The first time ever I saw your face.

The first image of ‘spooky action at a distance’ has been released.



From BBC News :

‘Scientists have captured the first ever image of a phenomenon which Albert Einstein once described as “spooky action at a distance”.

The photo shows a strong form of quantum entanglement, where two particles interact and share their physical states for an instant.

It occurs no matter how great the distance between the particles is.

The connection is known as Bell entanglement and underpins the field of quantum mechanics.

Einstein described quantum mechanics as “spooky” because of the instantaneousness of the apparent remote interaction between two entangled particles.’



And ‘She’s Gone’.

The actress who played Violet Beauregarde, Denise Nickerson, in Willy Wonka has died. Her family posted a short message on Facebook – She’s Gone . Which seems to tie in with a few other supposedly unrelated stories.








Wheels within Wheels.


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  1. For those who like their astrology.

    Mercury in Retrograde.

    Mercury officially went into retrograde motion on July 7, 2019 at 7:15 p.m. ET in the sign of Leo — and it’s going to stay there until July 31, 2019.


    “Mercury rules everything with moving parts and technology. It can cause all sorts of them to break down or get on the fritz!” Thomas reminds us. If you have to make a purchase in this category, be extra cautious, do extra research, and hold on to your receipt!

    July 16/17 : Lunar Eclipse


    And then Lammas and Black Moon Supermoon. That’s going to be fun !


    ‘Black Moon supermoon on July 31. Depending on where you live worldwide, the new moon falls on July 31 or August 1, 2019. Depending on where you live, it’s either the second of two July 2019 new moons, or the first of two August 2019 new moons. Either way, it’s sometimes called a Black Moon.’

    And from The Celestial Elf.

    Lammas Wickerman.

    1. Frank as I have been saying since I arrived on MV the end of July was going to be the date of an extraordinary event an atomic explosion the end of the Mayan calender in 2012 was followed by the Time of No Time between the two cycles or two circles.


      I wrote a post on it on my old blog at the time.That cycle began at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2012 and ends this July its a seven year cycle also hidden in the book of Daniel between the 69th and 70th week.

      However I didn’t know the significance of that event until now.
      Rain picked up on the importance of the lunar eclipse at the end of July last year which was a mirror or foreshadow of what is to come this year.

      But there is nothing to worry about its all good exciting times ahead.

      Back to Love ISland… Skye and Cyprus the North and South as One.

      1. TTN

        Are you on your travels this summer ?

        It’s a powerful period and in recent years it has been ramped up.

        I think 8:8 is the central date . Flow in and flow out. At the same time what I’ve just written maybe a complete load of bollocks 🙂 .

    1. A few days ago Willie Nelson’s tour buses pulled into the pa-Arking lot next door but after too many people got wind of it, they rolled out around mid-knight after rearranging suit cases and a dog. They regrouped in Sterling where the guards are. Wheelie Nelson.

        1. I like Willie.
          Nelson means “son of Niel” which is like lien and lion and alien and Nile
          And Mandela was another Nelson and Mandela is essential a wheel.
          Wheelie Nelson.

  2. Should be an interesting weekend, with Barry coming ashore in New Orleans and the Mississippi River is already at flood stage.

    And the alien ’round up’ on Sunday. Round Up is a weed killer, poison.
    Why are we, especially the Sky God, so afraid of the alien? What is the threat?

    Get some rest. There is no threat. 🐰

    1. Elena

      I’ve been keeping an eye on the invasion of Area 51 story. And I’ve been wondering about the synchronicity with Area 51 and Photo 51, which was the first pic of DNA.


      I’ve been playing around with the idea that Area 51 is where our alien junk DNA, whatever that maybe, is hidden and off limits . In short Area 51 is an external reflection of our internal ‘Self’.


      1. Frank

        I think that’s kind of where we are.
        We’re no threat to the Sky God as we are.

