The Singularity lies at the heart of a Black Hole.



Gone past the Event Horizon I believe.





Journey On to the Centre.



From Live :

‘Produced from the implosion of massive stars, black holes are wells in the fabric of space-time so deep that nothing, not even light, can escape them.

At the center of a black hole is what physicists call the “singularity,” or a point where extremely large amounts of matter are crushed into an infinitely small amount of space.

From a theoretical point of view, the singularity is something that becomes something infinitely large,” said physicist Sabine Hossenfelder at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics.’


Good Luck Every One.



What do you mean We ?


99 thoughts on “Journey

  1. perfect article

    this existence is totally incredible

    i think Source who is creator of this universe is totally incredible and extremely perfect and extremely more than perfect

    i think Source would not like any people to be in this existence and i think this existence will be nicer

    that is what i think, and possibly someone else thinks something different

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  2. Any connection to the ‘technological singularity’ ?
    A hypothetical future point in time at which tech growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.

    I look at the black hole at ND surrounded by scaffolding and see something plotted on a computer graph.

    Is it real or just an incredible simulation? 😯


    1. Elena, I have been thinking about that. Sometimes I have the thought about my human suit. We’re in a human suit, right? And yes, it is a part of us, but why do I feel not totally bound to it? With what I’m about to say, I could be diagnosed with numerous psychological problems but I don’t care.
      I often have the feeling that nothing is real. Its just a particular feeling. I walk out of my house and wave to the neighbors and I see one neighbor doing something she typically does: organizing things in her garage. Another neighbor is always doing yard work. I saw another neighbor the other day and she said “How’s Charlie? Is he still liking school?” And I said “well, I can’t say he LIKES it…” And she immediately said “well its a good fit, though.” As if she were putting up a WALL or barrier for me to further say anything about the fact that the structure of school really sucks.
      I guess I feel like everybody has roles. And I don’t have a role. I just am.

      In that clip of The Truman Show, the radio starts explaining how a plane was shedding its parts. That is what NASA does. There is an amazing thing in the sky in Norway, and they say “oh, yeah,…we were launching rockets to study the electric field of the aurora”, or whatever they said. The truth: amazing symbolic things happening in the sky. NASA is the insecure manager who has to say what it is or what happened, and is the “official authority”, even though you’d think they would produce a press statement that they WILL BE launching rockets if anybody wonders what they are seeing, anyway. You see my point.
      I think once there is a belief or disbelief about what “real” is, then everything gets bonkers. I am so happy merovee exists, otherwise I would be in a mental institution.


        1. MJ

          The MJ Vortex !

          ‘In the world of hard facts and proof, a vortex is defined as a swirling mass of substance such as air, water, or fire. … Spiritual vortexes are said to be cross-points between energy fields in the earth’s grid system, or intersecting ley lines.’

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            1. MJ

              About Notre Dame and Mary.

              Google Merovee and click on video option and see what shows up. That’s if it is the same for you.

              This is a weird place ! Pass the strait jacket.


        2. “Strapped to the underbelly of a helicopter while injured to return fire on the Taliban”

          Did I actually hear that correctly?

          Not about you, MJ, but for some reason I cannot follow anyone who prides themselves on fighting in Imperialist wars. My brain shuts down upon the bragging

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          1. It’s not real. Just another reflection like any other comet. Nothing special. Just thought MJ for Texas was funny. If you’re having a problem with something, then it’s the ego’s idea of itself. I’m expecting a little something different, also ✨

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            1. I know my first thoughts were damn that is WEIRD.
              The other thought was, what a braggadocio – strapped to the underbelly of a helicopter while injured to return fire on the Taliban. How absurd that it takes all that (in the fake world) to ”make it”. I know it was satire. MJ, I don’t have a problem with my ego just like I don’t have a problem with my body. They just are. I don’t single them out for punishment. And surely you must “have problems with things” in your day to day life, no? Is that bad?


              1. Not ‘your’ ego. The whole thing.
                You weren’t singling me out and I wasn’t singling you out. And the reflections are sometimes funny.
                Sometimes I think we exist in the mind of a psychopath. We’re in the dream of a psychopath. Again, words are limiting. Apols if I offended.


                1. The only thing not exhausting about day to day life is sleep. 🙂
                  I’m a fan.
                  Then again, I do find all the dreaming quite exhausting sometimes. Too much.

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      1. MJ, sometimes I think we already are institutionalized. It’s like your neighbor saying “[school] is a good fit’ for Charlie. She’s really saying he hasn’t a choice – that our reality has already been determined for us. The whirled is full of drones who keep warning us to abandon the Dream and follow the herd…but my mental is vicious and it’s fighting back, saying ‘fuck you – there is something more real than this place and I’m busy digging us a hole.’

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        1. Jenny, all I can say is, watch the video above. MJ for TEXAS!
          And my slogan is “fuck you – there is something more real than this place and I’m busy digging us a hole!”
          Boom! 💥


      2. MJ

        I was watching some episodes of Star Trek TNG where the hollow deck was introduced. I think you know what I’m referring to.

