A Perfect Circle

Crop Circles speak.

Below is a video of a recent crop circle at Farley Mount, Hants, England.



Look Familiar.

Photo 51.

The first picture of you.



From Wiki :

‘Photo 51 is the nickname given to an X-ray diffraction image of crystallized DNA taken by Raymond Gosling in May 1952, working as a PhD student under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin, at King’s College London in Sir John Randall’s group. It was critical evidence in identifying the structure of DNA.

Photo 51 became a crucial data source that led to the development of the DNA model and confirmed the prior postulated double helical structure of DNA.’





And a few hours after I viewed the video, I came across this home made cushion cover.





Sometimes, it feels like it’s a different language. Probably because it is.

How Our Minds Create Time.



Does Language shape the flow of time ?



And does size matter ?

From New Scientist :

The Time Paradox: How your brain creates the fourth dimension.

‘We all feel the passing of time, but nothing in physics suggests it is a fundamental property of the universe. So where does our sense of time’s flow come from?

Some time ago, students at the University of Tennessee were handed an unusual assignment. Imagine yourself as a Lilliputian, they were told, as they stared at a miniature model of their communal lounge, complete with furniture and figurines. The students were asked to put themselves in the little people’s shoes, relaxing on the tiny chairs with minuscule cups of coffee. Then they had to say when they felt 30 minutes had passed.

For the notionally shrunken students, time flew. Their estimates fell well short of clock time. Even more curiously, the acceleration in their felt time was proportional to the scale of the model lounges in which they were immersed.’


In the movie ‘Arrival’, Louise Banks has to literally learn an alien language as humans and the alien heptapods attempt to communicate.

And by learning their language, her concept of Time is altered as the heptapods experience Time in a non linear way and she finds herself joining with their Mind and being able to experience Time in the same way.

I believe it is entirely feasible that something similar is happening. And that by learning the language, our reality is altered as well.




Talk Talk.



A Perfect Circle.


42 thoughts on “A Perfect Circle

    1. Frank I am getting death signs everywhere but not to worry we are already dead it just means that we are nearing the exit door to eternal life. 💑My friend walked into the bar for a drink with me a few days ago and he had on a tshirt which read deaths door whiskey then yesterday we were in his bar and he got told his life long friend was killed in a car crash i knew her well he collapsed on the floor I had to watch over the bar for him until he recovered we just hugged and cried it out but it was all closely connected to me and to us on Merovee. All I can say is to those who are awakening and experiencing all the craziness is as you yourself always say no worries God has got this. Your always safe

    2. She’s Gone .

      Denise Nickerson, the actress who played Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka has died.


      ‘They confirmed news of her death to US website TMZ in the early hours of Thursday morning, before posting a message on their family Facebook page, which simply read: “She’s gone.”

      With Iris Goldsmith, Denise Nickerson and Tracy Twyman there seems to be a pattern with ‘She’s Gone’.

        1. TTN

          I feel very much alive which I don’t think can change whatever the mirror says. I see it as a loop of birth and death ad infinitum . And it’s not real.

          1. Yes it is a loop an never ending cycle but trust me when I say this we are not currently alive in the truest sense. I watched this video the other night and when it came to contact between the male and female and the lightning flashing it blew my computer completely fried my hard drive 🙄and nearly blew me across the room and last night I was literally seeing stars exploding like fireworks all around me it was a free magic show you always wrote about contact well its happening now for real.

            1. Ditto

              For about three months my TV has been making the most peculiar noise which I described as alien.About three weeks ago, the day before the pollen bomb went off for me, I watched Total Recall 2 with Jen. When I turned the TV on it went snap, crackle and pop at me. Sparks everywhere.Still does. Not sure Health and Safety would approve.

              For many years I’ve assumed I’ve been attached to a spiritual power. For the last couple of years, I’ve had to seriously consider whether there is an alien angle to it as well.

              Contact in more ways than one. We’ll see.

