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74 thoughts on “The Fitness Zone

    1. “JPATS aircraft use the ICAO designator DOJ with the callsign JUSTICE.

      Immediately after the September 11, 2001 attacks, when the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all civilian air service, JPATS was the only civilian passenger-carrying air service allowed to continue flying in U.S. airspace.”

      Only the prisoners were allowed to FLY on 911. Frank, were you in that justus plane? 😋. (Not being facetious just recalling MJs statements that you were the only one in space on 911)

        1. Oh right, you don’t fly coach. 😝 The ISS. I never understood that. Why were you on that on 911?

          1. Anon

            The Army of Franks. And not trying to be mysterious.

            But actually good question which I have been puzzling over. And why I experienced it on a Monday when it happened on a Tuesday.

            1. I believe I experienced it on Monday too because I was going to a new job drafting bathrooms in senior homes and dreading it and wishful thinking for a fire drill. I was late so stopped for coffee in a cafe trying to figure out how to either talk myself out of not going in at all or talk my boss into shrugging off my tardiness. Then the the din of people rose to a higher level and the cafe owner turned on the news and my first thought was YAY!!! I have an excuse! I didn’t know what had happened yet but I knew the trains were closed which was a big deal in Boston. Soon after they said OBL’s family members were fleeing the city stat and that they were being allowed to fly first class.

              I don’t understand the you on ISS on 911 thing so I digressed.

              1. Anon

                The whole day was very weird to say the least ! Maybe it did happen on a Monday for everyone. Not sure what difference that would make. For Jenny, it was Thursday.

                And about Frank and ISS. We are not separate from the external I believe.

                Here is Goro’s latest public article. And best to read to end. Written into the walls.


                    1. I’m still going for a name that includes David, Frances and MJ’s Solomon.

  1. Frank, I read your response to my question on your previous post, and a response is all it is. As you still haven’t actually answered my question I won’t be providing an answer to yours.

  2. MJ, I read with interest your comments about your plan for a new currency. According to M, he’d written a multi-page white paper on the subject, which I never received even when I asked to see it, and which never materialised even when M offered to send it. It never saw the light of day when I visited you both in CHA either. In fact, the only ‘documentation’ I saw was scribbed on a bit of paper in my prescence shortly before I left. It depicted two rectangles connected by a line, one rectangle supposedly representing a ‘server’ and the other a ‘client’. Is this the ‘program’ you’re referring to?

    Given that you broached the subject, can I ask if M’s multi-page white paper will ever see the light of day? Or does it basically not exist? I ask because M’s got something of a reputation for telling fibs, hasn’t he? I seem to remember a nasty business involving attempted ‘blackmail’ as part of a failed bid to turn a certain someone into a reliable ‘source’…

    1. Hi. I will ask him if he knows where it is and I am certain he won’t mind if I put it on here and will be happy to do so.
      As far as the fibbing goes, I suppose he has fibbed before and anybody can google that if they want to. Unfortunately, I had to listen to every sin, big and small, whether I wanted to or not. Wake me up when it’s over.
      I won’t be on computer til tonight and I will have your answer then.

        1. Hi Anony, this is why (in my words). I think it is because he grew up in an environment that his spiritual self rebelled against. A lot was expected and after college he moved to Asia and lived most of his adult life in an extremely different culture than the US. Perhaps grew really detached, emotionally, from experiences. When he finally got in a situation with someone he does want to be close to, he felt exposed, then paranoid, then finally went into “confession mode” and (having lived most of life in his head) possibly thought by telling me every tawdry detail, he could be
          certain that there would be nothing that could ‘come back and haunt him’, and cause problems in something his heart really wants. That is a long way of explaining the very sad case of people having a deep-rooted problem with receiving love. That is what I think, anyway.

    2. He doesn’t know where his notes are, but when I asked him, he wondered if you’d still create free money. I said I didn’t think so.

      1. “…but when I asked him, he wondered if you’d still create free money.”

        Oh, please. M presents himself as this bumbling sweet guy who has difficulty writing words, so much difficulty that he makes a point of writing 200 words when 10 will do. The case I’m referring to presents a very different picture, doesn’t it? In fact, it portrays him as a cold, calculating game player, as someone happy to lie through his teeth and manipulate people in order to get his own way. Just give it up, will you?

        1. Calculating?! To do what? Hugo, he struggles to do everything. He had a mental breakdown not long after your visit.
          If you sensed something odd, it was an impending breakdown about to happen. Obviously, I can’t and not trying to convince you, that seems close to impossible. Whatever you think he is “calculating”, is a far cry from how it is. Maybe you ought to give it up. Or not. Do whatever you want.

          1. MJ, instead of cherry-picking a few links to send to anyone who expresses an interest, why not post a link to the verdict here and be done with it? It kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

            1. I’m sorry, are you the high presiding judge? No.
              Do you think I care what anyone thinks? That’s something I have no control over so why would I care?
              In your mind, I guess I am the worst type of person. If that’s the case, then we can all move on since the world isn’t scary anymore. Or not. You can keep digging a whole. Go for it.

              1. Don’t try and turn the tables and make it about me, MJ. If you truly don’t care what others think then post the link. The verdict is already in the public domain (although you’d have to know what to search for) so I’m guessing that your concern with ‘privacy’ has more to do with damage limitation than protecting the interests of others involved.

                    1. Because I’m not inclined to do that, of course. But I invite you to do it since it’s so important to you. It’s not important to me.
                      He was found guilty! Oh no!
                      Who cares? I guess you do. I don’t care, so why would I? You do it. If I do it, you’ll say I picked the wrong one. Do it. Hurry, before MM gives birth.

