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Something New.




In my opinion and in my personal reality, ‘3D’ is collapsing at a fast rate. And in others from the feedback. And I’m not going to do anything to stop it collapsing. Sometimes you get extraordinary things thrown at you and the Universe smiles and says ‘OK. What do you think ?’ which is probably what determines the reality we experience.

I believe there is only one problem and one source of pain which is a belief in a separation from God and what we experience here is the playing out of the belief that God aka Life is the enemy and we are separate.




‘They were Angels and they were singing you’re not alone’.


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    1. Those were my thoughts too Rain. 🙂

      And I watched the ‘crash’ video where the gulls supposedly flew into the engines but you don’t actually see them fly in…and no footage of the actual crash itself. These things always make me wonder about its place in reality…or maybe which reality it came from.

    2. Rain

      I wasn’t surprised the Ural Airlines plane came down the day after your birthday.

      And had doublespeak ‘Contact’ conversation on your birthday as well.

      About the Cornfield. The crop circles have been showing up all summer. Again it fits the pattern.

      And A Flock of Seagulls song has been a regular here for a few years. I’ve been playing with the idea that some songs are ‘wake up alarms’ similar to Je Ne Regrette Rien ‘kick’ in Inception.

  1. All summer long I’ve had the bizarre feeling the heat, whether 75 or 95 degrees, was emanating from inside me.

    Metamorphosis…a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

    I’m melting! I’m melting! 🔥

    1. Elena

      My face has been burning for past two months. Strange feeling.

      Internal Alchemy

      ‘In Neidan the human body becomes a cauldron (or “ding”) in which the Three Treasures of Jing (“Essence”), Qi (“Breath”) and Shen (“Spirit”) are cultivated for the purpose of improving physical, emotional and mental health, and ultimately returning to the primordial unity of the Tao, i.e., becoming an Immortal. It is believed the Xiuzhen Tu is such a cultivation map. In China, it is an important form of practice for most schools of Taoism.’

          1. And Epstein described himself as ‘Radioactive’.

            ‘During the interview, Epstein wouldn’t reveal specific details about working with Tesla.

            Epstein said he would have to stop advising the company if it got out he was working with them.

            He described himself as being ‘radioactive’ – presumably given his past convictions – and said everyone at Tesla would deny ever speaking to him.

            Musk and Tesla both denied this week that Epstein was advising them.’


  2. Frank and Rain

    Thanks for your input. Always good to know ones experiences are shared. I feel a little less crazy. 🙂

    Because I think we are constantly creating the world, it makes sense that whatever changes are occurring are occurring within us then flowing outward to the world.
    I wonder which of us made the plane appear in the cornfield? 😄

    1. Elena

      I’m connecting it with Rain. Ural Airlines and day after Rain’s birthday. Good landing !

      Another strange sensation I’ve been getting is when I watch the crop circle videos.

      I’ve found they’ve triggered my hay fever as if I was in the circle. How our mind can work I suppose.

      1. And about crazy.

        I received the notification about the El Paso Texas shooting in a grocery store called Sainsbury’s.

        I was Insanes buries. In No Sense.

        1. I had a similar huh moment over the Philly ‘hostage’ situation in the ‘Nice’ town/Tioga section. And Tioga having something to do with ‘where it forks’.

          The fork in the road, the major life choice and “Okay to go”.

          Peter Fonda passed from respiratory arrest. The huddled masses yearning to breath free. 🗽

          “Please raise a glass to freedom.” 🍺

            1. Jen ❤

              Ever since winter storm Jonah aka Dove, dumped almost four feet of snow on Philly, I’ve been wondering why love is being perceived as danger. And we immediately proceed to dig ourselves out from underneath it.

              On the wings of a snow white dove
              He sends his pure sweet love
              A sign from above
              On the wings of a dove.

              There is no threat. 🕊

  3. Frank, That is interesting, but when I asked the You-Tube Oracle (i.e. The God/Goddess) which would be more OK–separation or everything and everyone being just one God/Goddess–the You-Tube Oracle (i.e. The God/Goddess) replied with this you-tube:

    That’s also how the God/Goddess replies to anything I think, and I think that is how The God/Goddess replies to all words and to all thinking and to all commentary.

    Anyway, that is my comment, and stopping comment, and thank you for reading my comment.


    1. M

      Thanks for video. I enjoy these Dutch techno silly videos.

      About the God question. At the end of the day I suppose all we have to go on is our personal experiences and views.

      And just sharing my experiences. I met God. It wasn’t a vague ‘Everyone is God’ type thing. It was made clear he was God. And actually the ‘He’ bit caught me by surprise. I always thought if I met God from what had gone on in my life, I would meet the Goddess. And he was black. God is real.

      With hindsight and what I picked up from that is You are Loved and that God is everywhere and the only true reality. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you thought you have done or how much of a sinner you think you are. There is no choice.

      Just the way it is. Which leads into what we experience but that’s another kettle of fish.

      And a trip down memory lane.

      1. And not addressed to M but in general.

        In addictions you often find for example that alcoholics are drawn together. And once one partner manages to leave the addiction, then the partnership collapses. Enablers. And then the alcoholic partner looks for another addict to keep it going.

        For example you can have bar friends and work friends but the real attraction is the addiction to drink and work.

        I think our reality and relationships are similar to an addiction. Even with ‘healthy relationships’ we’re hooked on birth and death and the pain and guilt and fear etc and we enable our reality jointly.

        Just my thoughts.

  4. Here’s Zhora in a genetic/fanatic/lunatic edit created by someone who thinks they can improve on the director’s cut. No subtlety to the serpent, nothing left to the imagination, and as for the voiceover…well…that’s the problem, isn’t it?

  5. Frank, I passed through Reigate at 167.3mph in my tuned 397bhp jet black AMG Mercedes on Thursday morning, ahead of a very long snake of OZP petrol cars that were struggling to keep up. If you were awake at 6.30am-ish then you might have heard something like this above the sound of the sirens…

        1. After I read your comment Bluebird and Malcolm Campbell came to mind. Checked Wiki and he had died in Reigate – New Year’s Eve.

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