Tomorrow is Rain’s birthday. Happy Birthday.

Rain’s name is Marina and since I came across ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ I have linked the two Marinas which may not be as mad as it seems.

It’s difficult to show all the links but Rain is another example of how we are supposedly separated by thousands of miles but the evidence would suggest we are not.





And not to do with Rain, it is getting toxic.

Hong Kong is not safe.




In ‘Contagion’ the virus was released in Hong Kong.



From Wikipedia :

‘Returning from a Hong Kong business trip, Beth Emhoff has a layover in Chicago to rendezvous with a former lover before returning to her family in Minneapolis. She appears to have contracted a cold during her trip. Her six-year-old son from a previous marriage, Clark, also becomes sick and is sent home from school. Beth’s condition worsens and two days later she collapses with severe seizures. Her husband, Mitch, rushes her to the hospital, but she dies of an unknown cause.’


Last week there was a nuclear incident in Arkhangelsk, Russia



River Frome in England has turned neon blue.



And Worthing Pier in Sussex by the English Channel, was evacuated after a chemical spill yesterday.



On The Beach.



On Friday, the National Grid in the UK suddenly went on the blink and there was a major blackout in some areas.



And was followed the next day with the news of Jeffrey Epstein’s death in a New York prison.

XOXO from Hillary and Bill outside Epstein’s house in New York.



And the anguish of Prince Andrew.



The Lolita Express.



Which may ring a bell with those who have seen Donnie Darko.

Sparkle Motion.




The Roman Empire Never Died.

I Claudius.



‘Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.’


75 thoughts on “Neon

    1. Anon

      Good thinking. You’ve been on about that for a while.

      Alice in Wonderland syndrome can be caused by the Epstein Barr virus.

      The Sin Drone or Sim Drone.

      ‘The Alice in Wonderland syndrome refers to distortions in body image and in the apparent sizes, shapes, and spatial relations of objects seen. The syndrome is usually associated with migraine headaches and has also been reported in several viral infections.’

  1. Worthing chemical spill.

    Wort – spiritual alchemy.

    used in names of plants and herbs, especially those used formerly as food or medicinally, e.g. butterwort, lungwort, woundwort.
    the sweet infusion of ground malt or other grain before fermentation, used to produce beer and distilled malt liquors.

    And root.

    ‘The Naturalist Newsletter states, “Wort derives from the Old English wyrt, which simply meant plant. The word goes back even further, to the common ancestor of English and German, to the Germanic wurtiz. Wurtiz also evolved into the modern German word Wurzel, meaning root.”

    2 mile No Go zone.

  2. Talking of Donnie Darko, even Kitty Farmer acknowledged the existence of more than one emotion.

    TTN – are all Church Of Meroflea warshippers free to demonstrate the total abnegation of their individuality by placing an X anywhere on His Grace’s one-dimensional lifeline?

      1. I’d kind of noticed that, Frank. You seem to be very keen on ‘making sense’. Something to do with your obsession with blip circles, perhaps? What about those naughty old drops that keep falling on your head? Still bothering you? And what was that about the ‘whole in the all’? Is it not dispensing enough flea cash for your liking? Perhaps Viktor (formerly) can help you out by posting a link to his 130-page document?

        1. Hugo

          I am that I am.

          About the 130 page document as you mentioned it in the comment addressed to me.

          I had no connection or knowledge at the time about any of it . Nothing to do with me. None of my business.

          1. Frank/Hugo/Viktor but it is our business we cannot keep hiding behind our protective barriers you keep talking about being one but refuse to engage.

            We at least the males on here don’t appear to get along and our comments to each other are at times coded in hostility sometimes openly hostile. What are we all threatened by if as you keep saying there is no threat.

            There is zero empathy and love from the male egos on here I believe it is because of the one common factor that links all of us…past trauma….something seriously bad happened to all of us in our childhood…and that is what we need to confront and deal with.

            Or you/we can keep on denying and keep on launching grenades at each other. I told you a while back that you are my brother and I love you as my brother zero response…as is Hugo and Viktor as we all appear to have been awakened at the same time as to the nature of the reality of this world. I keep talking of working together but again zero response what are we holding onto. We will never get anywhere just posting on news item after news item with zero connection between us. why is love so frightening as every time someone mentions it this place goes nuts with hostility. I suggested as have others that we all co-write posts together on each other blogs zero response. I suggested meeting up together again zero response.

            I haven’t read Viktor’s document about the nature of the currency but for me to flip the flow of this mirror world we need faith love and charity. Anyone is welcome to write a post or cowrite a post at the lab. I want out of this place its not real and we need each other to do that. We have to stop the cycle of Cain and Abel the suspicion the fear and the killing has to stop.

            1. TTN

              About the Dodgy Dossier, it really has nothing to do with me and I’m not going to get involved.

              About your bigger point. Apols if I’ve misread what you are saying. Lots of people put up I Love You on here and never know exactly how serious everyone is being. If you want to meet up for a drink sometime that’s fine :-).

              About our websites. Let’s say my inner voice has always said Merovee is my baby if you like.

              But if you want to set up a larger website I would be happy to contribute.

              But surprisingly enough we have come a long, long way over the years I think. IMO the problem is the belief system that says we are not joined but we are. Changing the Mind at a deep level will change the picture and don’t think we are too far away.