                  1. MJ, I’ve already read the verdict. I don’t actually need to see it posted here. I asked why you don’t post a link to the verdict because it paints a very different picture of M than the image you’re trying to maintain. You evidently want to keep that picture ‘private’, and that too speaks for itself.

                    1. Not posting the link myself, Hugo, because I don’t care and if you are making some ‘test’ of whether I am hiding something or not, then not playing! Of course I won’t! I love him. The dense world does have its effects and having a public “guilty” verdict is one of them. He was accused and found guilty of defamation. If you would like people to know the details because you think he is the worst villain of the universe, then do it! But I’m not doing it because its not my thing and I don’t care. Honestly, I don’t know exactly what you are thinking and if I haven’t summed up properly what happened, then feel free to elaborate!
                      Why would I hide something about M? And about painting a picture… I’m not painting any picture. And I see you think something different. Fine. Make it your life mission to “expose” whatever you think the truth is.

                1. Well…I feel like I’m waiting for something. What will happen first? If Meagan Markle has her baby first, that will take all the attention away from the other MM.
                  I’m just sitting here eating my salad doing a crossword wondering what to do. (Thinking… if I pick the links, he will say I didn’t pick the one that makes him look like the biggest baddie. But he isn’t picking the links because it’s all about me (he says). I’m wondering if he sees the irony in how he’s trying to destroy the reputation of someone, who was found guilty of doing that very thing!)
                  *crunches a bite of cucumber*
                  (I predict next he will say I don’t really know what irony is).

                2. This sounds like an exact replica of US politics at the mo, Mueller report, red-actions and all.

                  1. Defamation. De-fame. Injure someone by taking down their statue and potentially reducing their fame. I’ve been thinking about ”fame” since Pete B. announced his candidacy and how, if he wins, his husband will be FMOUS. Which is want we-we and Super-Source want?

                    15 minutes is not enough anymore.

                    With regards to M, I’m most curious about the why. For fame? For money? Because he believed it all to be true? Because he knew it was true but couldn’t prove it in the COLs? I don’t think links will tell the full story.

                    1. Re: the plaintiff, I read his name as ‘Israeli’. I think the ‘Israeli’ was supposed to accept his ‘character assassination’, to embrace his own sacrifice and be made complicit in it. It didn’t quite work out though. Maybe the ‘Israeli’ didn’t like being misrepresented by the Holy Whatsitsname’s legal counsel?

                      Defamation and reputation in the simulation. I suspect the case has rather more to do with the ‘reality’ we inhabit and the basis on which it was established. You ought to understand that better than anyone, Anon.

                3. Innocence, Hugo – It’s precious commodity you may one day cry for or maybe you already are crying out for. I think, if truth be told, you’re here for the healing. Allow it to begin.

                  1. Jenny, imagine a man walking down the street, just minding his own business. All of a sudden, he finds himself surrounded by a group of thugs, dressed as medics and armed with baseball bats and knuckledusters. They tell him that they’re going to tend to his cuts, bruises and broken bones, and the man looks at them in amazement and protests that he doesn’t have any cuts, bruises or broken bones. And the thugs’ reponse?

                    “Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Sir. We’ll soon have that problem sorted out for you…”

                    1. But Hugo (if I understand your analogies collectly), don’t you act thuggish too with insinuations?

            2. Hugo, I saw the verdict. It didn’t say much to me. Maybe it’s accurate but maybe it’s not. The Rule of Law clears a whole lot of asses and convicts a whole lot of others. Can you really tell from reading things online? Have you ever been caught it a ROLling wave?

    3. And when he does find them, I will certainly take pics and put them on here.
      Frank, anyone who would like to know anything about what Hugo might be referring to, please give them my email address and I will give them links to read all about it. I would put them in the comets, but just keeping it private for other names involved.

        1. Recently Rain posted a pic of a strange whirly cloud like object.

          On Friday I went outside to take a pic of the Sun. When I looked at it a ‘cloud’ had appeared. It wasn’t in the sky when I took the pic as far as I’m aware.

          And Jen saw this Rainbow cloud slightly later.

          Written into the Walls.

          The In Spiral Staircase ( ISS ) and Twister.

          A tornado is “a violently rotating column of air, in contact with the ground, either pendant from a cumuliform cloud or underneath a cumuliform cloud, and often (but not always) visible as a funnel cloud”. For a vortex to be classified as a tornado, it must be in contact with both the ground and the cloud base.

  3. (CNN) — “Easter may be over, but Google has a special “Avengers: Endgame”-themed “Easter egg” in honor of the blockbuster film.
    An “Easter egg” is a popular term that refers to a hidden message.
    Here’s how it works: Google the name of the bad guy from the film — that would be Thanos — and click or tap on the Infinity Gauntlet.
    That causes “the snap,” which makes half of the results disappear.
    Want them to come back?
    Just click or tap again to watch the Time Stone work its magic.
    You’ll want to do this with the sound on BTdubs.
    It’s all part of the excitement surrounding the Marvel movie that’s out Friday.”


  4. Anon, by ‘understand that better than anyone’ I merely meant that lies and deceit don’t provide a solid foundation on which to build. I was referring to the founding of America.

  5. “But Hugo (if I understand your analogies collectly), don’t you act thuggish too with insinuations?”

    Anon, if the man being attacked by thugs dressed as medics fights back and is accused by them of being ‘thuggish’ and of ‘insinuating’ that they are attacking him then what to say?

    Merely extending the analogy, Anon. Nothing personal.

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