        It occurred to me that when a person told the computer to start running the program, the person had to become part of the program for it to work. I mean if there was a chair in the program and you sat on it, how else would it hold you up? If you were just interacting with the program and not part of the program itself, it wouldn’t work. I mean if you can begin to distinguish what’s real from imaginary, then the program won’t work.

        So how is the person or their perspective being altered to accept and function as part of the program? Until we say computer stop program and the grid appears and we change back.

        Next time you find yourself in the psych ward ask them that. Let me know what they say. 😲


        1. Yes, I see what you mean about having to be a part of the program for it to work or it collapses on itself. Sometimes I wonder if the program, or the world around us, has become alive and is saying something. The fact that we aren’t fully understanding how or what it is, is because of the WALL or ice wall of frozen memories or the subconscious, etc., I suppose. It IS us. We are not separate from it and that is mind boggling. I find myself in a curious, bewilderment when I think about this entanglement. For a while, me and M were trying to create software to provide a new currency for anyone who wanted to take it. The source of this currency is simply typing numbers in a widget, like Elena has 10 million dollars in her account. And if you need more, you get whatever you want. There is no money. It’s just typing in a number amount. No work to be done. No paying back anything. There is no money, except the number you type in. Now, what happens if you try to use this currency? Someone has to accept it. So, let’s say you get someone to accept it. Then, you’ve got a currency exchange.
          The point is to show that things aren’t real. Take a house, for example. If you asked someone, “how did that house get there?” They’d say that somebody chopped down the wood, the wood got processed, somebody used the wood to build it, the masons laid the bricks, then they painted, etc., etc.
          But I’m asking… (again, I could end up in the mental institute), are you sure? Or is the house just there? Because I see some freaky stuff appear sometimes! And characters. Characters from the matrix wander in and ask weird stuff. “Hey there, young lady. Do you know where the Peachtree Dogwood Festival is?”
          me: “um…in Peachtree Park?”
          matrix character: “yep. sure is”

          That was a real conversation. Seemed to be Sirius about something.
          The best I can come up with is that we are overly dense in this place and perhaps there is a memory of a time when we were/will be more interactive with the world around us in a beautiful, spiritual existence.

          Also, the labor of love. There is a feeling of hurt when you think its not real and you are letting go. Why does mom’s homemade food taste better than other food? It was made with love. So perhaps my feeling is that I love that food and how it is made, and it feels like my lego’ing of the program tugs at my heartstrings. It is reflection.


          1. MJ

            I get you about the currency. You can have a currency that is not tied to the debt. The debt currency imo is tied to the existence of the male sky god, which is a powerful concept. He’s like the enforcer of sin, sacrifice, redemption. The debt in all its forms.

            Which is why he’s being investigated, examined, tested. And he’s clearly rattled. He doesn’t understand why all this scrutiny and negativity is aimed at him. After all he’s been such a revered and worshiped figure.

            But like you say about love, when it’s gone we miss it. We want it back. But we have to let go of what has become very comfortable and familiar to get there.

            You can tell the paradigm has shifted and we’re looking for what will benefit us all, not just the ‘chosen’ few. 💖

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        2. “So how is the person or their perspective being altered to accept and function as part of the program? “

          Today I was thinking like I’ve been thinking before that the notion of “singularity” and “source” is part of the programming to get a person to accept and function as part of the program. The concepts seem very authoriatarian to me.


          1. My opinion. Love is all there is. Them’s the rules but there are no rules in Love. It’s a Paradox.

            The Zero Theorem.

            Yesterday I was talking about Big Eddy and Little Eddy. Actually Eddie.

            From earlier today. Pulled into the Whirl Pool.

            The Zero Theorem.

            The In Spiral Staircase


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            1. I think we (may?) have established that we-we all believe in Love.
              So why do things I write provoke people into thinking I may be about not-love?


                1. Why should you refrain? Don’t refrain! All comets welcome and much needed. I wasn’t singling you out either. Truly wasn’t.


          2. Anon and Frank

            There’s a film called Singularity. It’s about this AI that’s trying to get humans to be more like it. But then of course they would cease to be human.

            Upgrade or be deleted. 5G is here. 🙂


          1. MJ / anyone

            I’ve been playing with sight the last few days.

            If you look ahead, if you can open to the idea, sometimes it seems as if you are looking down. And vice versa.

            Here’s an example with the giant alien jellyfish. The pic with normal sight seems as if you are looking down. But it could be seen as looking straight ahead.


              1. There seems to a point being made about The Overview and Little and Large. See The OA. And Overlook Hotel.

                Apart from ‘Two Drifters Off To See The World’ this occurred to me with the pic.

                Stargate. And Alpha and Omega and The OA. Google says the logo is Stargate Command. Only watched the original movie.

                With the Stargate shimmer pic are you looking straight ahead or are you looking down ? Or up ?