              1. We will get the death of the matrix queen at the same time as the real Queen realises who she truly is it shouldn’t be long. I wouldnt say alien as such more angelic at least that’s what I have been receiving.

        1. Roobster remember when I went to Athens from Cyprus for my birthday and I was surrounded by Northern Ireland fans and one of them was weearing a Scooby Doo outfit I posted it on here at the time and N I beat Grease 2 0.And I met Amal Clooney who had lost the Elgin marbles.

          What I didn’t share was that a random girl who seldom posted on here contacted me and asked if I wanted to meet up in Athens as she lived there to get jiggy with it and I turned her down.Weird or what…mm Athena or Diana when I returned to England I done my teacher training at the Athena training centre mm

          Some years earlier when I was flying back from Belfast to Glasgow Kyle Lafferty who plays for Rangers and Northern Ireland was sat opposite of me waiting for the same flight and we just stared at each other as if we recognised each other like looking at your mirror twin. The girl wouldn’t let him board the plane earlier because she was from the other side the green side Celtic so he had to wait. Well the wait is over as he dared to dream the impossible (girl) was real not reel to reel.

          i was worshipping her the Whole time btw if you google Kyle he has been a very naughty boy of late 🙂

          and Jen you will get this Exit 22 and the French/Scottish Lion the blue sea she’s the greatest sight that I have ever seen the song goes when the orange meets the green and the war is finally over between the two tribes even Kendo is in there.

          The French US Connection… Paris is calling…. a kiss to wake us from our sleep. She is an Atomic Kitten easy tiger we don’t want another big bang.

          1. TTN

            Anon mentioned Epstein-Barr aka Mono, the virus infecting the system. It’s the ‘kissing disease’, for which the only treatment is to Get Some Rest. 🙂

            Now, multiply little bunnies. Multiply. 🐰

            1. Jen we are connected by bloodline and dna more than any of us know. I used to get mocked for saying that we were family by my Nemesis as everyone was fighting and arguing but hey thats what families do sometimes right.

              Right on cue I get a call from Belfast on the glorious 12th from my closest friend to tell me we are related he discovered his family tree and his mothers family and mine intermarried we have been friends all our lives and never knew until now that is reflected on here as well. I said to him he was more of a brother to me than my actual brothers always has been it was kinda like a spiritual thing kindred spirits.

              He said something that resonated with me he said that the expert he spoke to said that my family tree were very difficult to trace as they were so inter twin ed that they couldn’t be seperated.

              perfect circles


  1. Frank we are really dead just as it is depicted in the ending of Lost this is Egypt Babylon inside the matrix there is a way to exit …through the gift shop 😎😎😎 John Lamb Lash is the Lamb and the Lion 🦁 two sides of the same coin in perfect balance that is what the goddess longs for and him the same from her they worship each other in perfect harmooney this illusion is out of balance and ready to crash
    I never knew that’s who I was worshipping at each and every football game The Shell of the Sea and France 2016 the kings of Lyon Sweet Caroline

  2. Just heard the palace was breached.

    An intruder entered the hive while the queen was sleeping.
    The hive is shaking. Just bee. 🙂

  3. Elena, I just found out that Barr’s father hired Jeff Epstein to teach math. I also suspect there may be something about kissing cousins and kiss but don’t tell. Epstein lives in the “virgin” islands and has a tacky shrine there, maybe a totem to his pyramid schemes.

    1. 1:33 mark – “MASH”

      And then “moon shine” (mono)

      It’s a MASH up and a JaEw.

    2. Anon

      The two Elvis’ remind me of the old style of photography. There was the photo and the negative from which the actual photo was made. And in the negative the light and dark was reversed. And the whole process of taking photos revolved around the ‘exposure’ on the film.

      I think we’re seeing some heavy exposure. That stuff, is not how we want to see it and that, involves the negative. With photography there’s always some perspective involved.
      And a picture is worth a thousand words and the photo doesn’t lie.

      Too many secrets. This guy Epstein is like the keeper of the secrets. It will be interesting to see how far they will go to protect him. Maybe get him a hound dog. 🙂

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