close to Eddie. Eden scrambles to “need”. When there is no money, is there still need? Soul Trains sparkly silver ball reminds me of the moon.

        1. Soul Train is nostalgic for me. Even though we didn’t get the show over here ‘they’ would often show individual hit songs from the show on the TV.

          And in O’Jays mood.

  1. Leonard Nimoy’s wife has an anti ‘smoking add running on tv.
    The tag line goes something like, ‘Everybody thinks they have more time than they have’.

    Nimoy, Spock the alien, couldn’t breath and ran out of time.

    Water and the hope of alien life?

      1. Frank

        Not sure but thinking the vaping refers to evaporate and vapor and vaporized which is often used to describe what happens to folks at ground zero of the explosion.

        At any rate, I’m melting, I’m melting!

        Idk. Maybe it’s all the heavy baggage we’ve collectively been carrying. Maybe we will finally let go and the burden will be lifted and evaporate. Maybe if something happens, what ever happens will ultimately be a blessing. 🙂

      2. Lady gets out of her $90,000 luxury tank and walks within 4 feet of me to light up her cigarette. Apparently her car is too good for what she puts into her lungs and forced into the lungs of others. Bitch. I had to smoke with her. If it were me, I’d have at least walked away further so that the wind didn’t hit bystanders or I’d have asked if the bystanders minded. Arrogant dick.

  2. Frank,

    Thanks for that great Al Stewart song – just one of many!

    And some are indeed saying that time is nearly up! (September 23rd)

    1. Its time Sept 23rd here we go again its not just the end its the beginning

      And I heard a voice from heaven like the sound of great waters and like the rumbling of mighty thunder; the voice I heard [seemed like the music] of harpists [a]accompanying themselves on their harps.

      3 And they sang a NEW SONG before the throne [of God] and before the four living creatures and before the elders [of [b]the heavenly Sanhedrin]. No one could learn [to sing] that song except the 144,000 who had been ransomed (purchased, redeemed) from the earth.

      4 These are they who have been ransomed (purchased, redeemed) from among men as the firstfruits for God and the Lamb.

      Times Up for this failed old world system it is finished..its the year of Jubilee…Independence Day…1996….2 become 1.

      New Song

      I’ve been waiting for so long
      To come here now and sing this song
      Don’t be fooled by what you see
      Don’t be fooled by what you hear

      This is a song to all of my friends
      They take the challenge to their hearts
      Challenging preconceived ideas
      Saying goodbye to long standing fears

      Don’t crack up
      Bend your brain
      See both sides
      (Throw off your mental chains)

      I don’t wanna be hip and cool
      I don’t wanna play by the rules
      Not under the thumb of the cynical few
      Or laden down by the doom crew

      see both sides… its all about balance….Libra its the new currency


      1. TTN

        I just googled the Old Bailey as when I think of balance and scales my mind goes there. Guilty or not guilty.

        Led me to Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies and trial of Stephen Ward at the Old Bailey. I suspect that was the tip of the iceberg and lots of nasties still to be revealed. See William Sargent and Ewen Cameron and MK Ultra type stuff which effects reality. And your area – Kincora and rest of it. Very Deep State.

        Even Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies would seem to be ‘family’ reflections . Sisters. And why are they headlines before they are born ?

        From Wiki : Kincora

        ‘In July 2014 former military intelligence officer Colin Wallace said that any new investigation into the abuse at the home should have access to information from intelligence agencies. Wallace said that he received intelligence in 1973 that boys at the home were being abused, but some of his superior officers refused to pass on information.He also said that the Terry and Hughes inquiries did not examine evidence relating to the intelligence services.

        In August 2014 another former intelligence officer, Brian Gemmell, said that he also had been ordered to stop investigating allegations of abuse at the home. He said that he learned details of what happened in the home while gathering information on loyalists. He was told he was running two agents who had close links to the home.As well as telling him not to investigate, the senior officer told him to stop running an agent. He had spoken out anonymously before, but dropped his anonymity because he wanted the allegations to be investigated again.’


        1. Fear of judgement….perfect love casts out fear ….we must take a leap of faith to trust one another that’s the bridge and foundation stone….getting to the inner core of the maater getting to know the real you/us know your true self letting go of the past hurt letting go of pride and ego breaking down the barriers and being one no more jibber jabber. No one said it was going to be easy…however no more separation we cant keep going round and round. Its already in motion there is no stopping it now I/we have already pushed the button. Get ready for the big bang. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1JnAFCOzdUE

            1. So going to ask some serious questions here not having a go or anything it’s genuine. Firstly you have previously stated on many occasions there is no threat and secondly that none of this is real so what could I possibly have to worry about. In addition why is it when I post something positive about love I immediately get hit with negative comments 🤔 siriusly just wondering how that works. Sorry I haven’t finished yet…why the obsession with child abuse and pedo rings that has been a constant theme on MV from the beginning. Why focus on the dark negative stuff surely there are plenty of people dping that already inc…the MSM I thought this site was all about love and bringing us together as one or am I mistaken. 🙄Forgive me if I am wrong about that. Finally have we switched roles or mirrors or something as if I remember I was always the one warning you and you were the one saying it’s fine it’s just mind stuff. 🤯 I hope you can understand my current state of confusion. 🤡🤪 And its not meant as a dig at you Frank just seriously wanting to know.

