Adam Slept


Today is April 1st. It’s April Fools Day.



And a message from your sponsor. Thanks MJ.



‘And the Lord God caused a great sleep to fall upon Adam’.

Over the last week, Jenny and I have been binging on the new series of The OA on Netflix.

To say it is Sin Key doesn’t do it justice. I’ve discovered over the years that if you feel that a film, or TV show or book or song is speaking to you personally, the reason is because it is. And The OA speaks.

As one example of the sinkiness from many. On our Saturday viewing, The OA included a giant telepathic Octopus with eight long arms. 🐙. Hands everywhere. The episode was set in San Francisco.



And overnight there was an incident just outside The Church of 8 Wheels roller skating rink in San Francisco and close to Alamo Park.




Holy Rollers.

And the punchline – OA Sis and Roll With It.



One of the sub plots in The OA involves a mad scientist who sets up an experiment to record the dreams of many individuals over a long period of time and compare and study the dreams.



Over time, it is noticed that within the dreams of the individuals there are three recurring ‘symbols’ that keep repeating for all the subjects. They are a pyramid, a tunnel and a spiral staircase.

I mentioned to Jenny during the week that in Reigate, I have the pyramid and tunnel but couldn’t place the spiral staircase.





Yesterday I went into Reigate to do my shopping and there was the spiral staircase. It had been there all the time but hadn’t registered.






We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.


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      1. 🎵 Oh Zuzanna! Don’t you cry for me! Well, I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee! 🎵

    1. I’ve been playing around with the idea that ‘We’ are in a similar type of separate glass room dimensions as seen in the first series.

      You can look but you can’t touch.

      1. MJ
        I watched the TV series “Fringe”
        great story
        there are several realities
        and in each there is “we”
        I think this is the same
        But does this mean that each “I” in the separate reality has the same soul?
        OR IN EVERY “I” in different realities only a part of one soul?
        and in order to assemble it into one, we must go our own way in every reality to a certain end in order to connect all the fragments of our soul?
        stained glass of the soul. kaleidoscope of the soul
        soul window
        where does the door of the the main tunnel go?

        1. I think it all goes to the same place! And I am often feeling fractured and like I’m not understanding how energy works. It seems backwards to me.

  1. M just walked in from checking the mail. He said “I got you a present. It’s a book about me.” (and he was joking, but it’s a funny book about a psychic from Chattanooga in the ’70s).

    I love it. I start flipping around and this is one of the first things I flip to.

    😂 omg

    Frank and the Florida Man!

    1. MJ

      M’s Florida Man link and Frank is the Florida Man is absurd but this is the world we inhabit now !

      And Mr Anderson.

    2. From the Paris Review

      “The book was published in 1970, its spine proclaiming it a “Paperback Library Occult Original” (retail price: seventy-five cents). It’s part biography and part defensive exegesis of Anderson’s psychic pronouncements, all researched and compiled by Robert E. Smith, which seems to be a pseudonym for one Warren B. Smith, who penned dozens of books on paranormal and cryptozoological subjects during his decades-long career. (A sampling from his bibliography: Let’s Face Facts About Flying Saucers, 1967; Strange Abominable Snowmen, 1970, Lost Cities of the Ancients—Unearthed!, 1976; and, inexplicably, The Sensual Male, 1971.)”

  2. I haven’t dreamt of a pyramid, tunnel or spiral stair case. That’s why I don’t watch many of these things. I don’t want my dreams to be invaded. The power of congestion….

    “Ida is a nerve channel on the left side of the sushumna in which the vital air passes through. Also the left nostril. The ida corresponds to the tamasic quality of nature. (“Cool, white, lunar, Moon-flow”.) ”

    Syncs are pings having a parti (ping-galas). Lucy Flores de lis from Nevada said “Eva” was standing in front of her when bi-den took a sniff.

    Nose, nostrils, nEVAda (eva dna, ava den).

    ”tempus flaring”

      1. Jen

        Transgender Guy would probably approve !

        It is April Fools Day but who knows .

        Is it real or isn’t it real ?