              2. Yeah, it looks like a hack job doesn’t it? The floor boards on the scaffolding didn’t burn either now did they get soot on them. The missing soot…


    1. Giant alien jellyfish landing. You heard it here first .

      Vote for the Greater Evil in 2020.

      ‘Sprite is a spirit, a mythical, fairy-like creature who lives by the water. … Sprite comes from the Old French esprit, or “spirit,” and the Latin root spiritus.’

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      1. It’s the Green Fairy! She stands for Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love.

        bitter, sorrow
        The name Mary is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Mary is: Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter. Famous Bearers: the Virgin Mary; Mary Magdalene; Mary, Queen of Scots.

        It’s Our Lady, Notre Dame. Very close to the Moulin Rouge in the Montmartre, where the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is.

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      1. Congratulations! You and others have made multiple references to giant alien jellyfish, and by way of response the simulation has projected some giant jellyfish into 3D for your amusement. Let me ask you something though: if this is the way the world works then how do you think the simulation will respond to your repeated references to ‘reality’ as a ‘prison’?


          1. In order for the ‘US’ to escape from ‘prison’ the ‘prison’ must be constructed. The ‘problem’ is that the ‘US’ does not want to live in ‘prison’ and fights against the construction of the ‘prison’ it wishes to escape from. The polarisation of the debate about building a wall in the ‘US’ is a perfect example of this ‘both for and against’ mentality. Hence the juxtaposition of Si-Journey Weaver’s hostile ‘alien’ threat created by ‘giant engineers’ and the cute, squishy, non-threatening ‘giant alien jellyfish’.


        1. And this dimension as ”unreal”. It will become more and more absurd then I guess. Ask and you shall receive. What’s wrong with this dimension? I can’t even grasp it all yet alone other ones. I time travel when I sleep in my body but am also happy to wake up and touch things with my hands and smell things with my nose and so forth. I believe I can ”have it all.” the black whole.


        2. Hugo

          I believe there is a bit more to it than that.

          See my reply to MJ about Breakfast at Tiffanys and Two Drifters Off To See The World and Moon River.


          1. My question was “…how do you think the simulation will respond to your repeated references to ‘reality’ as a ‘prison’?”

            Why is answering questions such a problem for you?


            1. Hugo

              I thought it was a rhetorical question or a statement of fact from you.

              If you check over the years I have answered many questions when asked. Unlike others.

              I see it more as a reflective dream rather than a simulation or external AI.

              And my take on it is that it is a self imposed prison. And by changing our internal ‘coding’ we can be released.

              And here is a question for you. Do you think it is random that you turned up here ? And if not why have you come ?

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              1. It wasn’t a trick question, Frank, and you still haven’t answered it. Let me ask it another way in the hope that you’ll give me an answer. If you think that the ‘prison’ is self-imposed then do you think that the very act of conceptualising ‘reality’ as a ‘prison’ could be the method by which the ‘prison’ is self-imposed? Or do you think that conceptualising ‘reality’ as a ‘prison’ has no influence on ‘reality’ whatsoever?

                If you answer my question then I’ll answer yours.


                1. I understand what you are saying. It’s a paradox if you like.

                  It’s how people behave. When I get a better job or house or whatever then it will be better but never really going anywhere. Money is freedom, etc. Wherever you go there you are.

                  But the point I’m trying to make is that it is a choice. And we are or were unaware that there is an alternative.


  3. Holy crap-o! MJ, I was scrolling down here to wave at you and post this and then read this DNA greetings from you! So funny!


    John DNA-I-EL has had a stroke.

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      1. There’s speculation that his problem with his “LEG-o!” may have caused an embolism (Em-Symbolism) which may have caused the stroke.

        Frank, J.D. Singleton is responsible for the MJ video “Remember the Time” starring I-man and Eddie. 😉


        1. Minerva.

          from PIE root *men- (1) “to think, remember,” with derivatives referring to qualities of mind or states of thought (see mind (n.)). Compare Sanskrit Manasvini, name of the mother of the Moon, manasvin “full of mind or sense.” Related: Minerval.


      2. Of course the we-we (THE FAMILY) is hustling to form a conservator Ship to maintain control of his currency. First things first. ;-(


        1. Re MJ and M’s currency program, the Single- TONE (uni-verse), the conservator’s ship (conservationist/authoritarian/’structuralist”)….John Daniel Singleton used to date Tyra Banks (tyant banks). He di-Rectored her in her debut reel


            1. Good question. Today the news said something like she’s almost out of the halfway house but ”she’s not done yet” — and I though, poor soul. they’ve probably got all kinds of wires going in and out of her hood.

              Spears reminds me of ”stroke” right now.


    1. I was watching a youtube about Ethiopia and it was about the churches there that are carved out of a SINGLE stone, and also about the symbols on the churches, interestingly, the swastika. Looking from within.

      And if you look at the light from (within) as you are in darkness, the light looks like a DNA code.

      Lucy in Ethiopia!

      And I was thinking about how I watched the eclipse (the dark sun) in Athens, Tennessee. Athens is named after Athena (also known as Minerva).


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