              1. TTN,

                As I have said on here before, there is a BIG problem with those who constantly say, “Ah, nothing matters at all because it isn’t real. It is all just in your head. Love is all that matters!” Stuff like that. So pedophilia doesn’t matter. You don’t have to have a conscience about ANYTHING. You can do ANYTHING you like and there will be no consequences – even if you get caught and charged and sentenced it still doesn’t matter in the end! How deluded some people can get! If nothing matters then it is pointless discussing it!
                Whereas most people know what is right and wrong and teach their children the same. You don’t want your 15 year old son going and taking a 5 year old girl from her parents and sexually assaulting that girl now do we??? 1 It is wrong and 2 there are severe consequences.
                But internet blogspots are unaccountable platforms for morons to spout any rubbish they want and be controversial to the point of stupidity.
                However, the Bible states clearly that everyone will be held accountable for what they say and do which must be chilling for many.
                And that will attract the wrath of the average moron who cares nothing for God’s word. What a shock they have coming to them!

                1. Clear as Mud thanks for that in-depth, detailed and loving response Frank. I have no fear or poison in my heart/mind i let that all that go a long time ago.

                  Meanwhile in other news I love my snake lady she’s Dyna mighty and a REAL wildcat.

                  And that Abraham fella and his mate Mount Moriah Ma son they both got great tiger feet….and they move like lightning…. it was a 5star performance against the 88 wolverines.

          1. TTN

            On the subject of getting to know you well.

            This morning I had a visit from a lady who a few years ago tried to help me with a situation. I didn’t follow through with her advice and I could tell she was dissappointed.

            As she left she said, “I’m sorry I bothered you”.
            I said, “you didn’t bother me, you tried to help”.

            The sense of failure on the part of both of us, that hangs over our encounter, is thick enough to slice.

            Just a word of caution about what may be coming…
            ‘And the man and woman looked and saw they were naked (exposed) and they were ashamed’.

            1. Elena I understand what you are saying but we are reverse engineering that particular scenario. Shame is an admission of guilt and the Judge has already given his verdict we are free to go..the sentence just hadn’t been implemented yet it’s a timewimey thing. However when love comes to town there are always tears at first.

              1. TTN

                And I think I get your message, and appreciate your thoughts.
                However this weekend is about Area 51. For me Area 51 represents the most secret part of the collective memory of US, symbolized by Atlantis. Which was just fully exposed by Dorian the Gray, and the picture is devastating.

                Area 51 is the place where the ultimate secret is kept and no one is permitted to enter. To try is to risk your life. It is the ‘aliens’ territory.

                To get to that vigorously protected secret, we have to go there and expose it. We need to revisit that moment when the ‘error’ occurred. And guess what, the ultimate secret revealed, just might be that we are innocent.

                Let’s go. This is for all of US.

                1. Elena

                  I had literally just started article called The Secret when you commented. Along lines of what you were saying.

                  A pic turned up in the grocery store yesterday which got my attention.

                2. Elena thank you for your cautionary word’s…I have died so many times and been killed over and over that I have lost count…it’s why I don’t fear death. However I get what you are saying…it’s like the holy of holies the inner sanctuary you can only enter once a year….no mans land…the forbidden zone…no pressure then….but we have to stop the wheel turning in order to fix the error..
                  The program has been telling me/us all summer that I/we are about to die…but it’s a resurrection. That’s why my birthday is also a Bible verse Mark 9 v23. 💪🙏

    2. Ken

      Glad you enjoyed song. I was checking a website looking for songs with Time in the title and it was in there. And supplied title for article as well.

      And walking up Reigate High St and the man in front of me wearing a ‘Your Time Is Up’ t shirt certainly caught my attention.

  3. You may not be aware but America has been stolen.

    America has gone !

    An 18 carat gold toilet called America has been stolen from Blenheim Palace.


    Blenheim Palace and House of Marlborough have occasionally shown up here.

    ‘The 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and their family currently live at Blenheim Palace. Blenheim Palace is the only building in England other than royal buildings to be lucky enough to own the title of ‘Palace’. The palace was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill in 1874.’

    And BP and Black Goo and shit.

    In Deep Water.

    BP and Deep Water Horizon.

  4. Frank,

    Yes, indeed. We ARE after all living in End times…

    In which EVERYTHING burns….

    Including so-called “friendships”

    Time to make JESUS CHRIST you’re ONE AND ONLY…


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