May Flower

Flowers in the rain.



The Buddha of Suburbia.



The 6th September was the anniversary date of the Mayflower setting sail from Plymouth in England to the ‘New World’.



From Wiki :

‘In early September, western gales began to make the North Atlantic a dangerous place for sailing. The Mayflower’s provisions were already quite low when departing Southampton, and they became lower still by delays of more than a month. The passengers had been on board the ship for this entire time, and they were worn out and in no condition for a very taxing, lengthy Atlantic journey cooped up in the cramped spaces of a small ship. But the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth on September 6, 1620, with what Bradford called “a prosperous wind”


May Flower 11 was launched on Saturday from the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, USA into the Mystic River.



Click NBC Boston :

‘A restored replica of the ship that pilgrims sailed to Plymouth in 1620 was launched into the water in Mystic, Connecticut, on Saturday for the first time in three years.

On a sunny day in Mystic, with just enough wind to fill the flags, the Mayflower II was lowered into the Mystic River. Seventy-percent of the reproduction ship is brand new but it still stands as an iconic piece of American and British history.’


Overnight there was a large fire at an apartment block in Sherbrooke Way, Worcester Park, South London.



The apartment block is adjacent to Mayflower Park Wetlands.



Also on Saturday night , there was a mysterious object spotted over Plymouth in England.





To All Tribes Lost. Or something.


33 thoughts on “May Flower

  1. Today is 9/9/2019 or (3+3+3)/(3+3+3)/(3+3+3+3).
    Totalling 30 and 30+mirror3 = 33.
    All 33 passengers were killed on board Conception when it caught fire in the waters off California at about 3am on Sep 2nd.
    On Sep 12th it will be (3+3+3+3)/(3+3+3)/(3+3+3+3).
    Totalling 33.

    And as we all know Sep 11th is the 18th (6+6+6) anniversary of 911.
    This is also the 6x6x6th (264th month) anniversary.

    Several are predicting big events over Sep 11th to 14th.

    1. Ken

      I went to see a friend earlier this morning at her shop. When I got there the shop was shut today due to an ‘Upgrade’ the message said.

          1. The Mothership of the New Red Hot Dawn approaches


            the portal is opened and the fire falls


            and the 23rd (33) Sept being the beginning…it must also be the end…..of the world once again.

            WormWood…tastes like heaven burns like hell…she is red hot…


            has the red hand/band got what it takes to ignite the Diana…Mighte….

    1. I still wonder about my theory that Earth and its history is the history of the Universe . And Mayflower is about the colonisation of the Universe and wars are intergalactic wars And different races are from different planets .

      And Earth has been set up to sort out the shit at a manageable scale.

      Weird Or What !

      1. Frank and Jen

        Pilgrim: a person who travels to a sacred place for religious reasons.

        Middle English: from Provencal ‘peligrin’, from Latin peregrinus meaning ‘foreign’.
        Peregrine: coming from another country, foreign or outlandish.

        Alienstock, Sept. 20 – Sept. 23 in Rachel NV.
        Rachel is Hebrew meaning ‘ewe’.


        Not all who wander are lost. πŸ™‚

          1. Frank

            As if to reinforce the whole concept of ‘alienation’. People in Rachel area are freaking out over this. There was snippet on tv news Sat night.
            One guy rifle in hand saying he’ll do whatever he has to do to protect his property and a very nervous lady who owns a cafe saying, ‘I just want everyone to stay calm and be friendly’.

            The scene from Close Encounters of the man on the back of the truck holding the sign which reads…

            Stop and be friendly!

            Maybe an answer to the age old question, can’t we aliens all just get along? πŸ™‚

            1. Conception and Underground.

              ‘Long before Area 51 was established at Groom Lake, silver and lead were being mined around the aforementioned lake during the mid-19th century. In fact, the lake got its name from the English mining company called Groome Lead Mines Limited. It was this company which financed the establishment of the Conception Mines during the 1870s.’



              100 Fast radio bursts detected by FAST in China.



                    1. Frank

                      Because of the connection in the mind with Atlantis, I think of every sight and sound coming out of the Bahamas as a collective ‘rememory’ of US. Rememory is Toni Morrison’s word from Beloved.

                      Last night on tv news, a man standing in the midst of the destruction in the Bahamas.

                      ‘l’m just tired of broken promises. No more broken promises.’

                      I keep hearing how they want another vote on Bexit. But I sense the decision has been made. Whatever that means.

        1. A voice was heard in Ramah…. Rachel weeping for her children for they were no more…Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be rewarded; and [your children] shall return from the enemy’s land.

          And there is hope for your future, your children shall come back to their own country once again.

          Lazarus come forth…the 69 (23) force awakens

          no more weeping don’t fear the reaper..stand up to Caincer

      1. Merovee is as close to social media as I get these days and thought you would appreciate it more than most😊

        1. Billy

          I have Merovee and some regular websites I check out. But I email a lot and occasional texts and that’s about it. I looked at Facebook and Twitter etc and said not for me. Apart from two Instagram accounts but there seems to be something going on with them. Difficult balance as so much is online now.

          But I still have plenty of ‘body’ human friends so assume I’m keeping it in check.

          It’s a jungle out there πŸ™‚

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