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It’s a riddle of cosmic proportions. Thanks to Roob.

How can the universe contain stars older than itself?

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From Mirror.co.uk :

‘A star that is “older than the universe” is baffling scientists, suggesting there might be something fundamentally wrong with the Big Bang theory.

Detailed measurements of the expansion rate of the universe, based on Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, place the Big Bang at around 13.8 billion years ago.

However, recent analysis of a star known as “Methuselah star” using the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope suggests that it is 14.5 billion years old – some 700 million years older than the universe.

The Methuselah star, code-named HD 140283, was first catalogued in 1912, and lies only 190 light years from Earth.

Another possible explanation for the discrepancy could be to do with “dark energy” – the mysterious force that acts as a counter to gravity.

Astronomers already think dark energy played a critical role in the Big Bang, but they have no idea where it came from.

“It’s a riddle of cosmic proportions: How can the universe contain stars older than itself?” Roberts wrote in an article for UAE-based media outlet The National .

“That’s the conundrum now facing astronomers trying to establish the age of the universe.”


Riddle Me This.




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      1. Viktor. Shoot me an email. Have you seen nuclear powered icebreaker bearing down on submarine of deep State? Very curious about your thoughts. Also see rumours of your manifesto and I have lots of time on my hands to read…pleased to report I remain among the living and seem to be on the mend. After the indignities I’ve been through have decided three more months of chemo is sacrifice I’m prepared to risk.

        My apols frank for using your blog as a lost and found 😊

        1. Billy

          Good to hear from you and great you are still in land of the living ! I’ve seen others go what you are going through. Not nice.

          I’ll copy and paste your comment to most recent article so there is a double chance he will see it.

          1. Thank you very much…God willing they will reconnect my factory plumbing in January. I travel to Vancouver Monday for tests and assuming all goes well will get to return to golf to rebuild my strength😊. In a funny twist because Chemo destroys my immune system I can’t go back to work because I work with the public. To my great relief my disability insurers are totally cool with it.

    1. Jenny

      You’re back to Jenny Burger !

      I picked up ‘It is possible’ from Franky Zapata.

      The Impossible Dream. Maybe Methuselah is the ‘Unreachable Star’.

    1. Just watched that you-tube again, and it’s a bit grim, but meant that the unpleasant and awful things in this world will stop or go way and everything will somehow be beautiful and nice.

          1. I know that Trump, man. Ego incarnate.
            It’s a shame that some wish some to remain silent and unseen. Did you hear about the roundup in Mississippi?

    1. The ME.

      Dr. Barbara Sampson said more evidence was required before a determination on his death is made, but a source told The New York Times, Sampson was ‘confident’ Epstein died by his own hands.

      ‘The ME’s determination is pending further information at this time,’ Sampson said in a statement.


      1. Who knows if he is even dead. He may have been smuggled out then taken to the port where he entered his submarine to getaway to his pedo island.

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