              1. This place has more drama than Netflix could ever hope I wonder how many millions are tuned in…

                8.15 The time that’s its always been the big Oma gh…Moab mother of all fucking bombs is about to blow its a plot twist…I do like a good thriller….Anyhow will look you up whenever I am next in the UK Rain.

                How does that song go again…Summer loving had me a BLAST summer loving it happened so fast…like greased lightning..giant steps are what you take walking on the moon…its the summer of 69 over again and again and again…ahh the memories its all coming back to me now.

                Mirror Mirror


                I wonder if the band will ever get back together

  3. Frank,

    Would you mind deleting all of the comments that I posted under your article “Neon.”

    Also, if it is easy, would you mind deleting all of the comments that I have posted during the past two weeks?

    I’m right now realizing that most of those comments were nonsense or blah blah blah from some kind of cosmic malfunction.

    Thank you extremely.

    Viktor (who is now called something else)

  4. Evacuation of Nyonoksa in Arkhangelsk after radiation spike.


    Whaley Bridge evacuation.

    Neon (n.) :

    ‘Chemical element, one of the noble gases, 1898, coined by its discoverers, Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers, from Greek neon, neuter of neos “new” (see new); so called because it was newly discovered. They also discovered its property of emitting colored light when electrified in a sealed glass tube. The use of neon lights in advertising dates to 1913; neon sign is attested by 1927’.

    Neon Blue.

    And Notre Dame decontamination.

  5. Toxic

    Does the sinking ever end ?

    Glenn Miller

    ‘Miller was due to fly from the United Kingdom to Paris on December 15, 1944, to make arrangements to move his entire band there in the near future. His plane, a single-engine UC-64 Norseman, departed from RAF Twinwood Farm in Clapham, on the outskirts of Bedford, and disappeared while flying over the English Channel.’

    1. Roob

      Going a bit Alex Jones / David Icke ish – CFR.

      ‘The former Coast Guard officer, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was married and is believed to have two children. ‘

      And didn’t know the pic for Abbey Road was taken on 8/8. 1969.

      I looked up the meaning of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer a few weeks ago. It’s not really about a serial killer but how life has a habit of bashing you over the head when you least expect it.

  6. Hello MJ,

    Think everything OK with you.

    I’ve run out of words and everything really is beyond words, but here are clips from a movie with no words and only music (you might like it, or possibly you’ve seen it before):

    You can watch the rest of the movie by going to this link:

    1. Epstein death.

      ‘Jeffrey Epstein sustained multiple breaks in his neck, according to the billionaire’s autopsy report.

      The Washington Post reports that Epstein’s hyoid bone – near a man’s Adam’s apple – was broken, a common break seen in those who hang themselves but even more common in victims of strangulation, according to forensic experts. ‘

  7. Hello,

    Permanently stopping comments.

    No more comments from me.

    Talking to people with text in computers and telephones is pointless and retarded.

    Here’s where I’ll be:

    1. M

      If you read this. Billy left this comment on previous article.

      ‘Viktor. Shoot me an email. Have you seen nuclear powered icebreaker bearing down on submarine of deep State? Very curious about your thoughts. Also see rumours of your manifesto and I have lots of time on my hands to read…pleased to report I remain among the living and seem to be on the mend. After the indignities I’ve been through have decided three more months of chemo is sacrifice I’m prepared to risk.

      My apols frank for using your blog as a lost and found 😊’

  8. Frank,

    I trust you are paying attention to the 2nd Test at Lord’s.
    Well the 1st test too of course.
    I’m sure you saw the new system of identifying every player on both teams. Years and years of history thrown out so that ‘progress’ can take place on the test cricket field. (I can’t help explaning all the nuances of this game to Americans etc who have no idea what I am talking about!)
    Well now the white shirts and trousers have the name and the number of the respective player on then in RED letters and numbers on the back of the shirt!
    Predictive programming if ever I saw it!
    Its just not cricket old chap!
    I mean! Where is it going to stop?
    Will they be numbering us next?
    Will they?
    Yes! They Will!
    For sure they will!

    1. Ken

      We’re not having a good time . But won World Cup !

      About the numbers. I can see it with one day cricket where they like a bit of colour and razmatazz but seems totally unnecessary for test cricket.

      I don’t think they have numbers on the jumpers which makes it a bit silly. A day like today only half the players will have numbers showing.

  9. On 14/8/2019 the Dow Jones just dropped 800.49 points! 4+9 = 13 plus the 8 = 7+7+7 thus mocking God.
    14/8/2019 is day# 226 and 2x2x6 = 8+8+8.

    Will China ‘invade’ Hong Kong on 15/8/2019? Their forces are massed on the border. 1+5+8+2+1+9 = 13+13.
    On 15/8/2019 it will be 8,080 days since the UK handed back HK to China on 1/7/1997 under special conditions for 50 years till 2047. 2+4+7 = 13.
    8,080+ mirror 808 = 8888.
    The elite Satanists/Luciferians love using the number 8 signifying their New Beginning.
    They stole it from the Bible – 8 saved in the Ark for a New Beginning. Here we have 8’s in buckets plus an 88 88.
    Jesus in Greek gematria = 888.
    ONLY Jesus Saves!

  10. I’m not stopping comments or text in telephones.

    Was thinking of walking for some days while everything gets sorted out, but definitely not going anywhere and will be in the electrum.


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