Toy Story


Just following the White Rabbit.

This morning I walked passed the van in the pic.

Tom Jelley. Oh and Wife.

Firstly, it may give an indication into the nature of ‘God’ and the kids. Husband and Wife and Son and Daughter.



Secondly, the logo jumped out with regards to my detour into Lilliput Village.

The hand holding a miniature house. The whole world in the hands.



This follows on from the final episode of The OA titled Overview when Karim looked down upon a film set with miniature models of his life and the series.



When I watched the fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, I got the impression I was watching a papier mache toy cathedral on fire. But if I go to Paris I will probably find a full size burned out Notre Dame cathedral.



And the Model. The actress who will be playing Princess Diana in The Crown on Netflix is Emma Corrin who went to a local school, Woldingham College.

According to the Surrey Mirror she was a Model Surrey pupil.



The Grid.

The coordinates for Woldingham are 51.2 and 0 degrees. The Prime Meridian.



There was a huge storm yesterday on the 51.2 coordinate line yesterday in Oral, Kazakhstan.













Mirage or Durante La Tormenta and different timelines caused by a storm. Click The Review Geek.

‘The story begins on November 9th 1989 with a 12-year-old boy practicing the guitar, recording himself on the TV. As a freak 72 hour storm closes in, Nico witnesses a horrific crime across the street and, as he runs outside to take a closer look, ends up being hit by a car. Fast forward to November 9th 2014 and Vera and her family look forward to spending their life together in the same house Nico once lived in. As the strange 72 hour storm begins again, Vera finds out more about the boy and somehow manages to communicate with him through the television via the old tapes he recorded.

From here, the story really picks up as Vera warns Nico away from veering outside and subsequently saves him from his fated death. When Vera awakens the next day she finds herself in a parallel universe where her life has been turned upside down and what she once knew, now a distant memory – including her daughter.’



And Toy Story. On Friday, one of the first items that turned up was the White Rabbit.



And then shortly afterwards a strange man stared at me in a strange way and pointed to a corner of the room and said Golliwog. I replied ‘Pardon’ and he said Golliwog again and I said there is no Golliwog there. He repeated Golliwog twice more.

He then pointed at the same corner and said Captain Invincible about three times. I then pointed to myself and I said I am Captain Invincible which I repeated.

He was being cared for and his day out I think. He had a strange stary face but the second time I said I was Captain Invincible, his face turned into a huge smile and his face looked completely normal. It was as if he found what I said was so funny that the mask dropped for a few seconds.

Looking Good.



Trump says the Border is like Disneyland now.





And last night there was a fire in Winnie the Pooh wood in Ashdown Forest on the Prime Meridian.

Winnie the Pooh would !




With the Stranger Things which manifest in many different ways, I suspect we are being given the same message but in different forms.

It’s not real and we are not separate from the external reality is my take on it.



‘Who cares for you? You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’


80 thoughts on “Toy Story

    1. MJ


      The Swatiska has been playing around my mind the last few days. Getting it to move in the right direction. Something along those lines. And also Roob’s birthday coming up looking at your first pic – 5/5.

      And Prince Harry.

    1. MJ

      5/5 makes more sense of 152 and 512.

      Looking it at that way at the Junction in Redhill, the 5/5 and 123 intersect.

      And Mimi 🙂 Someone has had fun with this. And the Iraqi plate shows it as well.

        1. And May Day and the ‘crowning’ of the May Queen. For Catholics that would be Mary.

          It’s crowning. Is the Sussex baby male or female?

          The crown of thorns was saved from the fire. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. 💇

          1. In No Sense.

            Code For America based in San Francisco.

            BBC News – An algorithm wipes clean the criminal pasts of thousands ( Ms ).


            ‘The people working for Code For America’s founder Jennifer Pahlka could (and often did) work for the mega corporations of the technology industry. But, instead, they’re here.

            “What we can bring is a challenge to the conventional wisdom that says anything in government technology is going to take many years and cost many millions of dollars,” said Ms Pahlka, who served as deputy chief technology officer under President Obama.

            1. Actually this is very interesting. Maybe MJ and MM can write a code that wipes out all debts on the books. Just zeros it all out and let’s people begin again.

    1. He ran for Alzheimer’s. AI zhimeers.
      “Remember the Time”?
      Oh wait, can’t remember anything.
      He’s from Maids-tone and his gran was a ”Jackson”.
      See Single-tone and Jackson bellow.

    2. “His other grandma is currently battling the condition and when she saw him, Mr Bates said that ‘she looked slightly confused and asked why I was a clock'”

      He had to have his angles adjusted to cross.

      Single- tone had a stroke. A clock strikes.

      1. Anon

        There’s more in the pic .

        Virgin and also I see Paddock Wood. That’s where my Godfather lived.

        Wat Tyler’s Cottage = WTC.

        1. Paddock rings like padlock. Is there a prison nearby? About virgin: Pope Francis is needed in Venusuela.

                  1. Allegra (/əˈlɛɡrə/; Italian: [alˈlɛːɡra]) is a female given name of Italian origin meaning joyful (happy) or lively. Allegra can refer to: Allegra Byron (1817–1822), the illegitimate daughter of British Romantic poet George Gordon, Lord Byron and Claire Clairmont, the stepsister of Mary Shelley.

                    My mum had an Allegro. One of British Leyland’s finest !

      1. Singleton’s video “Remember the Time” featured MJ, MJ, EM & I.

        Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy & Iman.

        That’s some serious magic.

          1. Anyway, there isn’t enough room here to tell you about this place. You’ll have to google it. I have never seen anything like it. In one of the rooms, it was a particularly good place to sign your name. I wanted the Merovingians to be marked in this holy place.
            Right here


            I put


            And after reading the comment about MJ, MJ, EM, and I…

            look around. It’s EM and ME

                    1. Ruth Asawa is today’s Google Doodle.

                      Ruth Aiko Asawa (January 24, 1926 – August 5, 2013) was an American sculptor. Asawa’s work is in the collections of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Fifteen of her wire sculptures are on permanent display in the tower of San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Asawa was an arts education advocate and the driving force behind the creation of the San Francisco School of the Arts which was renamed the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts in 2010 in tribute to her.

                      Faces On A Wall.

                  1. Hugo

                    Could you lay off M for now.

                    Let rip at me as much as you want if that helps. I’m not really bothered one way or the other.

                    I would ask M the same thing if the situations were reversed.

                  2. Frank, my comments re: the ‘prison’ seem equally applicable to the themes of the ‘I’ and the ‘US’. If you believe that the ‘I’ and the ‘US’ are one and the same then what have ‘you’ achieved by throwing that story in ‘my’ face?

                    1. Hugo

                      I’m just trying to point something out.

                      MJ has touched on it. Now maybe not the best time to try and sort out your differences.

                      About your question it seems to be a Prism as well. The Universe likes it’s wordplay.

  1. Speaking of EM and The Shining, and the Apollo moon landing, did you know that MTV first aired on 8.1 in ’81 at 12:01.
    “On Saturday, August 1, 1981, at 12:01 AM Eastern Time, MTV was launched with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll,” spoken by John Lack and played over footage of the first Space Shuttle launch countdown of Columbia (which took place earlier that year) and of the launch of Apollo 11.” -wikipedia

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