        1. Lockheed Martin’s new space fragrance.

          “Deep space is not for the faint of heart, and neither is this bold, new fragrance for the people of Earth. Humans have always dreamt of exploring our universe and today we make part of that dream a reality. Created by the engineers at Lockheed Martin, this out-of-this-world scent blends ”

          Is it real? 🙂

            1. Adam Kadmon .


              The highest, or most exalted, of the five worlds is called Adam Kadmon. Adam means “in the likeness of” or “in the image of,” from the Hebrew word domeh. Kadmon means “primordial”, or “primary”, from the Hebrew root kadam. So, Adam Kadmon is the primordial world which is “in the likeness of” the Infinite Light which preceded it and which was concealed in the process of creation. This means that even though Adam Kadmon is a world, meaning that it comes into being through the concealment of the Infinite Light, it is such an elevated plane of reality that it is “in the likeness of” the Infinite Light (which, by nature, “precedes” the world of Adam Kadmon).

    1. Anon

      If something shuts down, doesn’t that mean it doesn’t work any more? Just asking.

        1. It’s like those ”peace keeping” ”buffer zones” around the world…a whole lot of mobilization and militarization of ”nothing.”

          1. Anon

            A whole lot of mobilization and militarization of “nothing”.
            Yet I can’t seem to convince you, that it’s just that “imagination”.

            From my flower power metaphysical garden paradise. 💇

            1. Elena, when you experience tanks the size of mini buildings rol-ing through your neighborhood and other such accoutrements and you still say it’s all in someone’s imagination then I might be convinced. When you don’t experience something, it’s easy to call every inconvenient truth ”unreal”. But you’re not really unreal, are you? And the walls you sleep in aren’t either, are they?

              1. I’m certainly not saying I have experienced a wide variety of everything I need to to have the credentials to say I’ve nailed the truth. I haven’t been physically tortured, for instance. But if someone comes to me and says they have been tortured, I’m not about to suggest that it’s all simply a figment of their imagination only because I simply don’t and wouldn’t know. How can I? Wouldn’t it be very convenient for me to wrap a bow around every reality that makes me uneasy and shrug it away by calling it unreal? Where’s the love in that? Seems very narcissistic actually. kind of like economic principles which are based on ”pure” conditions that don’t actually exist. Ok…maybe on some level even torture is made in the imagination – I get that theory- but how is that theory helpful? How is it helpful to say it’s all unreal while we go around daily making decisions and participating in ”unreal” things? Have you stopped eating yet? Your body is unreal so why continue the fiction that you need to feed it? Your bills are unreal so why trouble yourself with work? Etc. What am I missing? it’s not helpful to say every thing is unreal. I find it more helpful to assume everything is real and then go from there. if you don’t wish to acknowledge the inconvenient, own that. Don’t try to erase it away.

                1. Anon

                  People wonder why is there such a fuss about that silly wall on the southern border. I think it’s because whatever we finally decide about that wall will have consequences for every other wall that exists.

                  The walls of buildings, the walls of our minds, prejudices. The walls of every cell in the physical body.

                  If we build that wall every other wall is fortified. If we don’t build the wall every other wall is weakened.

                  Frank keeps asking, who are we, why us, what are we doing, why are we doing this. I don’t know, that’s a rabbit hole you can only go so far down then you hit something. Probably a wall. 🙂

                  For me reality, whatever that is, is where we take it, where we end up, not where we start. We start with the idea. The imagination.
                  This is the power we have.

              2. Anon ❤

                Truth ?

                What came first, reality, fact as opposed to fiction then it was decided one or the other was truth?

                And interesting you mention ‘walls’. Some folks say, “no wall”. Some say, “build the wall”. Which is fact, truth? Wall or no wall? We don’t know yet. We haven’t decided. That’s the imagination part.

                I realize this is a philosophical exercise. But being the metaphysical beast I am, truth is in candor, honesty. We can’t get there without it.

                Flower power. 💇

            2. you can say everything is a figment of the imagination and I can ask, what is consciousness – isn’t consciousness a creation of mind? yet flower power speaks of “evolving consciousness in order to ascend”. sounds extremely mental to me. it’s all mental.

      1. Listen to the general. No plans for the military to come into contact with immigrants or reinforce homeland security’s immigration policies. So just there to do a whole lot of nothing with barbed wire and citizens I guess. Not immigrants but citizens.