        The alien DNA is dormant but obviously awakening. And once awakened becomes a threat to the Sky God as the concept of gods in general becomes unnecessary to us.

        That’s the point of childhood’s end. That’s the prospect of the alien awakening that scares us. Where we stop leaning on poppa and momma and move out on our own.

        And maybe for some reason we fear we can’t trust ourselves or each other. This may sound strange but it just seems that the heart knows something the logical mind won’t accept. 🙂

        1. Well said Elena. Something New in consciousness is awakening. I can feel it and I know others here can too. No need for sky gods or churches or big brother. After all, it’s our current Thought that makes it possible for them to exist in the first place. It seems like the Mindlines are showing us it’s Time to trust our inner instinct – to allow our dormant DNA to come alive and to allow ourselves to hope and thrive for a freer environment. That’s what I’m getting. Flip the Script. And anyway, leaving home can feel a lot more like [finally] going Home. 🙂

          Don’t be scared. There is no threat. – I love these subtle messages from the Universe!

    1. Roobster a friend from Cyprus send me this pic last night


      she said she was melting it was 8pm and it wasn’t cooling down.

      Its going to get a lot more hotter for the rest of this moonth just saying.

      When I stayed with them her hubby who is a big Pitbull Fan Mr Worldwide MIAMI 305 and all that (who we all call Mr Blue Sky) was always playing this song on a loop by the pool.

      1. Cade and I remote viewed the entire series of ‘Stranger Things’ this week. Friday night/Saturday morning – from my location; his was all Friday – was a marathon session taking in season 3…

        Winona Ryder plays a chainsmoking mother, fighting for her children. She is also, or rather the spelling of her name, is a Mandela Effect…

        What JLL says in that talk about ‘bio-tropic clues’ should interest anyone who has spent time here on the good ship Merovee, or paying attention to synchronicity in general…



        “All the clues in the world don’t count if you don’t know what crime has been committed” / “You have to know what the question is, in order to know what the answer means.”


          1. Clicky

            The NYC outage came 42 years to the day of the Great Blackout of 1977. That left folks asking “where were you when the lights went out?”.
            In the dark. 🙂

            And my street address is 173. ⚡

      1. Roob ❤
        Anyone who looks down on the rest of us, for just trying to live the best life we can, qualifies. 🙂

    1. https://meroveushome.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/turing.apple_.350×369.png
      BBC News – Alan Turing: Inquest’s suicide verdict ‘not supportable’


      ‘What is well known and accepted is that Alan Turing died of cyanide poisoning.

      His housekeeper famously found the 41-year-old mathematician dead in his bed, with a half-eaten apple on his bedside table.

      It is widely said that Turing had been haunted by the story of the poisoned apple in the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and had resorted to the same desperate measure to end the persecution he was suffering as a result of his homosexuality.’

      1. I watched a report about AI in China. There’s a whole artificial island, the largest cargo port in the world, that is fully automated with pretty much zero people in it but a hell of a lot of busy making. I wonder who in the future is going to buy all the stuff! There are also robots who deliver groceries and serve food at restaurants and cameras that reprimand jay-walkers by posting their faces, names and addresses on billboards for public shaming. Then there’s a “social credit score” that measures if you’re nice, clean, cheery, orderly, prompt, etc. and can be accessed by banks, bosses and so forth. “There can only be one sun” and China they say wants to be the only sun to rise to the top. It believes all problems can be solved with technology. It’s not alone. AI and single source data mining fits well into dictatorship, fascist wet dreams. I don’t want to be a consciousness or body in that kind of future. Stop the train.

  3. Recall blackout in Almaty occurred at lunchtime. Power outages lasted about one and a half to two hours. Today, July 15, at 14:14 hours, a technical violation occurred at the source of CHPP-2 of AlES JSC, which led to power supply disruptions in a significant part of the city, reported NUR.KZ in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure Development of Almaty. https://www.nur.kz/1804731-nazvali-pricinu-otklucenia-sveta-v-almaty.html

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