      1. Hugo – you made your blog private .. what a shame. One of my favourite blogs. been meaning to have a crack at your hexidecimal – i’m so lazy oh well. knew i should’ve checked in more often.

        if i was young they’d probably tell me i got ADHD or some such …

  3. The first permits to rebuild have been issued in Paradise, CA. 🙂

    A man a woman and their daughter. The man said, “I know we’ll be alone here for awhile but, I think people will come back”. 👪

      1. I can’t hear the sound ”rol” lately without hearing ”rule of law” . ROL-ing. I watched a beautiful love story once of a couple who grew old together on their land. The husband was a farmer and a builder and when his wife got ill he cared for her in their 2nd floor bedroom rather than sending her away. When she could no longer ascend, he brought their bed downstairs and cared for her in the living room. Eventually he had to build a new house for her on their land. Even though the land had been in the family for generations, drones from the building department obstructed the project and kept stopping by to harass them and shut down the work.

        Holy ROL-ers in paradise alright.

        1. Anon

          You don’t.
          Any more than you need soldiers at the border.

          The imaginary border is there to separate the subconscious, where the ‘memory’ is buried (deep state), from the conscious where we remember it.

          It’s purely ‘mind’, which drew the imaginary line against the memory. The imaginary line is failing, it’s ‘overwhelmed’ and shutting down. But the mind will fight to keep out the memory and do what the military does, keep us safe.

          What are we trying not to remember? 👪

            1. Sorry MJ, I have amnesia too. 🙂

              It may have something to do with power and the mishandling of power.

              The scripts seem to suggest that. Whether it’s Eden or Atlantis, etc. And the results were traumatic. And full of guilt and blame.

              You know someone is out driving a car gets reckless there’s a tragedy. They’re reluctant to get behind the wheel again. It’s just speculation.

              But something perhaps we ourselves, because we do heal, is trying to get us past this.

              Love is real. ❤

            2. and how is it possible to speak for all of humanity because of the Imagineering in US?

      1. Lucy Flores de lis says she didn’t feel sexually harassed, but she did think it was an invasion of space. Sounds like space invasion. And infestation of men along the southern border — a manifestation.

        (Have we stopped eating yet?)

        1. Rain

          I think we have moved !

          The sun comes in through my window in the afternoon.

          At present, it’s like being hit by a lightning bolt of energy.

  4. “ ”And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse.” Agni is the fire in lightning and dwells in the waters of heaven. He is called Apam napat, the ’embryo of the waters’, and the Son of the Rock, referring to the lightning that issues from the cloud-mountain echoed in the Greek reference to the Thessalian rock of heavenly Olympus. He is the spirit of the waters who drives with great speed and seizes the brightness in the cosmic ocean’s depth, the Shoreless Sea of Fire of the Rain-cloud Cow, the mother of the Lightning Calf. It is she who carries the embryo of the aerial fire Agni, who is thus closely associated with Indra and the releasing of the waters. The fact that Indra wished to be born from the side of his mother may be related to lightning breaking from the side of the storm-cloud, or sparks shooting from the mythical fire-drill as it spins in the heavenly matrix. A hymn to Agni instructs, “Here is the Pramantha, the generator is ready. Bring the mistress of the race (Arani). Let us produce Agni by attrition according to the ancient custom.” Arani is none other than Aditi, the Rain-cloud Cow, the primordial substance in its first remove from the Unknown. Ages later the epithet is applied to Devaki, the mother of Krishna, the incarnated Logos. At various levels all of these complex mythical ingredients pertain to the mystery of fire and water in terms of fire generating out of chaos as the Lightning Calf out of the mother. The mystery focusses attention upon the positive and negative principles of dual existence and the concealed spirit that rests behind them. Through the primordial mother, the masculine aspect of Sakti springs forth and becomes the active Fohatic potency in Nature, the ceaseless destructive and formulative power.”

  5. I believe in love too and believe love is real.
    For every person who says that, there are that many defintions of what love is/is not.

    Have we all stopped eating yet?

    but obaaaaaaammmmmaaaaaa

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